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  1. Yes, Lowe expects a minimum five year contract.
  2. We've got a stay of execution for a month to get a sale of the club through. But still that leaves the players and club staff in limbo without any pay or sign of it forthcoming, I don't know how much of a team we will have left by then if something isn't sorted imminently
  3. Bit of a joke that the ticket office has been closed for 5 days prior to the deadline for the early bird sales, but then the full club is a bit of a joke at the minute. I have two to renew, whether they will be done now I don't know. I had chance to go in Friday or Saturday.
  4. I have one adult and one child available. First come first served. Can not make tomorrow evening. Will sell separately.
  5. This is an outstanding idea ,and I think how our club needs to be run. It may be easier to get 1500 people to pledge 2k ? As do we have 3000 fans with a spare £1000 ? You then get a share in the club , until further down the line at some point we may be in a position to pay anything back. I would pledge 2k.
  6. A four nil win for Tranmere on Tuesday a d 3-0 win at Crawley would see them overtake us if we drew v port vale.unlikely but possible.
  7. I agree 100%, I really don't think this is his plan, I think he is limited to what he can say due to legalities, how much do you think our monthly wage bill has spiralled to under day ? £250 k ? That is not an easy amount to get your hands on in cash ? Why do you think the bank accounts are frozen ? Who is behind this ? It's not Chris Brass and is clearly not the players. I really can't see Bury council granting planning permission for any sort of development at gigg lane if it was done underhand as people are suggesting.
  8. This is all absolute bollocks, you are killing a man who has took over with good intentions. Have a look at what day has left, there are a lot of legalities to what he can say about a man who has defrauded people out of 27 million pound. If we go it will be down to one person.
  9. If anybody missed it, I will summarise and save you fifteen minutes, "there have been a lot of bumps in the road" was repeated quite a few times.
  10. Early bird phase 1, 5th April to 5th may. It's now the 14th April, no renewal letters have been sent out as have previously , that is the first I saw yesterday. It does have the option of paying by credit card though, which is a good thing, unless the advert was made prior to the bank accounts being frozen. Quite a large increase after 5th May, concession jumps from £140 to £225. That is around 60% increase.
  11. Looking at the table and the fixtures, 15 more points from 27 will almost certainly put us up. It would need two great runs from Mansfield and mk to finish above us. They would both either have to go unbeaten with 6 wins and 2 draws or win 7 of there last 8 games. If we were to finish level on points there is a decent goal difference advantage at the minute, i know that can change Come on Bury, see it through and get over the line.
  12. You get the league title, a big trophy to drink out of after the final game, you can put it on your honours list, and I wouldn't mind a shirt next year that says champions 2018- 19. I want the league.
  13. I remember that game, I think Oldham may have beat us 1-0, maybe matt smith scoring, it was a big game with both teams near the bottom of the table, Oldham did have a big following that night, must have been close to 5k.
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