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  1. actually a bigger problem, I need to get a 7 year-old to bed in the next 30 mins...
  2. now to connect my laptop to the TV and the whole family can watch...!
  3. got it. through live match centre - as you said thanks!
  4. Have registered and paid. I think it says you must watch via an app. is that right? What happens if you don't have an iphone or other device?
  5. Very sorry, can’t attend. This meeting should be in the Wagon and Horses surely?!
  6. Per the audited financial statements Thomas wasn’t paid a penny by BFC Ltd.
  7. Per the audited financial statements Thomas wasn’t paid a penny by BFC Ltd.
  8. “We need c£1.6m to pay wages, HMRC, pensions (not creditors) to the end of May, and we have a projected income of c£180k for this period.” eek!
  9. The £50k per week is based on annual losses of around £2.5m as shown in the club’s last filed annual accounts (as audited by the club’s auditors). The 2018 accounts should have been filed by now. It will be interesting to see what those show when they are eventually filed. How those accounts are coming along would be a good question to ask the directors.
  10. James Daly - eek - some combination of Day and Dale...?!!
  11. On the market offices on Murray Road?
  12. I think you’ve been “whooshed”...
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