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  1. And you know this because Vera told you down at Tesco? Yes we have some players - already on the books and unfortunately with long contracts - who we all assume are high earners (Bunn, Aldred etc) and clearly because of this we haven't got any money to spend on new players. Why do you think we have been bringing in players from Whitehawks, Chester and Guiseley?
  2. Some people need to get real. Last season we were abysmal with no shape, no tactics, no goals, no defence, no effort, and an abundance of journeymen wage thieves. This season we have no money, a rookie manager, a rag tag collection of cast-off non-league hopefuls, his best player(s) still injured and an ever-critical fanbase. So where the hell was Lowe supposed to start with this? At the risk of stating the obvious you can't start winning until you've stopped losing. Lowe has quite rightly concentrated on trying to get the defence sorted to stop the rot and create a platform to build on. Yes we conceded yesterday and lost but we ain't going to go through the season without conceding. This was against the bookies favourites away from home, so get over it. To those of you who are complaining about one up front, I don't like it any more than you do but Lowe has decided to pack the midfield to support the defence and I can understand why he has done this. Don't forget that this was how Stan won 2 promotions, we didn't score many but we didn't concede many either. As for failing to score, we had more possession and more chances than MK but just didn't put it in the net. Once he has Beckford back this team will be a force to be reckoned with in this division. He has to start somewhere and he looks to have laid a fairly solid foundation with football a million times more attractive than it was last season. We lost, it's one game, get over it. Let's have this discussion again in 10 games time and see where we are.
  3. RaRa

    Tom Soares

    Chelsea had 38 players out on loan last season and it's set to be even more this season.
  4. RaRa

    Jordan Williams / Jason McCarthy

    Lee Clark. If you ever see him near your club, run for cover, he will destroy it. Any club that has had success with him in charge has been successful in spite of him, not because of him.
  5. RaRa

    Bucket List

    A couple of pics of me in the Porsche 911 RS GT3 about to attempt Eau Rouge. That car is just awesome. Only needed to change my underwear twice - overtaking another 911 into Pouchon and suddenly realised I was doing north of 130 mph at the 100m braking board (!), but somehow managed to get it round without visiting the local scenery - and then the back end decided it wanted to overtake the front end when I floored it too quickly one time coming out of the chicane, which resulted in me fishtailing past the pits ………. Fabulous circuit, very scary but I lived to tell the tale 
  6. RaRa

    Bucket List

    As if the start of a new season isn't enough this weekend when I get to see my beloved Bury again, I will be ticking off another item on my bucket list on Monday when I get to drive a Porsche 911 GT3 around the Spa Francorchamps F1 circuit in Belgium. I was brought up around cars - my Dad was an instructor at Brands Hatch - and I've driven a lot of cars on a lot of circuits, but there are 3 driving experiences that had to go on my bucket list: The first was to drive the Nurburgring in Germany. The Nürburgring was famously nicknamed “The Green Hell” by Sir Jackie Stewart after he won the 1968 German Grand Prix. The track is probably the most challenging and daunting one as it's the longest track (20.8 Km) and 73 turns with changing elevations of 300 metres over the course. It has claimed many lives over the years and Nicki Lauda survived an almost fatal crash in 1976 race which left his face damaged and scarred. After that, no formula 1 races took place at the ring. The circuit is located amidst dense forest in the mountains and that's why it was nicknamed “The Green Hell”. Despite the danger, the circuit is probably every petrolhead's ultimate fantasy and it has been featured on Top Gear many times. I've already ticked this one off, although I have to say it was a very sobering moment the first time I passed the place where Lauda crashed and burned. For the record, I drove a Radical and managed a best lap of 7 minutes 47 seconds. As I've already stated above, on Monday I get to drive Spa in a Porsche 911 GT3. Spa has to be the most beautiful setting in the world for a racetrack and Eau Rouge must be the most challenging corner in the world. It looks steep on TV but when you are standing at the bottom looking up it is like looking at a wall. Add in the blind crest at the top and it is one scary roller coaster ride. Can't wait! The third driving experience must-do on my bucket list is to drive at the annual Bonneville Speed Week on the salt flats in Utah. This one is still at the planning stage but I'll get there somehow. If you don't know what I'm talking about have a look at the excellent film 'The world's Fastest Indian' starring Anthony Hopkins. I've got a few other things on my bucket list such as the seeing the Northern Lights, anybody else got things they want to do that are special to them?
  7. RaRa

    Building work going at gigg ??

    Yes, Stewie told the Americans he could get them the Wailing Wall. They thought they were buying the one in Jerusalem, they didn't realise that it was the one Bury fans cry against after every home match ...........
  8. RaRa

    Building work going at gigg ??

    Stewie on the phone to Lowe: ''Ryan, you can tell your thieving scouser mates we're not playing them again, they've nicked me bleedin' wall !!! ''
  9. RaRa

    Building work going at gigg ??

    Anyone for a caption competition? ''Stewie suddenly realised that if he knocked the wall down he could sell another 5 car parking spaces ........'' #desperatelyseekingmoredosh #giveusyourmoney
  10. RaRa

    Player Rumours

    Old fashioned, physical centre half. Might just provide the experience that Thompson and O'Connell need alongside them. He's 32 now but I suppose that's still 10 years younger than Sodje was when he landed at Gigg
  11. Any party can come up with a plausible manifesto. It's the intention and/or ability to implement it that is the problem.
  12. RaRa

    Building work going at gigg ??

    The wall has been repossessed against an outstanding CCJ ......
  13. RaRa

    Now's our chance

    Knowing this lot, it's more likely to be 'Asset'! 😳
  14. Even if they had to pay it all at once it's still a small number compared to what they have received for getting to the premiership.
  15. Those cheating bar stewards at QPR have got away with it again. From the BBC: QPR have agreed a settlement of almost £42m with the English Football League after an arbitration panel dismissed the Championship club's claims that Financial Fair Play rules are unlawful. The settlement includes a £17m fine, paying £3m of the EFL's legal costs and the agreement from club shareholders to write off £22m of outstanding loans. QPR will also be under a transfer embargo for the January 2019 window. It is believed the EFL have agreed to a payment schedule over 10 years. The London club's case relates to breaking spending limits on their way to winning promotion to the Premier League in 2014, with QPR's wages of more than £75m making up 195% of their turnover of £38.6m. The settlement was reached before QPR's appeal, which was due to be heard on 2 July, against the panel of arbitration's ruling that FFP rules were both lawful and a fine of £41.965m was not disproportionate. QPR chief executive Lee Hoos said that while they felt they had a "strong case for appeal", the settlement "is in the best interest of football as a whole". "QPR felt it was best to put this matter behind them to enable all parties to have certainty and allow us to continue focusing on running the Club in a sustainable manner, going forward," Hoos added in a joint statement with the English Football League. So they gained an unfair advantage over all the other clubs in the Championship by breaking the rules and throwing bucket loads of money at the team. They profited to the tune of well over £100m by getting into the Premiership and gained access to playing all the glamour clubs. And they get fined just £42m? That is just an incentive to ignore the rules, the EFL may as well have just slapped them on the wrist. They break the rules and end up with a net profit of millions! For those of you with short memories, this is not the first time QPR have got away with murder. On a certain afternoon in May 1999 they needed to win by at least 6-0 to ensure that they stayed up and a certain northern team - Bury - went down. They were playing their close neighbours Crystal Palace. You can just imagine the conversation between the QPR chairman and his counterpart, can't you? ''What would you rather be doing this time next year - have a nice local derby with a big gate and no travelling, or travel for hours up north (it's grim up there) and play in front of a tiny crowd in an old worn out stadium? That's settled then ......'' Surprise surprise, QPR won 6-0. As I said, cheating bar stewards. I'm not bitter ......... much.