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  1. Charity Donations.

    I do an annual donation to Dr Kershaws Hopsice and then do nothing else. I get mithered daily at work for some fundraising or another and it's beyond a joke. The big players usually have high earning Execs and not much of what you give filters through to where you want it to. i.e. those in need. A lot goes on things like flights, accommodation and expenses for volunteers and so on. That pound you give will probably see a few pence end up helping those who need it. My mum was at Christies for an appointment on Tuesday and then on Thursday someone representing Macmillon knocked on asking whether she wanted to sign up for a monthly DD bearing in mind cancer is close to her heart at the moment. The rep made a hasty exit when she asked them how they knew that. Surely there is a DPA issue going on there and it is sharp practice for charities to be pulling stunts like that and for medical professionals for passing on details to them. My other pet hate is when you do sign up for a few quid a month to then get continual calls asking you to increase the amount and you also coincidentally (not) start getting endless calls from loads of other charities knowing you are potentially a sucker. The Rainbow Trust lost all donations from me because of that. They were calling a couple of times a week and I discovered they share data which is sharp practice and frankly illegal as i didn't consent for them to do that and they have a duty to secure data.
  2. Ryan Lowe managerial stats

    I gave up on that one a while back. Our performances have picked up on and off but we haven't really made much of a dent into the points deficit. We should have got beat on Tuesday when we really need to be winning our home games. It was a lucky draw in the end. Beat Blackburn on Monday and i might change my mind though.
  3. Ryan Lowe managerial stats

    So our Cup win ratio is 0%. Kev bettered that and took us to the 2nd round of the league cup. Don't worry though, i'm not warming to Blackwell.
  4. Ryan Lowe managerial stats

    Nonsense. That's only a 36% win rate and King Kev had 40% (or so he liked to tell us). Lowe will only get kept on IMO if he keeps us up. If we don't, Stewie will make a change once we are confirmed down.
  5. Andy Bishop

    Fair enough but you must admit he needed to work on timing his jumps. Half the time he had landed before the ball had reached him.
  6. New signing

    Lee Clark recommends everyone.
  7. Bury FC vs Southend United

    Today is supposed to be ok but tomorrow is forecast rain and sleet solid between 7am and 3pm which might give us a problem getting the match on if the pitch is not covered.
  8. SiP Parking.

  9. SiP Parking.

    If your son is declared as the main driver you are fine. I wish Lidl took the Aldi approach. Unfortunately they just direct you to the enforcement firm who are of course never going to assist because they are there to make money. I understand the enforcement firms pay the retailer an annual fee for the privilege of catching out unwitting shoppers.
  10. SiP Parking.

    This thread has got me worried now if this firm are sharks. I use a SIP carpark near work because its £3 for 12 hours which is about as low as you will get near Deansgate. It's pay and display with no cameras so i'm guessing your ticket was placed by one of their jobsworths. My initial thoughts are:- Has you son mentioned that he may have underpaid the parking bearing in mind his ticket would have been on the dashboard? If your son denies parking there, do they have a photo of it? For all they know, there might be a stolen vehicle on false plates matching yours. The burden of proof is on them. Putting the vehicle in your name for your son is fronting which brings down costs. Don't tell the insurer or they will void your policy. They will also ask questions if the named driver (your son) has an accident during working hours as they will probe the usage as a means to try and avoid meeting a claim. Just remember to have those explanations ready so not to get caught out. The reasons the rates are cheaper when fronting is because the claims ratios for young drivers is much higher and premiums simply reflect that. If they only have occasional use, at times when roads aren't busy, the risk of an accident falls which is why its cheaper doing it the way you have. The issue is if the insurer finds out, they will declare cover null and void for misrepresentation. On another matter of parking, the operator of Lidl car parks have got on my nerves recently. My elderly parents parked up in Royton to do their weekly shop and they popped across the road for a doctors appointment afterwards. All expected to be within the 90 mins parking allocation. The docs were running late so they went over on the parking by 3 mins and copped a £90 fine which they paid before telling me. More annoying is that my mum was given a cancer diagnosis which contributed towards the delay and they still didn't see it fit to turn a blind eye over a 3 min parking indiscretion. I tweeted Lidl and scanned a copy of their £60 shopping receipt but they weren't arsed. They seem to have form for it. Some of their other stores require you to scan your receipt on the way out of the store. You are fined for parking there if you don't. There is no facility to pay for their parking. I asked them what happens if you go in store for a single item that is out of stock. The response was buy something else or receive a £90 fine. At that point i decided to change my shopping habits.
  11. Bradford

    Miller 2-2 Both goals conceded by players trying to clever and giving it away. Ismail and Leigh. Anyway, decent point.
  12. Bradford

    2-1 down, Greg Leigh shocker
  13. Bradford

    1-1 Cameron
  14. Bradford

    Hoping we can repeat Tuesdays performance and take that into next Tuesday. Win these 2 and we are right back in the mix to stay up.