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  1. Cinema / Film thread

    Two films to report on. The Commuter, the latest Liam Neeson vehicle which jumps the shark by several miles. I have always struggled with his mumble and his dour OCD screen persona (Nic Cage MkII?) and wonder how he manages to have all these wonderful friends, family and lovers. In this film, the set up is barely credulous (I still haven't worked out why the "baddies" did what they did) and his so called commuter mates, workmates and former workmates all seem to be dodgy, flakey and backstabbers. Even the action sequences are tired and Neeson himself gets whacked too much for his tough guy persona. The denouement is just too ridiculous for words - avoid. On the other hand - break a leg to watch Lady Bird which is a terrifically observed coming of age movie with some ace performances - notably from Laurie Metcalf (Roseanne's sister) who plays the domineering and loving mother who gets so much on the daughters case but doesn't seem to know why. It's a scenario that is played out in families all over the globe. The direction is assured with an eye for detail and which butts out to let the actors do their stuff. Nary a weak link and you will cry at the final scene.
  2. Bury FC vs Southend United

    Ripley man of the match - even if we go on to win it- which looks unlikely now - we have willingness but lacking some craft
  3. Bury FC vs Southend United

    We're all over them like a cheap suit! Need to score
  4. Bury FC vs Southend United

    Pitch is poor with the ball holding up at times. Better than expected though. We haven't really got going and Southend look purposeful. Ripley has a good cut about his jib and has made at least three excellent saves. Miller is buzzing around and Ismail is half threatening but, as usual, the midfield just aren't getting it together. Dawse looks like a bouncer outside a pub but without the Tux. Ref isn't having his histrioinics and he's collected a yellow
  5. Bury FC vs Southend United

    Pretty even but they have had the best chances.
  6. Bury FC vs Southend United

    I know Edwards is on the team sheet but why have we no right back?
  7. Bury FC vs Southend United

    What an amazing figure of a physio Southend have looks like a dirigible perched on piano legs
  8. Bury FC vs Southend United

    I shall be watching the game - if it is on (!) on the wonderful iFollow tonight while sipping a lovely cup of Chamomile citron, which is my preferred evening tipple, and I fully expect us to absolutely hammer Southend. Prediction 0-1
  9. Bury FC vs Southend United

    Expected team Ripley (Believe it or not!) Percy, Edwards, Impersonator Desperate Dann's Current Bunn, Teresa Mayor Clueless Subs: Molly, Maguire, Murphy, Guinness, Jameson, Taytos
  10. The future for local services

    For me Myra, there is only one way forward for local services and that is communitarianism where funding is provided from a mix of allocation from National Government (based on simple formula incapable of interference by political parties), local precepts (council tax determined by local democracy) Grants, Partnerships, sponsorships and local philanthropy but spent on the basis of local based decision making. Any system of funding which is at risk from binary politics, global economics, the stock exchange casino and multi-national companies/billionaires/Press barons will never work and only ever be funded by the poorer people in society and also adversely affect the poorer in society. Jeremy is getting close to the idea with his municipal socialism but, as usual, needs to show SOME BLOODY LEADERSHIP! As Robert Tressell observed, poverty is defined by those who cannot afford "the necessaries" of life - food, shelter, water, healthcare etc. The collapse of the local Government delivery model under austerity and stupid selling off (privatisation) of Public assets means that there are an awful lot of people who would be shocked to find themselves classed as "in poverty". And, in answer to critics of the communitarian model, "Inefficiency is the price of democracy", as Karl Marx had it, is much more preferable to my mind than private sector care models that rip profits out of personal tragedy, the compulsory selling off of social housing for profit and privatised council services delivering less for more. The simple idea that Preston had of keeping the spend in the borough has been a remarkable example of how national politics and globalisation rips the value out of local communities by looking what happens when you keep the money local and working for local people. Local Government represents the wishes, hopes, desires and values of the local community - anything that restores that imperative needs to be supported.
  11. Lee clark

    I refer the right honourable gentleman to the answers that several hundred Bury fans have given previously in several thousand posts!!
  12. Tonight's game

    Worldy from Ripley. Nervous moments
  13. Tonight's game

    Danny off limping, Still Running man's love desire on. Love Clarky coaching Thompson throughout the game
  14. Tonight's game

    Its just like watching Brazil. Its just my opinion and I could end up with egg on face but it seems to me that the reintroduction of George Miller has absolutely galvanised the rest of the team. His whippet quick reactions, direct goal minded obsessiveness and non stop galloping keenness seems to send a message to everyone else that "you can do this too you know" Danns, Bunn, Zeli, and Danny seem really keen to join in the party. Now, all we need is some confidence and calmness in defence!
  15. Tonight's game

    Danny Mayor is having a stormer.