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  1. Is he a full vegan or one of them who still wears leather shoes ?
  2. shakerste

    Forest Green away

    Perhaps they think us non vegans are so big we need two seats each 🤔
  3. shakerste

    Lowe to Luton ?

    He has tweeted ..... something along the lines of telling everybody to “Calm down, calm down !”
  4. shakerste

    Lowe to Luton ?

    Lowe has been at Carrington trying to say goodbye to Danny Mayor since this morning but he can’t get anywhere near him ......
  5. shakerste

    Lowe to Luton ?

    Haha! I love the fact you checked that out !
  6. shakerste

    A New Year, A New Bury

    Great OP R11, as always.
  7. shakerste

    Lowe to Luton ?

    I agree. I would be very disappointed but not overly surprised - and I certainly wouldn't hold it against him or the club - like last time. Not matter how disappointed I would be life and the season would go on. If you had offered me this scenario at the end of last season I would have taken it !
  8. shakerste

    Lowe to Luton ?

    If he goes then I have my 'Schumacher is the real genius behind all the recent success anyway' post ready and waiting. If he goes too then it is Brian Jensen, If he goes too then god knows ! Edit. God (for stillrunningman)
  9. shakerste

    Lowe to Luton ?

    If true then hopefully Lowe gets locked in that cupboard with Chris Brown until another manager is appointed.
  10. shakerste

    Lowe to Luton ?

    They would be mad not to go for Warbuton. He is the best thing sliced bread.
  11. shakerste

    Lowe to Luton ?

    Ryan Lowe is useless. All of this season's success has been down to just handful of players - Phil Edwards, Joe Skarz and Harry Bunn being the standout ones.
  12. shakerste

    Clifford Bury RIP

    Very sad. Didn't know him personally but was affectionately known to me and my family as 'the Spurs fan'. RIP
  13. shakerste

    Is iFollow any good?

    You too ?😜
  14. shakerste

    Which Nicky?

    Correct. Adams it is then !!
  15. Another word of caution .... don’t ever leave Gigg early again !