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  1. I thought it was midweek & international weekends that you could get it for?
  2. Does anyone know if there is a match pass available for the game on Sat with it being international weekend. I cant find it anywhere if there is?
  3. No real surprises there for me. Best of luck to them all.
  4. Funny how we all see things differently. i thought Shotton & Skinner were poor. Adams improved when he went on the left wing but didn’t really get a kick when he was up front. Hulme was our best player and Hatton did well at both LB and then RB later on. Copping had a decent game until he gifted them the 5th goal. All in all though they gave a good account of themselves and without the individual mistakes it would have been close. Adams goal was very Danny Mayor esque.
  5. Who tackled him?. Can we start a petition to get him knighted
  6. This guy could be the best bit of business done all season in my opinion. He does the things that no one really notices but does them really well. He will give the like of Mayor/O'Shea even more freedom to attack as they will have more confidence that he is in control of things whilst sat behind them. The big 'if' is that can he stay fit to play potentially another 15 games. It's a big ask given that he has only played about 30 senior games to date in his career. Lowe might have to work his magic and manage him properly.
  7. Not played for us in approx. 2 years. He has talent but couldn't get a game in the conference for Wrexham earlier this season. Wasn't even included in our Checkatrade squads and was overlooked for youth teamers like Hulme. Good luck to him but he appears to have no future here,
  8. Dawson & McFadzean have been sent off in the checkatrade
  9. Brayden Shaw was at Cardiff not long ago as part of their U23 squad. He did really well in the league of wales I think and Cardiff signed him. Poscha is indeed at Colne, I watched them a few months ago against Atherton Colls and he came on as sub with about 10 mins left as they were trying to hold on to a 2-1 lead.
  10. Great result, they just seem to continue to improve. Does anyone know what happened to Morgan Sadler?. A lot of noise about him at the start of the season and can’t see that he has played at all. Was he another one moved on to pay a debt?.
  11. Never let us down when he played and after what we witnessed last season it was good to see a player so committed. Lacked a real goal threat and in a team that creates as many chances as we do that has ultimately been his downfall. Good, honest pro,
  12. Things change very quickly in football management. He would be silly just to rule out Luton and obviously knows what he’s doing when it comes to engineering a potential move. He has done it several times as a player when he was in good form, remember the potential move to Stockport after he had hit 25+ goals to get up promoted under Knill/Barker, all because he wanted a new contract. Similar with Tranmere when he signed for us 2nd time around. In terms of management he will be aware of the sort of things that can happen, Flitcroft for example was MOTM for Sept I think and then was sacked mid November by SD. It would be a shame if he does go but it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.
  13. Probably, but no doubt given it was the summer Fenton left & Day came in we would have taken a pittance for him just to bring some money in.
  14. It would be really good to know if the people that allowed him to leave for Fulham now think it was a good bit of business. Not sure how much we got for him but I bet it wasn't much given he hadn't even started his 2 yr youth scholarship. Had he been kept at Bury he might have 100 games, 20 professional goals and be worth a heck of a lot more money than we got for him 5 yrs ago, probably worth a lot more than Fulham received from Southend. I would actually hazard a guess that with the exception of Styles, none of the young players we have sold on over the last couple of years will go on and play for the clubs they signed for, George Millar is most likely but he won't play for Middlesborough whilst Pulis is there (EFL Trophy apart).
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