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  1. Don't suppose the BL9 Festival will be running this year. Shame!
  2. No, still can't read it I'm afraid.😆
  3. He also says the players agreed to having their wages delayed for the good of the club. Was this before or after the threatened strike action?
  4. Wonder who the prospective new owners would be. Listening to Talksport earlier, they were saying Norman Smurthwaite is in talks to take over Notts County, and whilst P. Vale fans will be rejoicing at getting rid of him, quite what Notts have done to deserve this on top of their, probable, relegation I really don't know. I hope against hope that the Nevilles still have some interest in the club, especially with their Mum still being here, and have pointed someone with dosh in our direction. Pipe dream I know, but there's plenty of chancer's around which makes you thank God for the stringent EFL fit and proper person test.
  5. Is there ANY update on the state of play so far? Joint Statement - Any Response at all? Meetings with Council / MP - Anything? New application to make Gigg a community asset - Any progress? Offers of financial help - Any? Next court appearance - Is there a glimmer of hope? By now we've got used to the deafening silence from our Owner but FB should represent ALL fans be they members, or not, and updates on the situation should be available for everyone during this difficult period. If there's some reason why FB can't go public, then please tell us so at least we know someone is working behind the scenes and everyone hasn't just given up.
  6. To add to all the feverish conspiracy theories doing the rounds, perhaps Dale doesn't want us to be promoted, (despite all the fine words to the contrary), as he's seen how much the recruitment of a squad on L1 wages plus, probably, a new manager will cost on top of all the other issues. Certainly obstacles have been put in place, (deliberately or not?), non payment of wages, not had the desired effect as we're in 2nd place. OK lets hit them with a withdrawal of training facilities see if that does the trick. I know I've got too much time on my hands but these "issues", as they emerge, are taking the gloss off what should be a celebration of a wonderful season on the pitch.
  7. Apparently Norwood has picked up a potentially season ending injury which, along with their other injury woes, is a bonus. They're far from unbeatable at home, though, as FGR have shown, so if we can carry the spirit from the 2nd half yesterday into Saturday's game, who knows? Certainly the defense need to be "at it" from the start so we're not playing catch up again.
  8. Great atmosphere again today, certainly on a par with the MK and Lincoln games, be nice to carry that into next season in L1 and put to bed the "Gigg Lane Library" jibes. Thank God the threatened pitch invasion never materialized, I think the solidarity shown between players, staff and fans with the huddle at the end sends a far more potent message to Mr Dale about what this Club means to us all than would a pitch invasion or car park demo which he could dismiss as just a rabble causing trouble.
  9. Presumably the unpaid player wages will include those out on loan as well as "The Disappeared" like Edwards and Dawson. Can't see Southend or Motherwell being able, or willing, to cover the entirety of the, (reported), wages of our loanees. More WUP's in the offing for unpaid wages?
  10. Attacking Line Up, and why not?
  11. Playing all my old Leonard Cohen discs, as we speak, by way of a bit of light relief from all the unremitting doom and gloom at the moment. "I came upon a Butcher, he was slaughtering a lamb"......
  12. Barton emphatically denies assault. Wonder if a former loanee of ours, who likes a good scrap in the tunnel, might have been present in some capacity to act as a proxy. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47976276
  13. Alex McLeish gone north of the border. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47767790
  14. RNaj1

    Notre Dame

    Sorry to get political on this but, given that it is in the top three tourist attractions in Paris along with The Eiffel Tower and The Louvre, surely their Government and the Catholic Church should chip in rather than just appealing for donations worldwide as Macron seems to have done. I know we had a similar situation years ago with a major fire at Windsor Castle and the then Home Secretary promising public funds for the repairs until there was a backlash from Joe Public when it was highlighted that the castle was owned by the richest woman in the world, (as she was then), who could well afford her own repairs. I don't know who "owns" Notre Dame, but would hazard a guess it's not in private hands like Windsor Castle, so you'd think it would be incumbent on the French Government and the Catholic Church, (who must have money bursting out of their coffers), to safeguard their income from tourism.
  15. Just love, and own, all the "Culture" novels, none of which, as far as I know, have been filmed. In a different league to Star Wars which, in my opinion, is the most overrated series ever. C'mon Hollywood "Make it Happen".
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