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  1. coolcat

    Chris Sedgwick

    Not that I agree with it but I suspect it was hoped Brown would accept a pay off deal quicker if he was not getting paid.
  2. coolcat

    Chris Sedgwick

    Thanks for that, really enjoyed listening to it.
  3. coolcat

    Nicky Adams

    Hope he is not coming back. I liked him and have nothing against him but think it is a huge mistake to keep signing ex players. They have left us once for whatever reason so lets move on without them.
  4. coolcat

    Neil Danns

    Glad he has signed-never thought I would say that! Credit Danns for turning things around.
  5. coolcat

    Here's to you Nathan Cameron!

    These echo my thoughts. I hope he quits playing because his long term health is more important. Been top man for us and I wish him all the best.
  6. coolcat

    Retained List

    Good luck to all those released especially Cam. Hope he hangs up his boots for his own good health.
  7. coolcat

    Give Ryan Lowe the job

    Would not have been my choice but his heart is in it so will just have to get behind him now.
  8. coolcat

    Give Ryan Lowe the job

    I like Lowe but doubt that it would be in the clubs best interest to keep him on as a number 2. He either keeps the job or goes for me. I do not think he would take well to going back to being a number two again and a new manager needs to pick his own number two. Always having Lowe in the background being readied again for the managers post cannot make a healthy working relationship in my opinion.
  9. coolcat

    Season ticket 2018/19

    Yes cant complain about the prices-good deal.
  10. coolcat

    Well Done George!

    George you played with passion and pride. To score 8 goals was a great achievement and you should be proud of yourself. Hope you have a great career you deserve it. Thanks for your effort.
  11. coolcat

    So.. Oldham or Rochdale?

    Pleased for Joe Thompson getting the goal. Well deserved after all his struggles.
  12. coolcat

    Unlikely star of next season?

    A lot of our youngsters are very lightweight and will have to be very good to make it in my opinion. Cant see many of them being up to playing week in week out next season and having more than one in the first team at the same time would leave us very weak in Div 2.
  13. coolcat

    Unlikely star of next season?

    Aldred for me.
  14. If it was not for Ryan Lowe career as a player with us then there is no way he has done enough as a manager to warrant him being kept on. As for being unbeaten against 3 top ten sides, I think you are clutching at straws. Under Ryan little changed and he has not really stuck with players, he has continued to change players and formations. I don't really see evidence that players want to play for him, there is only Danns that has shown improved form in the second half of the season. The table does not lie and we have 35 points and so adrift from staying up it is embarrassing. What is our record against other teams around us? Pointless picking out one stat that suits when on the whole it is one of the worst seasons in memory.
  15. Don't see what he has done to give you that impression. That was exactly what Lee Clarke said-judge on my own signings!!!!