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  1. Because, for all his faults, Day ensured that the people of this club were paid. It's easier to be mad at a man who can't even do this. He straddled this club with debt, yes, and he was a dreamer and a fantasist, but Dale is something else. Nasty, horrible little bloke - scum of the earth.
  2. Likewise, but his Red Cow Media venture was so entrenched in Stewart Day's Bury that I can't believe he didn't know what he was getting himself into. Just look at him in the videos - shifty as they come. I met him once prior to all this too - smarmy horrible little git. I've never heard a good word about him.
  3. It's fairly obvious when you sit back and think about it - how else would a man with no interest in football come to own a club that wasn't publicly for sale? It's a horrible little underworld that these crooks live in - hopefully it'll end up catching up with them eventually.
  4. You can add Matt McCarthy & Gisela Alberici to that list too. All crooks. All scumbags.
  5. Literally nobody has forgotten this. It's been mentioned countless times.
  6. As I have said elsewhere - I won't be buying one until Dale has gone.
  7. Argh, won't let me view without a Facebook profile.
  8. I do get strangely excited when I see that ‘Statement from the Chairman’ headline.
  9. I don't believe a word Dale says so this means nothing, but fair play to Frith.
  10. Ha ha, you've changed your tune mate! Now what was it you said... 😉 I'm sure he knows how much you love him now, if not I'll let him know for you.
  11. I exchanged some messages with Lowe last night. He wants to stay, but he wants this mess sorted out ASAP. I've resigned myself to the mess continuing for far longer than Ryan can afford to wait. Let's not forget, like the others, he's not been paid for 3 months too now and has a young family to support. He should really have been able to enjoy this summer - promotion with us, Liverpool in the Champs League Final, etc. yet all this hangs over him as much as it does us. Every single person (with the exception of one) wants the same thing. Sadly, that one person is the only one who can control it.
  12. Visibly, they all seem to have something in common don't they, these lot? Perhaps they could skip a few meals and put the money back into the club - we'd soon be solvent.
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