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  1. postcorvus

    Makes you think

    Lot of moral highground on Strictly this week. Think I might have changed my twitter name from 'beckshumps' if I was to take an outraged infidelity stance.
  2. postcorvus

    We have to talk about McFadzean

    It's that sort of realism that has no place on this board. Now if you'd said this side is progressing well and I expect them to be competing at the Nou Camp in 5 years...………..
  3. postcorvus

    The latest royal wedding.

    Suspect they won't pay till a CCJ is issued.
  4. postcorvus

    We have to talk about McFadzean

    Oh dear, the doom mongers will have to search for another scapegoat.
  5. postcorvus

    Bury V Crewe matchday

    There's never a bad time to say Day Out.😉
  6. postcorvus

    Bury FC Flag in Croatia

    Anything to avoid the Crewe game😎
  7. postcorvus

    Cinema / Film thread

    Agree with Molly's game but quite enjoyed Death of Stalin. Would take Steppes to watch it again.
  8. postcorvus

    "There or Thereabouts"

    'There or Thereabouts ' actually refers to either, Will we still be training at Carrington? or the exact positioning of the dugouts by the end of the season.
  9. postcorvus

    The Doctor.

    At last Bury FC have influence in matters of major importance.. For years used to miss the program after going to away matches. Obviously Stewart Day took my complaints seriously and has persuaded the BBC to switch this classic to Sundays.
  10. postcorvus


    If you are getting excited about Archer, can I suggest Tipping Point on ITV.
  11. postcorvus

    More Notlob trouble

    Often the atmosphere was a bit grim in a reapery sort of way.
  12. postcorvus

    Flickers back at Gigg!!!

    If we turn into Barcelona for the next home match,that will not stop newcomers voting with their feet if they are unfortunate enough to be sitting near such oafs at that game. I have not been to a game from the sixties onwards where expletives have not littered the terraces but we have a very small minority who are not just a disgrace to the club but also to humanity.
  13. postcorvus


    Et Tu Danny!!
  14. postcorvus

    Revamped Club Crests

    Surprised sponsors names or companies have not invaded this area of club identity yet.
  15. postcorvus

    The Real Deal

    Believe League 2 voted for thugs about the time we dropped to the bottom level for the first time. We will also need players with steely characters to protect our star men this season.