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  1. Today's scores (rivals)

    As I posted in the general section, i’m not sure how they can get a better man than rosler
  2. Parking & Drinking @ Blackburn

    Some lads at the cricket club are Blackburn fans and they advise parking on Darwen side about 15 mins walk from the ground
  3. Uwe Rosler

    Sacked by Fleetwood Good luck to them finding a better manager
  4. Ryan Cooney

    Anyone see Lowe or any of the players last night?
  5. Friday night Youth Cup game.

    We didn’t resort to such underhand tactics in the last round Ian, when defending a 1-0 lead.
  6. Friday night Youth Cup game.

    And we all believe everything that Stewart says................🤫
  7. Friday night Youth Cup game.

    Really enjoyed the game. We were outplayed in the first half by a fitter, quicker, stronger, better team For 20-25 mins in the 2nd half we played well, and had chances to equalise Styles was excellent for an hour or so, and Birmingham paid him the massive compliment of bringing on number 14 to man mark him, which did nullify his threat later on... and probably tiredness too. Shotton, Cooney and Moloney were superb at the back, but unfortunately some of the other lads couldn’t quite match their performances from the previous round. Fantastic effort from all the players though I have to say I was very disappointed with Birmingham’s time wasting and feigning injury tactics. Sad that youth players are encouraged to behave like that.
  8. Friday night Youth Cup game.

    Cheers Pep.....
  9. Friday night Youth Cup game.

    I'm house trained....
  10. Friday night Youth Cup game.

    Thanks Andy, although it doesn't mention stand allocation in the link---Bury FC have confirmed on Twitter
  11. Matt Hanson

    I've known Matt for many years through his previous employment Decent bloke, although I was surprised by his career change
  12. Friday night Youth Cup game.

    Is it main stand only tonight ?
  13. Nice moment of realism today

    In front o' fire..?
  14. Nice moment of realism today

    Do people still use bath's ....???
  15. Bury FC vs Southend United

    You both not going tomorrow night ?