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  1. seasideshaker

    Peterborough v Bury, FA Youth Cup, 17/1/19

    ifollow commentary won’t be back on tonight, Maurice has just tweeted.
  2. seasideshaker

    Your Bury FC Flags

  3. seasideshaker

    Forest Green away

    5, maybe 7 of us going. UTS
  4. seasideshaker

    Lowe to Luton ?

    Prestwich Shaker, where have you gone? Can you enlighten us all as to when you heard the comments on GMR, who made them etc. Because it now looks as though you’ve made yourself look right dick. Not just with us but a load of Luton fans as well.
  5. seasideshaker

    Lowe to Luton ?

    If this isn’t true and just a made up piece of bull, then what a weird thing to post. If if it is true........FFS!
  6. seasideshaker

    Lowe to Luton ?

    Last week, LC was 4/11 for the Carlisle job. Now Pressley is getting it. Grayson was also nailed on for us at one point. I’d suspect (hope) that this is rumours making people bet.
  7. seasideshaker

    Fans' Forum, Friday 11th January @ 7.30pm

    Why the hell are you lot all arguing about what has been & gone, and cannot be changed? Day clearly put a huge division between the club and fans, but he’s gone. Don’t let him divide us as fans. We are all on the same side now. Let it go lads, get behind the club, have a beer and some tofu at FGR on Saturday and start afresh. UTS.
  8. seasideshaker

    Clifford Bury RIP

    I know exactly who you are talking about. He also had an affection for Spurs I think. Sad news, RIP.
  9. seasideshaker

    Your Bury FC Flags

    Oberhausen flag on its way when they are over next month 👍🏻
  10. seasideshaker

    Your Bury FC Flags

    Yes, I will certainly ask. Good idea.
  11. A good read again Spee. And good to meet you on Saturday. UTS.
  12. seasideshaker

    Your Bury FC Flags

  13. seasideshaker

    Which Nicky?

    Did Maynard or Adams finally get credited with the winner? I’ve watched it loads of times and sometimes it looks to go straight in, and others I’m sure Maynard gets the slightest of touches!
  14. seasideshaker


    Brilliant scenes, and commentary!