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  1. ronky

    Bercow should go now.

    Nah, his phrase was "Stupid boy", he's more like Rene Artois!
  2. ronky

    Royal Wedding.

    To quote the Queen (this is a royal discussions after all) Bismillah! No we will not let you go!
  3. ronky

    Royal Wedding.

    There really is now escape from this wedding, watching an episode of StreethHawk and even on that there was a quote "This is the biggest story since the Royal wedding" 😮
  4. ronky

    Royal Wedding.

    Wow, how strange to be liking (or even reading) a post of yours that isn't sarcastic, humorous or both but one that sums up the mixed feelings that most have towards both the Royals and modem football.
  5. ronky

    Tom Hopper

    Hopper is, or at least should be, a very different player than he was when he was with us the first time, back then he was young ad inexperienced, by now he should have matured and learnt his craft albeit with more learning still to be done. Most on here will be judging him purely based on 2 games a season and goals and games records rather than having any real idea of what sort of player he has become. As for trialing players I am somewhat sceptical, all too often in football and other sports and even other fields have I seen a massive difference in trial effort and performance and post trial results
  6. ronky

    Royal Wedding.

    There is lots of love in the world, but it tends to be for one's ego, possessions and status nowadays.
  7. ronky

    Royal Wedding.

    So should we only class half of the money as economic benefit? The economic benefit theory (I think) is based around the amount stated impacting on the economy, production of mug creates jobs, sale of mug creates jobs, profits create taxation. With so much tat produced overseas and so many businesses based overseas for tax purposes can we really count a million pound spend as a million pounds of benefit? Apologies for the discussion of economic theory on a Saturday morning 😀
  8. ronky

    Royal Wedding.

    It's so hard to quantify economic benefits, especially with so many foreign based businesses being involved nowadays. If a million quids worth of mugs are sold should that be included as benefit if half of that million was spent buying them from China?
  9. ronky

    Royal Wedding.

    Couldn't care less about the wedding, I wish the people no harm but can't get excited about someone born into wealth marrying a social climber. It isn't even original we've already seen this one done a few years ago albeit in a different location. I'll be doing some household chores whilst it's on in anticipation of watching the cup finals from 3 o'clock.
  10. ronky

    Royal Wedding.

    It may not be shown in the marathon but the greatest Batman movie is available on sky catch up & Now TV. West & Ward battling Romeo, Meredith, Gorshin & Meriweather. Batman as it should be!
  11. The Canaries shouldn't be affected by Brexit as they aren't part of the EU, I don't know the exact complexities but I do know that you can bring duty free back and have to go through the nothing to declare channel at the airport rather than going through the blue channel.
  12. ronky

    Average L1 wage 2017/18 season

    How can a website have our wage data for the season that finished last week when we haven't even posted our accounts for the season that finished last year?????
  13. ronky

    Average L1 wage 2017/18 season

    Twice as much as 4 teams, all of whom are guaranteed 3rd tier football bar one who could yet win promotion. That said two of our fellow dross had even larger Ave wages That said I guess it depends on who is included in the average, one player on 6k plus two on five hundred quid averages out around our figure.
  14. ronky

    Chris Sedgwick

    Sadly yes I can
  15. ronky

    Nicky Adams

    I wonder how many that are underwhelmed by Adams are also those who complain about us blowing the budget? As for signing ex players it depends on why we sign them, if we sign them because they're an ex player than that's daft, if we sign them because we think that they can do a job then it would be daft to reject them just because of who one of their former clubs was!