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  1. Who'll notice the difference? Luckily if they don't show up and their oppos get 3 - 0 wins it doesn't have any affect on promotion or relegation. But suppose it did...then what (assuming the games didn't get played or Bolton didn't put effort into the games?)
  2. I'd rather people simply shoot the pidgies rather than cause long and unnecessary suffering. Again, like many, I enjoy the wood pidgies, foxes and whatever else appears in the garden, waited for an hour last night (camera in hand) for hedgehog to turn up but the little monkey didn't! However, like everyone else they can be a nuisance and eat crops, destroy other's nests, spread disease etc; and I don't know the answer other than to allow farmers to shoot to preserve stock - but not anyone for pure game. If Bury had an animal/bird/fish as it's emblem, what would it be? Lesser Spotted Fithyrichus Chairush??
  3. Yes, realised that and deleted my post just as you were writing!!!! If FGR win both they could have a better GD than us if we won neither
  4. Deleted post - forgot about FGR coming up on the blind side. This is flaming worse than the numbers game in Countdown.
  5. Bought a month's sub for Sky Sports to cover the start of the cricket season via NowTV - and haven't watched a game yet. (Tip - don't pay the £33.99 monthly fee - get a £25 voucher from Argos). All Lancashire's games have been streamed for free (albeit one fixed camera, but with a scoreboard and commentary that's just fine) - but the point is Sky have the rights to county championship and one-day county games - and don't ruddy well show them (OK, a couple of cup games but games have been played all weekend and not shown like yesterday). So, dear Sky, if you don't want to show the games, then don't bid for the rights and let someone else have them who will. It's a bit like Virgin having control of the railway but not putting any trains on. Just imagine if they had the rights to 130 Premiergreed games, but showed less than half....grrrr. Rant over.
  6. I'll try and find that on the web, sounds great! BTW just bought a pair of binoculars so I can stare at tits all afternoon in close-up, they're wonderful. What??? Note to Myra - hedgehog comes round for his supper regularly half-an-hour after sunset.
  7. Typical bloody Bury, get it wrong again, it wasn't supposed to be the players invading the stands!
  8. Just watching the video, I think we owe the liner a pint. If he was offside, by the faintest of margins!!
  9. Tranmere's % is remarkably low, if they beat us and, say, Col U beat MK (and they could well) then they are in with one heck of a chance of overhauling both us and MK.
  10. Despite everyone getting the 3 - 3 Mansfield last minute update; it was 3 - 2 as it was disallowed - yay!! - and Oldham still have a chance of a playoff place and are on a superb run themselves. Hope they make it; as long as it's not at our play-off expense - a good local derby next season if we go up; add Fail, Accrington, Fleetwood and Blackpool it looks a tasty season. Oh, and what'stheirnames if they're still around.? Mind you, we have some bills to pay over the summer, promotion is a necessity if we're to flog those season tickets and get some cash in. But some of those derbies is guaranteed TV money - could Sky pass over Bury/Bolton or Bury/Blackpool??
  11. This time a live feed on Twitterbook of the players coach returning - the whole journey please!! Of course, what goes on in the coach stays in the coach (until the operation).
  12. Colchester are at H to MKD next sat and they are just outside the playoffs so there's plenty in it for them.
  13. All teams could end up on 77 points (MK L, D; MAN L, D; BURY L, L FGR W, D), and currently we should go up in third unless there are some ridiculous scores (ie we lose to Tran 0 - 5). However if MK and MAN lose next Sat and either wins that last game we would be third if FGR lose either game. But if we lose to Tranmere then they are in with a shout of 78 points and sneaking in above us. But what are the odds on the results going right again next sat ans we get promoted at Tranmere again?
  14. That one goal could make a huge difference as MKD have a goal difference of 23 and Bury now 26. If both MKD (narrowly) and Mansfield win next Sat they would both be on 79; so if we lost next sat and Mansfield/MKD drew they would finish on 80 so a Bury win v Port Vale would see us claim that third spot on GD. If either MKD or Mansfield get defeated they can only get 79 (we have 77) so GD would only come into it if we drew next Sat and drew v PV. Or something. the nightmare senarios would be - Mansfield/MKD playing for a draw is MK's GD is sufficient - or even worse Vale fans singing something like "five goals...you only need five goals". let's score six then!!
  15. Would help if any skippers tossing the ball to Croft were hit on the head by a block of concrete the size of Wales. Jennings is useful and Jones showed against Notts he knows what a length is. But Croft with the bat has been a revelation compared to the last couple of years, might as well keep him in at three for the rest of the season; at least in the 20's and 50's. But don't give him the ball. Just don't.
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