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  1. shakerite66

    If you do one thing in life then

    Alan B 🤣🤣
  2. shakerite66

    If you do one thing in life then

    Hahaha . Stole it for Twitter 😅
  3. shakerite66

    Scott Burgess

    Class performance and class goal at Bradford
  4. shakerite66

    FA youth cup Quarter final

    Count me in.
  5. shakerite66

    Open manny rd or cemmy end

    There is a meeting next Tuesday night before the Pompey match to try and address the problem.
  6. shakerite66

    Scott Burgess

    Take a look at Scott's goal for York City at the weekend away at Kidderminster. His contract will be up in the summer. Too old for the youth set up but not getting a look in with the first team but with that ability is he being cast out too quick ? Would you extend or wish him well?
  7. Did we not win 9 away on the trot finishing at Tranmere 3 year back ?
  8. shakerite66

    Latest odds.

    I have £5ew at 28/1 placed after the Crawley loss I knew we had the players.
  9. shakerite66

    Rot Weiss Oberhausen fans

    It would be nice of the club to recognise the journey made with a walk around the pitch at half time ?
  10. shakerite66

    Morecambe Away - Travel & Beer Tips

    Looks like we'll be playing the elements again. 60mph winds and heavy rain forecast .
  11. shakerite66

    Jordan Rossiter

    I thought he looked decent . A real ratter with a touch of class as was evident in the goal build up. He should now be a starter next week at the expense of Danns or O'Connell who were both beyond poor today.
  12. shakerite66

    Transfer window shuts this week

    Nyampumbe, Burgess , Hudson, Sang , Dagnall , Archer , Styles and Barjonas = 8
  13. shakerite66

    Transfer window shuts this week

    Unbelievably Jacob Bedeau joins Scunthorpe on a free ?
  14. shakerite66


    Temperatures will rise Saturday. Only fear is probably waterlogging due to the thaw .