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  1. It doesn't matter what way you wrap it. The money was never going to be given to NI - it was offered as "bribe" for votes and nothing else. And that's worked well for her.
  2. Yep. And most of the regular away fans know him as well. He's a cracking young man. He was overcome with emotion at the last minute goal and his feelings to celebrate got the better of him. He knows he was wrong after the event. He actually said himself he realises he could have been arrested but was glad the steward was okay with him and understood.
  3. Cheers Stu, but I still struggle recognising him from that.
  4. Enjoyed the read. Would have liked to have been able to put a face to Jimmy to see who you are chatting with.
  5. What pissed me off most was the ITV news making out it was a good thing and celebrating it. At the end of the day she is "tax dodging" although it may be legal what she is doing it isn't right.
  6. Please put an end to this shite punning - we've had it over and over again. Toilet material for you all here to enjoy: https://www.fishkeepingworld.com/fish-puns/
  7. One of their star performers has been called up to the England U20s Elliot Embleton has been one of Grimsby Town's standout players this season, having made the move on loan from Sunderland last summer.
  8. From day one this was never an issue to be decided along ruling party lines. This is a national issue not a Tory Party issue. I have always maintained from June 23 2016 that it should have been cross-party, CBI, TUC, Finance and other Business Leaders and the top civil servants (who know this stuff) that should have drawn up a deal to leave on good terms and deliver what people (the majority of Leavers I have spoken to) wanted - control of our borders, the ending of our annual EU payments, regaining our Sovereignty and to not be influenced by EU laws (unless our own alternative laws affected workers and workers' rights). And I am a 100% Remainer but a believer in democracy also.
  9. The one where Adams tweeted that their player got blew over by a gust of wind. haha.
  10. I think that if they go into admin after that date any points deductions will carry over to next season. Funny if they get relegated and start on -12. Bring it on.
  11. I occasionally dip into this thread - it makes for some interesting reading, particularly comments from a poster called Howardroark. This is the last page but scroll back a few to a get a gist on what they believe is happening. http://www.wanderersways.com/forum/topic/89431-takeover-action-stations-everyone/page/173/
  12. Give that man a pat on the back. https://www.buryfc.co.uk/news/2019/march/cambridge-fixture-rearranged/
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