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  1. A plan (loving the bold) has been incredibly difficult to formulate due to the intransigence of a number of people in the process. I answered what I thought would happen but you've ignored that part. It is not by any means ideal. A free trade deal is best for all 28 nations involved, but is not in the best interests of the EU. I agree that both sides overspending was not equal, remain massively overspent compared to leave even excluding the government's leaflet. Daily coordination conference calls between remain groups is apparently acceptable? As for fake twitter accounts and Facebook posts do we have any idea how many votes they attracted? There are many business leaders who believe that Brexit can be a success. You haven't suggested what you believe should happen, remainers are allowed a thought too! You also ignore the fact that the EU nations will suffer from a no deal yet don't seem to be criticising their leaders, nor commenting on the fact that EU leaders seem prepared to let others suffer to protect their ideology (whereas I believe our leaders will do that out of incompetence rather than ideology in this area)
  2. I do have time for the EU, it is not all wrong but has morphed from a trading bloc to a political ideology. Do I see concern for the future for Britain, yes, that's why we should have all been pulling together to get a good deal for Britain rather than spending two years plus trying to get a second vote or weakening our negotiating position by trying to convince ourselves that we're all doomed if we don't remain members of the club. Soubry and Umunna have done this country no favours post vote. The complaints about interference tend to be extremely one sided. The whole campaign on both sides had flaws, yet the remain campaign blowing it's entire budget in one national mailing is acceptable as was the collusion between multiple remain groups whose total spending would have also pushed them over the limits if they were counted correctly. I thought you were intelligent enough to know the difference between my criticism of remainers and remoaners, I have explained the difference several times. I apologise if I was incorrect in that assumption, but I do differentiate between the two groups unlike many who still feel it acceptable to blanket those who voted leave as thick, uneducated racists. Sadly as the squabbles go on and on it leaves less time for meaningful discussions (I'm not convinced that Juncker & co actually wanted these) and looks more likely that the best result would no deal. It is not the free trade deal that most would have hoped for but I am concerned that to now obtain that which would benefit both parties would cost the UK too much. Given we are due to leave the EU what would you propose in the interests of our nation?
  3. ronky

    Adam Rooney

    As if a team spending that much could do anything but fly up the leagues 🤣
  4. Wow great opening line that exactly how many pro leavers have actually said? The time for debate of merits/demerits by senior figures is over, it was over 2 years ago and what our leaders should have been doing is attempting to broker a deal to leave in a way that benefits both the UK and those remaining in the EU, sadly far too much time has been wasted on remoaners like Umunna & Soubry trying to rerun the referendum. A deal is preferable to all, but it must be a deal that fulfills the vote that was to leave and is not leaving in name only which is the worst than either leavin or remaining. No deal is definitely better than a bad deal, but the EU needs to remember that they will be severely impacted on a no deal too. Despite what remoaners claim the EU do not hold all the cards, they hold some but without our cards too all they have is an incomplete set of cards. Strangely the Irish PM seems to be oblivious to this when he's threatening use of airspace! Angela Merkel appears to not care about the impact on her country's economy either. The more this saga goes on the more it seems that the EU is an ideology for people rather than a practical, justifiable organisation.
  5. ronky

    Squad just gets bigger and bigger

    Unfortunately the laws of the game restrict us to playing 11 at any one time even if our squad is as large as you suggest.
  6. ronky

    Jordan Archer signs

    And all chairmen that claim "substantial fee with sell on clause" are telling the absolute truth? Have they also been turning down high six figure fees for their youth team?
  7. ronky

    Jordan Archer signs

    Welcome Jordan and take a bow. Hopefully what the scouts have seen is just the tip of the iceberg and he'll take to league football without a quiver. He might not be a big draw but it's too early to nock him.
  8. ronky

    NHS at 70

    My point was looking at the expectation of "basics" rather than suggesting that benefit claimants should be taxed.
  9. ronky

    Trump wins Noble peace prize.

    We are not welcoming Trump to our country, we are welcoming the president of the United States. I wonder how many of those promoting the baby balloon would be so supportive of the same thing when Obama visited, or an Asian, African or European leader?
  10. ronky

    NHS at 70

    You're getting very close to sounding like one of my regular rants 😀 Quote from a channel 5 programme earlier today along the lines of "it's easy for people with a job but for me by the time I've paid for food, cigarettes, tobacco and whatever I don't have much left." Obviously C5 go for controversial figures but there are many who view some things as essentials that others view as luxuries.
  11. Club over country every day World cup is a joke being held in Russia FIFA are corrupt and not interested in proper football Am I convincing anyone? 😭😭😭😭😭
  12. ronky

    World Cup 2018 discussion.

    Whoever wins tomorrow should request that France wear a red kit as that should nullify Pogba's impact!
  13. ronky

    Rangers pre season

    Or tomorrow night when you realise England are in a world cup final 😀
  14. ronky

    Udders tonight.

    RNaj1 it was at least twice!
  15. ronky

    NHS at 70

    Sadly I really do agree with you on that. I love the NHS, it is an amazing institution and I can't imagine a decent society without it but there are sadly many people who view it as a right and not a privilege. You did miss off cigarettes as another prime cause of avoidable ill health.