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  1. Stuart2003B

    Winding Up Hearing Tomorrow

    Surely like every successful entrepreneur he failed all his exams?!
  2. Stuart2003B

    Club sold announcement Monday

    Who takes the car park time bomb as well? I dread to think how that’ll get through due diligence.
  3. I'm glad the front cover has come on a bit.
  4. Stuart2003B

    Policy on Trolls; mods?, please

    I’m not sure I agree. My view is that any poster should be able to post anything provided it’s not abusive (and clearly there would be a possible personal risk if libellous). Bad language and personal abuse would fall under my abusive term above, although that’s subjective and very difficult to moderate. In terms of user history, I think the lack of it is wholly academic. We’ve got to start somewhere - we’re not a ‘closed shop’ (unlike...). And whilst you suggest a new poster is likely to be a wind up; it’s also possible to be someone ‘in the know’ such as a supplier who has not been paid... No need to reply - we all have our different opinions!
  5. Stuart2003B

    Unpaid Wages

    And that’s your prerogative. I would have thought though that some supporters would be concerned over the sustainability and perhaps source of the cash?
  6. Stuart2003B

    Unpaid Wages

    Good evening all Does no one else worry that the pockets of Day aren’t bottomless? We’re basically losing £50,000 cash every week. Anyhow, let’s be grateful for where we are now.
  7. Stuart2003B

    Concerts and Festivals

    Pretty damming on all counts. Interesting that the liquidation still hasn’t completed (with some disparaging comments by the liquidator on the behaviour of the director).
  8. Stuart2003B

    Live stream tonight for a tenner!

    It’s showing as €6 for me (currently in France). Are UK customers being charged more? Is that right? Next match 21 Aug 2018 19:45 (UK) Lincoln City v Bury €6.00 Hide details Purchase Now
  9. Stuart2003B

    Pre season so far...

    “Put your hands up if you’d prefer to be watching the World Cup”
  10. I really can’t see there’s a tax play here. We’ve made huge real losses so no business (corporation) tax will arise. There’s £2,000 shown in the bank because that’s how much money we had at the year end. £2,000. I expect that that balance is representative of the money we had over the year. It’s a hand to mouth existence with cash coming from Day’s businesses when they have it.
  11. Does any one have any suggestion as to what the debtor (receivable) of £515k could be from? It’s a big amount to be owed. The equivalent amount at the previous period end was £78k.
  12. You mention that that the debt owed to Mederco is unlikely to be called in; I don’t think Day has any current intention to call in the debt. However, it’s the lenders into Mederco and Day’s other companies which may call in their debts which would directly force Mederco to call in the debt from BFC. That’s the huge risk as I see it. (Not to mention the time bomb of the car park ‘scheme’).
  13. The club continues to lose £50,000 a week (every 7 days). Every day the club loses £7,000.
  14. Stuart2003B

    Q&A with Stewart Day & Ryan Lowe

    Perhaps the 2017 accounts will be presented! I wonder when the annual shareholder meeting will be (FA / FL requirement)?