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  1. cemyender

    New kits?..

    A royal blue crest, being worn in a stadium with 11,000 royal blue seats. It makes total sense to play in navy shorts.
  2. cemyender

    673 tickets for Rangers

    Just wondering how people are getting to this game, now that the coach(es) are fully booked?
  3. cemyender

    Rangers match

    Got a friend who unfortunately didn't get to book a seat on the coach. The trains from Glasgow don't really fit around the time of the game in terms of getting back; so could anyone kindly offer a place in a car for him? He is well-behaved and has good hygiene! Won't take up too much room either!
  4. Concrete over openshaw park. Nobody will mind
  5. cemyender

    Danny Rose

    He's not progressed enough. Whether that's through lack of opportunity or lack of ability will be seen in the fullness of time!
  6. cemyender

    Brexit - The Movie.

  7. cemyender

    Nick Pope

    Doubt it. He's first choice at Charlton so it's either League 1 football with Charlton in his native south or back with us. Also Charlton look set to get Wilder & Knill as their management team whom, like them or not, have more about them than our current staff.
  8. cemyender


    I fail to see what is wrong if Martin has been happy to provide his services for free and the club and fans are happy with the photos he provides. Isn't that part of what a club like Bury is about, where there are opportunities for fans to "muck in"? Anyway, thank you Martin for the photos over the years!
  9. cemyender

    Jacob Mellis

    Mellis is useful and a good player to link midfield and attack.
  10. cemyender

    Chris Neal

    His form started well but soon become nervy/indecisive. A makeshift defence in front of him did not help.
  11. cemyender

    David Worrall

    Worrall plays right back these days. Would you have him ahead of C Jones? Not sure I would.
  12. cemyender

    Bury v Southend United 08-05-16

    Bourne looked OK. Styles has little physical presence and didn't get enough of the ball to show what he can really do.
  13. cemyender

    Bury v Southend United 08-05-16

    Trevor Kettle had one of his better games today but I suppose we would say that with an injury time penalty.
  14. cemyender

    Bury v Southend United 08-05-16

    Today was more like a pre-season friendly than a typical league match.
  15. cemyender

    Retained list is out.

    Because our ambitions involve re-signing Pugh.