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  1. Well I for one am sat here with a fixed look of stunned bewilderment as to who would want to take the goalposts away . . . This sounds like “padlock” story to me Other than that he makes some good points and it seems we were not the only ones shafted by SD 1
  2. I thought I would lighten everyone's mood with a little Opera
  3. I cam across this which I thought was really interesting - but, then again I would!
  4. Same here Scales. Although I attended St Peters Primary and lived in Redvales, by the time I started watching as a devoted fan I was riding my bike to Gigg from Little Lever. The season the OP refers to remains the most evocative in my time suffering watching the Mighty Shakers. I saw every game, including the 3-0 loss to Torquay away when I hitched my way to the game - it took three days - and found we were on the telly and I also got sacked for missing work! This was slightly offset by the 5-1 win home game which was a great game. We lost away at Edgeley Park when Stockport whacked us 4-2 and I got my collar felt by a constable and thrown out after the ritual walk around the pitch to be abused by the home fans "Hooli - Hooli - Hooligan etc". I mention this because a couple of weeks later we hammered them 5-3. Both of those home games were attended by over 11,000 fans. My dad reckoned he was a "fan" and came to the first game of the season which we lost to Barrow at home - he promptly uttered the Bury liturgy "Bluddy Rubbish Bury" and never came again! I have some random memories of games that season - no doubt completely unreliable - but I remember the stench of Players No 6 in the crowd - except for the Christmas games where the stench of cigars took over. The anticipatory feelings of fear (of a brick on the head) going to the away games on Warburton's Coaches (all named "Edith"); the ritual walk around the ground at half time to change ends; the surge of the fans down the steps of the stand when we scored or went close - feet barely touching the floor; the records phasing in and out of the "loudspeakers" provided by the shop in the Rock and reading the "Football League Review" - a glossy insert to the programme which had a feature where you could vote for (I kid you not) the best looking player. We nominated the hot stunner Alex Dawson but, for some strange reason, he didn't feature in the top 5 There have been some great seasons since - memorably recorded by James Bentley (BUY HIS BOOKS!) but that season is my all time favourite.
  5. Stop being sensible Spee. Surely you know by now that we've all gone completely over the top in imagining the most ridiculous scenarios without having a scintilla of actual evidence! Or you could catch Tourette's from Barry P!
  6. Some of the backroom staff are joining the team in the centre circle - great touch guys. And here's another great sight.
  7. Nicky Maynard has just inserted a hot poker up Maurices backside and my AirPods have jumped out of my ears. Breakaway, cross from Adams and a first time clinical finish from Maynard - GOAL! Good day all round! Full time
  8. I thought for one weird moment Danny was running to kiss Jon!
  9. Rossiter is buzzing around in top disrupter mode. This what creates the openings
  10. Mayor had a sighter five minutes ago but has now buried a worldie. Ran past two, cut in, far corner ¡Magnifico!
  11. Yep although I think Thompson has got the message with some Redders stylee clearances!
  12. Bit late with this but a lively game with a goal for the Cobblers against the run of play and goal machine Stokes coming in on the far side to smack in the equaliser
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