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  1. Better than you thought in August, worse, par?? Discuss.
  2. Kacc

    Bury FC Flag in Croatia

    Bury and England. The lad needs either a medal or psychiatric counselling. Way to go that man.
  3. Kacc

    Bury V Crewe matchday

    Just about to come on and say sack the manager, the team's rubbish, Day Out and they spoil it by going and scoring. 1 - 1. My feelings now are if they go behind, as opposed to the last goodness knows how ling, is we will come back.
  4. Kacc


    If someone could mow a political symbol across the Wembley pitch, we could be spared the "England Band" again when they play behind closed doors.
  5. Kacc

    Crewe away 1994

    1999 - that's SO last century. **Wish we could have that stand at Gigg!!
  6. Kacc

    Crewe away 1994

    I remember, way back, sitting in Crewe's tiny wooden main stand (very similar to Rochdale's, a main stand not fit for the Unibond League!) and IIRC it had a small paddock in front? Would their new stand have been built by 94? I doubt it...anyone??
  7. Kacc

    The Doctor.

    What, Jon Pertwee's a she? Does he know?? Hopefully Jayne Bond will one day make an appearance as 007. That Uma Thurman would have made a great job 10 years ago; haven't a clue who's who in the world of movies films these days, but I do know some now have sound. They'll have 3D one day.
  8. Kacc

    More Notlob trouble

    Still there and must be the exception that proves the rule. Probably outlive all the trendy boom-boom bars that come and go down Bradshawgate. At the other side there's the Alma, heavy rock pub with friendly punters, and there's that real ale pub deep inside the Vaults, ironically the one decent place to drink in hits you with a long walk to the bogs!! But that's about it, not worth leaving Bury for.
  9. Kacc

    More Notlob trouble

    For no good reason I was in Bolton town centre last Friday evening around 9.30-10 ish (pm) around the hotspots of Churchate/Deansgate. In my youth at that time virtually every one of the 20, what 30-odd pubs would be heaving, without exception. Friday - barely a soul. It looked like 9.30pm on a wet monday. Even the beggars have packed it in, the place is so dead. No passing trade. I will do a Friday or Saturday in Bury at some stage just to see the difference.
  10. Kacc

    The Doctor.

    Thought you were announcing you were lucky enough to get an appointment with one this week!! Anyway, this TV one, does he still live in a telephone box - and not have a mobile phone? Can we crowdfund him one, maybe a cheap job from Tescos?
  11. https://www.bartongrange.co.uk/flowerbowl/ Looking good. A while ago there was interest on here r/e curling and thought I'd remind everyone! Hope it gets well used and I'm gonna pop up and have a look when I can.
  12. https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/16966882.bolton-wanderers-are-served-with-winding-up-petition-from-hmrc/ They will pay their debts as usual - however Uncle Eddie was still helping them out just befire he dies so who knows? Reading down the article I came across this little beauty; Can some kind person translate the bit in bold into English for me please? Still don't know what "synergy" means so I've no chance with that lot.
  13. "Access denied". ......????? Is it out of date and has been removed?
  14. Kacc


    Layer Road; ramshackle, cramped, unsafe. Deeply missed!