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  1. Tbf an immediate response from FGR's Safety Officer: From: Mark Smith Sent: Monday, January 21, 2019 12:40 PM To: Andy Ashworth Subject: RE: Complaint re Steward Number 34 Hi Andy Thank you for your email concerning your experience at FGR on Saturday. Firstly can I apologise for the fact that you have had to write such an email – the behaviour you describe is not what I would expect from any of my stewards. We have a home game tomorrow night – I will make some enquires into the allegations you have made and I will respond to you soonest. Kind Regards, Mark Smith Safety Officer
  2. Done (no questions or comments needed please!): From: Andy Ashworth Sent: Monday, January 21, 2019 12:17 PM To: Forest Green Rovers Subject: Complaint re Steward Number 34 PLEASE PASS ON THIS FORMAL COMPLAINT TO MR VINCE AND YOUR SAFETY OFFICER IN CHARGE OF STEWARDING. I’m a Bury fan and had a rather unpleasant experience with one of your stewards on Saturday, whose number was 34. He’s a fairly stocky guy, with a grey beard or goatee. I won’t spend too long typing the complaint, because it would be easier to explain verbally to someone in authority at your football club. However, these are the relatively brief details: 1. Steward 34 prevented a Bury fan from entering the ground for something or nothing or a bit of banter if you like. The said Bury fan, is a club employee of Bury Football Club! I went to the steward/police to testify for the Bury fan and to give him a break and use some common-sense. I was basically told to clear off by Steward 34 – he came across as obnoxious and power mad. 2. At half time there was an incident going on behind the away side. Lo and behold it was Steward 34 ejecting a Bury fan for what would again appear to be something or nothing, although i would add i didn't see the incident. But i did hear another Bury fan explaining the situation in an articulate and sober way, only for Steward 34 to effectively say he wasn't interested and he was being ejected. Once again he came across as obnoxious and power mad...it was like he was looking for any reason to throw Bury fans out. I told Steward 34 that in the hundreds of football matches I've been to, he was one of the worst stewards I'd come across and was a disgrace. At that point, i turned around and walked away. A second later i was pounced on by Steward 34 from behind and dragged out, assisted by 2 other stewards. I asked why i was being ejected and Steward 34 said he’d had enough of me. Is that a good enough reason? Is telling the truth or at least my honest perception of the truth, a crime or reason to be ejected? 3. During the 2nd half, i told several police officers what had happened and they told me to complain to the club. Otherwise, if i didn't, nothing would be done, nor the steward censored appropriately. 4. Near the end of the 2nd half, i told the Police Officer from Bury that my flag was inside the ground and asked how i get it back. He told me to wait for the final whistle and then make my way past the Bury fans to get it. I did as i was told. As i made my way to the away entrance/exit – who did i come across again? Yes, you’ve guessed it, Steward 34! He prevented me from going any further. When i told him my flag was inside the ground and I'd been given permission by a police officer to retrieve it, in his now familiar obnoxious manner, he effectively said he wasn't interested and i wasn't going back in the ground. What lack of common-sense. 5. At this point, i told him i was going to make a formal complaint and wanted his name – he refused, which is fair enough and said, i could have his number instead. I asked what it was and he said it was on his bib. However, his bib was crumpled up and no number was showing. I told him that and he kept saying his number was on his bib. I must have asked about 10 times, with the same reply by him, until eventually, he showed me his number. When i said i wanted to take a photograph of it, he immediately covered it up again, i asked him repeatedly to show me again and he refused. I then left the scene telling him i would be formally complaining, as I'd been asked to do by several police officers. Now i know it’s his word against mine, but to give you my background, I'm a 55 year old retired Bank Manager who has never, ever been ejected, arrested or involved in any football related violence, etc., in 40 odd years of watching hundreds of football matches. I’m sure this steward will have had complaints about him before, there again, maybe not, because people tend not to want to waste time phoning up, typing emails, writing letters, etc. But when i see an injustice – that’s what i do, take the time to raise the issue, so something is done about it. In my experience of Steward 34, he is power mad, obnoxious, lacks common-sense and in general, an unpleasant character. In short, in my opinion, he is not fit for purpose to be a steward and even worse, i think he is one of your senior stewards. As a side issue, I'm led to believe that 2 separate stewards, literally punched Bury fans. Now i didn't see these incidents, so i can’t really comment, in fact, the first 2 stewards i met at the away tent who allowed me to put my flag up were great. But overall, in my honest opinion your football club has an issue with several stewards, especially Steward 34. PLEASE CONTACT ME TO DISCUSS FURTHER. Thank you and regards. Andy Ashworth P.S. When i phoned up today to obtain an email address (all your emails on your website are for media, hospitality, events, etc.). I ended up speaking to Matt at Ecotricity (Extension 5577) as my phone call was re-directed there, as nobody answered at your football club. Before phoning me back to discuss further, please speak to him, as i think he will have some wise words to add and vouch for me. By the way, he was excellent; as was the lady i spoke to last week, when i was checking it was okay to bring my flag. Forest Green is a great little club but have things to learn (the idea to invite Bolton Wanderers fans to the game for example, even if i feel sorry for your club and what Bolton have done, was a recipe for disaster) and in many ways, why I'm spending part of my Monday typing this email...which to be honest, is the last thing i want to do. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.
  3. R11 BFC

    Stephen Humphrys

    We've got sell on clauses, etc. for him. Great debut from him anyway and result! Did you go? Oh and just for you: https://www.fansnetwork.co.uk/football/rochdale/forum/235409/humphrys-signs/#14
  4. R11 BFC

    Eoghan Oconnell

    Best passer of the ball at the club imo. From Spee's Milton Keynes match report: "O’Connell, for his part, didn’t misplace a single one of his 26 passes after coming on."
  5. R11 BFC

    Lowe to Luton

    More like most Luton fans dont believe it: http://members.boardhost.com/lutonoutlaws/msg/1548016658.html "A friend from Liverpool knows Ryan’s father and said he’s going to Luton."
  6. R11 BFC

    FGR beer tent

    You're welcome mate.
  7. R11 BFC

    Forest Green away

    He's watching on iFollow...!
  8. I doubt they pay for 10 hours travelling time for 2 Coppers from Bury and Bolton. But you've made me feel slightly better Vinny! Thanks mate.
  9. They even sent a copper down from Bolton, along with the usual one from Bury, in anticipation of trouble. We'll be paying for that (as taxpayers) not FGR/Vince. Totally agree with your sentiments...not condoning any aggro from Bury fans, but it was always an accident waiting to happen.
  10. He was an utter disgrace (stocky guy, with a grey beard) and one of the worst stewards i've ever come across - obnoxious and power mad. For anyone reading, who werent allowed into the ground, ejected from the ground or had any confrontations with him - his number is 34. I'll certainly be complaining to Forest Green...i hope others do too.
  11. From the FGR MB: Who had the stupid idea allowing Bolton fans entry to the north stand close to the opposition fans with virtually no police or stewards blocking access?You could almost write the script and the inevitable trouble kicked off in the family stand in front of young children. I hope those responsible apologise for their miscalculation.
  12. R11 BFC

    Forest Green away

    I'll do it Liam. Sorry you're missing the game, but family is more important. If by any chance someone gets hold of Liam's coach/match ticket then let the ladies who run the supporters coach know. I hope things sort themselves out, family wise. All the best mate.
  13. R11 BFC

    Free iFollow Interviews

    I didnt initially! But i do now and the videos now work. Cheers Ian. Teaching me to tie knots, sorting out Ad-Blocker...whatever next?!