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  1. Alan B

    Matchday - Exeter

    quote from their MB: I noticed someone say Bury didn't look that good. I'd argue that they look one of the most competent and disciplined sides we have played this season. They had a game plan and eveyone single one of their players knew their role for attacking and defending. They were solid and very difficult to break down and I wouldn't be surprised if they went on a run and gave Lincold a bit of competition for the top spot. They played quick passing football, it wasn't complicated but it was good and well executed. They barely lumped it long and they looked comfortable sitting on a 1 goal lead. Something I think we lack.
  2. Alan B

    Matchday - Exeter

    brilliant win today and a clean sheet away from home!
  3. Alan B

    Gordon Banks

    RIP Gordon.England's best keeper. Sadly 4 of the 1966 team have now passed away
  4. Alan B

    Danny Rose.

    sounds nasty. Speedy recovery to him
  5. glad to see he also calls his own after his verbal attack on me when we won there
  6. Alan B

    Morecambe Matchday

    At 3-0 I thought we might go on and win by 5 but the soft penalty from Adams' ill advised "challenge" and our on going failure to defend corners saw us sweating for the last 20 minutes. Thought Rossiter was very good and Mayor just emphasised how much we missed him last week. Him and the Irish Messi are pivotal to our hopes of promotion.
  7. great performance by the lads. After a nervy first 10 minutes or so , we gradually took control of the game and the second half we were dominant .Bright had a massive impact on the game ( is he really only 15?) The back 4 played well .Impressed with Edward Jones at 3. Shotton marshalled the defense very well. Lets hope we get a good gate in the next round ,particularly if its Liverpool.
  8. Alan B

    Judge Dismisses windup order on Bury

    allegedly Day was trying to sell off ground equipment for his own pocket in the days before he bailed out
  9. SOJ and I going. Free for season ticket holders so get yourselves there
  10. Alan B


    he always misses a game or two per season with flu .Needs to dose up on Night Nurse
  11. Alan B


    I would have rather drawn 0-0 than 1-1 after fighting so hard to take the lead .Poor game management not to tie up the win. Murphy poor for their goal.Wharton had a good debut but his poor cross field pass ultimately led to the goal. With Mayor out ,wish the game had been postponed.
  12. Alan B

    Are we a one player team??

    Today proved how reliant on him we are.Strange choice by Lowe to play Danns in a wide role -did him no favours. Moore should have started in that position having made a big impact a sub in recent games
  13. Alan B


    Meanwhile, Barnsley reported to have bid £200k for Miller. Do we have a sell on ?
  14. Alan B

    Transfer window shuts this week

    hold your breath and hope neither Mayor or O'Shea leaves
  15. Alan B

    Lowe to Luton ?

    one thing he has said recently is that he would love to lead the team out at Wembley ie in the Checkatrade final