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  1. With most topics there are shades of grey, but with brexit it's black or white. Anything short of a full brexit equals no brexit. Or BRINO. BRINO does not come close to honouring the referendum outcome.
  2. Hopefully you are correct but it seems planned protests could affect other parts of the country too, not just approaching j18 of M62 from either end.
  3. When seagulls follow the trawler, the Mariners gonna get maul-er. 1-2.
  4. We were coasting it at Morecambe until this ref brought Morecambe back into it, odd he should ref us again so soon afterwards.
  5. IT all gets very squishy! I reckon even if there is a WU Order made today they will still survive so that we can play them next season. It seems you've got a week to appeal and stuff can happen during that time.
  6. Yup Ken will string the court along and "buy" another couple of weeks.
  7. No confirmation from Bury or Cambridge yet?!
  8. Do you mean Speaker Smirkow's decision not to allow MV3 without substantial changes? Wish it were so (increasing the chances of no deal) but I'm totally convinced we are 100per cent stitched up by Parliament's counter- coup against the people. Any changes to Mrs May's "Deal From A Special Place in Hell" are likely to water it down even more. We (the 17.4 million) have lost. There will of course be repercussions, not least the decimation I hope of the Conservative Party at the next General Election, a party I have supported all my life until the Brexit issue arose. I hope against hope for the removal of the first past the post system and some proper democracy in the future. And the deselection of all the Tory Remainers first.
  9. I think the only way this will be put to bed is someone knowing all the facts and writing a book about it. But I guess we will never know all the facts. Come on guys, try and heal those wounds and move on. Someone asks if there are still people who believe SD1 saved the club. He did do some positive things but he was very naive (Walter Mitty) and ultimately put the club's very existence in danger, is that a fair précis? Anyway, we can all enjoy the footy if nothing else!
  10. Give SD2 a bit more time?! He only came in about 14 weeks' ago.
  11. We are all passionate for the wellbeing of the Club but you are clearly more passionate than most. For some It's a fine line between desperately wanting the custodians (owners) of the club at any given time to succeed and being somewhat naive. If the owners are doing their level best and being open with the fans that's as much as we can hope for. You clearly had a feeling about SD1 which proved right (I'm sure you will say the evidence was there for anyone who didn't close their eyes too much, fair enough), but the dread at the back of all our minds is that if the "current lot" don't succeed it could well spell the end of the club anyway - so we fans feel we are between a rock and a hard place.
  12. Didn't someone say the main stand would be redeveloped (as opposed to a whole new one being built)?
  13. They have the backing of all of us. And our prayers (if religious). And all our fingers crossed (if not).
  14. Even if you had several books they probably only amounted to 3d!
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