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  1. R11 BFC

    I hope we do the same....

    You still want the lap of honour to go ahead though dont you?!
  2. What a fantastic gesture. Snap his hands off Piebe-Guido.
  3. R11 BFC

    Lowe it is then.

    Dont forget the point at Northampton...in the thrilling goalless draw!
  4. Any names Spee? I'll go for Leigh, Bunn & Mayor of the experienced players. Any others, excluding the youngsters? And dont say Chris Maguire!
  5. R11 BFC


    I'm led to believe he was on his way to a Championship club when the condition was identified at his medical, i.e. a degenerative disease of his knee joint(s). As you suggest, i doubt he'll play more than one game a week for the rest of his career and more than likely his career shortened, i.e. having to retire at an earlyish age A huge shame indeed. Gutted for the lad, coz he's a top player and a top bloke.
  6. R11 BFC

    Today’s game

    Number seven. Football heaven!
  7. Cheers mate. I've been here...but just lurking in the background!
  8. My Dad says welcome back too.
  9. Welcome back Spee and well done in beginning to recover from depression. I know from first hand experience how difficult it is to beat...so well done mate. One step at a time, one step at a time... If you've not seen this before, it may help:
  10. R11 BFC

    Ian Fitzsimmons

    Sad news indeed, a Shaker through and through. My thoughts and prayers are with Ian's family and friends. RIP.