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  1. To be fair you did say ‘fan engagement’ !
  2. Due to illness I fell asleep at 3.05pm and woke up at 5.10pm. Never in any doubt 😄😄
  3. Shame they weren’t rewarded with three points but another point gained. UTS
  4. Come on Bury ! Three minutes to win it !
  5. I believe that to be what you call fake news !
  6. That is my cue to binge watch the earlier series ..... again !
  7. Good manager Hill although I got the feeling a while back that he had gone as far as he could with Rochdale.
  8. Murphy is by no means perfect however he is a perfect fit for us right now (meaning this season)..... in my opinion.
  9. Overall very good. Thought he let a couple of tackles from behind go that he could have given but like I say overall, very good ..... and for once, a consistent one !
  10. I wouldn’t mind but they only have him on to present the traffic and travel !
  11. Were ladies allowed to have a guess on this too ?
  12. Their ruddy number 27 kicked the ball away before a free kick too yesterday. Don’t know where they got him from but they should be ashamed .......
  13. If the odd mistake at the back is the result of the entertainment we are witnessing most weeks, long may it continue. Besides I very, very rarely have my heart in my mouth when we are playing out from the back. I agree it probably wasn’t worth mentioning from Lowey though.
  14. I have heard at least one angry (and in my opinion pathetic) cry of “Forward !!” In the South Stand in every game this season including today. It is so embarrassing given how well we play out from the back in a calm and composed manner that some only ever want us to lump it forward first time and every single time one of the back three gets the ball. I suppose some only want to moan no matter what but I love nothing more than when the majority tells them to shut up, likewise when there was a smattering of boos at half time a few games ago or when some sarcastically applauded the substitution of Chris Stokes a few games ago.
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