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  1. cemyender

    We have to talk about McFadzean

    We have no idea how match fit Beckford is, so how can you say that? Macfadzean is worth persevering with because he's the best suited to the position at the club. I'm not convinced playing Mayor and O'Shea in the same team will work out well in the long run - neither have a tackle in them, so not appropriate in a midfield three.
  2. cemyender

    Carlisle Pradictions

    For overall play I thought we deserved a draw out of the game - the performance was OK just needed some better finishing. I'd start Styles ahead of O'Shea next game. Hope the person carried out of the Main Stand is OK.
  3. cemyender

    Fill the MRE

    That's what stewards and police are there for! The free U16s offer will only work if we do NOT insist on an accompanying adult.
  4. cemyender

    Fill the MRE

    This but we would need to be more extreme, I would try a free entry for U16s to the MRE for a while. In a season where we do well (maybe this one!) we will no doubt hook a number of fans for life. Not convinced the club is operating with such a long term view though.
  5. cemyender

    Swindon predictions.

    2-1 win. Full Time. Great result, well done Bury
  6. cemyender

    Bring on the Dale!

    FT 2-1 Another defeat on the road. Grimsby at home next!
  7. cemyender

    Fitness a real worry!!!

    I thought that at MK Dons away. We lagged badly in the last 15 minutes. The goals conceded against Crawley suggests a similar type of fade. Agree, we have no excuses with the training facilities we have but the truth of the matter is in midfield we have: Danns - knocking on a bit but probably one of our better players in terms of stamina Styles - young, should be fully of energy Dawson - recovering from a serious injury, match fitness not there. Mayor - similar to Dawson, although still playing with an iffy groin O'Shea - again, recovering from injuries and needs game time (or we ship him out!). Adams - I don't know his background prior to him rejoining, but hasn't he had a bad injury recently?! The midfield is not in shape yet, but give it time. The quality is there for league 2.
  8. cemyender

    Should we be worried?

    I'm not worried because its early days and we have actually picked up a few points amongst what are tricky games for a L2 team (i.e. away games at MK, Lincoln and Crawley - all favoured teams). A thread like this could be more relevant after the next 2 home games.
  9. cemyender

    Forest Predictions

    Conceding last minute goals because we're not fit enough? First 90mins of the season for both O'Shea and Dawson. Neither of which are fully match fit, one due to recovering from an injury, the other because he's past it.
  10. cemyender

    Yes a sickener... but...

    We played well yesterday and thought we did better in the 5-4-1 formation than we did after the injury which resulted in us switching to 442. 5-4-1 will work well with Beckford as the lone striker IMO. Hope he's back soon!
  11. cemyender

    Well... what to make of that?

    No, it had 0-0 all over it until the red cards. We struggled to break them down even with a 2 man advantage. Saying that, maybe a few clean sheets and points on the board will give the players a bit of confidence, even if the style is not pleasant on the eye.
  12. cemyender

    MK Dons away - tickets

    MK Dons gave physical tickets to the opposing clubs in their last 2 home games of last season (Scunthorpe & Doncaster), but not us. I'm just wondering if we are treating other football clubs as badly as we are to some of the local businesses who are requesting CCJs against us.
  13. cemyender

    MK Dons away - tickets

    From what I can see, the away club is doing the lion share of the labour in selling of the tickets, in return for around £1 per ticket, along with giving the home team an extra distribution channel - so why wouldn't you do this as the host club?! Maybe this is a new approach that MK are trying out and its not due to a lack of trust.
  14. https://www.buryfc.co.uk/news/2018/august/mk-dons-v-bury-tickets/ It appears that MK Dons have not issued our club with any tickets to sell on their behalf. Do MK apply this to all clubs or are we being singled out because, say, we delay paying monies beyond what is reasonably expected?
  15. cemyender

    New kits?..

    A royal blue crest, being worn in a stadium with 11,000 royal blue seats. It makes total sense to play in navy shorts.