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  1. preston exile

    Winding Up Hearing Tomorrow

    So if you do not agree with a particular piece of legislation ignore it ? How high up the severity scale would you decide to ignore the law ?
  2. preston exile

    Brexit explained (specifically for Ryan)

    She will no doubt win and however small the majority she will battle on. I do not take to this woman but I believe she is genuine in her beliefs and does put the country before her own narrow ambitions. Labour and particularly Corbyn have not shown anything in their recent performances to give me any confidence in them. The saga continues !
  3. preston exile

    Christmas Markets

    Awful news at Strasberg. RIP. Is anywhere safe these days ? I would say not and always be on your guard.
  4. preston exile

    Christmas Markets

    or loving couples walking had in hand giving way to no one or slalom walking around piles of dog poo !
  5. preston exile

    Christmas Markets

    Attraction - avoided Brexit on the TV and Radio hopefully !
  6. preston exile

    Club sold announcement Monday

    In the 60s red wine had not reached ' up North ' lol.
  7. preston exile

    Club sold announcement Monday

    Mr Day reminds me of Mrs May. Ignore the facts. A club that in the last 30 years has only managed to generate crowds of 3/4000 on average was never going to be able to sustain Championship football. Add to that an aging supporter base and no empirical evidence that the younger generation, in sufficient numbers, would fill the gaps, equals reduced income. I respect the Chairman's endeavours but the project was always doomed to fail. Q.E.D !
  8. preston exile

    Checkatrade trophy.

    Tie that is !
  9. preston exile

    Checkatrade trophy.

    We will , more like a home for me !
  10. preston exile

    Brexit explained (specifically for Ryan)

    I find my view of Brexit changing every hour based on the latest news release. Fully in or fully out please ! This farce has gone on far too long !
  11. preston exile

    Brexit explained (specifically for Ryan)

    It is what they do not explain or clarify that always bothers me ! No mention of Northern Ireland ?
  12. preston exile

    Christmas Markets

    A bit like when I used to go to the Grassington ' Dickensian ' festival until I saw a stall selling tools - imagine Dickins with an adjustable spanner !
  13. preston exile

    Club sold announcement Monday

    Free Derek the glass washer !
  14. preston exile

    Brexit explained (specifically for Ryan)

    Looked it up. I agree .
  15. preston exile

    O’Connell injury

    Let us hope it is not another Cameron/Beckford saga !