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  1. Kacc

    More Notlob trouble

    I think he was slightly mis-understood, he's searching for someone called Friday to pay the bills.
  2. Kacc

    Winding Up Hearing Tomorrow

    I think if people want a bit of ridicule, I can suggest a postcode in London for that!!!
  3. Kacc

    Winding Up Hearing Tomorrow

    Would FC 8URY be legal?
  4. Kacc

    Brexit explained (specifically for Ryan)

    Hands up if you'd like a go at running the Tory Party and becoming PM. Me, me me. We remain in the EU, we would have PR at the next election, and all TV programmes based on "zelebrities" would be banned. Vote For Me.
  5. Kacc

    Winding Up Hearing Tomorrow

    Well at least he had a plate. A car drove past me yesterday with none, and I don't think Her Maj goes up New Hall Lane very often. Seems the in thing is to nick plates and then go off on one so the real owner hasn't a clue until they check their car - or get the summons. Eeek - why can't playes be etched into cars like wot they are on the windows/frame??
  6. Kacc

    Club sold announcement Monday

    As long as he hasn't got a kid who fancies a game. As for bringing players back, I wouldn't deny Nooge or Schmicheal a game! But I don't want the squad oevrlaoded with 30-somethings unless thye are really up to the challenge.
  7. Kacc

    Christmas Markets

    I'm doing my bit. Taking mummy to her old folks (hey, some of them are older than me!) Xmas party, and then at 4pm that's it. Finished. Xmas done and dusted. Start looking at summer holidays I can't afford - that's if half the airlines are still running, no names but how do you spell FlyBe??
  8. Kacc

    Club sold announcement Monday

    Well there's plenty of that under the Manny Road end!
  9. Kacc

    Club sold announcement Monday

    Surely we can blame Day and Lowe for Brexit?
  10. Kacc

    Club sold announcement Monday

    If anyone DID take over, what would they take over for? To get a club with a capacity of 11k into the Premier and rely on TV money? To keep the club afloat in the 3rd/4th divisions? To sell the ground and move to a smaller stadium and keep any profit? I can't see why anyone would WANT the club. The ground, yes.
  11. Kacc

    Club sold announcement Monday

    Yes, what happened to that "buy the car-park" thingy??
  12. Kacc

    Club sold announcement Monday

    Apparantly the PM Theresa May will be adressing Parliament this afternoon at 3.30, presumably it will be an emergency statement to the House clarifying that Bury isn't being taken over. Actually if SHE said that I'd start to worry....
  13. Kacc

    Club sold announcement Monday

    In my day if you wanted to know about anything you asked the dinner ladies.
  14. Amazingly we still can't break into the top three - and we're still two points off! Three big games coming up and Mansfield (a) on Boxing Day hot! 3 of the next 4 away, I'd take 7 points right now.