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  1. Thankfully it’d never happen to Nigel Farage - he’d spot it a mile off, let alone a few yards away .......
  2. All that time it has taken them to get to where we were over 116 years ago ......
  3. Do they pay all their staff on time?
  4. Just as the clock hit 95 ! Amazing stuff. That touch from Dele .......
  5. Overall I would agree. It’ll be brilliant for whichever team is successful, especially the manger but similarly I will be gutted for whoever is not, especially the manager. I’m hoping Liverpool can somehow take advantage of an unlikely City slip up on Sunday then I can support Spurs in Madrid !
  6. This should be on the front of Mr Bentley’s future book ! 👏
  7. I have supported the club through thick and thin this season thanks pal.
  8. Pretty sure Beckford was there as he was on Tuesday.
  9. You just beat me to it ! Class
  10. No. Apparently he hasn't been paid !
  11. Jamie Carragher on Twitter ...... Fantastic achievement! Big well done to the gaffer @rlowe15
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