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  1. cemyender

    Interesting Stat

    Conference would be the point of no return for this club but not a problem at the moment - we can look upwards instead!
  2. cemyender

    Forest Green away

    Sets up next week nicely Up the Shakers!
  3. cemyender

    Is iFollow any good?

    Thanks for the reviews, I will probably try it later in the season.
  4. Just wondering what experience people on here have of using iFollow for Bury? Is the quality of stream as good as, Bury's Youtube Channel? Is it similar to streaming BT Sport? I'm not staying away from games when we are playing this good but there is one game in particular I'm interested in viewing which I may not be in the country for.
  5. cemyender


    Unreal game. Up the Shakers
  6. cemyender

    Jealous? Yes!

    We got to the 4th round in 2008, stop being greedy.
  7. cemyender

    January Rumours

    Very good replacement for Mayor or Oshea if either are sold; however, I dont see him coming here, many in L1 would take him on and he is better than League 2!
  8. cemyender

    Mayor or Rigby?

    Neither were. But its funny how careers turn out - Jason Jarrett is another that springs to mind.
  9. cemyender

    Mayor or Rigby?

    Does anyone here think Danny Mayor is better than Dale Stephens or Marc Pugh? Both played here and gone on to play in the Prem.
  10. cemyender

    Matchday vs Crewe

    We've had something like 158 corners so far in the league this year. I would guess Nicky Adams has taken at least 140+ of them. Few are played short. So why has he only got 3 more assists than McFadzean?
  11. cemyender


    The guy is past it and playing him is either: 1. Putting him the shop window for other clubs Or 2. Kidding ourselves that with match practice he can become an adequate player at L2 level.
  12. cemyender

    Notts County

    0-0 FT
  13. Good article. Interesting point on Nicky Adams. His crosses are quantity over quality IMO. Still our best option for RWB nontheless.
  14. cemyender

    Bury fan banned forever from Gigg Lane

    Only 3 years? Shame.
  15. Done better than I would expect with this starting line up. Im expecting McFadz and N.Adams to come on in 2nd half. Nobody can take a man on currently.