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  1. postcorvus

    Club sold announcement Monday

    If we have the opportunity to chat in between all our trips to Europa League fixtures.
  2. You're as bad as the fan on the coach the last time we played Southport in the League. He got very upset as the police wouldn't let him in simply because he had a roll of barbed wire around his glove. I think he was wanting to clearly mark out our territory behind the goal.
  3. postcorvus

    John Motson.

    Maybe he didn't feel he would miss the buzz. A lot of people retire before realizing work was their life.
  4. So in addition to saving the club he also ensured that no Bury supporters had their PCs repossessed.
  5. postcorvus

    SOWHAT ban explanation

    While snapping pictures of car numbers in Bury FC car park, I noticed this shady character
  6. postcorvus

    Rumour-mill turns again

    Saying nothing to tempt fate, as despite it's position Biggin Hill seems to get 98% of the snow in the UK.
  7. Good to see the fund, after a temporary lull moving towards the target. Reckon that the gates of the messageboard would have been padlocked but for the arrival of Steve Dale.
  8. postcorvus

    Rumour-mill turns again

    3-2 to Bury. After being 2-0 down.A very rare occurrence.
  9. And your prawn canapes?
  10. postcorvus

    SOWHAT ban explanation

    And that's the beauty of this board Tubs.You disagree with somebody but you do it in a civilized fashion.
  11. postcorvus

    SOWHAT ban explanation

    I know we are living in troubled times, but I'm surprised that the campaign 'Adopt a Troll week' has managed to get some legs. These invaders come in all shapes and sizes at many of them don't wear the label 'I'm a dickhead and proud of it.' Let's not criticize the people who try to make this board free of these idiots.
  12. postcorvus

    Steve and Matt interview

    Most of us didn't get where we are today without being able to make a fool of ourselves without any help at all.
  13. Talking of children, I'm pleased that I will never have to hear the trite uttering 'This club will fold without Stewie in charge' again.
  14. postcorvus

    SOWHAT ban explanation

    Suspect he has an affiliation to the bankers pub on London Bridge.