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  1. I find it surprising that you are trying to perpetuate this argument given that back in January 2018 you did a rose tinted edited commentary on here of the fans forum only to have to admit 2 months later that most of what you had unquestioningly reported was a pack of lies. To claim that RoverRoy is the one who was out of order at the fans forum is laughable and to suggest that someone who was willing to put up £100,000 to try to save the club is not a supporter is unbelievable
  2. If there is anyone out there with a spare £8million what a great little club you could buy.
  3. Whilst I fully agree with most of what you are saying I do know that Forever Bury are working away behind the scenes. They have contacted the EFL and have had an hour long meeting with the head of Bury Council. It would be helpful however to both them and us if they came on here and gave us an update of what they are doing.
  4. Very well said Andy. I hope that has given Mr Dale some food for thought
  5. With no pay again today things must be getting be getting desperate for some of the staff. Please everybody let your friends and colleges know about their plight and the existence of the GoFundMe campaign. It would be great if the fund could get a real boost this holiday weekend
  6. WOW.....£500 donation just been made. The fund is beginning to take off
  7. Sorry R11 if I have triggered your OCD again but I couldn't be outdone by my sparring partner bullockballamos …………..another £23 donated
  8. It would be great if Forever Bury could set official collection points at Mondays game where supporters can make donations to support the staff. I would suggest each collection point should be manned by at least two Forever Bury members and should have a bucket for small change and a cash box and receipt book for larger donations with supporters names being noted so that a list of donors can be published. I appreciate that this proposal puts a lot of onus on Forever Bury but it would be their chance to step up to the plate and prove their worth to the supporters.
  9. The definitive fact is that although, as you say, promotion is crucial to the chances of the club being saved the chairman is seriously jeopardising this be being unable or unwilling to pay the outstanding wages.
  10. If only it were that simple
  11. As a former co- director the club, a lawyer and a partner in a law firm she must be nervously hoping that she does not get caught up in *T*wa*t Day's web of deceit .
  12. He was probably there to collect the takings
  13. Have made a donation to their fighting fund. Another £50 to follow if Bruce Koepka wins the Masters
  14. Forever Bury also need to set up a crowdfunding page or provide bank transfer details so that fans can contribute to a fighting fund
  15. I think Darlington played a team made up of mostly youth team players for the last couple of games the year they went bust. I think their manager also played which Ryan could presumably do if he is still registered as a player
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