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  1. RaRa

    Club sold announcement Monday

    Wary of knights in general or this one in particular? And why?
  2. RaRa

    Club sold announcement Monday

    Day running out of money would seem the most obvious reason and would explain the timing. We know that suppliers have not been paid and staff have been let go. He will be finding it increasingly difficult to raise any further finance now the investors at Lendy are questioning his dealings and calling for his head, which leaves Bury FC in danger of: contravening Financial Fair Play rules leading to a possible 20 points deduction and fine fire sale of players possible administration with a further 12 points deduction potential closure, and very bad press for Stewie I would guess that he would prefer this not to happen. He needs somebody else to take it on, and in his position he can't be choosey. If he writes off his debt it might just encourage somebody, anybody, to take on the Bury money pit. It probably won't be settled quickly though with the intricacies of the car park scheme etc to sort out.
  3. RaRa

    Midfield cover

    It's not just cover for Danns. If Barjonas goes, don't we need cover for O'Shea?
  4. Styles has blown hot and (more often) cold since his transfer and for me seems to have gone backwards, never really getting involved and always wanting to try the cute flicks rather than doing the simple things. His loan finishes in January, will we miss him when he goes ? Barjonas seems to have something about him but his loan finishes in January too. As for Dawson, can he be the player he was, always assuming that he is not injured or suspended? Do we need to replace one/all or can we manage as we are? I'm going to make a suggestion here which might surprise and rile a few Shakers fans. I would try to bring in Zach Clough on loan. Why? Well we know he can play at a higher level, he can score goals as well and he's only 23. He's out of favour at Forest and Hilly seems to have done a Lee Clark with him at Rochdale, signing him and then not playing him. His loan at Rochdale finishes in January so where does he go from there? Bury in recent times have been very successful in resurrecting stalled careers and Lowe in particular seems to be able to put his arm round a player and inspire confidence. He's the type of player fans hate when he's playing against you but most would want that player in their own team. Can anyone suggest a better midfielder that might be available? Got to be worth a shout, surely? (dons tin hat and hides behind sofa .........)
  5. RaRa

    Chris Dunphy

    Andrew Kilpatrick, investment banker and long time supporter https://www.rochdaleafc.co.uk/news/2018/december/statement-from-andrew-kilpatrick/
  6. RaRa

    More Nominations!

    It's a female twonk ........
  7. RaRa


    Fans who like 'DMA'S' also like: FROM Jun 2019 THE SHERLOCKS 2 UK Tour Dates FROM Dec 2018 BLOSSOMS 12 UK Tour Dates FROM Jan 2019 THE MAGIC GANG 4 UK Tour Dates FROM May 2019 THE AMAZONS 4 UK Tour Dates FROM Apr 2019 SUNDARA KARMA 12 UK Tour Dates FROM Apr 2019 CIRCA WAVES 9 UK Tour Dates FROM Apr 2019 JAWS 4 UK Tour Dates FROM Jun 2019 THE NIGHT CAFÉ 2 UK Tour Dates LIAM GALLAGHER No current tour dates DECLAN MCK
  8. RaRa

    Mansfield tomorrow

    There should never be any discussion or argument on the pitch as to who is going to take a penalty. The manager should make it known prior to kick off who he has nominated to take any penalties, plus a deputy in case his number one choice has been injured/subbed/sent off. End of story. You would have thought that we would have learnt a lesson after the last penalty argument, although to be fair I can't remember whether Lowe was at the club when that happened.
  9. Agreed, but from a financial point of view a club like Bury is probably going to earn more from the Checkatrade than from the FA Cup. Don't know if it's gone up this year but the prize money for each Checkatrade round last year was as follows: Participation fee: £20k Group Stage: £10k for a win and £5k for a draw Round two: £20k for a win Round three: £40k for a win Quarter-final: £50k for a win Runner-up: £50k Winner: £100k Add in £10K for both clubs if a match is televised, rising to £20K each for the final, and you can argue that the Checkatrade should be the number one priority for Bury. I'll bet a lot of posters on here decrying the Checkatrade have no idea that it can be so lucrative for a financially challenged club such as ours.
  10. It's going to be called 'Things Can Only Get Better - Volume 2, The Mythbuster Edition'
  11. RaRa

    Manager of the Month

    I take it that point is being made in jest and you do know that anyone can edit anything on wiki, that's why you should never trust it? Anyway, I've sorted it now
  12. RaRa

    Manager of the Month

    Just thought you were being a bit harsh on McGinlay. He was signed for big money and sold the dream of a promotion push and then within months he was told that the ceiling was falling in, there had to be a fire sale, Bury couldn't afford him and he was going to be shipped out on loan. He's not really going to have fond memories of the club now, is he?
  13. RaRa

    Manager of the Month

    McGinlay played 19 games for Bury, scoring 9 goals. He played 230 games for Bolton, some of which were in the Premiership, scoring 118 goals. Quite understandably he identifies with Bolton as 'his' team. Where would you expect his allegiance to be?
  14. RaRa

    Manager of the Month

    McGinlay is rightly slagged for the horrendous tackle on Kelly but that was a one-off brain-dead rush-of-blood incident. We've seen plenty of our own players leave a foot in over the years and we've seen plenty of opposition players doing the same to us, but luckily most don't have the serious consequences that McGinlay's 'tackle' had. However .......... he did his best for us when he was with us. It wasn't his choice to leave us and then end up at Bolton. Maguire, on the other hand - another player who is not averse to leaving his foot in - is just a selfish gutless me-me-me Billy-Big-Boots twonk who couldn't give a damn about you, me or Bury FC and couldn't get out the door fast enough. Maguire is head and shoulders above anyone else for me.