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  1. Karl Evans has previously said the club are not in a position to do any kind of offers until they have sorted the financial mess out. Once they have done this I am sure they can look at these kind of offers etc. I have not heard anything from the club to suggest they are happy that they know all the debt is at least known about and under control. Think we all need to give them more time.
  2. Cant help feeling that the Player of the Season will be decided from now on. Lets hope they all have a strong finish to the season and step up when it really matters.
  3. Not many regular supporters will miss a home match at this time of the season. Risking 10k is a lot of money to try to entice those that might be tempted in my opinion. Up to the club to assess their finances I suppose.
  4. I agree and at this time of the season the games should be appealing enough without the need to reduce prices to attract a bigger crowd.
  5. I would imagine in terms of assists and goals they will be nearly the same. But as much as I like Adams he is nowhere near as good as Mayor. He is a great lad and gives his all but no doubt benefits from the attention Mayor gets from the opposition. Mayor is a game changer and I have lost count of the amount of times an opposition manager /player has said we are the best footballing team in the division and that Mayor is the best player in the division. Glad to have them both.
  6. I don't think there is anything to be gained by going over all this old stuff. As you say the way forward is unity by all. Lets move forward together. UTS
  7. Sensible away fans views always welcome on here mate. Good Luck for the rest of the season as well
  8. But its been 2 weeks since our last home game
  9. Hope they win and keep Mansfield further adrift.
  10. Hopefully it is just because his funds are for the moment tied up in longer term investments and it makes more financial sense to get short term loan whilst his finances are freed up. I don't want to know all the details but a bit of reassurance would be good. Hopefully as you say all will be explained in due course.
  11. Yes that is my point, wealthy people don't normally borrow from these type of lenders. Hope I am wrong and do hope you get a reply.
  12. I believe you only take out these type of loans in desperation. The chairman recently bid for Widnes RLFC so find it difficult to believe that such a loan is necessary. Worrying times in my opinion.
  13. I do find this a little worrying-fingers crossed all is ok.
  14. Don't Panic-not yet anyway😀
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