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  1. postcorvus

    Today's Birthday

    Happy Birthday you young blogger .
  2. postcorvus

    If you do one thing in life then

    I blame the daughter. Has she no self respect mixing with the enemy
  3. We'll have to disagree on this one. Appointing Corbyn to bring success would be like Ryan turning to Maguire next season and picking him as captain. Ridiculous beyond belief. Go Chuka/Luciana.
  4. postcorvus

    Underrated Shakers

    If only for the facial hair.
  5. postcorvus

    Stevenage v Bury 9th March 2019

    Till he gets sacked after we win 5-0.
  6. postcorvus

    League Two Relegation

    Might well go down to a decider between them and Notts County.
  7. postcorvus

    Scott Burgess

    If we go up,several of our players will become targets and simply feel offers from bigger clubs are too tempting. I'm sure Lowey will not make any early decisions on our loanees. till he knows how the squad is shaping up.
  8. postcorvus

    Likely needed for 3rd Place

    Don't think we crossed the half way line in the 0-0 at Gillingham.
  9. postcorvus

    This is how you get Promotion!!!

    Didn't get where I am today by reading threads praising the team. Must be something we can criticize although Ryan and the lads are making it difficult to do so.
  10. postcorvus

    Underrated Shakers

    Billy Rudd
  11. There is no room on this board for any favourable comments about our former Chairman.
  12. postcorvus

    League Two Relegation

    As you have obviously got time on your hands, maybe you could look at whether Lille will hold onto second spot or whether Chievo can make a miraculous recovery.
  13. postcorvus

    Likely needed for 3rd Place

    Time to look at achievable immediate targets. A haul of 8 points from the next four games should keep us on track as few if any of our rivals are unlikely to win more than 3 of their next four games.
  14. postcorvus

    Likely needed for 3rd Place

    Who is this Likely and will he add anything to the squad?
  15. postcorvus

    Matchday - Exeter

    Best to stick to the script. Flaky donuts should have been left on the cutting room floor.