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  1. preston exile

    Jay Spearing

    Exceedingly no less !
  2. preston exile

    Jay Spearing

    Mr Kipling makes very poor jokes !
  3. preston exile

    Jay Spearing

    What worries me about what she says is because I am 6'2" used to play in goal and as a centre half. What does she mean ?
  4. preston exile

    Simon Yates.

    May be secretly snorting black puddings !
  5. preston exile

    Bercow should go now.

    I had a number of bosses, when working , who were good at their job but unpleasant in the manner they discharged their duties ! Sound familiar ?
  6. preston exile

    Jay Spearing

    As my good lady often says ' size isn't everything ! '
  7. preston exile

    Royal Wedding.

    Doing the lawns !
  8. preston exile

    Trump wins Noble peace prize.

    I would agree but I am worried he reads this message board !
  9. preston exile

    Trump wins Noble peace prize.

    I wonder if in 50 years time, long after I am gone whether anyone has managed to sort this mess out. Will they be speaking Yiddish or Farsi ?
  10. preston exile

    Royal Wedding.

    I wish them no harm but really ! do we need all this media hype ?
  11. preston exile

    Trump wins Noble peace prize.

    North Korea now decide to start the mind games !
  12. preston exile

    Nicky Adams

    He has signed for us get behind him !
  13. preston exile


    Non biodegradable wig I suspect !
  14. preston exile

    Tessa Jowell.

    R.I.P. A more acceptable exponent of socialism.
  15. preston exile


    I believe it is time the BBC stopped being a major funder of this farce and started using our license fees more wisely.