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  1. exiile

    Brexit explained (specifically for Ryan)

    Perhaps you could enlighten us all with the positives of leave and possibly point out any of the things that the author has said that is untrue?
  2. exiile

    Trump wins Noble peace prize.

    He has not been investigated by the FBI and they never looked for any evidence. I do wish you would stop repeating falsehoods
  3. exiile

    Trump wins Noble peace prize.

    Indeed. And the same applies to Judge Kavanaugh!
  4. exiile

    Trump wins Noble peace prize.

    A lot of "look over there stuff" RL! Who mentioned rogues villains and deviants? You are completely incorrect to say that the FBI examined the allegations (again). They didn't. They did not interview Dr Ford or any potential witnesses. They were told to review the information they already had. It took them all of four days. As for trying to "smear" some of the 2,400 Law Professors - really? Do you not have a view about Kavanugh's dissembling and partisan ranting? (That's what the Law Professors were exercised about) You are right about Trump. He has no convictions other than about himself. Do you think that blatantly lying, bragging and making up stuff passes for political discourse these days?
  5. exiile

    Trump wins Noble peace prize.

    Kavanaugh was not on trial, he was attending a job interview. Dr Ford was convincing in a way that Kavanaugh was not. Indeed his unhinged performance led to 2,400 law professors stating publicly that he was unfit for office. The FBI's investigation was restricted by the White house so as to exclude testimony form Ford (and Ramirez) as well as alleged witnesses. I would point out that he told multiple provable lies during his testimony which is not what you want form a Judge. If you are looking for evidence of a show trial then you are right. Kavanaugh was elected to the Supreme Court on a Party vote because they want to gerrymander the composition of the Supreme court so that Roe vs Wade can be overturned. How could you think that his partisan hatred fro the Democrats and Clinton particularly makes him suitable for his job? The idea that Ford's testimony was false or doctored is the kind of smear you are complaining about. Her life (and that of her family) is now in ruins because she sought to tell the truth to power. As for Trump - replacing one set of vested interests with another and draining the swamp just to fill another one is possibly no different from his predecessors (although I exclude Obama from that comment). However, the staggering number of lies he tells, the bluster, self aggrandisement, lack of intellect and sheer vindictive malice he displays puts him in a league of his own. It's appalling to watch and why this kind of behaviour can't be challenged by the Democrats is beyond me. The system is truly broken.
  6. exiile

    Ben Thornley

    Has a book out. Sad story. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/oct/10/ben-thornley-manchester-united-giggs-scholes-beckham-drinking-book
  7. exiile

    Joe Murphy

    I wonder whether the peculiar shape of Joe's head contributes to his occasional lapses? He looks like the son of the character "Exeter" who was the scientist from Metaluna in the wonderful science fiction movie, This Island Earth. Surely it affects his balance?
  8. exiile

    Dugout Swap

    I suspect that a roof to the dugout might appear swiftly once this kind of thing happens!
  9. Thus speaks the expert on a waste of space
  10. exiile

    Trump wins Noble peace prize.

    That's good enough for me Ryan! Actually, his behaviour at the hearing and the lies that he told ought to disqualify him from ever taking the bench but I guess it's a political hearing. If Flake, Collins or another Republican votes to keep him out - does that still make it a Democrat plot? Seriously Ryan - please tell me what an earth Trump brings to the role of President that will Make America Great again?
  11. exiile


    So did the Youth wing of UKIP!
  12. exiile


    Teresa May's negotiating tactics
  13. exiile


    Why do you not accept that those powers have not been seized and operated to anyone's detriment but have derived from the nation members who have agreed them - each nation of which had a right to veto? That is not an Empire but an exercise in democracy. The Parliament with it's elected MEP's, the Council of Ministers each elected from their constituent countries and an executive commission made up of a "civil service" charged with carrying out the policy - even some of the senior officers of that body are voted in. The Brexiters won the vote - it isn't necessary to keep up the arguments about the EU and especially those that peddle myths Of the 140 nations which are not part of the EU, over a 100 are included in trade agreements with the EU which took decades to reach and that the UK currently benefit from. Have a guess how many of those countries have done a deal with us in the more than two years since the vote? Thanks to that useless idiot Liam Fox who described a those deals as "the easiest thing in the world to do" The answer as you probably know is precisely zero. As for NI, it has indeed grown economically since the good Friday agreement. A good part of that is because of the peace which has encouraged inward investment, from migrants coming to NI bringing prosperity as migrants always do and a great deal from the cross border movement to the Republic which has hugely benefited from it's EU membership. My family is mostly from the South and I spend a reasonable amount of time both working and visiting the Republic. Dublin is being completely transformed into a massive financial centre and business hub with huge glass towers being constructed alongside the river - a journey on the bus from the airport is unrecognisable from, say, ten years ago. Try buying a two bed flat for less than half a million € in the city centre. Jacob Rees Mogg could probably afford it now he has moved his hedge fund into Dublin. And why all this inward investment and company relocation? To benefit from Brexit as the UK loses the ability to freely trade and move within the EU. There is no doubt a massive conundrum now for politicians in Ireland as the massive inward investment in the South may come at the cost of a hard border splitting families and internal trade and a resurgence of a campaign for a United Ireland. The DUP must surely now regret their decision to hitch their wagon to the clapped out banger that represents May's dysfunctional government - even though they received a ginormous bribe to do so. You may not have noticed that the Assembly in Stormont has been suspended since January 2017. The "mad riddle ©Danny Dyer" of Brexit can surely only make this situation worse and increase the prospect of a return of some boneheads have been waiting for just such an opportunity to kick off again. Your assertion that we can make a border "Electronically" makes me wonder why all countries just don't do that!
  14. exiile


    The EU is no more an Empire than I am the secret love child of Margaret Thatcher and Michael Foot. It doesn’t have an Emperor and doesn’t have Sovereign powers. The laws and directives that the EU applies are those agreed by the constituent members, any of whom have a vote of veto. I get that you hate the EU but I wish you and Ryan would stop making up things to justify it. Given your board name, I would be interested in what you, as a Brexit supporter, think will happen post Brexit? I personally struggle to see any real benefit for either NI or the Republic and an seriously worried for the future of peace in the North