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  1. No Bury players in the L1 team of the year- can't believe it! Meanwhile ex Shakers Mark Hughes makes it into the L2 team and Leon in the Championship side
  2. 1903

    On this day in 1903 we beat Derby 6-0 in the FA Cup final , a record score which will never be beaten ( I hope)
  3. Doncaster vs Bury

    maybe Clark/Day were right!!
  4. Doncaster vs Bury

    Again we concede from a corner. How many times has that happened this season?
  5. Accy

    Congartulations to Accy on their promotion to L1. Who would have though we will be playing in a league lower than them next season. Mssive acihevment on their budget.Take note Day
  6. leaving aside the " confusion" about the day of the game, I can only see another defeat for our overpaid, disinterested group of mercenaries
  7. Retained List

    lets hope for once its not the normal BS that he spouts
  8. How do I keep getting it wrong?

    don't worry , it will be alright next season when RL gets his own players in and guides us to promotion
  9. Day On Gmr

    same old BS from Day .Promises promises
  10. Crapitulation.

    I said weeks ago that I could see you us losing every remaining game and we are well on the way to it
  11. Today’s game

    yes Bunn put in another shameful performance. I hope he is one of the contracted players Day referred to as being offloaded in the close season
  12. Lowe it is then.

    he has worse record than Lucketti so why should he get the job? More tactical genius from him today in the "formations" he played. If he is manager for a big chunk of next season we will be Conference bound. post match comments RL: Moving forwards, the players will know they've let me down, they've let the chairman down and they've let the fans down. What about how you have let the fans down with your clueless tactics?
  13. Lancs senior Cup.

    agree-looked decent in the youth cup games I saw this season and certainly better than Sang
  14. Lowe it is then.

    the latest in the line of disastrous appointments
  15. Lancs senior Cup.

    Will be interesting to see the line up for this game. This competition had been Maguires territory previously but if he has been banished from the club ( as reported on this board ) don't expect him to be present!!