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  1. Bobby Collins

    Tell us more...
  2. The fall of Bury FC

    Perish the thought - the clubs once could have merged to become Manchester North West or something, and I often wonder what if.....the combined team got into the Premiership with a 25000 capacity stadium? But "smaller" clubs do make the Premier, even if there's shedloads of dosh behind them such as Bournemouth. Bury have to move, got to be "trendy" amongst the locals, got to be a community club where facilities can be used all week, and ad to that for those south in the borough we now have yet another rival...Non-League Manure cheekily calling themselves Salford.
  3. The King in Waiting

    Though next-in-line was David Beckham? At least it's not Ant. Or Deck. Whatever. But more flippantly they need to be seriously audited and every penny should be explained and if it's "unreasonable" then they pay they get their state allowances dropped accordingly. I certainly don't want Charles as HoS; time to skip a generation as you say. And Buck Palace would make a decent youth hostel.
  4. Brexit

    Voted Libdem in 10 Tory in 15 Labour in 17. So I suppose I'm a floating voter!
  5. Brexit

    The point I'm making is we're leaving the EU to be able to make deals - but we can already make those deals within the EU. Because we have done just that. It's barmy.
  6. Brexit

    Trains built in Spain for us - the new ones are now in Czech doing trials....why? We can build trains I'm sure. Have all the factories been shut down? Or are we too expensive in so far as wages are too high? Therefore....wages are too high so people don't have a job....so high wages is an irrelevance. So...we stop imports and produce our own stuff, and pay high wages. So the trains we build for ourselves are paid for by the train companies who pass on the extra cost to the passenger who then can't afford to travel to work. On the other hand; Rees-Mogg makes great play on that we will all benefit from cheaper goods imported from, well, China, India, Phillipines. Shoes, he mentioned. Cheap food from America as well. Which means...we can't produce our own as they would be too expensive, so no jobs that were supposed to be freed up by us blocking EU's coming here taking them all up. Manufacturing...farming...why employ them when we can eat chickens from the US drowned in chlorine? So - basically - what has Brexit actually voted for? There won't be any more jobs as we will be free to import cheap stuff from Taiwan. To me it's just a confusing ramble full of contradictions. "The EU ties down our hands in making overseas deals". Yet we happily sign off selling fighter jets to that well known seat of democracy and human rights, Saudi Arabia. Is there a club for all those of us utterly bewildered by it all? Reanwhile, Rees-Mogg and bis Brexit mates can enjoy the rest of theirs on some sunny tax-haven island.
  7. Go on, make your own gags up

    We've got it wrong. The five-year plan was 2016, 2022, 2025, 2031 and 2034. Makes sense now.
  8. Was it at a suitable height? Actually that's a good money-raising idea for Gigg. We could each have our names on the bricks in the loos, and take aim at all the messageboarders we don't like. What??
  9. New Zealand

    At least we've avoided having to play Ireland in their first test. We really should have a proper World Test Championship and then we'd know exactly where we stand. Maybe the points could be integrated with one-day and 20f20 results but we have now the crazy situation where experienced players are choosing white-ball cricket over first class, because it's more lucrative and a darned sight easier. Cricket is an anagram of madness.
  10. Brexit

    Hoey, Rees-Mogg and Fox do Brexit no favours at all. As for control, leaving the EU effectively means we have no control whatsover. Any laws and regulations concerning goods will have to be adhered to otherwise we simply can't sell or even import. Example, voltage limits on machines from vacumn-cleaners to whatever...we can make them but if they aren't standard with the EU's minimum then you've just lost 775m customers. At leats within the EU we can sit on committees and have a say. Our reaction these days is to throw fish into the Thames.
  11. Just imagine the postcard "Been to the Notre-Dame today....fantastic, the loo roll was three-ply"
  12. Brexit

    I have some sympathy with that - the worse OUT is the more chances of begging to go back in. But that's a long term thing, and in the middle term there are worries about pension provision, savings if there's a run on the pound, inflation and even entitlement to health care abroad. If leaving the EU but staying very closely aligned to it so it makes no difference will suit me, vive le lack of change. And the good news is that if we do OK in such a situation, remainers can claim it's because we were virtually in, and leavers can claim it's because we left. A country united again. But those genuinely wanting the "hard" option never, ever found a solution to the Irish Border issue, and indeed the government have admitted there is absolutely no infrastructure in place at any borders and more importantly, none is planned (Dover, Chunnel, Heathrow) to enforce a hard Brexit, and for that we can breathe a sigh of relief. That alone makes me feel that despite my worries, there was never going to be a hard Brexit - the cost and time to administer it would be prohibitive; and anyone thinking there was was conned again.
  13. The fall of Bury FC

    Why, is your car THAT embarrassing??
  14. The fall of Bury FC

    There's one line in there that stands out like a beacon - the sheer number of players we have used over the last 5 years. I am positive that's a major reason whey we are struggling - the sheer turnover of staff. Our policy seems to be "bring in a name and it will be alright". If that name hangs around, fine, but they come, score, go. If we are going down (again) I would be happier with a bunch of two-dozen youngsters and a bit of experience that we know will develop over the next three years or so. When has a club having such a turnover ever been successful?
  15. Go on, make your own gags up

    Dunno how to do gags in Japanese.