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  1. Shakermav

    Club sold announcement Monday

    So if it's not Stewart Day's, is it must be Steve Dale's. Great this innit!
  2. I decided while I was queuing in the rain that I'd be emailing my displeasure. Response from Macclesfield Chief Exec, Kevin Green. In summary, they place blame on Bury Football Club, Greater Manchester Police and extraordinarily Bury supporters for choosing to spend too much time in the town centre and not to travel by coach! They do provide an apology but then caveat it with, 'there was nothing else we could have done'. Still, at least he bothered to provide a response in a timely manner. My email: Good evening, I thought I’d provide you with an opportunity to provide an explanation for the farcical arrangements that were in place for away fans on Saturday afternoon. I arrived at the Moss Rose stadium at 20 minutes to three, a little later than I normally would after opting to remain out of the cold for as long as possible, as I know a number of Bury fans did. 30 minutes later, I took my place in the away stand. As I walked in, 10 minutes after kick off, I estimate that at least 150 people were still queuing to get tickets. One particularly upsetting sight I witnessed was two gentlemen who were well into their 90s, accompanied by carers and having to stand in a cold and windswept car park while their carer tried to find a steward. These men deserved better. Questions that could do with an answer, why did I need to get a ticket from one window only to have to queue again to use the ticket 100 yards away? Why did you not have card payment facilities? Why did you not make people aware that there would be no card payment facility? Why did you not open more turnstiles? Why did you not open more ticket office windows or create an impromptu a kiosk (or just generally react in any way what so ever)? I should point out that you are lucky that bury supporters are largely decent and well behaved people, another set of football fans could have demonstrated quite a nasty response. I am informed that this isn’t the first time you have had this kind of issue with away supporters this season and if this is true, it is a disgrace. To treat human beings who are trying to support their football club on their hard earned day off, in the way you did on Saturday is immoral. I really hope some immediate action is taken before your next large away following. You are clearly incapable of checking the expected size of future away followings, and so I should tell you, this will probably be on the 22nd December against Port Vale. Oh, and from my experience, port Vale supporters are NOT largely decent and well behaved people. Macclesfield are a really nice football club, a proper old fashioned English town, and I was delighted when you gained your place back in the Football League and was really looking forward to another trip to Moss Rose. But you let yourselves down badly on Saturday. Anyway, like I said, an opportunity to provide an explanation, one that I can post on the Bury fans forum and maybe help people understand why they missed up to 25 minutes of the match that they had driven over an hour to watch. Go… Regards, Kevin's email: Thank you for your e mail and I have noted your comments. Bury FC were offered the chance to sell tickets for this fixture, they decided to sell only Seat tickets as they did not think there would be a demand for terrace tickets. They sold approx. 300 tickets and the estimate of travelling supporters from Bury FC and Greater Manchester Police was 500+. We therefore expected about 300 supporters without tickets. In fact 935 turned up meaning 600 did not have tickets. A large group of supporters approx. 250 arrived in Macclesfield and spent over an hour in the town before making there way to the ground, arriving at 14.42 which totally overwhelmed us. Had these supports come straight to the ground we would not have experienced any problems. I myself came out to speak to Bury supports who told me they had been told by Bury FC they could pay cash on the turnstiles, Having checked with Bury, we can find no evidence to support this claim. Full details of how to pay for tickets were sent to Bury FC and as far as we know this was put on the web site. We also advised Bury that the ground opened at 2.00p.m. and there were more than adequate catering outlets offering Hot food, hot drink, snacks and even alcohol available to visiting supporters. We simply did not have any extra windows to open to sell tickets. Regarding the incident with the elderly gentleman, we are looking into this, as to why they could not find a steward is a little baffling, as by 2.45 we had doubled the number of stewards at the car park outside visitors turnstiles, when I arrived I personally saw over thirty And CCTV has confirmed this. We as a club pride ourselves on catering for disability/vulnerable visitors, we have a designated Disability Supporters Officer, Who arranges to personally meet and escort/look after any visitors in this category. Having checked with him, he only received two requests for assistance From Bury supporters, both of whom were accommodated. Had he seen this person or received a request in advance from them, he would have immediately assisted them. We have in recent weeks had three clubs bringing 1200+ crowds and we have not had any problems, though in their cases, they nearly all Arrived on coaches and went straight into ground. Bury only bought approx. 50 by coach, meaning 885 arrived independently and a large Percentage of these spent over an hour in the town centre before coming to the ground. On behalf of the club, , I can only apologise for the inconvenience you were caused but apart from the steps we took to ensure safety of the Supporters outside the ground, there was no other practical measures that could be implemented to help ease the problem.
  3. Shakermav

    Probably 10th tonight 06-11-18.

    Do we know Edwards attitude is an issue? I can't imagine Lowe would have him in and around the squad if it was.
  4. Shakermav

    Bury v Dover

    I'm confused...? Strongest team is a must.
  5. Shakermav

    Lowey on New Deals

    Haven't noticed, I think the smile made me pick up on it. And he'd be a fool not to read this message board with the level of free tactical expertise there is to be observed every day.
  6. Shakermav

    Lowey on New Deals

    Anyone notice the interview starts with "Ryan", and not 'Lowey'. Which is followed by a smirk!
  7. Shakermav

    Attendance 3,072 (88 Newport)

    I'm not, I'm just clarifying that this is what you're saying.
  8. Shakermav

    Attendance 3,072 (88 Newport)

    So are you saying there are 703 people who own a season ticket but didn't attend the game on Saturday?
  9. Or we could miss out at the first attempt to bounce back and then spend the next 6 seasons back in the bottom tier, like Bradford. Finishing 10th, 9th, 14th, 18th, 18th & 7th(p).
  10. If we do go up I can't help but feel that the approach would be much more down to earth, learning from the mistakes of our last 2 League One campaigns, continuing to keep the focus on a happy group of committed players. This is what I find most exciting. I feel promotion this season will depend on how we get through a very tricky December and January, but believe we have what it takes.
  11. Shakermav

    Ifollow v Newport

    The split of your £10 to watch this match goes; £8 for the Football League, £2 to the away team (Newport). Unbelievably, the host club gets 0% of the profit. If anything, they make less money with less away fans making the effort when they can watch it at home. So if Bury have decided not to publicise it, good on them!
  12. Shakermav

    Bury v Notts County - Played For Both

    Are you thinking of Gareth Roberts, right back who joined Notts after leaving us.
  13. Shakermav

    Bury v Notts County - Played For Both

    Rob Milsom Hurst, Schmeichel and Stant aside, what an appalling list of players!
  14. Shakermav

    Bury v Leicester Guess The Gate

    I respect your opinion Jon, and understand it to an extent (youngsters). Bury Football Club is 133 years old, elected to the Football League in 1894, which incidentally is the same year as Leicester City. The idea that this club is now being used as an experiment in which Pr£mier League clubs trial their under 21 players is degrading to all that history. It is a dangerous step towards B teams becoming common place in the league. These B teams will take the place of other proper football clubs like Bury, and maybe even Bury. If/when that happens the 400 odd people who supported this idea the other night might just think, 'maybe I should have taken a stand against this at the start'. That is my point on the 'bigger picture'. Surprised you haven't noticed the boycott of this competition that has been taking place for the last 2 years but I explain above why it has.
  15. Shakermav

    Bury v Leicester Guess The Gate

    Yes a real shame that more people didn't chose to support this degrading fixture against another clubs B team. Personally I am really proud of the amount of people saw the bigger picture and stayed away.