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  1. postcorvus

    Rot Weiss Oberhausen fans

    We can learn a lot from their coverage. Show multiple replays of the ten goals we score next season and it will seem like a hundred.
  2. postcorvus

    Rot Weiss Oberhausen fans

    2-1 final score
  3. postcorvus

    Time to New Season 2018/19

    Only 75 days to go.The Champions League Final, several play offs, the World Cup and countless friendlies. How will the football fan cope this summer without League Football?
  4. postcorvus

    Blast from the past

    And yet again after only 15 minutes in, it felt like Bury and Chesterfield . Non performance on the big stage.
  5. Never much news on a Sunday.
  6. postcorvus

    Tom Hopper

    Apparently Stewart Day felt guilty about paying some of our players twice a week last season.
  7. postcorvus

    Nicky Adams

    That's virgin on the ridiculous⛪
  8. postcorvus

    Nicky Adams

    Unfortunately this thread has sent me Up and around the Bend.
  9. postcorvus

    Safe Standing

    Barrels of roasted chestnuts. That's what we've been missing at Tuesday night matches. I remember in 1925..............
  10. postcorvus

    Nicky Adams

    Would have had more credence if you had said it was your granny🚺
  11. postcorvus

    Blast from the past

    Shane Byrne is the Brackley kingpin this season. As a former Shaker ,hope he does well but not too well at Wembley tomorrow.
  12. postcorvus

    Jay Spearing

    Not another 5' 8'' and three quarters.
  13. postcorvus

    Jay Spearing

    Neal Bishop worth a look. If only for reviving the old Barnet chant 'Let's all bash the bishop'
  14. postcorvus

    Safe Standing

    And they often used to score in those happy days.
  15. postcorvus

    Nick Pope

    For Suffuck sake how many more times.