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  1. coolcat

    Forest Predictions

    Well done to the team and all the fans that went. Need to keep chins up and take this form onto Saturday.
  2. coolcat

    Forest Predictions

    Cheers was not sure if injured.
  3. coolcat

    Forest Predictions

    Yeah and no Mayor Adams Danns and Dagnall
  4. coolcat

    Yes a sickener... but...

    We may have lost but the performance sounds like it was much better. Can cope with that.
  5. My main gripe is playing one up front at home when we should be taking the game to them.
  6. coolcat

    Tsun Dai

    It would be boring if we all had the same opinions!
  7. coolcat

    Tsun Dai

    Agree with all of the above. As you say things change.
  8. coolcat

    Tsun Dai

    That is my point exactly, you can start planning etc with good intentions but for a variety of reasons may realise that you cannot proceed as intended and need to revaluate. Does not mean you are misleading everyone. Lots of people put their house up for sale but then don't move. That's life.
  9. coolcat

    Tsun Dai

    I agree with you, Stuart Day had big plans for us that have not panned out as he would have wished. However just because he has had to adjust his ambitions and plans do not mean he has misled us and lied to us. Business plans are an aim and need to be adjusted in any business. Judging when to sell a young player is a difficult call in order to maximize profit. You are bound to get different opinions but selling Tsun Dai is hard to argue with in my opinion.
  10. coolcat

    Tsun Dai

    Good Luck to him. Perhaps best for everyone.
  11. coolcat

    Callum Styles

    Undisclosed fee and loaned back until Jan
  12. coolcat

    Callum Styles

    I agree, I do not think he has progressed much since he first appeared for us. No doubt talented but would snatch their hand off.
  13. You need a certain type of player to play one up front and we don't have any in our team. Dagnall badly needed a partner up front and if we persist with this at home it will be a struggle. I doubt Dagnall has played many matches as lone striker but if you think he is the answer then fair enough. Time will tell.
  14. Our team was crying out for a physical presence up front and playing one up front we barely created an effort on goal. So sorry cant credit him for making the change so late although better late than never I suppose. The 3 centre backs were wasted in my opinion once they had two sent off. They had little to do when they had 11 men and often they seemed happy to just let the back 3 have it and close our other players down. However I appreciate we all see things differently.
  15. coolcat

    Well done Ryan Lowe

    I think it maybe an age thing as I feel the same. I thought for the first home game after a bad season we would have been on the front foot much more. But to me we just carried on from last season by seeming happy with the game slipping by without much attacking intention. If we continue to play Dagnall up front on his own at home it will be a difficult season.