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  1. coolcat


    If you worded your opinion as above I would not say you were giving him stick and as you say everyone is entitled to their opinion. Your comments in my opinion went beyond that.
  2. coolcat


    Don't understand the need to slag one of our players to such an extent. He has jumped up several divisions and we are only a few months into the season. If a player is not an instant hit do we really need to give them all this stick? He is probably training full time for the first time as well as having to settle in etc. He may well be not good enough but don't see the need to slag him off to such an extent.
  3. coolcat

    Colin Woodthorpe

    Sincere condolences to Colin and all his family and friends.
  4. coolcat

    incident in main stand

    I believe the gentleman sadly passed away according to comments on facebook. Condolences to all his family and friends.
  5. coolcat

    New Striker

    Since 2012 though his career seems to have gone downhill and he has not scored many in last 6 years. Still time will tell he may be worth a go.
  6. coolcat

    New Striker

    25 appearances for Aberdeen and nil goals. Hopefully to be used as cover only.
  7. coolcat

    Lenny Johnrose Weekend

    Proud of the club for this. Well done all involved. Hope some kind of bucket collection on the day as well.
  8. coolcat

    BWFC gone into Administration !

    Like most genuine football fans I am saddened by this and can take no delight from it.
  9. coolcat

    Harry Bunn

    Look on the bright side, he cant possibly be any worse for you!!!
  10. coolcat

    Should we be worried?

    Who knows whether Beckford will be fit enough to help us and also very worrying to hear that Danny Mayors groin problem is still needing extra care.
  11. coolcat

    Should we be worried?

    If the general opinion is we have played quite well and just not getting the results it is worrying. Thinking the next step is to turn those performances into wins does always not happen. The next step could be we start playing crap and start getting hammered. In view of our recent record I think the latter is more likely.
  12. coolcat

    Who's coming tonight

    Not watching or listening but do think the way we set up will be more suited to playing away from home.
  13. coolcat

    Forest Green post match

    I agree Gold faded but what he did well throughout the match was win defensive headers from their corners etc. He looks like he could be an asset for us.
  14. coolcat

    Forest Predictions

    Well done to the team and all the fans that went. Need to keep chins up and take this form onto Saturday.
  15. coolcat

    Forest Predictions

    Cheers was not sure if injured.