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  1. Today's scores (rivals)

    Could have done without AFC 's late goal.
  2. Nice moment of realism today

    after he licked road clean wi'tongue
  3. Friday night Youth Cup game.

    A friend of mine is a scout for Leeds and is attending the game tonight along with , no doubt , many other clubs' scouts. He reckons the likes of Maloney, Cooney and Shotton are ones who could move up to bigger clubs.
  4. The day of misery and impending gloom

    started off well. Probably the best moment of last season -the 2-1 win at Chesterfield .
  5. Friday night Youth Cup game.

    ours is the last game in the 5th round to be played. Winners tomorrow away to Norwich.
  6. Your memories of 1997/98

    20 years ago today: Man City 0 Bury 1
  7. Bury FC vs Southend United

    I think he has had enough games to stop using the injury excuse. He is not the same player we had a few years ago.
  8. Bury FC vs Southend United

    what do you mean?
  9. Bury FC vs Southend United

    To escape with a point with a woeful midfield of Laurent and Dawson was an achievement. After being totally dominated in the first 45 at least Lowe shored up midfield with Tutte who did a decent job . Ismail again offered nothing and I would drop him for the next game ( hopefully Mayor will be back) Clark and Thompson were excellent and had to make up for our 2 weak full backs. Ripley got his birthday clean sheet with some good saves. Big test looking at Blackburn.
  10. Bury FC vs Southend United

    Thompson for me ( What an idiot Clark was for letting him go). No doubt he will be dropped for Monday for Cameron.
  11. Bury FC vs Southend United

    don't think Dawson can get any further speed. His legs have gone .We missed Danns last night (didn't think I would ever say that!)
  12. Bury FC vs Southend United

    hopefully back in Brighton
  13. Bury FC vs Southend United

    sun now coming out. Be cracking the flags soon.
  14. Bury FC vs Southend United

    rainfall radar indicates that the band of rain is pushing east quickly so it should stop soon