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  1. Alan B

    DON'T PANIC!!!!

    what worried me about him was , for all his height, he didn't win the ball in the air
  2. Alan B

    We have to talk about McFadzean

    very much so and you can add Gold to that list.
  3. Alan B

    DON'T PANIC!!!!

    think you are being kind to Gold on that assessment
  4. Alan B

    Carlisle Pradictions

    Didn't play too badly but one of those games when we could have played until midnight and not scored. Carlisle defende well but we had two "strikers" who didn't pose much of a threat. Dagnall -no pace , no physical presence. Gold-first time I have see him -pub league player at best Poor defending at the corner for their goal ( where have we seen that before) Agree with comments re Styles v O' Shea -the latter has no influence on the game. Would have been nice if a few players would have taken a shot rather than the endless stream of crosses for their centre halves to clear
  5. Alan B

    Today's Birthday

    bit late with that one
  6. Alan B

    Be Careful What You Wish For!

    I'll pass on that
  7. Alan B

    Be Careful What You Wish For!

    been on the Sherry again Garners?
  8. Alan B

    Today's Birthday

    not to worry-most important of the 3 won today !!
  9. Alan B

    Today's Birthday

    weekend started well with Saints winning last night .Now need Bury and Lancs T20 wins
  10. Alan B

    Simply Brilliant!

    First game I have seen this season and a pleasant surprise after comments relating to previous games on this board. Mayor looks at home in L2 and if he can stay fit could be a source of a few goals this season. Need to get the away form in order and then we could climb the table
  11. Alan B

    Simply Brilliant!

    deary me Exile is that the best you can come up with? You need a new script writer
  12. Alan B

    Cricket and Match Scheduling.

    do you do any work Garners?
  13. Alan B

    Lowe given two match stadium ban

    having read the account, he should be sacked
  14. Alan B

    Morecambe (H)

    we might have a chance today. Lowe has a 2 match stadium ban so won't be at the game.
  15. Alan B

    Fitness a real worry!!!

    lack of pace in midfield has been a problem for a while.Teams breaking at pace rip us apart and leave the defence exposed.