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  1. There are some very strong opinions on this thread, and rightly so, and I can see the points from both sides are credible. The fact remains however, that FB remain the only recognised supporters club of Bury FC. Without doubt, FB has made some catastrophic mistakes over the past few years, and also that the previous regime treated people like Joy in a disgraceful way. However, now more than ever is the time to build bridges. SD2 has talked from the outset about community. FB should be all over this. The ill feeling towards SD1 has grown over the last few months, so FB should be straight into the new owners with ideas and plans to reconnect the fans with their club. The smoke and mirrors policy of Day built a virtual brick wall between the club and fans, but this can be demolished as much as the wall on the car park. They should also be reaching out to fans and reinventing themselves as they certainly have lost their way. Someone has mentioned leaflets before games, or being in the stands at half time. What a great idea. Bury FC should also, imo, be reaching out to FB as the ‘official’ supporters club. They should have learnt lessons from Blackpool FC that a club is nothing without its fans and they should be doing everything to get everyone back on board. Things like communication have without doubt improved, but there’s always more that can be done. If they are reading this board and seeing fans arguing between them, then they should be asking themselves how they can resolve this. Like it or not, FB has the experience and infrastructure, and can again imo, have a say in the future of BFC. However, it needs to have a massive look at itself for this to happen. If you ask the question, ‘would we as fans be any worse off if FB ceased to exist?’. At the minute, you would have to say no, which is a crying shame. It should affect us as fans if it closed its doors. The fans need a voice, and they remain in the best position to be that voice, if they can find their voice again. We are currently riding on the crest of a wave football wise. The ‘feel good factor’ is back amongst us. To not capitalise on this would be naivety at its finest. At the same time, let’s not fight between ourselves about things that have been and gone and cannot be changed. Let’s look to the future and together, secure this club for a long time to come. You only have to look down the road to see how bad things can get for fans, let’s not let this happen to us. Come on FB, step up to the plate while you still can. Be that voice and that connection that we need. Put the past behind you and do what needs to be done. And if they do that, then us as fans should be right behind them. UTS.
  2. What an absolutely huge result! Pressure on all those around us to win on Tuesday now. A massive bonus in the promotion race. Get in you beauty! Dont forget its MK v Mansfield on th least day, so in effect, we are now at least 7 clear of 3rd. WE’RE ON OUR WAY......!
  3. Finally finished the book today, and what a fabulous job James has done. Some of the stories from the ex players and managers are great to read, and what really stands out is how well they speak of the club and what a great time they had while at the club. The hard work James has put into this book is obvious to see and he deserves all the accolades he has already received. I thought he encapsulated the roller coaster ride it is to be a Bury fan on the last page of the epilogue really well. He also brought back so many memories, as well as so many players I’d completely forgot about, both playing for us and against us in the old division one. If you were privileged enough to watch us during this time, you simply have to read this book. I promise you wont regret it. Congratulations and thank you James. A brilliant read.
  4. Just the one this month. Bloody rubbish Maynard. (Well done again Lowey!) https://www.buryfc.co.uk/news/2019/march/ryan-lowe-named-manager-of-the-month-for-the-third-time/
  5. Pretty much as comfortable afternoon as we will have. I thought Macc were much better than when we played them at their place, but their only tactic was to lump it up to their massive No.10. O’Shea was excellent, as was Rossiter again. Lavery worked hard and was unfortunate not to get on the scoresheet. Great to see NatCam again. One point in the second half when Moore was trying to pressure him, looked like a man against a boy. Great player, wasted at the bottom of the league.
  6. You forgot to mention Notlob and Dale both getting beat, which seems to be happening all to often! 😂🤣😉
  7. Let’s not forget, last game of the season is MK v Mansfield, which, if things stay roughly as they are, is a real bonus game for us. So we probably have to do our business in 11 games. Tranmere away anyone?
  8. Target reached! Well done Edge, and everyone who has contributed in any way.
  9. I can honestly, unequivocally, definitely promise that I had no instigation in this ridiculous and childish act. 😏😬
  10. Once again, thanks to everyone who made our friends so welcome. Lots of our fans came over and had a word or a drink with them. They were made very welcome in the Rose & Crown as well. The club looked after them again with tickets, and Karl Evans came and spoke with them. A little piece in the programme and on the screen at half time. We will no doubt be going over there again around September/October time. If anyone wants to join us, I can guarantee a very warm welcome. Thanks again guys, UTS & UTRWO
  11. My lads mate has been coming with us this season. He hasn’t seen us lose yet and he’s been to most home games and several away. The games he’s missed at home? Carlisle & Luton. Oh, until yesterday when he was travelling back from holiday. The luck of Alex has been firmly put to bed. Get your arse down to the ground, like others have said and watch some of the most entertaining football we have ever witnessed as a Shaker.
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