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  1. I've just bought mine (via Credit Card!) the least I can do. UTS.
  2. Come on lads. Let's stick together. We are ALL Bury.
  3. Well that's a new word learnt! Thank you.
  4. He might be a Daley! Seriously though, let's give King Tutte a break, his idea was out of humility and for that he should be praised imo. BUT we dont agree! So time to move on, and win promotion... UTS.
  5. Like x2. Absolute cracking posts. WE ARE BURY!
  6. Well at least we've given the Daleys sticky keyboards!!! https://www.fansnetwork.co.uk/football/rochdale/forum/156010/page:85
  7. Indeed Stuart(!) and good question Totty. My initial thoughts: I wonder what the income is made up of? 1000 season tickets sold at £250 = £250K (higher if you include the concessions). The crowd v Port Vale is likely to be 6000 minimum - 4000 paying customers at an average of £15 = £60K. So that's over £300K for starters, plus, didnt Dale say monies from the EFL, were going to partly pay HMRC/Brass off? That being said, the amount owed is stark, albeit not surprising - Stewart 'I feel I have left the club in a stronger position than it was in when I arrived' Day, has a lot of answering to do. And, to put another dampener on it, i dread to think what the bonuses are for winning promotion. https://www.burytimes.co.uk/news/17290476.bury-fc-announce-new-owner-as-stewart-day-steps-down/
  8. Agree totally and i dont think anybody will think to the contrary. Part of the first paragraph is badly worded, BUT the final three paragraphs seem relatively accurate for me, as such, i'll be signing the petition: The EFL's fit and proper persons test for ownership of a football club is clearly not fit for purpose. We have had one owner in Stewart Day run the club into unbelievable levels of high interest debts to be replaced by another owner in Steve Dale who is unable to take the club into a position of security and safety. We are in real danger of losing contracted players as contracts have now been breached due to the non-payment of wages, the stadium to which the club has been located at since 1885 and there is a real danger that club as a whole may cease to exist if things are not changed. As fans of Bury FC we are asking the EFL to investigate and for the current ownership to stand down from the club - as fans of football & citizens of bury we want to see the club be successful but also to survive.
  9. Oi...stop laughing Puddin' and make sure the boy Rothwell is up bright and early on Saturday! Full house = no car parking spaces!!!
  10. On this day, 8 years ago:
  11. Nicola Palios‏Verified account @NicolaPalios 13m13 minutes ago Now only 17 @buryfcofficial tickets left for Saturday .... be quick or you will miss out. There will be no pay on the day.
  12. Yeah...could be. I've just phoned Tranmere's Ticket Office up though, to ask for 250 extra tickets and was told they might sell out the home sections and the extra seats would be for their fans! I said, i couldnt believe what he was saying and it would be a recipe for disaster. He said he would pass my feedback on!!! I say, we bombard them with phone calls: https://www.tranmererovers.co.uk/club/contact-tranmere-rovers/
  13. Agreed. But thought it was a 10% reduction for unreserved seating...so 500 less does seem excessive, to say the least. Away fans are housed in the affectionately named Cowshed Stand at one end, where up to 2,500 fans can be accommodated in this single tier all seated stand. From: https://www.footballgroundguide.com/leagues/england/league-two/prenton-park-tranmere-rovers.html#awhat-is-it-like-for-visiting-supporters Anyone want to phone Mrs Palios?!
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