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  1. coolcat

    Lowe to Luton ?

    Thanks for that and your CEO sounds like a man of principles.
  2. coolcat

    Lowe to Luton ?

    As you say not seen the video but would assume we would tweet anything more positive about him staying if he said it.
  3. coolcat

    Lowe to Luton ?

    My take on what Ryan has said is that it is just speculation at the moment but if Luton do make contact then I am off!!!
  4. coolcat

    Lowe to Luton ?

    I think you have checked on oddschecker. If you actually go on sky bet site they are under evens. The oddschecker site must not be updating as I thought the same as you at first.
  5. coolcat

    Lowe to Luton ?

    I agree and also think a promotion on his cv would stand him in good stead for the future. Less risk staying for this season at least.
  6. coolcat

    Lincoln (h)

    Be good if they brought 1000+ and we managed 4500+ home fans.
  7. coolcat


    Think they are under transfer embargo this January,
  8. coolcat

    The Stewart Day legacy.

    Might have been worse without Carrington-lol
  9. coolcat

    The Stewart Day legacy.

    Purely in football terms there would be something wrong if Carrington was not of benefit to the players.
  10. coolcat

    The Times Article

  11. coolcat

    The Stewart Day legacy.

    I agree, think it would be best for everyone to move on and put all our efforts to supporting the new chairman both on and of the field.
  12. coolcat

    Remembering Our Own
  13. coolcat

    Remembering Our Own

    Hi Mate, Was he called Clifford Brooks? If so his funeral was Thurs just gone. If you go onto the Bury fc Supporters Messageboard on facebook its on there. You may need to enter his first name in the search bit to find the picture of him etc. Hope this helps and sorry if not him. I have attached a link in my next post. Cheers