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  1. Kacc

    Hard luck tonight..

    How many Bury fans there?
  2. Kacc

    Prestwich Heys--the 35 year itch!

    Notice the BBC are streaming a game from each round, including the first qualifying round yesterday. PH v Radders would be a great choice for the next round, they seem to like tasty local derbies; wonder if they know how close they are?
  3. Think it's important we don't get hammered v Forest if they play their first team, be nice to be competitive there and take it forward.
  4. Kacc

    RIP Sweet Caroline?

    Don't want to frighten you all too much, but there's a techno version of Sweet Bloody Caroline on youtube. Meanwhile, Neil Diamond had a bit with "Song Sung Blue" which if it were a bit more lively would be more Bury? That's when we wore proper blue instead of this messy kid's paint mix job we have now. Pah. Still, 100% record in it, who am I to moan?? Can anyone explain why, at the part of the season games come thick and fast with cups and everything, yesterday was blank? I bet there's a midweek February Tuesday game which could have been played yesterday and instead everyone's twiddling with their sweet Caroline.
  5. Kacc

    England v India

    So much for my prediction of a tie! Game over within four days (again) makes me think we should be seriously considering 4-day tests, with more overs/day (105) which makes it easier to have back-to-back games (ie get a day spare). On the negative side slow over-rates means the days will go well into floodlights in the evening* - to speed up over-rates I'd try a system where after the first hour, if you are behind 15 oph then the bowlers are limited to a 10m run up (remember Sunday League rules??) until the time has caught up. *Yes, I know there's pink-ball cricket to overcome this; but in the UK it's still light enough for red balls at 7.30pm so if they'd get their overs in as above - there shouldn't be a worry + floodlights adding to the natural light.
  6. Kacc

    Bucket List

    I'd love to walk around the Monaco circuit, rather than do it using google streetview!!
  7. Kacc

    Building work going at gigg ??

    Don't worry, Lowe will let them go home eventually.
  8. Kacc

    stuck for Christmas prezzies?

    Bury? Who are all those people behind the goal??
  9. Kacc

    Now's our chance

    No option for "would you like the front of the main stand tidied up" grrrr. Wouldn't have thought the club will take much notice of the answers; was there an opportunity to say you never got served after 2.30 in the SC as it's too busy - which is in itself a good thing of course - being understaffed?
  10. Kacc

    Southport away on Saturday

    Sure it wasn't just heavy rain?? Southport "by the sea" should be sued under the Trades Description Act! Does a tram/train run along the pier like wot the Isle of Wight has?
  11. Kacc


    Sounds more like what he stuffed into a brown bag!
  12. Kacc

    Dr. Bumbum arrested in Brazil.

  13. Kacc

    The Pitch

    Couldn't we just have kept his badge?
  14. Yes, I'm confused....there are arrangements with other countries but it would be illegal under EU rules for the UK to freeze the pensions of any Brit in the EU; but after Brexit who knows??
  15. Can you expand on that - thanks!