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  1. Black Prince

    Time to redevelop Gigg lane ?

    True, but could be solved by pedestrian access through Starkies. Permission for this being in the gift of the Council. IMO a move that should have been offered years ago if for no other reason than public safety.
  2. Black Prince

    Jim Iley Best 11, in tribute

    Pashley signed by Iley in 1983, while he inherited Kennedy who left in 1982; both would be vying for Jim's best left back. However, Terry Pashley was a little more versatile as he could play left half (left sided midfield for our younger members). He also had a tremendous left foot shot.
  3. Black Prince

    Matchday: Bury v Fleetwood Town 13-11-2018

    Not sure were the £46 K comes from. My understanding Bury has so far received £40K; £20K for participating in the competition and £10K per win. There is of course also their share of the various gate receipts; is this were the extra £6K comes from? A further £20K if we win the next round; happy days. Anyone fancy a trip to St James Park? In passing, I really enjoyed tonight's game, slightly different personnel but the same effort, determination and clinical finishing. My MoM, Neil Danns for his first half performance in particular. Mr Edwards also deserves praise for another CheckaTrade solid performance.
  4. Black Prince

    FA Youth Cup 2nd Round

    I agree, Callum Hulme MoM and probably the best player on the pitch this evening, a real prospect, but he needs to cut out the petulance, he may easily have got himself needlessly sent off. As for the match, Bury started hesitantly but grew into the game as the first half progressed and by half time IMO were looking the better team, albeit not by much. However, following the break and the second goal, Bury looked pretty comfortable, playing with energy, confidence and no little skill. Fleetwood were a decent test, but Bury were that little bit better. Ryan Kidd needs congratulating AGAIN for the way he has unearthed another crop of talented youngsters and got them playing in his trade mark fashion, full of energy, organised and entertaining.
  5. Both Maynard and Mayor are on the list of six players nominated for the Bristol Street Motors Player of the Month. Because of this, it would seem likely that neither will win as the Shakers fans vote will be split. I suggest therefore seeing Maynard is already up for the Sky Bet Player of the Month, Shakers fans should consolidate their votes behind Danny. I hope Nicky will not hold this suggestion against me as I am sure if he carries on the way he is going he will be nominated again this season. Of course this is only a suggestion, you may vote any way you wish.
  6. Black Prince


    Would love to see him back in a Bury shirt. Fingers crossed.
  7. Black Prince

    Let's hear it for Lenny

    Total now an unbelievable £1464, with a wonderful donation from Chris Lucketti and his colleagues at Salford City FC.
  8. Black Prince

    Shots in our last 3 games

    Northampton Town!
  9. A well deserved reward, but more importantly it's really nice to see Danny happy and obviously enjoying himself and his football again. This shines through in this excellent interview. Keep smiling Danny, it suits you.
  10. Black Prince

    F.A. Cup Draw

    Same prices as for the Woking replay last season. Hopefully it won't be the same performance!
  11. Black Prince

    Time to redevelop Gigg lane ?

    Who's last word was this? As I can't see how this could be correct, even if somebody was to gift the Club the land that was needed.
  12. Black Prince

    Lowey on New Deals

    Relating to the issue of paying up an existing contract, it is my understanding that the primary benefit to a Club is the savings that can be made on National Insurance payments. This saving has to be balanced against the need to find/finance an early lump sum payment to the contract holder. It is for these reasons why paying up contracts are generally restricted to the final months of a contract i.e. less than six months. Obviously the timing for individual contracts differ. With regard to Jermaine Beckford, I hope the above issue does not need to be considered, but rather he regains his fitness and is able to be in contention for a place in the team. As many of us know he has the potential to be prolific in league two and his contribution to the team (when fit) has never been in question. No criticism to Telford or Dagnall, but a run of games with Beckford and Maynard up front would be frightening for league two defenders.
  13. Black Prince

    Let's hear it for Lenny

    Total now up to £1135. Fantastic efforts.
  14. Black Prince

    Byron Moore

    Yes, but not me. However, the manager did say in his last interview that a couple of players who have been injured may be available for Saturday; perhaps Byron is one of them.