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  1. RaRa

    Tom Hopper

    Enty worked hard but missed three times as many as he scored. Mind you, it did help that he scored double figures every season 😉
  2. RaRa

    Jay Spearing

    Take your point but it needs to be a good big 'un, not just a big 'un. I'd much rather have Spearing in the middle than Rohan Ince.
  3. RaRa

    Jay Spearing

    Bobby Collins - 5ft 3" As Spee asks, your point is ???
  4. RaRa

    Nicky Adams

    Presumably that's why Maguire came, 'cos it certainly wasn't to play football
  5. RaRa

    Nick Pope

    There have not been any others, although Fred Wilkinson who was born in Bury Lancs in 1889 went on to finish his career with Bury St Edmunds in 1922
  6. They were relegation fodder when he took over, if finishing eighth is not hacking it then I'd like to know what is. We should be so lucky. As for his style? Allardyce was first labelled a 'long ball' merchant by Wenger and Souness when they were trying to find excuses as to why Bolton always beat them. Anyone who ever watched an Allardyce team with the likes of Djorkaeff, Okocha, Anelka, Campo, Hierro etc will know they played some of the classiest football out there. It's all about perception. Match analysis showed that both Wenger and Souness played over twice as many 'long balls' as Allardyce. The difference was that when Allardyce did it it was 'a boot upfield', yet when Wenger or Souness did it it was 'a searching cross-field pass'. As I said, it's all about perception but unfortunately mud sticks.
  7. RaRa

    Retained List

    Warsaw will take Zeli
  8. RaRa

    Half marathon for Grace's Place hospice.

    ........ and you're there 😏 Good on you Carl.
  9. RaRa

    dynamic duo

    Experience does not guarantee success. Clark had plenty of experience, look where that got us. A manager does not have to have experience to succeed, he just has to be at the right club at the right time. Serendipity is the key word, not experience.
  10. RaRa

    Season ticket 2018/19

    You mean after he gets the deluge of emails from everyone under the sun that he has ever communicated with telling him he needs to take action if he still wants them to send him irrelevant dross ?
  11. RaRa

    Open Letter from Stewart Day

    Grammar. The difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're shit.
  12. RaRa

    Keith Curle

    Another badly managed player when he was at Bury, Nicky Clark went on to score 29 goals in 62 league matches for Dunfermline after he left Gigg. Yes I know some people will dismiss that be cause it was 'only' the Scottish Championship, but let's face it even the Scottish Highland League serve up better football than we've been seeing this season.
  13. Changing the financial year end also changes the reporting period for SCMP (Financial Fair Play). Just a thought, like ....... 😉
  14. RaRa

    Spot the fan

    A-Lowe A-Lowe A-Lowe, who might that be then ??? 😏
  15. RaRa

    Happy Birthday

    Just found this: https://www.bury.gov.uk/CHttpHandler.ashx?id=4322&p=0 See page 46: Royal Bank of Scotland, 40. Built as a bank between 1895 and 1898. Three storeys, with four bays facing The Rock and seven bays facing Union Street. Revived classical style, in brick with stone dressings. Ashlar to ground floor, with moulded arches. Some of the windows on the ground floor have been replaced with large panes of plate glass, and, on The Rock, the window opening to the right of the main entrance has been shortened, but otherwise the building appears externally as it must originally have looked. The bank was known for some time as William and Glyn’s Bank, but is now used by the Royal Bank of Scotland. It was built on the site of the White Horse Hotel, which was demolished in 1895.