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  1. postcorvus

    Hard luck tonight..

    Good to see all these positive reports from tonight. At least the team and the manager seem to be turning a corner.
  2. postcorvus

    Forest Predictions

    Certainly didn't return to Bury with a spirit of optimism­čśť
  3. postcorvus

    Nottm F

    Definitely Whitefield anyway. Used to watch them for half an hour before getting on the bus from Whitefield to matches. No floodlights so kicked off 1.45-2pm. Even think they produced a teamsheet.
  4. postcorvus

    Nottm F

    Think there is a case for adding Whitefield Athletic from the 70s­čśŤ. Probably the current 92 with any grounds they have played at counting as an addition to the list.
  5. postcorvus

    Nottm F

    Minefield. Definitely don't want to throw in only matches against Bury count.
  6. postcorvus

    Nottm F

    We've all seen a lot of football. Currently I'm on 69 and hope that Forest Green/Yeovil and Mansfield will take me into the 70s this season.
  7. postcorvus

    Well done Ryan Lowe

    Nobody wants Bury to fail, and when Stewie gets us to the Premiership we will all be happy. Until then we will keep him on his toes with a few critical digs to pass the time­čśÄ
  8. postcorvus

    Tom Aldred

    Wouldn't dare say that. Was interned to a stockade in the Isle of Man for two months for daring to suggest we still had ties with the Red Rose by the boundary change Mafia.
  9. postcorvus

    Tom Aldred

    Two points. Gutted for Tom. he's swapped a toothless team with no attacking prowess in Greater Manchester for a similar clueless front line at Motherwell. Secondly since our relegation, I suspect we could only muster about 175 drunken idiots for export.
  10. postcorvus

    Yes a sickener... but...

    Glad to hear we played well, but still finding it hard when I realise we are back where we started several years ago,just an OK team in League 2.
  11. postcorvus

    Andy Mangan

    That was always a safe bet.
  12. In that spirit of start of the season euphoria,can't see us getting beaten till 2019.
  13. postcorvus

    Karl Evans

    More mint choc without the mint.
  14. postcorvus

    Half time

    Get the South Stand involved. They can expel their frustration with a little bit of cage fighting.
  15. postcorvus

    Rob Lainton.

    Had a long career with few injuries. Well he never trained at his namesake so not surprising.