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  1. ronky

    Shamima Begum

    Sorry if I have missed it but you still haven't explained where I have characterised Islam. You have no problem branding this country intolerant of Islam yet if Ryan made similarly outrageous claims he would be slated. You are also asking us to base the state of the nation upon one small minority of the country yet if we were asked to assess the state of the nation based upon say Tommy Robinson's point of view it would be deemed ridiculous. Your inconsistencies are startling!
  2. ronky

    This Week.

    Had to Google wilty! Watch most political based programmes and they could be rebranded as iwlty!
  3. Apologies for the belated reply. I have been to Croatia but it was part of Yugoslavia at the time. Beautiful place but took just under 36 hours to drive there, probably better to fly nowadays.
  4. Please can I have a vegan pie!!!!!!
  5. Well I did hear that Norris McWhirter and Roy Castle had their own parking spots outside the ground to verify the many, many records that he broke! I'm sure people posted regularly confirming visits from NMRC 😀
  6. ronky

    Shamima Begum

    What characterisation?
  7. If we do go up on the last day of the season will we be allowed to celebrate?
  8. ronky

    Shamima Begum

    Our country does do all of those things although there are a few individuals who carry out such attacks. This country has laws to try to prevent and punish such attacks because it accepts her faith. To claim that the country does not do such things because of a small proportion of extremists is on a par with claiming that a religion does not accept women's rights, homosexuality and condones beheading and torture just because a small proportion of nutters do not, and no one would be daft enough to suggest that would they?
  9. Very little between 1st and 4th. Aim for first and that gives some room for failure. We saw with the Knill run in the dangers of playing for draws, turgid and not always successful.
  10. There is obviously an element of luck with some injuries but whilst some were hailing Carrington a masterstroke others were calling it dangerous, a claim made by other clubs such as (I think) West Ham who moved training grounds because of injuries picked up. I think that this seasons injuries backs up the claims that some of us made that Carrington was just being misused by previous management. I don't know how if at all training has changed but I do know that if you sign up for the the best equiped gym in your area and train 20 hours a day then it will damage your health. Likewise if you sign up but never go your health will not improve. It is all about using the equipment in the right way, a bit like Ole has done at Old Trafford!
  11. ronky

    This Week.

    I will miss it, despite what has been said above Andrew Neill is the best political interviewer on the tele at the moment. He doesn't stick to the script, he can adapt to responses but will stick to a question again and again if the interviewee refuses to answer it. People interviewed by him are grilled rather than given a 5 minute speech opportunity as many interviewers provide. Watch him interview a tory and you'd be convinced he was a Corbynista, see him interview a Labour member and you'd swear he was to the right of Jacob R-M. Thay is good interviewing. More journalists like him and maybe we'd have more interest in politics. His destruction of Livingstone a couple of weeks ago was tv gold, had to put it on to show my mum the other week. Well worth a watch for those who enjoy seeing producers of bovine excrement shown up!
  12. ronky

    Shamima Begum

    I believe that we have a responsibility to look after the many, many millions of British citizen who did not run off to sign up with a fanatically anti British cult hence let's keep her far, far away from this country. She still believes the ideology that is abhorrent to most British Christians, Jews, Muslims and others, and still hates the West apart from its health service. If she gets back here then let's deal with her but definitely don't speed that up by wasting a single penny on helping her get back here.
  13. ronky

    Danny Rose.

    What happened? Horrible injury, wouldn't wish that on any player and I'm including Mcginley, Maguire and Morales!
  14. No need for such an attitude towards dale, please can we focus all our hatred towards that mob from the M61 retail park!
  15. Imagine how I felt getting a lift home from Stalybridge after a reserve game from him and Ian Hughes as a teenager, and then another time sharing my Rola Cola with him after a pre season game at Runcorn! I'd never have had experiences like that watching united or city!
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