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  1. If anyone hasn't watched 'Sunderland till I die' on Netflix I recommend they do. Their season mirrored ours in quite a few ways last season but obviously at a much bigger club. I would have loved to watch a behind the scenes documentary about Bury last season and given Stewie's love of the camera I bet he would have allowed it to happen also.
  2. arbury1

    What a liability Stokes is....

    I think the midfielder will be Tom Whelan. Still seems to be training with us.
  3. arbury1


    Have to agree, the ball he put through for Maynard about 5 minutes from the end was as good as any you will see this season ( well,, except for the O’shea Scoop pass against Stevenage)
  4. arbury1

    Accrington on Tuesday

    Out of the two strikers that started I actually thought Lavery was having a better game than Telford before his injury. Maynard made a huge difference though. His movement & awareness is a class above league two level. O'Shea was my MOM. I know Mayor does lots of brilliant things and was outstanding again last night but O'Shea looks every inch the CM player now.
  5. arbury1

    Accrington on Tuesday

    Is that a Concession price or is that the standard price for the game?. I thought it was £10
  6. The article doesn’t read properly to me. he says ‘most of the time I wasn’t getting paid on time’ then says ‘ I didn’t get paid on time once’ if either are true then it’s inexcusable from the club but both can’t be right. the he says ‘Gigg Lane is not a nice place to play football’ - most teams loved playing there last season so that’s rubbish as well. In all seriousness though, if players were constantly paid late then how has this been kept quiet?. Oldham, Bolton & Morecambe have all been in the news recently for not paying players on time, we haven’t, with the exception of the last couple of weeks. what is for certain though is that whatever happens the club is better off without Day, & hopefully Dale can sort this mess out.
  7. arbury1

    January Rumours

    Looked a good footballer when I saw him play at Raccy. Not a tackler though from the evidence of that game, used the ball well.
  8. arbury1

    Danny Mayor

    Can only remember the Shrews game at home where he looked like the Mayor we see in league 2.
  9. arbury1

    Danny Mayor

    Mayor is outstanding in league 2, hopefully we won’t be in league 2 next year. Can he cut it in league 1?.
  10. arbury1

    Club sold announcement Monday

    This is sort of what keeps me thinking it must be a good move for the club. If you had no prospect of making this work why would even bother getting involved.
  11. arbury1

    Mansfield tomorrow

    it certainly ended up being a mis-mash of a team at the end, with Cooney having been moved all across the back 5. Lavery ended up a LWB and penalty miss aside actually did really well when he came on. I was particularly impressed with Barjonas, Telford and given the lack of game time, I though Dawson showed he could offer us something as a holding midfielder. A really good performance against a strong Mansfield side. Telford really impresses me every time I see him. he will score lots of goals for us and should be the one to partner Maynard on a regular basis in my opinion.
  12. arbury1

    Tonights game

    It definitely was O'Shea.
  13. arbury1

    caloan lavery

    Is he a better option than Dagnall?. If so, then get him on the bench. Great option to have in my eyes. Dagnall works hard but offers little. Lavery was quite impressive in the game he played at Rochdale.
  14. arbury1

    Jay O’Shea

    I was concerned about him playing CM but he’s been superb, especially over the last month or so. Great range of passing and now chipping in with some goals too.
  15. arbury1

    Our 3rd goal v Fleetwood

    The highlights don’t really do it justice but the little back heel from Telford to set up Dagnall was absolute class