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  1. Kacc

    Cricket and Match Scheduling.

    The whole cricket calendar is a complete shambles. I'd start again with a blank sheet of paper and; Play all Championship games in Apr, May, June and half of July - the top division (9 teams) playing 16 4-day games with two days inbetween - the second (9 teams) playing 20 3-day games with two days inbetween thus allowing the *smaller* counties to have their week's festival back. It would mean- save for the one-day tournament - a schedule without interference and everyone can concentrate on + several proper games for Test players to get into form. The rest of July and first half of August (scho hols) would be for 20/20, Tests etc and the 20/20 finals. There would be a 60-overs knockout cup after 30 (1st rd) 60 (QF) 90 (SF) days when both leagues converge with a final August bank holiday weekend. The franchise nonsense can be played in September when everyone has gone back to watching football, rugby, Supermarket Sweep or next door's cat having a wee in the garden. Which would be far more entertaining than Franchise 100 ballsup. September could also host relagation playoffs with the third-from bottom playing the third from top top; second bottom playing second top over 5 days and the winners go up/stay up.
  2. Don't forger arch-Brexiter John Redwood MP - no I don't remember him either - advised people to take their money out of the UK https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/nov/13/labour-accuses-john-redwood-of-talking-britain-down so no worries about Brexit being successful then. For someone who can take his personal fortune to some island somewhere.
  3. Kacc

    2026 World Cup.

    If Russia are one of the worst teams on paper there, think they are below Greenmount second's in the world rankings, what the ££££'s are Saudi doing there? As for the bid, it goes to three countries so I assume all three will qualify? Time for the United Brexitdom to make a fresh bid, although no doubt Scotland would begger up their chances of playing by leaving the UK before 2026. Still, Alderney can stand in. June 20, 2026 (KO 4.36am) Sauldi Arabia 1, Alderney Girl Guides 4. Was a howler by Melanie (12) in goal who let one slip through her hands.
  4. Kacc

    World Cup Previews

    That group A is so weak even Scotland could get out of it.
  5. Might also be Scotland's only sunny day of the year, so all troop up and make the most of it! Hope the game's streamed live somewhere too.
  6. Kacc

    Northern trains.

    Gon't get me started on first bus. The 501 - in winter the drivers refused to put the heating on, every time claiming it was "broken" (although their cabs were nice and warm). They chopped and changed routes which were popular and needed - 519 Johnson Fold to town passed Morrisons, doctors surgeries and a couple of schools. Gone. No replacement, the new line goes into town via a completely different route. Residents now have to walk over half-a-mile or more to the 126 on the main road.
  7. Kacc

    Northern trains.

    Living in that town with a bloody big supermarket at the end of it (and not much owt) my biggest critisism of the whole thing is that to get from Bolton to the airport or central Manchester there is either a crawl in a car if you have one, or the train, or (to central Manc but not the airport)the No8 which takes over an hour.. When the trains are down there's simply no other way which makes things worse for commuters. It's not as if the rail has two companies so when one goes down the other can step in. We used to have a regular bus - 300 or 500 I think - which went form Bolton to Stockport via the airport - no sign of it now. I want to know why a town of 250k people and 20 miles away can't have a direct and regular bus to the airport?
  8. Kacc

    Northern trains.

    https://theconversation.com/fact-check-do-new-eu-rules-make-it-impossible-to-renationalise-railways-61180 Must admit, after reading all that I'm no wiser! Maybe this will help https://labourlist.org/2017/07/from-trains-to-energy-labour-can-deliver-nationalisation-within-the-single-market/
  9. Kacc

    Northern trains.

    Good luck!
  10. Kacc

    Northern trains.

    You'd have to be on another planet to not know how this wonderful little choo-choo company is performing lately. So yet another "aren't you glad you live in Bury and not Bolton" to add to the list! But if you do have to use the failways, you have my full sympathy. Any stories greatly appreciated!!
  11. Kacc


    You can bet when the fixtures come out we get a decent one in August, say exeter away, everyone books their Saturday night....and Sky shift it to Monday at stupid-o'clock.
  12. Quiet day for Day again then! Would we be working on the law-of-averages principle that if we buy/loan 100 players, one might be Harry Kane? Don't think it works like that though!
  13. It was a slow day....
  14. This occured to me watchi g one of those youtube funnies when this happened in American egg-shaped football. A player gets up from a tackle with the ball but confused....and starts to head towards his own goal with the intent of shooting. his own defender sees that and as he's about to shoot into his own net, pulls him down. Does the defender get a red card for denying a goal oppoprtunity?? If it's a back-pass that went wrong and was punched over the bar by a defender then yes... I suppose. But is a ref allowed to read someone's mind that he was confused and going to shoot (or that he's been knobbled by a betting ring) or could he assume that at some stage he'd see his own goalie and realise just in time??