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  1. Simply put if you don't get a ticket beforehand you are not getting in the away end.
  2. Surely it's what Bolton have suffered with. I think we're allowed free transfers and loans which is about where we are at anyway.
  3. Oldham away ...easy Did you not go there in December?
  4. We need a wear your old shirt against not paying our players and staff day !!
  5. Contributed !! We all should as they are all our employees They are there when we need them.
  6. Will see us promoted . Newport .tough Northampton. on the beach Tranmere . It couldn't happen again...could it Port Vale . On the beach
  7. I'd rather we all stick in this together not jump for the first piece of silver offered myself . But we're all different though aren't we obviously 🙄
  8. Get back on your soapbox I'm not saying that. S0 your actively encouraging him away then?
  9. To casually drop into the interview that he has a 7 day notice period was his way of saying 'Come and get me'. We all know he's money driven. Always has been . He's a clever manipulator is Ryan. Drunk or not .
  10. Read into this what you want . For me he's putting himself in the shop window. https://www.instagram.com/tv/Bv_ZUqtl0Fq/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=zfayg6jxwej9&fbclid=IwAR2rpYX3XHQbDClwwxD5JOrA1PuZ7wnmNrJ8pSPufGLEvJxNNxVQFDDwqxM
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