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  1. shakerste

    New Striker

    Start as you mean to go then 😂
  2. shakerste

    incident in main stand

    So very, very sad and certainly puts things into perspective. My condolences go out to his family and friends and I would also like to express my gratitude as a supporter to those who tried their very best to save the gentleman’s life and my thoughts are with them after what they have witnessed first hand. Once a Shaker always a Shaker. R.I.P
  3. shakerste

    Fill the MRE

    Would a new style boy’s stand not be a girl’s stand ?
  4. shakerste

    Caption Competition

    Shakers win away ! Pinch yourself !
  5. shakerste

    Lenny Johnrose Weekend

    Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Once a Shaker always a Shaker !
  6. shakerste

    Your 23 man Bury squad

    Kiely. Schmeichel. Pope. Doherty. Lees. Cameron. Lucketti. Sodje. Hussey. Small. E. Bennett. Dawson. Schumacher. Daws. Johnrose. Sweeney. Mayor. M. Jones. N. Adams. Lowe. Vaughan. Clarke. Bishop.
  7. shakerste

    Room 101

    People who (albeit politely) hold open a door for you but you are so far away you have to awkwardly run to them .....
  8. shakerste

    Room 101

    People who say 'pre-warn' .....
  9. shakerste

    Room 101

    Blimey, wasn't expecting all these when I started the thread !!
  10. shakerste

    Team/Formation for Swindon?

    Which Jones ?
  11. shakerste

    Room 101

    Cars in front doing 30 in a 40 (itself not a problem) but when it becomes a 30 they start doing 40 !
  12. shakerste

    Room 101

    I will start this off ... people who attempt to cross a road when there is a pedestrian crossing only a short distance away ....
  13. shakerste

    North West Tonight

    Ur gonna b l8 4 school tmrw !
  14. shakerste

    North West Tonight

    Talked firstly about other local clubs in League One and Two, touched on Joey Barton doing a decent job, Blackpool’s comeback and their manager being a decent fella and lauded Micky Mellon and was tipping Tranmere as one to look out for. They obviously showed Mayor’s goals. When asked if the team was beginnning to click he said it was still early days, mentioned the couple of poor results and late goals away and the need to improve on the road but said our style of play is starting to become more visible, pressing high etc... Said that as a manager he is a lot more relaxed, comfortable and happy now that it is his team and commented on how he was now off social media and doesn’t read the papers to avoid the tempataion of people who may have a pop, openly admitted he ‘has it in his locker’ to say something back on something like Twitter and was keen to point out that he is a young manager who is still learning. As R11 said, came across well.