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  1. choice the right game to go to-watched Saints batter Wigan
  2. probably Elvis' best track IMO
  3. looks like we are replicating everything that is going on at Bolton
  4. I can understand if there was little sympathy from other clubs given the way Day had us portrayed as "Billybigbollocks" during his tenure eg Carrington , aparthotel etc
  5. yes , he always been a big Manure fan
  6. the person who advised Day not to appoint Lucketti apparently and was immediately side lined.
  7. How did we lose that ?Lavery hang your head in shame for missing that chance. If that had gone in we win. Lowe didn't respect the point and went too gung ho at the end. Had to be Hope scoring the winner( I thought he played well actually) What a terrible week this has been.
  8. there have been many clubs in recent years that have been close to the edge but none have gone to the wall. I fear that we might buck that trend.
  9. it would do nothing to help us out of the dire position we are now in
  10. Hallam Hope to score it?
  11. you have got to think that off field problems reflected in tonight's performance ( and Mayor's absence) .Some pretty serious "rumours" flying around after the game
  12. from a club employee after the game " the club has sunk" or words to that effect
  13. these last two performances point to off field developments impacting
  14. add Bunn as well.With another year on his contract!
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