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  1. astleywhite

    Forest Green away

    Nah - few and far between my away days these days. My nephew goes on my behalf to away games now. Very willing and able stand-in.
  2. astleywhite

    Forest Green away

    Probably just the one then by the time you there.
  3. astleywhite

    Your Bury FC Flags

    Too frightened to do it!
  4. astleywhite

    Lowe to Luton ?

    Linking themselves with David Wagner now. Comments like: "Suppose he could do a job for us, not sure he would drop two divisions though". Deluded.
  5. astleywhite

    Lowe to Luton ?

    Luton Town FC‏Verified account @LutonTown 2h2 hours ago POWER COURT | We're streaming this evening's council meeting in the Eric Morecambe Lounge. Doors open from 5pm. Please let us know if you'll be attending by filling in the short form on our website:
  6. astleywhite

    Lowe to Luton ?

    No mention here of Lowey?
  7. astleywhite

    January Rumours

    Self appraisal?
  8. astleywhite

    Lowe to Luton ?

    But you would be happy to take another manager who is under contract? Oh the irony!
  9. astleywhite

    Forest Green away

    Prefab Sprouts?
  10. Great interview - enjoyed reading that. Big up to Tommo as well for coming back, getting his down and forgetting last season as soon as he has. LC has a lot to answer for.
  11. On another day this could have ended up a rout 6-1 to us.
  12. astleywhite


    Got her for life now.
  13. astleywhite

    Forest Green away

    Who ate all the Quorn, Who ate all the Quorn - you skinny b'stard, you skinny b'stard, you ate all the Quorn.
  14. astleywhite

    Jay O'Shea

    Mayor's goal went through the defenders legs and then through the keepers legs haha