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  1. scales of justice

    Today's Birthday

    Happy birthday
  2. scales of justice

    FA youth cup Quarter final

    Damn it, i knew it, I can’t make that night.
  3. scales of justice

    Checkatrade rules on draws?

    I can’t decide whether it’s going to be closer to 1500 or 3500.
  4. scales of justice

    Scholes down at Gigg

    I’m taking my family to the Oldham game. 6 of us going, my brother has seen one football match in his life, his wife none. Their son has never been to a football match, and his wife only been to 2 games. My mrs is a Luton fan and has been to many games before. I’m hoping we can give them a game to remember....and maybe they’ll return.
  5. scales of justice

    Matchday - Exeter

    Fair shout Ian. Personally I believe all dives should be an instant red card and 3 game ban, it would stop diving overnight Murphy was booked for time wasting and immediately (and stupidly) kicked the ball away, The ref didn’t see it.
  6. scales of justice

    Matchday - Exeter

    I’ve seen plenty worse refs Ian. Yes he got some decisions wrong (who doesn’t), but he tried not to be conned by players diving. BTW, the much maligned Stokes did well when he came on at half time.
  7. scales of justice

    Matchday - Exeter

    Not at our free flowing best today, but ground out a solid 1-0 win. We were worthy winners, Exeter didn’t threaten us too much, and we could have scored another couple of goals on the break. Impressed with Rossiter today before his injury. Meal booked in a restaurant in Exmouth...🍺
  8. scales of justice

    McCarthy & Evans talking to the BT

    The other 20% of us knew the reality...👍
  9. scales of justice

    Scholes down at Gigg

    The Lincoln game was about 6 idiots, and unprepared policing
  10. scales of justice

    Scholes down at Gigg

    I agree, I can't seem to recall trouble when Oldham and Bradford fans had both ends in the past...although it will need to be properly policed and stewarded.
  11. scales of justice

    Ramsbottom United

    Great effort from Rammy last night (even scored first), but a bridge too far. Lost 4-1. We ate pre match in the Bradley Sports bar at the ground. Food wasn't particularly good, but a very impressive set up overall.
  12. scales of justice

    Rot Weiss Oberhausen fans

    Corporate do, with my family
  13. scales of justice

    Rot Weiss Oberhausen fans

    Typical, I'm in Main stand v Oldham , so I'll miss them..!!
  14. scales of justice

    Preston v Bury, FA Youth Cup 5th Round

    We did, 3 or 4-0 wouldn't have flattered us. BTW, I must say what a lovely ground Deepdale is now. If only we could redevelop Gigg into something similar...!
  15. scales of justice

    Paul Scholes.

    No transfer of players between the 2 clubs is permitted