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  1. Happy Birthday, you're 13 years behind me!!!!!!
  2. I've been working my way through a list of lapsed members. Contacting all those that I have email addresses for and trying to find others via social network sites.
  3. Forever Bury have started a campaign on Facebook and Twitter to get people to sign the petition. An email is going round to all our members asking them to sign too and forward it on to friends to do the same.
  4. That would be difficult for us as although we want to work closely with the club we do need to keep our independence . If the club offered that and we took it up then new owners took over who didn't want to work with us or wanted to do something that we thought wasn't in the best interest of the club it would leave us in an awkward position.
  5. There would only have been 3 players so I think we'd have got a lot of flak if we had gone ahead.
  6. Sorry to everyone, I meant to put 26th April........Doh! It must be an age thing!
  7. Thanks to everyone posting on here. At a meeting in January with the club we were asked for a full list of our events for the next 12 months or so. In conjunction with Forever Bury FC we put together a full itinerary which included details for the 26th May - The Fans Memorial before the game and the Forever Bury Awards Night after the match. At a Forever Bury Board Meeting on the 5th March, Gill Mansley volunteered once again to put the Awards Night together and shortly afterwards approached the club about holding it in the Social Club after the last home game. There was a full agreement and also offers of help to make it a success. We appreciate the club has an End of Season Dinner where they give out some awards but our evening is for the fans, especially those that can’t afford a night at the Village or the youngsters, who are a vital part of the club’s supporter base. Its not restricted to Forever Bury members, any fan is welcome. Gill has put lots of hours into it and we have announced it in our latest Newsletter, via Facebook and Twitter. Brian was also going to announce the details again yesterday at the match. It was to have a similar format as previous years. There was to be some of the awards followed by a break while the Goal of the Season video would be shown then a Q&A session with the managerial team followed by the final awards. We were hoping that all the players would stop for a while to chat with fans, sign autographs and have photos taken. Thursday this week she received a phone call from the club to say that the management team couldn’t be there as they had a Management Meeting directly after the game. She received a further phone call to say that not all the players would be coming and if we supplied the names of who had won awards they would send them over. We don’t know what the reason was for this but some of our Board spoke to players at the match and they had not been told about it. The whole event is for the fans to show their appreciation to ALL the players and management at the club for their efforts over the season and likewise, the players and management having the opportunity to show their appreciation of the fans. We felt that it would be pointless to go ahead with just a handful of players and therefore took the decision to cancel. We do apologise for this but feel it was the most expedient thing to do. We will be trying to find out where and why the communication broke down. As a Supporters Trust we strive to form a working relationship with the directors of the club, whoever they may be. We have no god given rights and every time there is a change at board level we have to begin again at building the trust between the two parties. Imperative to this is that every director accepts and understands what a Supporters Trust is all about and buys in to the concept that working together can only be beneficial for the club. For those of you who aren’t members, and maybe for some of those that are, here are the salient points: Our Features Democratic Not for Profit Owned and run by supporters Affordable to join Representative and actively inclusive Our Strengths Run for the benefit of the community Fully incorporated, limited liability Inclusive Accountable, transparent and open Building bridges between club and community Our Aims To improve the relationship between club and fans To strive to improve the operation of the club Owning Shares collectively to actively influence the direction of the club To maintain a position for an elected member onto the club’s Board To work actively to bring the community and club together As I’ve said before, we have no god given rights we have to strive continually to meet our aims. Although we have roughly 750 members we only have a handful that are actively involved. Quite simply we need more members and we need more of our members to become proactive. The more members, the louder our voice. Anyone who would like to join, or indeed would like to question any of the above or simply want to have a go, then please email me and I promise that, as always, I will reply: davegiffard@talktalk.net
  8. One of our Forever Bury members who lives in Brazil has been in touch asking if we can help source some programmes from the mid 70's. 13/12/1975 Bury v Spennymoor FA Cup 2nd Round, Bury won 3 - 0 6/01/1976 Bury v Middlesborough FA Cup 3rd Round replay, Bury won 3 - 2 7/08/1976 Bury v Oldham Pre Season Friendly, Bury won 1 - 0 He's also after a programme from the FA Youth Cup Semi Final in 1965/66 season when Bury Youth played Sunderland Youth. If anyone has any programmes from these dates and is willing to part with them please get in touch or drop them off at the Forever Bury Cabin.
  9. My dad was a founder member of the 1952 Supporters Club and introduced those badges. There used to be hundreds of them in a cupboard at home when I was a nipper.
  10. Everything has to stay confidential at the moment until the AGM, which is going to be held in February but no date has been set yet. Things will be made public after that.
  11. They have to give 21 days notice to all the shareholders but haven't done yet so there's no fixed date.
  12. We are having a meeting with them tomorrow to go through all their plans. Things are kept under wraps at the minute as they need to put everything before the shareholders at the forthcoming AGM
  13. There are still 2 places available on the Forever Bury table at the annual Bury Fc Christmas Lunch at the Village Hotel. Get in touch if you are interested.
  14. Rest In Peace Mark and a massive thank you for all your work and support for Forever Bury.
  15. We had a meeting with them a few weeks ago and everything was explained but we can't be open about things at the moment as they want to hold their AGM and put everything before the shareholders and then go public with all their plans. It's all a bit in the air as they can't notify the shareholders until they know for sure that the accounts will be ready, it's taking a lot of time as the period that the accounts cover was before they came in. I usually start organising the Beer Festival in August as it takes about 9/10 months to get everything done so I've run out of time.
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