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  1. preston exile


    Myra I know ( I assume ) we sit on either side of the political fence. Boris is what I used to refer to in my old job as an intellectual idiot. Brains applenty but common sense under developed. He knew exactly what he was doing. The silent majority probably agree, being slightly uncomfortable with face coverings. His dog whistle approach does not appeal to all of us. Next PM I sincerely hope not. Corbyn is his own worst enemy. If he can find an empty mouth he will certainly put his foot in it ! Wreath laying ceremonies usually include all those present. Accept the international definition of anti semitism before Labour loses all credibility.
  2. preston exile


    Press and usual suspects over reacting I think ! Luckily he didn't attend any sort of peace wreath laying ceremony or he really would have upset some people. Perhaps ?
  3. preston exile


    Valid observation, inelegantly verbalised OR bid for PMs job ?
  4. preston exile


    Dave Russell before he went to Tranmere I recall !
  5. preston exile


    Stupid boy, Pike !
  6. preston exile


    Deserves his plaice up front !
  7. preston exile

    Callum Styles

    Is it April the first ?
  8. preston exile

    Well... what to make of that?

    Styles had some nice touches but looks too lightweight to thrive in this league. He definitely pulled out of at least one 50/50 tackle. I hate to say it but when it comes to the rough stuff Dawson, although slow, is more substantial and combative !
  9. preston exile


    Big handy lad in this league will do OK.
  10. preston exile

    Well... what to make of that?

    Styles was disappointing. Adams and Danns played well. Mayor did more than usual and a solid back three. Won but somehow deflated.
  11. preston exile

    Bucket List

    Enjoy. I got to drive and fire a steam locomotive on my birthday what an experience !
  12. preston exile

    Karl Evans

    Give him a chance not much else on offer at present !
  13. preston exile

    Boozing Bury Ace !

    Drunk in charge is not an automatic ban but carries a mandatory 10 points.
  14. preston exile

    MK Dons away - tickets

    Should have read - and not go on the day !
  15. preston exile

    MK Dons away - tickets

    As a supporter for 50 years + my issue with the club is communication yet again. I have a S/T. What I worry about is the casual walk up on the day punter being put off/ confused !