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  1. As a University of Manchester graduate is it okay if I just do jazz hands instead? I believe that many Premier league teams have been doing this for years based on atmospheres
  2. I only clicked on the thread to make a Hallam joke 😭😭😭
  3. ronky

    Brexit explained (specifically for Ryan)

    What a wonderfully one sided version of "the truth". It is the sort of extremist nonsense that irked many in the build up to the referendum. Anyone who can portray only positives or negatives with the decision to leave probably shouldn't be listened to!
  4. ronky

    Universal Credit.

    Don't knock her, she's one of the best spokespeople that Labour have at the moment!
  5. ronky


    Does their recital of the Great Escape count as political - celebrating our imminent escape from the EU?
  6. ronky


    Not just footballers but some people seem to think that anyone in the public eye deserve abuse. Others are just trying to be concise yet end up appearing abusive. I think most would agree there is a huge difference between being critical and being abusive.
  7. ronky


    I believe that Fergie did something similar whilst at Old Trafford but don't remember any occasions when the subs did anything special late on 😀
  8. ronky

    Ryder Cup.

    It does depend on what your idea of golf is. I was never a very good golfer, and usually needed two or three clubs more distance wise than my partner yet regularly beat him due to my lower inaccuracy. For me golf is a game of skill and course management rather than a testosterone fuelled who can hit it the furthest but then the Americans are known for their love of size over substance! I'm surprised that Phil favours distance over accuracy, given his age I would have thought skill rather than power would be his friend. Tournaments like the Masters used to always start with legendary ex champions, I wonder if the reason for the decline in this tradition is the move towards power over precision? We often hear whinging from Americans at the Open where they play on links courses which have wind and rain, I love watching those competitions and find ones where the winning score is a few under par for the entire tournament much more enjoyable than those where every round is. Back to the course in Paris and I'm not sure how we did it but what a great job we did of hiding it from the Americans. Maybe we hid it under a giant tent or just put a sign outside saying that due to strike action it was shut, but there has to be a reason why the average European had played the course more times than the entire US team combined. Could that explain the dominance? I believe that the American who had played it more than any other got their best points haul that weekend. Exactly how badly did team USA want to win it?
  9. ronky

    The Doctor.

    SHE does still live in a phone box. Doesn't have a mobile phone but does have a sonic screwdriver. We do not need to crowdfund HER one.
  10. What a waste of 4 hours - I knew it was a foul and should have been disallowed without even looking at it once 😀
  11. I'm torn between peas, carrots, sweetcorn, beans or ratatouille to chuck at Colin & Swiss Tony. The exact veg really doesn't matter so long as it's still in the tin!
  12. ronky

    Flickers back at Gigg!!!

    Flicker had good points and bad points, and we can argue about budgets and his responsibility for them forever but there are some things we do know. He liked to play attractive football but had no plan B. He picked up some good strikers but signed many, many horrendous keepers. He helped develop the youth team but rarely played any in the first team. He worked well with some players but fell out badly with others. He was very good and personable with a number of fans but reacted terribly when abused by a few and appeared to take it out on the fans in general. Critiquing his management style is one thing, abusing him personally is another.
  13. ronky

    Flickers back at Gigg!!!

    How can you accuse him of being a nasty pants then go and call him Chubby?
  14. ronky

    Flickers back at Gigg!!!

    Stan got us back to back promotions and then kept us up in our first 2nd tier season for decades before moving to his favourite club which seems acceptable. Had he moved to his favourite team after wearing that team's tie for a game against them and getting us relegated then it might have been okay to heckle!
  15. ronky

    Flickers back at Gigg!!!

    Do you sit near the dug out or are you to phlegm what Steve Backley or Fatima Whitbread were to javelins?