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  1. cornhill

    McCarthy & Evans talking to the BT

    Apart from those honest businesses the people whom suffered injustice the most were the brave few like Joy Hart and 'RoversRoy' who saw through Stuart Day and tried to stand up to him with little or no support and also the small band who stuck there head above the parapet in criticism of the board and who were branded 'keyboard cowards' for their troubles.
  2. cornhill

    Next Seasons Shirts

    Players don't like embroidered badges because the stitching chafes your nipple
  3. cornhill

    Message board flag donations

  4. cornhill

    Alan Griffiths

    Thanks for checking the score for me
  5. cornhill

    Alan Griffiths

    My cousin Alan Griffiths passed away at the age of 94 on Friday. Although Alans regular visits to Gigg Lane ended when he moved south to Warminster in the 1960s he remained a keen supporter all his life. I have a letter from Alan from a few years ago in which he writes 'I have recently "celebrated" the 80th anniversary of the day in November 1932 when your Dad first took me to watch Bury play (Plymouth Argyle) at Gigg Lane. I still remember it vividly. I was eight years old and it was magic'...……..I guess we must have won.
  6. I think Rossiter will prove to be a very good short term signing for us. According to an article in the Glasgow Evening Times Steve Gerrard says he is consistently fit for the first time in his Rangers career and it is only the excellent form of Ryan Jack that has kept him out of the first team. Also they are apparently paying him £10,000 per week so they must have rated him very highly when they signed him from Liverpool in May 2016. He has another 16 months to run on his contract so I am sure he will want prove to Gerrard that he is worth a place in the first team squad next year.
  7. I really appreciate the offers of investment that you and others made to stabilise the club five years ago and hope that now more of the truth is out your anger and frustrations will have been eased and you can get back to supporting this wonderful quirky old club of ours
  8. The main complaints regards his flats are coming from investors who are more worried about the big holes in the ground where his flats were supposed to be springing up
  9. cornhill

    The Stewart Day legacy.

    Even a blind squirrel finds the odd nut
  10. cornhill

    The Stewart Day legacy.

    I agree that what Nev did after the Eaves crisis was tremendous which is probably why his recommendation regards Day was accepted by many without question. Unfortunately that recommendation nearly proved to be ruinous for the club
  11. The other offer that was on the table could have been accepted which would have allowed the club and the new backers who, unlike Day, were all probably astute respected businessmen and professionals time to formulate a sensible plan to take the club forward.
  12. If Dale had not stepped in we might have not been playing on Saturday
  13. cornhill

    The Stewart Day legacy.

    Sorry I pressed the submit button by mistake. I was going to add that we still had the goodwill of the rest of the football community and some credibility with our suppliers. By the end of the Day regime many of our fans were disillusioned, our credit rating was zero and we had forfeited any sympathy from other clubs. It was difficult to see where our salvation was going to come from an I am amazed and very thankful that Mr Dale appears to have bailed us out with a very substantial injection of funds.
  14. cornhill

    The Stewart Day legacy.

    We got ourselves out of the Hugh Eaves mess due to the support and generosity of our fans who sponsored the seats and the backing of rich supporters like those that 1903 is dismissive of on another thread. At that time we also still had the goodwill of man