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  1. cemyender

    Matchday: Bury v Stevenage 17-11-2018

    Ridiculous odds, given that they are above us in the table!
  2. cemyender

    James Wallace (Fleetwood)

    Wikipedia states he has zero appearances for Bury but Lowe will know him because they were both here in 2010, even more so because he is a fellow scouser. edit - 0 league appearances, but he did play an FA Cup game for us. Would prefer us to get another centre back than a midfielder.
  3. cemyender

    FA CUP Rd 2 draw

    Real test this but one to look forward to.
  4. cemyender

    Bury by numbers

    Bury have had more shots than anyone else in League 2. We have also had fewer shots against us than any other team in the division. This is why the stattos think our league position is undervalued.
  5. cemyender

    FA CUP Rd 2 draw

    Another non-league team at home would be my preference!
  6. We were thoroughly professional today. Also, well done to Dover who I thought played the game in a good spirit - quick out the blocks for the first 5mins but didnt play dirty when things did not go their way.
  7. cemyender

    Where to get a football shirt framed?

    Thank you for this
  8. Just wondering if anyone here has any recommendations where to get a football shirt framed? If so, please state where
  9. How would you feel if a Bury player came out and said they will not wear a red poppy on their shirt? All hypothetical, but a Man United player and a Stoke City player have said as much this week. This may happen at our club in the not too distant future.
  10. cemyender

    Club Shop Voucher

  11. cemyender

    Club Shop Voucher

    Without hijacking the thread, I've noticed the online club shop does not work using the following link: http://www.buryfc-shop.co.uk/ Is there a different one that works now? I just want to browse what is in stock
  12. cemyender

    Shooting on sight

    Thought this would at least make the hightlights on youtube, but its not on there. Was a good effort by the lad
  13. This. Danns, mayor, adams, oshea, styles - all ahead of him. Even Barjonas (sp?) Is probably ahead of him, so no place on the bench for him at the moment.
  14. Have we ever loaned a player out, who has gone on to play against us and score?