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  1. From the Football Ground Guide: Various private car parks are available in the area around Ewood Park (especially along Branch Road), costing in the region of £5. If you want to get away reasonably quickly after the game (the roads immediately around Ewood Park are closed off for crowd safety for around 30 minutes after the game) then as you come down the hill on the A666, you will pass a BP Petrol Garage on your left. Turn right at the next traffic lights into Branch Road and down on your left there are some industrial units offering matchday parking. After the game turn left out of the car parks, so that you are going away from Ewood, turn right at the second mini roundabout and this will take you back up to the M65. and... Behind the Bryan Douglas Darwen End, the Club have created a fanzone area, into which away fans are admitted. It has some large screens showing previous meetings between the two sides (great!!!) and more importantly food and drink outlets, where you can buy a 'Pie and a Pint' for £4.90. http://www.footballgroundguide.com/leagues/ewood-park-blackburn-rovers.html Any other ideas?
  2. Friday night Youth Cup game.

    You should be a Football Journalist...and Director of Football!
  3. Ryan Cooney

    I thought they were as good as each other - i love Cooney's feisty attitude. Plus, he's more likely to replace Edwards, than Shotton is to replace Cameron, Clarke and Thompson, which was part of Russ' point. Either way, a good problem to have. I do agree, that Shotton is more likely to move on to a Premier League club though...as you suggest, there's not many tall footballing centre halves around.
  4. Friday night Youth Cup game.

    Yep and 7pm kick off. I dont want anyone turning up at half time...! https://www.buryfc.co.uk/news/2018/february/match-preview-bury-u18-v-birmingham-city-u18/
  5. Friday night Youth Cup game.

    Oh no...me and Running Man wanted chilli pork pies. On the positive side, at least he won't need to bring his blade!
  6. Friday night Youth Cup game.

    Who's going then? https://www.buryfc.co.uk/news/2018/february/f.a.-youth-cup-fifth-round-details/ I'm really looking forward to it. UTYS.
  7. Bury FC vs Southend United

    Danns and Mayor out. O'Shea on the bench.
  8. Bradford & Blackburn Away Tickets

    As promised, with full details of the special ticket offer: https://www.buryfc.co.uk/news/2018/february/away-details-blackburn-rovers/
  9. Bradford & Blackburn Away Tickets

    That's Bury FC's website for you! I've phoned the club up and they said they will do a new article and post it up today.
  10. Bradford & Blackburn Away Tickets

    Bump re the Blackburn special ticket offer. Snap them up v Southend.
  11. Lee clark

    Did he sign Benny Phillips?!
  12. Phil Edwards friend or foe

    Great answer!