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  1. scales of justice

    Pre-Season Schedule

    The players will be complaining of fatigue come the end of August.......!!
  2. scales of justice

    Carabao Cup Draw

    Another 1st round cup defeat pending...
  3. scales of justice

    Player Rumours

    06/06/2018 £777 Judgment 25/05/2018 £882 Judgment 07/03/2018 £9,160 Judgment 16/10/2017 £3,075 Judgment 05/06/2017 £10,455 Judgment 14/10/2015 £22,428 Judgment Public information--these are the current CCJs outstanding
  4. scales of justice

    Player Rumours

    Leigh was a long way from being the worst of our problems last season He's a decent player, yes his end product is poor--- and he does get caught out on occasions, but name me one league 1 left back who doesn't.
  5. scales of justice

    Karl Evans

    Agreed, I've met Karl a couple of times, and emailed him. He's happy to talk to supporters, and he responds to emails--- things that the club have previously failed to do
  6. scales of justice

    Bunn to Fleetwood

    A lad I play cricket with is a HTFC season ticket holder He said Bunn was hopeless in his last season for them, and has the worst first touch he'd ever seen in a professional footballer..... Hmmm.
  7. scales of justice

    Liverpool 11 at Gigg Lane 14.7.18

    No, finals over 3 legs don't interest me...
  8. scales of justice

    Liverpool 11 at Gigg Lane 14.7.18

    Well done to the club, a good coup, but I'm no lover of friendlies whoever the oppostion
  9. scales of justice

    The Pitch

    They might have done if they’d finished it......😏
  10. scales of justice

    The Pitch

    How do you know ? They certainly weren't paid at the time, hence why stages 2 and 3 weren't completed.
  11. scales of justice

    The Pitch

    Been waiting for you..........
  12. scales of justice

    Today's Birthday

    Happy birthday John
  13. scales of justice


    Not answering my question then?
  14. scales of justice

    The Pitch

    The bill for part 1 of 3 lots of remedial work was never paid—-allegedly—- and the company refused to complete parts 2 and 3.
  15. scales of justice


    Where have we played cricket together? I’m very reliable...!