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  1. Shakermav

    Ref Watch - Graham Salisbury (Crewe )

    Nope, and no again. That was the 2-1 away win where Leon score his 1st 2 goals, both late on. Also, I think it was more like 5 seconds!
  2. Shakermav

    Bury Times website

    I think the adverts are personalised based on your previous browser history. Is there something you need to tell us?!
  3. Shakermav

    Played for both (Northampton)

    Only just seen this and I've started the same thread since. Some great shouts here!
  4. Shakermav

    Played for both (Northampton)

    Shaun Harrad David Buchanan Shwan Jalal Off the top of my head, and Allan Smart following a hunch which I checked.
  5. Chris Porter .....I'm done. Enjoyed the Carlisle one, anymore?
  6. Nothing about this is 'great news'. Killing football slowly.
  7. Shakermav

    So, on to Grimsby!... (H)

    Just to reiterate what others have said, at no point on Saturday did we play, or even look like we were playing, a 4-4-2 formation.
  8. Shakermav

    Nottm F

    Lacking 7 is very impressive with, as you mention, the amount of new grounds etc. My list is very reflective of being a Bury fan, i.e. very league 1 and 2 heavy. Prem: 10/20 Champ: 12/24 League 1: 18/24 League 2: 18/24 58 in total.
  9. Shakermav

    Nottm F

    It's frustrating isn't it?! In the last few years I've lost Chesterfield, Wrexham, Hartlepool, Stockport, Darlington, Chester and York. That's 7, and reduces me back to 56 overall, 57 tonight. I'll lose Brentford and Bristol Rovers when they get new stadiums as well, which I doubt I'll get back any time soon. Doing the current 92 is really quite some achievement along side a regular life!
  10. Shakermav

    Shapes n’ Shapes: August 2018

    Sang Beckford Telford Archer Omotayo Dagnall That's 6 strikers in our first team squad, each with a first team squad number. I tend to agree on Sang, he should move out on loan again. But the other 5 will want to be in that team, which means 3, maybe 4, of them are going to be unhappy. Competition is healthy, but only to an extent.
  11. Shakermav

    Shapes n’ Shapes: August 2018

    Interesting that. I took two things from it: It is going to be impossible to keep all 6 strikers happy. If Danns gets injured then we might as well fold the football club*. *could be mitigated by signing at least 1 defensive midfielder on loan, and soon.
  12. Shakermav

    Callum Styles

    Just gone off the most accurate reports at the time. Although I know Will Ferry's to be correct. It was an excellent deal for a 16 year old.
  13. Shakermav

    Callum Styles

    The sell on % is a complete educated guess, as it says in the table. It actually seems that sell on % have decreased in recent years. You rarely see a 25% (like Nugent) anymore. Barnsley had 15% on Stones move to Man City and I believe Rochdale had 20% on Scott Hogan for his move to Villa for £10m+. Ruddy and Miller haven't according to Google (although miller scored from half way for M'Boro U21s recently). But you're correct on Humphrys, made 2 appearances including one in the Championship. Just signed for Scunthorpe on a season loan.
  14. Shakermav

    Callum Styles

    Few more: d.pptx
  15. The ways of looking at Saturday: 1. (a) - We only beat a poor Yeovil team with 9 men by one late goal. 1. (b) - We won a home match with a clean sheet. 2. (a) - We won the 1st game of last season 1-0 with our 'fantastic' new side, and finished bottom, so it means nothing. 2. (b) - We only won 7 home games all last season so this is a fantastic change and a great way to start with our new side, it means everything. 3. (a) - We're going to struggle to score goals this season, I'd take 22nd! 3. (b) - We're going for a 'hard to beat' approach this season and would take another 22 1-0 wins. 4. (a) - We should have pushed on and gone for a 2nd goal, poor. 4. (b) - We were really solid and held out for a clean sheet, great stuff. 5. (a) - Dagnall on his own up front is poor. 5. (b) - Playing one upfront allowed midfield and defence to look really solid, clever. Ultimately, we won't know which of these are correct for another 6 weeks or so, BUT Bury Football Club won a football match and has 3 out of 3 points. I'll take it.