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  1. Deliberately avoided use of the word "day" in thread title but:- 1. Director goes on Radio Manchester before kick off and follows up fans forum by encouraging increased supporter interaction and requests ideas; 2. Superb comeback win against good opponents in one of the best games seen for many a year; 3. Bolton's miserable week ends with a defeat; 4. Rochdale lose - 5 in a row now? 5. Maguire sent off 😀😀😀
  2. s4e

    What a liability Stokes is....

    Absolutely right and exactly what I thought at the time. He had to do something and was just unlucky. I do think it's a position that could be strengthened in all honesty but if we're sticking with Stokes that's fine.
  3. s4e


    Absolutely right, about a minute before Telford's goal I sent a text to my Mrs saying trying hard but can't see us scoring again! The game looked over but a stunning comeback and yes, up there with the best.
  4. s4e


    Best bit of football news during the week was Mansfield signing a second goalkeeper in the space of a few weeks, the first one having been discarded without playing a game. We've got every chance of finishing above them now that DF is back to usual ways.
  5. s4e

    Jay O'Shea

    Maybe but got a match to go to this aft instead. I know I didn't criticise him, he did okay when Lowe took over for the second time and got a mini bounce going.
  6. s4e

    Jay O'Shea

    Possibly the best player in the division. Wrongly labelled as one of the wasters from last season by some people. It was always abundantly clear that he was never one of those and it's great news that he's extended his deal.
  7. s4e

    Accrington on Tuesday

    Probably true but credit to Lowe for using this game to try him out in midfield. His goal v Stevenage made it worth further investigation.
  8. s4e

    Played for both - MK Dons

    I follow the results of one my local non-league teams, Brighouse Town, in the Evo-Stik league and Pablo Mills is playing at that level with Mickleover Sports.
  9. s4e

    Accrington on Tuesday

    He scored tonight but it was against Newcastle in front of a big crowd so he probably cared enough about that game. Had to laugh while watching EFL on Quest extended highlights of Charlton v Sunderland earlier today. Shocking over hit pass followed by instant berating of the teammate that had no chance of reaching it.
  10. s4e

    Accrington on Tuesday

    Yes, I bet the tosser would be left out though for "tactical reasons"!
  11. s4e

    Accrington on Tuesday

    That answers my question, cheers.
  12. s4e

    Accrington on Tuesday

    Which are the other four northern teams besides us, Sunderland, Port Vale and City under 21s if it's regional?
  13. I'm pleased he found Gigg Lane not a nice place to play. That's exactly as it should be for players who couldn't care less about the club and put as little effort in as he did.
  14. s4e

    Club sold announcement Monday

    If Day was selling to someone who had a background in ecclesiastical heating this board would be in meltdown yet a thread on the general football forum praises the prudent chairmanship of one such individual. We just have to wait and see.
  15. s4e

    Club sold announcement Monday

    I'm not sure. Might the relaxed informality of a Christmas do be viewed as the perfect opportunity to put a positive spin on something rather underwhelming?