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  1. Alan B

    Nathan Cameron

    get him back at Bury-got to be better than some of the current incumbents
  2. same old story-take a big away following and put in a shocking performance
  3. Alan B

    No plan B Shocking tactics

    too many players showed no fight ,particularly in the first half. Gutless display from Moore throughout.( how did he stay on for the full 90?) Having got back to 3-2 Adams and Murphy conspired to give the game away for their 4th. On today's display not many teams will be interested in Mayor who went one again missing when the going got tough
  4. Alan B

    Danny Mayor

    what's in a formation. Main concern is will he still be with us come Feb 1?
  5. Alan B

    Club sold announcement Monday

    I think Day's heart was in the right place and badly wanted to succeed at Bury. His methodology left a lot to be desired
  6. Alan B

    Club sold announcement Monday

    exactly. Lets hope its not another case of saying all the right things and many supporters being taken in by it all.
  7. Alan B

    Rumour-mill turns again

    postponed. If its going to snow anywhere, it will be Ice Station Boundary Park
  8. Alan B

    Winding Up Hearing Tomorrow

    good start for the new owner!!
  9. Alan B

    Club sold announcement Monday

    meanwhile on the Granada sports news at 6.15pm , Bury have been taken over by Steve Daley. Maybe the ex City player is the real purchaser
  10. Alan B

    Club sold announcement Monday

    contrary to what he said in the fans forums
  11. Dale should have word with Dale( FC) about how to run a club with lower gates than ours but still have a robust balance sheet
  12. James can now start work on his next missive- The Day Days.
  13. Alan B

    Club sold announcement Monday

    lets hope the Roller is paid for and we can get the glass washer back in the social club. I hope the short term business plan does not include a fire sale of players in January to bring in cash. Meanwhile, Stewie can return to his true love-Hudds Town
  14. Alan B

    Club sold announcement Monday

    yes , he was spot on as posted Saturday morning .
  15. Alan B

    O’Connell injury

    with games coming thick and fast , we are going to be stretched in the defensive positions if he is out for a while