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    "Gets his shot away"
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    Seriously, what is offensive about wearing a veil? For the record, I don't see the point but neither do I see the point of tattoos, nose rings or trousers hanging around the knees but I don't see why people shouldn't be allowed to dress as they wish. You might want to try and find the answers to the questions I ask before deciding whether or not the matter is worth Boris stirring up racial and religious hatred solely for his own ends.
  3. exiile


    Here are some questions: What’s the difference between an Hijab, a Niqab and a Burqa? Which of the 12 main strands of Islam favour each style? how many women in the Uk wear a Burqa in every day use? How many women wear a Burqa in Boris constituency and how many has he personally seen? What evidence is there of any causal link between a woman wearing a Burqa and any crimes? Other people have indeed raised the issue of facial recognition in meeting women in a formal setting and there are well known and well used conventions in place facilitating the removal of a niqab/Burqa Boris didn’t make his offensive comments about women looking like bank robbers and letter boxes to contribute to any debate. He made them because he well know for making such racist comments and because he is building “his base” in readiness for his bid for leadership of the party. The thing is though - which party will it be?
  4. Will that be the 59p euro I had before Brexit or the 90p I have now?
  5. Make you wonder why Aaron Banks spent (£9m+) of his "own" money on digital marketing and vote Leave and it's various illegal offspring spent other £4m on the same thing if it had "zero affect (sic)" on the referendum? What you are is what you always were Ryan, a troll and part of the army that Steve Bannon wants to recruit to destroy the western democratic consensus that we have enjoyed since the end of the second world war. I am sad because I recognise that you have a genuine interest in politics but your refusal to step outside the tribal conflict and consider every threat to your received wisdom as something that you should ignore or trash is not the way to become a politic aficionado. For example, I would like you to cite one thing that the EU did that we, as a full member since we joined, did not approve of by not exercising our power of veto? The whole basis of the Vote Leave campaign was a complete lie supported by a venal streak of racism. Its all over and done now but any plan we have for the future of this country (deal or no deal!) involves a loss of citizen's and workers rights and a financial loss for every citizen other than our millionaires (which include every single member of the Vote Leave funders) I am no longer a remainer or a remoaner but am very concerned about the future for this country and for a generation of young people that swallow lies and don't care about the implications of anything that last more than the current news cycle.
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  7. Thats a bit of a rant! So you prefer that Putin disrupts the country to the democratic process and laws of this country?
  8. Well it is not "alleged" as there is no denying it as a fact as it has been confirmed by journalistic investigation, the UK security services, the Electoral Commission, the US security services, several involved witnesses in the Parliamentary investigation, the Crown Protection Service, Facebook and now by a standing committee of Parliament. So I am interested, you being a passionate Brexit supporter, whether you are happy with this interference by other countries in our democratic processes and the illegal breaking of electoral rules? Do you not think that those who think the process was flawed and that "the will of the people" needs to be retested? 😘
  9. Indeed Myra but the reason they are in Parliament is that they campaigned as labour Party candidates and received the support of the central party office and the constituency members who plodded the streets, knocked on doors and raised money. Once in office, you can't just hide behind the idea that they are now some independent minded soul who can make decisions contrary to their own party whip and their own constituency party views. I have no problem with the standing for parliament but not as Labour Party candidates who sign up for the journey - not just pick and choose. If they were really honourable people they should have resigned the whip or even their own seat - not start slagging off the very people who campaigned for them to gain office in the first place. Kate Hoey a Corbynite? 😳. She is also not safe in Vauxhall and the Lib Dems could easily eject her if there is an election soon which, surely there will be? Incidentally, I take the same view of the blessed Jeremy who, if he can't bring himself to be a supporter of his own party's policy on Europe should step aside as he has made the position of Leader of the Labour Party completely compromised and ineffectual.
  10. I think you have a different view of Anna Soubry? There is nothing appalling about a local party holding their MP to account when they are not only voting against their own party and the wishes of their local constituency but also propping up probably the worst government since King John. I have said this before but I have really no idea why either of them are in the Labour Party - Hoey especially with her pro hunting stance in an inner London constituency. Both know their time is up so it is just a bit of sabotage before they leave. Anyway Ryan, have you nothing to say about the large and increasing number of revelations about the interference with the democratic processes in the EU referendum - or have you still got your fingers in your ears singing la-la-la? 🤦🏻‍♂️
  11. exiile

    Trump wins Noble peace prize.

    It is and works perfectly on both your posts!
  12. exiile

    Trump wins Noble peace prize.

    I certainly have - hilarious in a kind of tragic way . . .
  13. Seeing as you like bold, I give you my responses accordingly. I know what you voted against (remaining the EU) but what did you vote for? Finally, your disdain for people who think the whole referendum was a terrible idea with a terrible outcome is clear but, in a democracy, if we are not allowed to revisit our decisions, our policies and the way they are conducted then it is no longer a democracy. This whole issue is tearing parliament and the country apart and we have an absence of real Leadership at the centre. I agree that some kind of coalition of experienced and visionary politicians need to come together to drive a solution out of the quagmire but that requires a change of leadership (in all parties) and a General Election. This is the gravest time we have faced since 1939. I live in faint hope.
  14. Thankyou for questioning my intelligence, it was unnecessary but I guess plenty of other people have done so in the past so I am inured to it. I asked you to tell me what will happen now as a Brexiter and anticipated that you would reference the EU, remainers (remoaners!) or the Government but, as is the case with these debates, no-one can tell me what plans there are for the UK out of the EU. People voted to come out have no idea what comes next - hence the easy target of keep slagging off the aforementioned groups. Your point about the campaign is a case in point. You casually seek to equate the offences on both sides (a pox on both your houses) but they are not equal are they? You may care to read the the report of the Electoral commission into the spending and also note that two people have been referred to the crime prosecution service for criminal offences. The sums involved are very large and were moved around deliberately to get around the rules. in addition, the money was directed to the Canadian firm who worked with Cambridge Analytica to set up a scam to rifle Facebook users data for targeted messages, advertisements and fake twitter accounts generated by the Russian Government to cause disruption. I made a genuine attempt in my original post to accept that we are now out of Europe with no acceptable negotiated exit and wanted to know what happens next. I have trawled the media and websites of the Moggs, Johnsons, Goves etc and all I find is continued criticism of the EU, Remoaners/remainers and Theresa and her Government. Nowhere can I find any plan which lets me know what is likely to happen to me and my family. I can find loads of independent advice about job losses, high inflation, loss of international investment etc (no doubt fake news). I can find Business leaders giving up and moving their operations abroad and I can find Chinese companies circling ready to buy up our heritage on the cheap. Does anybody know what is the future for the UK?