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  1. We all should be thanking all the Forever Bury volunteers who ran the Car Boots over the years, especially Derek Bolton who has been involved since there inception and has practically been doing the job single handed for the last couple of years at the grand age of 70+. The down side is that Bury FC, via Forever Bury, will be something like £7000 worse off next season as a result. The upside, Derek gets a well deserved rest. A point to note; Derek and the volunteers have never had a word of gratitude from any of the Bury FC regimes in charge since Forever Bury started the Car Boots some fifteen years ago. A point I have raised on a number of occasions.
  2. Anyone notice that Danny's nomination is the only one from League Two. He's got my (and the wife's) vote. Good luck Danny.
  3. Surprised Sam didn't make the cut, looked like he had the makings of a good prospect. Perhaps he will show this as he develops at another club. Good luck to all of them.
  4. Well deserved IMO. Of the three spells he's been with us, I suggest that this has been his best.
  5. Schadenfreude. And I agree with Singaporeshaker; surely we are better than that?
  6. Liked the quote, 'luckily we don't have to play that quality every week'.
  7. From bitter past experience, I'm of the opinion that nothing should be given for free. Such a gesture has the danger of bringing undesirable characteristics out in human nature. Far better to do as Kentshaker suggests and put some value on what is being offered, such as a discount or cost price. In this case, heavily discounted fares may well have enticed good numbers of fans, while allowing the offer to be unlimited. All this aside, I'm sure we all hope that those sacrificing 10-12 hours to support our team at Cheltenham next week are rewarded with another memorable victory. Well done you Shakers.
  8. Well constructed unbiased article; just surprised it was in the Guardian.
  9. Oh dear! Personally, they can call us whatever they like as long as it's financially beneficial to the Club and helps us get back to financial stability. Rather some call us silly names than have to let Danny Mayor et al leave.
  10. Think we should leave this decision to the manager; he's been getting most things right recently.
  11. How many boxes does a match have to tick. Another chance to watch an entertaining match winning Bury side, the semi-final of a national competition, pitting ourselves again against another very good League One team, the chance of winning another £50K for Mr Dale's rescue fund, the possibility of a trip to Wembley (arguably one of the best Stadiums in the World), being on Sky television, and most importantly being able to support the mighty Shakers. I'll be there.
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