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  1. Black Prince

    Will Ferry Article

    Got sent this link from a Saints fan; quite interesting.
  2. Black Prince

    January Rumours

    Harsh; thought he did OK for us, but hope he has an off day next week.
  3. Three excellent free iFollow interviews on the main site with Aaron Skinner, Ryan Kidd and Lee Dykes. Stand out point for me is that I wouldn't like to be around Ryan Kidd when his team loses. 😉
  4. Black Prince

    Accrington on Tuesday

    Thompson was a class act (again) last night; our best defender by some way.
  5. Black Prince

    Lavery's Injury

    Looked like he tweeked a thigh muscle when crossing the ball into the box; if so he'll be lucky to be right for Saturday, but what do I know. Unlucky injury for Caolan as he was playing well, but as it turned out lucky for the team as Maynard turned the game; or was it just a coincidence?
  6. Black Prince

    Checkatrade prize money....

    IMO you are wrong. All those players tonight (both Bury and Accy) wanted to win, and the Bury players looked very happy that they did. The Bury supporters that were there had also witnessed a super game of skillful football; probably our best performance this season. I am also sure that Mr Dale was also very happy with the win as well as the additional £40K which he didn't have to fork out to keep the Club running. The £100K we have gained from the Checkatrade this season is the same as getting through to the fourth round of the FA Cup, when was the last time we did that!
  7. Black Prince

    Who is better?

  8. Black Prince

    Next three League games

    We all want to win every game, but in the context of staying in the promotion race three draws would be far from disastrous.
  9. Black Prince

    Accrington on Tuesday

    The responses to this thread just shows what a difficult job the manager has got in his selections for Tuesday. When all things are taken in to account it's probably his toughest decision since he took the job.
  10. Black Prince

    January Rumours

    Barnsley sold Bradd Potts (midfield) to PNE on Thursday. Maybe looking at Styles as a replacement.
  11. As they say 'Don't shoot the messenger'. Tottyboy raises a number of valid unpalatable points that most of us know need to be addressed. The positive side is that someone has stepped forward willing to stabilise the situation while addressing the deficit (whatever it is). Had this not happened the consequences would no doubt have been dire. Best not ignore the problems, better to face them and support those who have stepped forward to try and rectify the situation.
  12. Black Prince


    I recall a conversation with Neville around 1997 when he revealed how much easier it was to raise money on the commercial side once we were in the second tier. I don't know for certain, but I'd assume that the same logic would apply when going from the fourth to the third tier (but obviously not to the same extent).
  13. Black Prince


    Accepting I have no inside knowledge of wage levels, or the Club's imperative for cash following the take over; I estimate it would not be worth while letting Danny leave in January for a fee less than £250K. This is based on Danny being the prime mover for the Club to attain direct promotion, providing a minimum additional revenue of £400K, or a playoff spot providing addition playoff gate revenues and possibly the £400K from promotion. Not forgetting, should this occur, there would be additional revenues from gates towards the end of the season. (Should we gain promotion the Club may then be in a position to offer Danny an improved contract.) This is balanced against the cost of him not signing a new contract and leaving at the end of the season, guess £75K.
  14. Black Prince

    January Rumours

    I think you are overlooking the most important requisite that trumps all other considerations in such a scenario; money.
  15. Black Prince

    Let's hear it for Lenny

    £1730 now raised, within touching distance from R11's next target.