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  1. giggabyte

    Which Nicky?

    You can't see Maynard got a touch but you can see that Adams' cross was going wide of the far post so the logical conclusion is that Maynard got a touch. Deffo Maynard's goal.
  2. giggabyte

    Lincoln (h)

    Sure it wasn't The Treasury/CBI? Next week will be cold, frosty with some snow.
  3. giggabyte

    Stephen Humphrys

    Happy New Year Mr Bloke. Have you seen the Stan and Ollie film yet?
  4. Interesting. Are you sending a copy to Gloucestershire Constabulary? I wonder if Forest Green's SLO will include Bolton fans as well as ours ?!
  5. I mean, they call themselves "Forest Green" instead of Nailsworth Town, what an affectation.
  6. giggabyte

    Lowe to Luton ?

    Lowe won't be going to Luton, M&S have just announced closure of their Luton store so there would be nowhere to buy his underpants.
  7. giggabyte

    Brexit explained (specifically for Ryan)

    Unless we are out of the EU Corbyn couldn't implement his truly socialist policies. This would dismay me (if he wins the next election which is doubtful despite everything) but I'd rather we could make our own decisions even if made by Corbyn than to be stuck in the EU. At least it's a sort of democracy. In the EU we have none. But then I'd rather have some form of PR than first past the post to increase the level of democracy.
  8. giggabyte

    The Stewart Day legacy.

    Certainly the use of the word "idiot" or "useful idiots" used by one or 2 in other threads to describe those who were not virulently anti-Day from the early days are out of order and in fact breach this Board's rules. Can we please all move on now in a positive way.
  9. giggabyte

    Which Nicky?

    The total opposite to Maguire (sorry to swear).
  10. What a stunning contrast it has been between this season and last, two seasons back to back yet 100 per cent apart. Maybe there's a book in it.
  11. Maybe he did encash his £60M but wants to use it to take over Bolton Wanderers.
  12. Isn't "the Bible" available on Amazon? I do have a copy but you'd have to give me a white Cadbury's creme egg for it.
  13. Don't think Ive ever gone as bonkers as I did yesterday when Nicky Adams-Maynard scored. I actually felt a bit emotional, maybe I'm turning into a Snowflake.
  14. giggabyte

    Which Nicky?

    I think Danny Rose has claimed it 🙃