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  1. And not to forget, our current team, with a minimum of canny signings should hold their own in League 1 if the footballing gods allow.
  2. Are you possibly concentrating on the reserves🤥
  3. There's only eleven Billy Rudds!!! Eleven Billy Rudds.
  4. Yet another thread inspired by youngsters for youngsters. Remember those happy days when this board catered for the more discerning older fans.
  5. While their opponents were busily printing papers for the next day.
  6. Glad they had a great day as with that nickname, I suspect they don't get out much.
  7. As the EFL seem powerless maybe the definition of treason should be extended to include the deliberate ruination of a football club.
  8. Looks as though he was about to be sent off for a low blow.
  9. It's already a win for the anti Brexit parties with Brexiteers voting in the European elections.
  10. No place in the North for such an artsy/farsty drink
  11. Michael Farage has worked tirelessly behind the scenes in Eurovision to make Brexit our only option
  12. Too true, Smalling is very suspect.
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