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  1. Booked my March respite hours for the evening of April 2nd!! Hope it's a warm and sunny late afternoon on Le Cote du Deux Tubs.
  2. Who is worse - Theresa May or The Scotland Men's Football Team?
  3. I THINK it's Labour keep the main withdrawl deal, but the political declaration part means we stay in/close relationship to the SM/CU which avoids the need for a backstop as it wouldn't be required, we could keep the border completely open. Also solves Gibraltar to a certain extent. We may also keep our freedom of movement - pointless dropping it when anyone can walk into the UK across that open border. Or, as Jeremy would say, "don't ask me, guv".
  4. Yeah, that's why I alluded to advanced tickets only, none on the day (a) for segregation and (b) to find out if it's "worth" opening r/e stewards/catering. There is another angle to this, suppose for a Saturday game the club expects 4000 home fans...and out of nowhere 7000 turn up? they can't go in the away end, so they would either be turned away or go into an unstaffed MRE. OK, it's a very unlikely senario but when you close off chunks of the ground (and remember a large amounts of seats are no-go zones) it is always a possibility.
  5. If we are allowed to offer offers for certain games without having to charge away fans the same; could we not open the MRE for this one game and make it a tenner for that end, available before the day of the game via the ticket office (to prevent segregation issues) and on-line to previous ticket buyers? The rest of the ground becomes usual prices? And if by the day of the game we have only sold, say, 100 then simply don't use the MRE and put them in the SS instead for their tenner?
  6. I thought of that, but remember in the past we used to play Friday, Saturday and Monday over easter! And if Sky came calling we'd be shifting games to suit them whether we liked it or not. That aside, recently haven't we found ourselves shifting Monday holiday games to Tuesday evenings to avoid the extra holiday payments?
  7. Can they play it the Tuesday before Easter when the bairns are on holiday and offer cheapies for kids with an adult anywhere in the ground?
  8. May and the Tories should have been up front right from the start - we aren't leaving without a deal. We can't, like it or not, it would decimate our businesses and what industry we have left. Can't be sugar-coated, we are in the world's largest trading block for a reason. Before the referendum they should have decided, and told us, what alternative deal they were looking for (might not get, but it's a plan) and put that to the public - do you want us to strike this deal with the EU or remain in? If the Tories leave without a deal, and the economy collapses around us, they will never be in power again. If the Tories scrap Brexit and go against the people's will, they will never be in power again. If they go for a soft Brexit and drop the stupid red lines, most of the British public might accept it as a compromise, and still never be in power again. It's why they are at war with each other, and the only way out (for them) is to hand the decision on the deal or no-deal back to us and wash their hands of it. But the only real alternative is a party that want's some kind of illusional soft Brexit themselves. On a lighter note, you know this Gammonrun fromted by the absent Farage? Bloke there marching, carrying the flag of the Isle of Man. What a berk, the IoM isn't in the EU, and they didn't vote in the ref. So how, exactly, can they be betrayed when they didn't have a vote and are out anyway? Does he want to join the EU?? Might be an idea.
  9. One of my fave away days, Huddersfield, with the added bonus of two pubs on this station (still??) and a nice bit of feline action there too (still?) So Myra also probably gives it the thumbs up! Bet you don't remember the trollybuses!
  10. Do for me Tommy. Nice to see Liverpool's Finest in the studio as well, didn't catch any summary afterwards, but surely Lowe was delighted with the draw?
  11. You mean in he pavilion while her husband was grazing away at third man? Wouldn't be the first. Or last.
  12. It's quite a job being a scorer at any level of cricket, doubly so at the top level, but there are usually two for the first-class game!
  13. I'd have been on it but I'd just nipped to the loo.
  14. What happened to that?? If there are any improvements to the stadium/pitch then they would need the room in the car park and much would be cordened off for safety reasons.
  15. That'll come in handy if we go up!
  16. They need 2.12 points per game to finish on 46 which should be safety; although the teams around them don't seem to want to win so it could be lower.
  17. Never catch on. My grandad loved turning out on Moss Bank Park in his pink/neon orange NoBalance's in the 1930's, and he always though it was a top idea to have refs in day-glo lime green as they didn't have floodlights then so he was easier to spot in the gloom.
  18. That keeper, he's one of our own! As opposed to Carlisle - he looked round and clearly saw the defender, and then gave him the ball!!
  19. Don't get your hopes up - they were in a similar state last season, and I think 2 - 1 down to Forest in the last 5 mins of the last game, and won and stayed up.Out of the three, I would put first (most likely) administration (with relegation automatic), followed liquidation, then relegation or staying up. Wouldn't be surprised if they go into admin the minute they think the points deduction is irrelevant; however aren't there rules about that??
  20. With the weather we've had today, we could make a killing selling blue-and-white lifevests in the shop. Might be useful for the players too, if they go down after a heavy challenge they'd simply bob up eventually. Even better if they've caught a trout down there.
  21. Surely by now our fishing quotas have been reached?
  22. Think a Mansfield loss would be perfect - five points clear and a home game in hand. Wouldn't mind a draw either. Any news of the re-arrangement? Doubt it would be either side of Easter so not many gaps left.
  23. Bolton being stuffed 3 - 0.
  24. The woman who should send a certain PM and her horrid government to the Tower for bribery and corruption.
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