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  1. RNaj1

    Paul Scholes.

    Reportedly in talks with Oldham about their vacant managers position. If he does get the job, will it be a classic "Heart ruling over the Head" scenario? By all accounts, their owner is a nightmare to work with, so good luck with that one, also possible problems with his involvement with Salford, should they, (please God no), get promoted. If it does happen, we'll get another "brand new" club in the EFL, "Paul Scholes' Oldham Athletic" to join "Martin O'Neill's Nottingham Forest" and Sol Campbells' Macclesfield Town". Can't wait. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46938946
  2. RNaj1

    Removing driving licences.

    Debris for sale on e bay, from an accident reported over the weekend involving a prominent member of the British Royal Family. Honestly, who would buy this kind of stuff? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-norfolk-46944912
  3. RNaj1

    Eoghan Oconnell

    Bet that picture of him up against Messi has pride of place on his mantelpiece, and quite right too. Well done Eoghan, hope your injury woes are well behind you and you can celebrate with a promotion on your cv at the end of the season.
  4. RNaj1

    Removing driving licences.

    At 70 your existing license expires and you have to apply for a new one, confirming you're medically fit to drive and that you can still read a number plate at the prescribed distance. This is done oneself and doesn't require a GP or anyone else to be involved. This lasts for 3 years and then you have to do it all over again for a further 3 years etc etc.
  5. RNaj1


    Agent Nicky forgot to read the script yesterday and scored in their comeback win at Colchester. Nicky, Nicky you're there to throw a spanner in their promotion push,not help them by scoring goals, nothing else will do.
  6. RNaj1

    Forest Green away

    Woo Hoo!!!, another win and we're safe from relegation! 😆
  7. RNaj1

    Forest Green away

    YES! Super January just gets better and better, great win as it sounds like we were under the cosh somewhat. What was the trouble behind one of the goals, anything to do with Notlob fans who were clearly there in their thousands?
  8. RNaj1

    Forest Green away

    Just noticed Super John (?) Mcginley on their team sheet as well.😁
  9. RNaj1

    Forest Green away

    Lincoln winning 1-0 just into the 2nd half, come on Grimsby....
  10. RNaj1

    Forest Green away

    Their team sheet...
  11. RNaj1

    Forest Green away

    Our team sheet today...
  12. RNaj1

    Winkies Ban McGinlay

    And Duchatelet at Charlton. How many years have these high profile protests been going on and they still haven't got rid of these leeches.
  13. RNaj1

    January Rumours

    Oldham continuing their "United Nations" transfer policy that served them so well last season. 😁 Surely it's their "hands on" Moroccan owner making these signings, unless they've taken over Kevin Blackwell's world wide scouting network, that is. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46922096
  14. RNaj1

    Winkies Ban McGinlay

    He'll now be free to join the thousands of Notlob "fans" travelling down to FGR tomorrow.
  15. Great start to a momentous couple of weeks, I'm liking January so far. Well played lads.