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  1. Can someone do a Poll - which would you rather not bump into in a dark alley at night?
  2. Yes Ryan has a strong attachment to the club but at the end of the Day the only people who have a permanent attachment are the fans.
  3. IF repeat IF it's true Lowe is deciding tomorrow then it's likely he's gone, as he's not going to stay on the likelihood of new owners alone, if he was staying he would have already have had talks with the potential new owners and a very firm promise of a lengthy contract on very favourable terms, surely that's not happened? I hope I'm wrong, we live in uncertain unpredictable times.
  4. Funny it's referred to as a "small group". Anywhere else it'd be a consortium. Let's hope if so they are football men/women with a football soul.
  5. We are bound to be pessimistic. I think May 31st is key.
  6. Well good to Mr Frith for keeping tabs on this. "In the coming days" may not mean to Dale what it does to the rest of us but fingers crossed that next time he speaks he actually says something and that it is positive and that it is true. We must have positive news on the progress of due diligence by the end of next week, or else...... BUT anyone doing DD must be the polar opposite of Dale and Day and preferably have been involved in football before.
  7. In the last 24 hours another person has voted "friend". Isn't life strange.
  8. If they don't want to attract attention I would go in a less camp van.
  9. And. And you only got 10 minutes for half time, barely long enough to smoke 2 Woodbine.
  10. And you only got a cold sponge on your goolies if you were injured.
  11. We were lucky there were only 2 minutes of added time. Then again, had there been added time on 1903, we'd have scored 7. Lucky City.
  12. Ah but is it Burry or Berry?!
  13. Quite. How about a play-off between Watford and Derby County to decide the worst. And between City and Bury to decide the best.
  14. Ah the 12 -year-old old banger. I asked at the time should we be worried he has an old banger.......
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