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  1. UTS

    Player Rumours

    ** Edit ** I can see you have now removed it (appreciated). I've already made a decision to no longer contribute to this forum moving forward for other personal reasons. I have asked admin to close the account because it doesnt appear possible to do it from settings. The only reason i am even saying this is because I wanted to say thanks to all those who have made the last god knows how many years so enjoyable on here. UTS and see everyone in L1 in 12 months.
  2. UTS

    Player Rumours

    Have I got this right? A Dale fan is randomly having a pop at me on here for supposedly browsing their site and moaning about them on here (which you have gone quiet on because you cant find any threads from me on that subject any time recent). All despite you posting on here.
  3. UTS

    Player Rumours

    I was thinking that. It seems quite a long time to make an appointment unless we are holding out for someone.
  4. UTS

    Player Rumours

    You are sounding like a stalker now. I'll help you out to draw a line under it, although i shouldnt be needing to do this. You can stay logged in the Dale site permanently like you can on here. It doesn't mean you are active on the site. I was SFE's Dad/Pops dating back to the y3k days. Got a ban under those usernames many years ago on the Dale site. Used DaleFC much later on mainly for browsing purposes and is mainly inactive. I did wind up dale fans on there many moons ago. Milly, P Diddy (who i believe are connected but could be wrong) have nothing to do with me. Now try and enjoy the rest of your day.
  5. UTS

    Player Rumours

    There is another UTS on the TFF forums from someone who took my username off here. I don't frequent that particular site. What i don't get though is that he is whinging that I mention our finances a lot (true) and also mention Dale (not true). Presumably he frequents the Dale site where he will see many more threads than he will find on here about our CCJs and other misdemeanours. With that in mind i'm not sure why there was a need to get so precious about it. It doesnt really matter. I apologise if people feel i hijacked the thread. A quote was made suggesting it is silly for the club to haggle over 15k and i pointed out that we might have no choice as we have acquired another couple of judgements. Nothing sinister, just facts that are freely available. I'm happy to move it back to player rumours. Even the Bury Times couldnt muster a story this week it's been so quiet. Any news on an Assistant Manager? Is Kidd continuing the role?
  6. UTS

    Player Rumours

    Don't let the truth come before a good story. I haven't viewed Dale's site in months and don't think i've made any reference to Dale on here for years?
  7. UTS

    Player Rumours

    It could be argued that quite a few didnt turn up last season.☺️
  8. UTS

    Player Rumours

    The pitch isn't being redone. Just reseeding the rough patches. Pic from last week.
  9. UTS

    Player Rumours

    I can. We just picked up aother 2 CCJ's each for less than a grand.
  10. UTS

    Liverpool 11 at Gigg Lane 14.7.18

    Picked up my tickets tonight. I was chatting to a few Liverpool fans at work who were telling me they aren't going after realising their only source of getting a ticket is using eventbrite.
  11. Peter Clarke favourite at 1/5 to take over.
  12. I think we should wait and see what our overdue accounts tell us about our financial standing.
  13. Depends what you are rating it on I suppose.
  14. So they haven't paid us or Dale the ticket money they collected. Surely that is a hefty sum. I think i'm right in believing such debts are deducted from their tv money.
  15. UTS

    Player Rumours

    Barry, it seems that you and Jonathanmvd owe young Alan an apology.