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  1. Alan B

    The Pitch

    no major pitch work carried out this summer other than laying new drains on main stand side. Due to our poor payment record , many suppliers unwilling to deal with the club
  2. Alan B

    George Miller

    not bollocks-confirmed deal
  3. Alan B

    One up front again...

    yes, I can't see Lowe lasting any longer than Clark did.
  4. Alan B

    One up front again...

    Apparently Beckford struggling to be fit for the start of the season ,so we might be stuck with one up front
  5. they are only as greedy as we allow them to be
  6. Alan B

    Rangers pre season

    saw him last season against lesser opposition -he's not good enough
  7. Alan B

    Rangers pre season

    I wouldn't include Sang in the mix.Not up to it
  8. the numbers give testament to the reckless way the club is being run. Add another £?m loss for the year to 31.5.18 and the position is even worse
  9. nothing to gloat about in the numbers published
  11. almost irrelevant given that they are 13 months old
  12. Alan B

    Greg Leigh done a runner

    not based on what he did last season -he was terrible
  13. Alan B

    Player Rumours

    meanwhile ex players on the move.Ismail to Walsall and Hanson to Wimbledon. Both have ended up in a higher division than us somehow
  14. Alan B

    Johnny Hubbard

    RIP Johnny.Never saw him play but SOJ always spoke highly of him.
  15. Alan B


    this is when the stark reality of relegation sinks in. Yeovil, Crawley ,Forest Green etc etc