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  1. Getting quietly confident about next season.

    Of course he can, he appointed them.
  2. Excellent read, and I think that most sensible fans will agree with much of what you have written
  3. Getting quietly confident about next season.

    Like others, I prefer to wait and see who is manager, and which players we buy and sell
  4. Will we be able to sell any of these players?

    Don't worry, Mr Day has publicly said that there are contingency plans in place to get rid of those who are not fit to wear the shirt Must be true then...
  5. NatCam

    Yet again the wall of silence from Gigg Lane is deafening...
  6. Getting quietly confident about next season.

    Noticeable at Shrewsbury that Lowe finally kept to the same team and same formation --other than the first 20 mins at Donny with a nonsensical back 3, where 17 year old Shotton made his debut in a position unfamiliar to him.
  7. Will we be able to sell any of these players?

    Day and Lowe's comment that many of the players are not fit to wear the shirt is hardly the best sales tactic I’ve ever heard...
  8. Shrewsbury

    I was talking to a Huddersfield Town season ticket holder today. Despite what our resident HTFC fan says on this board, he told me that Bunn was garbage all season and Bury were fleeced at £500k.... we all know that now. He didn’t have much complimentary to say about lee Clark either...
  9. Retained List

    Perhaps this goes some way to answering bullockballamos’s question yesterday. maybe 3 bad managers have had a bigger impact on these players than we know. ?
  10. Shrewsbury

    Clearly not.....!
  11. Retained List

    All opinion, but why anybody would keep Bunn in preference to Ismail is beyond me..
  12. Retained List

    Bad management???
  13. Ref Watch - Shrewsbury (Eddie Ilderton)

    It'll be off on Saturday, too hot for steady Eddie..
  14. Lowe it is then.

    Your analogies are commendable.
  15. Lowe it is then.

    Clark managed 33 games, Lowe 23