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  1. Ryan Lowe managerial stats

    Women lie, they do it covertly, and rarely in a public environment (ie not in a restaurant, I am not advocating anyone literally pooing on the high street a la pet dogs). I once went out with someone who complained about the offering I had provided for breakfast so insisted on going to the local supermarket for adequate supplies and took well over an hour to come back with French pastries. It was a couple of years later that I discovered that she'd driven home, defecated and then returned to mine via Sainsbury's in order to avoid the impression that she passed faeces. That said there are times I really miss that stage of our relationship..... As for the number of times I've been through the "need to go home" conversation as she cannot use public facilities 🙁🙁🙁
  2. The day of love and happiness
  3. The future for local services

  4. Bradford

    Clarke not clark! Sorry to be a pedant, or to sound like Bez, but an e can make all the difference. Clark causes fear, Nicky or Lee, Clarke bring positivity, as in Leon or Peter, or even -Harris.
  5. Silent Witness.

    Doctor Who has always changed its theme tune for each doctor so I can love with their changes. Music is so important in these things, be it theme tunes, background music, link music or even advert jingles, just a few notes can take you back to a happy place or bring back memories of people. I regularly go on youtube and listen to such music. Maybe it's a generational thing because in the olden days the theme tune meant you had to hurry back from making a brew, finding a jumper or popping to the loo whereas now programmes are paused and credits fast forwarded through. I think my current favourite is Death in Paradise, but back to the original subject whilst I don't watch Silent Witness myself my other half does and she informs me that it isn't as good as its predecessor and she isn't keen on it.
  6. I'm sure John Paskin could teach him a thing or two but for those wanting to see Jermaine in action apparently you can for just six quid a minute
  7. The future for local services

    Local income tax is exactly what the tories want. Leafy Surrey or Hertfordshire have property prices that only the wealthy can afford, attract only the wealthy and housing benefit, social housing provision, unemployment benefits and income support per capita will be much lower per capita hence much much much lower tax bills. The wealthy also tend to have better health, use private education, suffer less crime and require less public transport provision so yet more areas where local taxation will be higher in poorer areas than more affluent areas. This tory government is intent on reducing the national bill by passing more and more on to local councils who simply cannot afford to fulfill the services whilst their funding is being cut as their responsibilities increased. Manchester City Council for example has the second highest proportion of band A & B properties in the country, how can they raise funds on a par with Kensington & Chelsea? This will become a vicious circle, there is an insignificant difference between Greater Manchester council taxes at the moment, it is simply not worth moving for a couple of hundred pounds difference in council tax but pushing more taxes onto a local level could seriously affect this. I live less than 200 yards from Bury, 3/4 mile from Salford and just over a mile from Rochdale*, under the tory's plan all could have radically different taxation rates, and where would people earning a good wage choose to live? They'd move to the low tax councils, further increasing the poverty levels in the poorer boroughs who need to raise taxes to cover the services of their impoverished residents. We need an infrastructure and taxation policy that looks after the many not the few, and May & Co have no interest in that! * Triangulation suggests you may be able to work out where I live - no popping round for a brew without a prior appointment though 😀
  8. Pointless

    Surely the question should be why you do not know it's location?
  9. Lee clark

    Can we get rid of this idea that Clark signed duffers - he signed decent players but transformed them into dross!
  10. Tonight's game

    You will if your glasses are tinted with the correct shade 😎 In baseball they have officials who determine "errors" and it's amazing how bigger stars appear to get the benefit of the doubt compared to rookies.
  11. Tonight's game

    Don't know if anyone else was listening to GMR pre match when they got the team news through but I nearly swerved off the road when they started reading out the back 4, "Leigh Clarke" they started off with 😣
  12. George Miller

    Spot on, we've essentially broken even on the deal this year, gaining £200k in fees but having to spend it on a repacement salary but will then be in a position where we have to shell out more wages on his replacement but no more income. Even with higher fees for players we're cashing in on low fees it seems to boost the short term.
  13. George Miller

    I was speculating how much we might have got for him had we had him scoring for a full season? That said we got hundreds of thousands for JV whilst that rabble up the road got millions for madine
  14. SiP Parking.

    Don't know if this link, or the places it refers to, could help? Also CAB suggest that the ticket to you should be cancelled and reissued to your son, it won't eliminate the charge but could reduce it given how the penalties increase over time
  15. Away games streamed in social club..

    How many people are choosing to do that rather than travel up to Gigg? AFC are gaining a fiver and we're losing nearly twenty quid for every supporter who stays down there. It probably won't be significant numbers involved tomorrow but what if Bradford or Blackpool did that? Doubt we'd be happy bunnies about it