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  1. It's a good read. It will be an interesting summer.
  2. Season ticket 2018/19

    Are you a member of the owt for nowt brigade or are you just posting on a topic that you don't appear to have an opinion on? Just block me if i am upsetting you.
  3. Accy

    It is indeed.
  4. Season ticket 2018/19

    It's a difficult one. Teams have tried different schemes and i was thinking them over. A few years back, Hartlepool went down the £100 season ticket route and then fleeced away fans & pay on the day by charging £25. That is one way to try and force people into buying a season ticket. Last season though they were back at £250 early bird and £299 afterwards. I think we need to get it right off the pitch and make supporting the club feel like a positive experience. I don't think reducing the price alone works unless you get everything else right as well. Even taking the football out of the equation, the match day experience at Gigg is poor. Bradford went down the £150 mark and added thousands to the gate which is how it should work but we haven't got the potential support to attract large numbers. Even they have started to hike the price up and their early bird price of £169 has passed, it is now at £199. It seems even a club of that size couldn't maintain a season ticket price of £150 and below which is what makes me think it cant work for us. I can see us losing some fans if the price stays the same but not in huge numbers. Most season ticket holders are in it for the long term and I can tell you now I am renewing and don't know what price is. I appreciate that not everyone is that fortunate but the prices do offer value. I miss 4-5 games a season due to holidays but still feel that the £15 or so it works out for the games i can attend is favourable to what it would cost to have a different past time. I think we should be exploring a more competitive pay on the day price for home fans of say £15. Stick away fans in the Cemmy end and charge them £20 for not having a restricted view. Reintroduce a membership scheme of £5 per season for pay on the day i.e £20 for first game then £15 after that to stop away fans going in the home end. Season tickets should be attractive. Bring a friend for a fiver was popular but they dropped it, discount on away travel and so on. What the club does need to do is have a better grip on complimentary tickets. There is a fella in the con club every week flogging a handful of them for £10 each and that money could be going into the club. I'm sure those same people would be happy paying £15 but maybe not so much the £20 we currently charge. Rochdale tried the below last season and didn't reach the 2000 mark. I think we would have the same problem. Offer them for £100 and we still wouldn't shift more than an extra couple of hundred and be thousands of £££s down in income. Over 2,000 season ticket sales - £250 Over 2,500 season ticket sales - £200 Over 3,000 season ticket sales - £150 Over 4,000 season ticket sales - £110
  5. Can't be. Hardly any of the squad will be here. Beckford will chuck in a sickie after a couple of months (if he is still here). L2 is a physical league and having a few kids in there (who will get bullied out of games) alongside overpaid players on the slide does not fill me with confidence at all. I can't see how any of us can predict anything until we know what the squad is. There is talk of a massive overhaul which i think might even top what we did last year. They will talk having a small squad but we never seem to manage it. Unless we have a new recruitment policy in place and we aren't going for Marquee signings (like Bunn and co) but focusing on proven L2 performers then i think we will struggle.
  6. Season ticket 2018/19

    I expect that will in proportion to the respective salary bills. I doubt they are forking out 2-4k to as many useless wasters as we are. I'm expecting our ticket price to remain unchanged (or at least similar) to last years early bird figure of £275 (£11.96 per game) which in fairness is excellent value. I think they will just scrap increasing it after a certain date which would make more sense. When Day first came in he offered a £150 season ticket and there was not much of an increase in sales to justify doing it. Last year they offered a deal to reduce the price by £75 (via cash back) if they sold 3000 and we only got halfway in getting there. Our wage bill and lack of support will make it very unlikely that the club will drop prices so much unless Stewie subsidises it from the £60mil (cough, cough) that he reckoned he was getting. This summer will be expensive for the club. Some players will be paid off to leave and we have a reputation for overpaying so any players joining us wont be coming on the cheap. We will go down the route of overpaid players on the slide again.
  7. Accy

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/43575625 As for Accy, what a great season they have had with a small squad, fighting for each other and not seeing nearly all them out injured every other week. Part of our problem is signing players with a history of recent injuries. I was talking to a Preston fan pre season and he predicted we would get a couple of decent months then a long lay off from Beckford. Players like Mayor, Jones and Cameron need to be offloaded if they have no chance of playing week in week out.
  8. Retained List

    Also don't forget Burgess who can't get into Maccs starting line up.
  9. Joey Barton.

    5 wins 3 draws and just 2 defeats with 6 clean sheets. We lose 7 and draw 1 of the last 8 and people want us to give Lowe a contract to manage us next season. Bonkers.
  10. Joey Barton.

    Very harsh on Sheridan. Done a great job to get them to safety.
  11. Doncaster vs Bury

    Positives - We didn't lose, fought back from 2 down, scored 3 (although they were an OG, Pen and a blatant offside) Negatives - We didn't win, threw away a winning position in the end, poor goals conceded. I'm fully expecting our form to pick up now we are already down. It sounded like the game could have been over in the first 15 mins.
  12. Doncaster vs Bury

    Our 3rd top scorer after Beckford and Miller.
  13. Doncaster vs Bury

    Good shout.