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  1. exiile

    Shamima Begum

    That makes her very little different from a lot of other teenagers who are stupid and reckless! As for the rest of what you say, I am agreeing with you. If she manages to return and it is clear she has committed a crime, she must be prosecuted.
  2. exiile

    Shamima Begum

    Right. Now answer by putting yourself in the shoes of a Muslim family who I suspect suffer a great deal more of those attacks by "a few individuals". Look here I knew I would get some push back by posting this response but please read the totality of my post. I am arguing of the law to be observed and for a rational rather than emotional response to be developed. I am not an apologist for Begum - she is not someone i identify with nor understand but I know she deserves due process and not trail by social media. Sorry Ronky. I also do not accept your characterisation of Islam.
  3. exiile

    Shamima Begum

    I treat your post with respect but would point out that she appeared to do no such thing unless you have factual evidence to the contrary? I would also challenge your assertion that "our country nurtured her, protected her . . . and accepted her faith". You don't have to look very far to see attacks on people just because of their faith in this country. Indeed, there are political parties set who do exactly that. I do not know any of the personal details of Shamima Begum - or of her friends who chose to leave this country at the age of 15 to become "war brides" of ISIS soldiers. From what I have read, she appears to have been radicalised online but not to fight or kill but to achieve fame/notoriety as a bride - something that all of them completed within 3 weeks of landing in IS territory. Shamima was married 10 days after arrival. If we knew why children did this kind of thing we should also know why children commit suicide or shoot their classmates as a result of online participation. It appears that the position is that she is a British citizen and has every right to return to the UK. Refusing her would make her "stateless" which is contrary to the Geneva convention that we have signed up to, particularly as she appears to be guilty of no crime other than to have been a stupid and reckless teenager. If there is proof of such crimes, then why should she not be prosecuted for them? This is a basic fundamental right of people in a true democracy. Her interview is uncomfortable in her dismissal of the impact of beheaded journalists and provokes an emotional response but I guess you have to be cogniscent of where she is currently and the risk to her and her (now) innocent child. I totally recognise the distaste that people have for her actions and her desire for her to return to the UK but she should be allowed to return, to answer for her behaviour and to demonstrate that the UK, as the worlds oldest democracies, recognises individual rights, the rule of law and does not yield to emotional responses for revenge. Sajid Javid's response is unlawful and rabble rousing to a racist crowd. We should all take a step back and rely on our laws and our systems to deal with this without it becoming another referendum(!) There are a host of hard working, highly principled people working in both the Islamic community and anti terrorism services who would just love to talk to her and learn as much as they can to try and prevent such things happening in future. Finally, think of her family whose lives have been utterly devastated by her actions yet still plead for her return. Even Donald Trump thinks we should take her back. 😳
  4. exiile

    Matchday - Exeter

    I thought Exeter played well and were doing the high press on us very effectively. We haven’t really posed any threat. I expect a few changes in personnel and tactics second half
  5. I have a couple of Spanish friends joining me to iFollow Bury today so I fully expect a dreadfully boring defeat. I have just demonstrated the way it works by showing them the interview with Jordan Rossiter and, even though they both speak reasonably good English (better than my Spanish!) they could not understand a word he said! It was the overuse of the words "Obviously", "Hopefully", "Yerknow" and "Errr" that probably threw them He says "Obviously" 16 times during the interview which makes him a Steven Gerrard mini-me - obviously. A good player with confidence, a good eye and excellent habits. I fancy him to score a few goals for us if he can keep fit. Conditions look good. Venga Bury!
  6. exiile

    Trump wins Noble peace prize.

    The Press conference he gave yesterday looked and sounded like a YouTube parody. It was chock full of self aggrandising nonsense, downright lies, bullying behaviour towards journalists who asked relevant questions and classic deflection techniques. He is like Alan Partridge on heavy steroids. The Washington Posts fact checker is a great source of truth over some of his more breathtaking lies None of the wall has so far been built since he became president despite his claim that he had been building it for some time now. Illegal immigrants definitely do not commit crimes as frequently as home grown Americans do - they commit significantly less crime. MS-13 is a criminal gang that was started in Los Angeles - not South America and there are less than 10,000 members in total The Drug enforcement Agency said that most drugs come in through ports of entry (4813 lbs of heroin seized at ports as opposed to 532 lbs at the border in the first 11 months of 2018). Trump flat out called this a "lie" You can just go on and on with this - In the 745 days of his presidency, Trump has made 8,459 false or misleading claims. The big mystery is why he still has support but, then again, Mussolini was also idolised by a certain section of his citizens. Look what happened to him.
  7. exiile

    Message board flag donations

    Good luck guys. I'm sure you will reach your target. Well done on the effort!
  8. Can I gently suggest that you seek out some therapy? 🤗
  9. exiile

    Question time?

    I doubt whether you have any evidence for that beyond your assumptions?
  10. None of us know anything - except how to speculate! Enjoy the ride
  11. exiile

    Question time?

    There is hardly anywhere to go for intelligent debate these days. Media producers are driven by ratings, clicks and rehashing the same story among themselves - "Churnalism" as the wonderful Nick Davies calls it in his book, "Flat Earth News". This is a product of Media Studies graduates and not proper Journalists. Oh for the balmy days of "Face to Face" with the gently probing John Freemen or Brian Walden's relentless style. With the rise of presenters like Fiona Bruce who has no journalistic qualifications (unless you count a period of being a model for Jackie magazine), you basically have a producer feeding information and questions into their ears. Nothing is authentic any more. There is also the question of time. Not the Stephen Hawking questions but the fact that each question is given a very brief time for the interviewee to respond. This, in turn, leads to the interviewees responding in sound bites, ignoring the question or using the question to attack the opposition. According to the BBC, the world is binary - either for or against. The shows I referred to earlier gave time and space to interviewees to develop their points and for trained and well briefed proper journalists to test and probe their answers. The watching public could then make their own minds up as to, not only the veracity of their positions but their character. And please, don't anyone come on here making a case for that arch Tory Andrew Neill sat in his bully pulpit trying to make himself look good and the people he hates look bad by asking questions based on *gasp* "fake news" that he has just invented in his head. There is no intention for any modern Political debate programme to do anything other than create a cheap headline As for Radcliffe Loyal believing that the BBC is a lefty organisation - that's up there with Trump's "I am a stable genius" statement 😂
  12. exiile

    Brexit explained (specifically for Ryan)

    The Brexit divorce!
  13. exiile

    Scholes down at Gigg

    The Human Rights Act does not bestow rights in itself but is qualified by other legislation. If there is a law (there is) that says people should be prevented from leaving the ground to preserve public safety - then this takes precedence. I wish someone would explain this to the Daily Mail - or perhaps they wilfully ignore it!
  14. exiile

    Morecambe Matchday

    I can't remember another manager that was so astute and effective in his use of substitutions as Lowey.