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  1. Bury v Wigan

    If we are quoting Monkees music, one of their songs had the very apt title ............. Goin' Down
  2. Come on, be realistic, there is no way Bury FC will go into administration again. The club will go straight into receivership next time.
  3. Phil Edwards

    Well said. I remember Nugent making his debut for Bury, full of running, not afraid to shoot and showing his potential from the off. You don't know whether a youngster is going to make it until you give him a chance.
  4. Relegated.

    Point of information for those of you who don't know why Oldham supporters are referred to as BIFFOs: BIFFO was originally the nickname bestowed upon one Ray Mills, a larger-than-life character who worked as a deputy sub-editor in Fleet Street. BIFFO was an acronym for Big Ignorant F*cker From Oldham
  5. Oystons on the brink?

    More from David Conn https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/mar/13/premier-league-blackpool-owen-oyston-fit-and-proper-person
  6. Jamie Carragher

    Many people think that 'driving' refers to actually moving along the road in your car - and in most instances, this is the case. However, if you are sat in the driver's seat of a vehicle with the engine running, then you are technically in charge of that vehicle. So the penalties that apply to any driving offence such as not having a licence or valid insurance, or using a hand held mobile device while 'driving', do apply to anyone sitting in the drivers seat with the engine running. This means that even if you are sat in a lay-by, away from the main flow of traffic, you open yourself up to prosecution. This would not apply of course if the car was parked on private land.
  7. Relegated.

    In better times I might agree with you but we are stuck with what we have got and can't bring anyone else in. Lowe's job is to manage the players and get them playing to the best of their ability. We have seen it before with players falling out of favour with both the manager and the fans and then finding a new lease of life, just look at Cameron, Danns and Thompson. Lowe has to find out what the problem is with Maguire and put it right. In Cameron's case it was lack of experience alongside him. In Dann's case it was being asked to play whilst he was injured. In Thompson's case it was being managed by a madman. Identify the problem, sort it out and let's see the real Maguire. Let's face it, he's got another year on his contract and no team will want him the way things are going at the minute. Let's see what Lowe is made of.
  8. Relegated.

    Corners and free kicks were poor last night. The sad thing is that we actually have a player - Maguire - who we know can deliver but for whatever reason is just not doing it and has fallen out of favour. This is where Lowe needs to show he can manage. We are deep in the brown stuff and he is a player who has the ability to help improve the team. Forget what has gone before, draw a line under it and lay it on the line for Maguire. He needs to be told in no uncertain terms to get his head together - and given help if he needs it - to perform or ship out.
  9. The DAY the club died

    Depends whether they get back from the forum in Tenerife in time.
  10. MK Dons v Bury 17th March

    More like watching Barnstoneworth United
  11. Fan-funded football club aiming to break into Scottish top flight? http://www.leisuremanagement.co.uk/detail.cfm?pagetype=detail&subject=news&codeID=336651
  12. Matthew Tipton

  13. Cinema / Film thread

    I did say that I would not necessarily consider all of these films to be greats; in this case just forget the 'plot' and watch it on a big screen in 3D, the cinematography and visual effects are stunning. However, if your mind is set I think I have mentioned in the past that Mrs RaRa is a Notlob season ticket holder? (It's been a barrel of laughs in our house this season every Saturday tea time ) Anyway, the way they are currently playing I'm sure that she would happily bequeath you her season ticket for the remainder of this season .........
  14. The box in the corner?

    Not programmes, it was snacks, as was the small brick building shown at this end of the South Stand. Like many others I used to move from one end of the South Stand paddock to the other at half time, depending which way Bury were kicking, and would get my pie and bovril from whichever hut I ended up next to whilst I awaited the second half starting. Happy days.
  15. Cinema / Film thread

    There are a lot of good films out there but I tend to rate films as to whether I would take the time to watch them again. Leaving out films that have already been mentioned above, the list below is not exhaustive by any means and is in no particular order. It is certainly debatable whether you would call some of these 'great' films but what I can say is that I have watched them all many times and still get something out of them each time I watch them: The Graduate Jerry Maguire The Killing Fields LA Confidential Big Some Like it Hot The Italian Job (original) Top Gun The Last Picture Show Sixth Sense Field of Dreams The Blues Brothers Blazing Saddles Alien African Queen Avatar The French Connection Bullitt