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  1. RNaj1

    And we're off...

    Martin O'Neill and his coaching staff resign, by mutual consent 😆, from the Irish Republic job.
  2. RNaj1

    Brexit explained (specifically for Ryan)

    Only Corbyn?, I doubt anyone in Government or Opposition has pored through every detail weighing up the pros and cons before coming to an "informed" decision. Don't they all have "researchers" to read these things and highlight salient points on which a decision will then be made?
  3. RNaj1

    Gordon Taylor.

    Under great pressure to resign from his position at the PFA. Can't believe he's been there since 1981, so maybe his critics have a point that he's been there too long and is standing in the way of much needed reform. Heard former Coventry player Ernie Hunt's daughter on the radio this afternoon and he's apparently in the advanced stages of dementia. She said they've had no help whatsoever from the PFA, not even phone calls from them enquiring about his health, they can't even prove that heading the heavy balls in use during his playing days is a contributing factor because they can't carry out the tests until he's passed away. She, like others, is having to care for her Dad single handedly, and whilst she said the club, Coventry, have been tremendous I was astonished that the PFA have seemingly washed their hands of the affair. I had thought such things were part of their remit, players welfare and all that, but apparently not. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/nov/18/more-than-200-footballers-endorse-call-gordon-taylor-step-down-pfa-chief-executive
  4. What the hell were those hideous pink bootees that one of their subs wore at HT?
  5. RNaj1

    Nathan Cameron

    Hope NatCam can take inspiration from Terry Dunfield another who was released by us with a career ending injury, but returned as a player in this country with Macc and even revived his International career with Canada.
  6. Certainly looked "a presence" on the pitch yesterday with no little skill, as for his goal, Wow! First time I've seen him play, but seems to have picked up a few red cards previously which could be costly if we're chasing a game. Certainly RL has a dilemma for the next game and beyond, Danns back from international duty mid week but how can you change a team that has just won 4-0, over to you Ryan...
  7. The pleasing thing for me today, was that we weren't intimidated by a highly physical side, and Stevenage won't be the only such side in this division. Can you imagine last seasons "squad" up against this lot?, don't even want to think about it. Shudder! Looking good for the rest of the season, though, as we should be able to cope against most teams in this division.
  8. RNaj1

    Nathan Cameron

    Played the whole 90 mins today as well.
  9. RNaj1

    Jay O’Shea

    Looked "a baller" today, well deserved his MOM, all over the pitch and 2 cracking goals. Long may it continue.
  10. Seems a tad draconian to ban the ref who forgot his coin, I know that, strictly speaking, it's against the rules but, c'mon, there's worse crimes he could have committed surely. Reminds me of an incident in a Sunday League game, courtesy of former Shaker Ian Warburton, who I was working with at the time, where the ref. forgot his whistle and appealed to the crowd in case anyone had brought a whistle, the best they could come up with was a mouth organ so he officiated the whole game using that, don't know what tunes he played though. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46229096
  11. RNaj1

    FA CUP Rd 2 draw

    Have Luton still got that ginormous centre half?, (can't remember his name). Made Akinfenwa look svelte.
  12. RNaj1

    Nathan Cameron

    Wish him all the best, deserves all the luck going.
  13. RNaj1

    In all honesty........

    As I remember, George Miller was happy here and didn't want to leave but we needed the money so...... A lot will depend on our financial situation in January but the £1million we must have got from Oxford for Tsun Dai should help. 😁
  14. RNaj1

    Brexit explained (specifically for Ryan)

    Barnier or Tusk? 😏