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  1. Kacc

    Open manny rd or cemmy end

    Just a thought - and I suggested away fans in the MS; are there facilities for disabled away fans there? If not, then it's unlikely the disabled would be moved to the empty Cemmy to sit alone + carer.
  2. Kacc

    Open manny rd or cemmy end

    If we must, then keep the MRE closed and put the away fans in the main stand east - and Bury can have behind the goal and the SS.
  3. Kacc

    Open manny rd or cemmy end

    That's exactly why the away fans should be in there. We have one cantilever stand where there's no obstruction of the view, there's a bar and shelter underneath - and we give it to the away fans. It's bizarre. And the MRE 's not the worst away end ever, think of Accy (open air standing), Luton (a bloke's back yard), AFC Wimbledon (half a dozen steps) etc etc. EDIT and if we have home fans in the Cemmy and kick that way in the second half - climatically we would have the wind behind us most of the time!!
  4. Kacc

    Open manny rd or cemmy end

    Get the noise behind the goal where it should be!! Cemmy's better acoustically I'm told, could be the La Scala of the north.
  5. Kacc

    Open manny rd or cemmy end

    Simplest solution is to put the away fans in the Manny, and home fans in the Cemmy and make that the only area where "musical instruments of torture" can be taken in - meaning that's where the singers can go - but if they want to "banter" with the away fans by setting themselves up at the west end of the SS they can...but no drums, trumpets, triangles, grand pianos or flutes. Of course should the away gate warrant it, things can be swapped round so away gets the Cemmy and Main Stand east - that would be rare in our division now (save for the Owdum game)
  6. Probably have 3000 at this one and 10,000 at Wembley (if). Hopefully we won't be needing to go to Wembley twice within three months!
  7. Thanks everyone. Know what to do now, as long as the penalties don't take a fortnight.
  8. Can you help - if the Portsmouth game is tied after 90'; does it go straight to pens or do we have e/t and then pens if necc? Reason I'm asking is I want to book care for mum and don't want to book the extra half-hour if it's not in the rules. Thanks!!
  9. In those seats the Libdems would have to stand down to give the breakaways a fighting chance. They then might get the vote to keep the Tory out if voters go tactical. But if that happens then they should (re)form the SDP and unite, so we could have the L&SDP as one.
  10. And look at the state the country's in. I blame us, Myra, all our fault *sobs*. Sorry, everyone. But to be fair to us, Screaming Lord Sutch died years ago so we had to vote for someone else.
  11. Well they are certainly putting themselves first in this Brexit debacle. I'm so disillusioned with politics as a whole then next time I probably won't vote, and I have voted in every election (general and local) since I turned 18 in 1893.
  12. The horizon on the cloud is if May gets an extension to A50 that might only be agreed upon by the EU if we have an election. That could, ultimately, mean more Tories and more ERG nut-jobs to feed the frenzy of the cultish Brexit voters. On the other hand, if MP's see this looming then they might just vote for the deal and hope that the negotiations in the next two years bring some kind of EU alignment Norway-style. So in summary - the break-away has possibly made May's deal more likely to be passed. But if it brings to an end this shoddy first-past-the-post system for PR then that's something.
  13. Not sure. I'd be skipping if seven had left the Tories. I want to get shut of Corbyn; I'd much prefer Labour to be the centre-left it was under Blair, and it was doing OK until the crash. Corbyn has dilly-dallied over Brexit, keeps saying "few/many" like May's "strong and oops" which is meaningless, and now it's clear he's pro Brexit albeit a softer one than Mays. McDonnel frightens the living daylights out of me - I can see my savings and possible inheritance disappearing rapidly if he gets in charge. I was wholly in favour of when the original gang of four broke away from Foot (SDP) and IIRC I think I joined the SDP for a wee while. May still have been a student at the time. Whether this breakaway will make any difference to labour as a whole or Corbyn's patheticness in particular time will tell. I do hope the centre of the Tories join them....but there should be by-elections.
  14. Kacc

    Shamima Begum

    One good thing about Brexit - if she's convicted of anything related to terrorism, she won't be allowed to travel to the EU and other Schengen countries for 20 years under the ETIAS system. Just don't understand why WE should put up with her. She should stay in Syria.
  15. And he were offside, they didn't have the not-active rule in place then. Not only that, they were arguing whether the ball went under or over the crossrope. Elton Welsby showed the highlights on Kick-Off. If I remember rightly, Nazereth's following away game at Ararat was called off due to flooding and they muddled up the vouchers.