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  1. We had plenty of melons playing for us during the reign of 'we shall not mention his name' Volderclark!
  2. I'm going to be firm on this. Vegetables only! Wasabi for Warnock!
  3. I have just read how upset Steve Bruce is after someone threw a cabbage at him during last nights game at Villa Park. Thank fully the cabbage missed him but he was a little irritated and made remarks about society, respect etc. all this philosophy based on a hurled cabbage! Brilliant. So! Which ex Bury managers or any manager for that fact would you hurl a vegetable at and most importantly what would the vegetable be?
  4. Hi All, Great result today. Don't know where to put this thread. I am a Southern Shaker based in Winchester Hampshire and will be going to Northampton on Tuesday night. Any locals fancy coming along for the ride? PM me! At present we have 2 of us! Ra Ra
  5. macca

    Fill the MRE

    Hi All, One way we could fill the MRE is to open the gates and allow fluid movement between the south stand and the MRE! Perhaps trial when we have clubs bringing a low number of visiting supporters. Cheers Macca
  6. macca

    What Lowey has to say...

    Thats the problem money! Sanitised, boring football. When pundits spend most of their time debating the refereee and his mistakes it says a lot, in my mind, of the qusality of the football. anyway, always good to listen to others opinion.
  7. macca

    What Lowey has to say...

    Don't get me wrong I dont like losing and relegation would seem on the cards. Its the manner in which we lose: Players who put no effort, pull out of challanges (Ince) can go. Play the kids, play the pensioners, play for Bury. PS:- Has football copmpletely lost it, VAR!!! whats up with that load of whinging, overpaid, can't tackle premier league types.
  8. macca

    Pompeii Away

    I went to my first game for over a year on Saturday, given Portsmouth is only a 25 minute drive away. I met a couple of mates who are Bury season ticket holders who said that was one of our better games. We looked more organised. my first thoughts were what has happened. Couple of observations - we were not that bad! As most of you have been fed worse this year, £20 is a lot to pay to be entertained. As I didnt see any entertainment..apart from a couple of minutes when Danny Mayor did a few tricks. We seemed to lack confidence, no surprise as we have lost a lot this year If you give the ball to the opposition by constantly lumping it up to your CF and the ball comes straight back. You give the opposition confidence as they have time on the ball and we dont We were chasing our tails as we had no escape, no width until Mayor came on . Ince 6ft 7, waste of space he pulled out of at least one tackle! can he pass the ball forward? get rid serioulsy what did he contribute. Im 53 and could play a better holding role. Supporters..Quality. Not many players came over to clap as most of the 200 had left. i If you can't be bothered to bust a gut as the supporteers did to get there, bar me, then dont turn out with a Bury shirt on. You play for our club not yourself. Happy Christmas one and all
  9. macca

    Pompeii Away

    1-1 Both goals scored by once Bury now Pompey player, Kyle Bennett.
  10. macca

    Sick to death

    Football is embarrasing and the premier league has spoilt it all! I find the football now un entertaining, a business venture and crap! How many other sports do you let your opponent know you are injured? Men who get paid to work out everyday in the gym, roll around in feigned agony and the pundits reinforce this..Robbie Savage et al. take a bow, is his sir name a joke? We, the supporters, are the only loyal people in football. Players feigning loyalty by kissing the badges of the club that presenlty pays them the most, wanting to move on because the club forgot to buy them a birthday cake! Americans taking an interest in Soccer! only when there is a buck or two in it! Billions in TV rights but the price for the fan going to the ground/game goes up. Whilst the premier masses are fed amnesia drip by drip I fear a drop or two may now be seeping down to our humble level. I lived in canada for a number of years and the Ice Hockey players could teach the football stars a lesson or two.
  11. macca

    Blackpool (A)

    Crowd 6,321 Score 2-0 - Stevie Johnson to get both
  12. macca

    Oxford (H)

    Formation changes:- 4 - 0 to us.
  13. macca

    Neil Danns

    Absolutely, why do we have 2 loanees with no experience playing in key positions whilst we have 2 players who would give stability anmely - Danns and Tutte! I want to know why are they are not even on the bench? I presume they must have been very, very naughty boys and 'Ego and arrogance' has blinded decisions.