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  1. Are you sure that's not an UKIP meeting??!!
  2. Kacc

    Forest Green away

    Beat me to it, I was gonna write pretend you're a Bolton fan and get the best seats! Meanwhile, I hope to hear a few choruses of "Agent Parky, he's one of our own".
  3. If this changes politics for good, and it means smaller parties more representative of the population; and more coalition meaning we don't get extreme austerity again; and PR being the mainstay of that then I'm all for it. On the one hand leavers say Brussels is "undemocratic" yet here we have a system where in a constituency of 70k, 25k vote in an MP and the remaining votes are completely wasted - and only those living in marginals have any say in who runs the country and how.
  4. Orient 2, Bury 3 with that late comeback and final goal from David Lee! *Think* did it guarantee us a place in the playoffs (calling Sad Anorak)??
  5. Kacc

    You do realise....

    Bloody Rubbish, Bury. Oh, hang on, we came back from 3 - 1 down against the second-placed team and won 4 - 3. Wahey!!!!!!!!! (And Bolton lost....) Might just get a half in tonight!
  6. Interesting, and unfortunately I'm old enough to remember all these proposals. The Bolton one strikes out as, if my measuring tool is correct, they now play further away from Bolton town hall than they would have sharing a ground with us somewhere around Radcliffe! In fact they may well soon be asking if a bigger and more financially sound club, Chorley, would like to share the Reecon!! Where would Bolton be now if Eddie Davies hadn't bankrolled them, and how much of the Premiergreed windfall has gone - and where did it go?
  7. Kacc


    A geordie taken under our wings! Thanks for the sunshine Dianne, RIP.
  8. Damn, damn and damnation. Can't Rochdale win ANYTHING????
  9. The most number of times a club has been re-elected?
  10. https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/16966882.bolton-wanderers-are-served-with-winding-up-petition-from-hmrc/ They will pay their debts as usual - however Uncle Eddie was still helping them out just befire he dies so who knows? Reading down the article I came across this little beauty; Can some kind person translate the bit in bold into English for me please? Still don't know what "synergy" means so I've no chance with that lot.
  11. Kacc

    Lincoln (h)

    Great to see that we've been chosen for TV - awful for the (admittedly few) fans that will have booked advanced train tickets - Lincoln and long-distance Bury fans. Two week's notice is ridiculous and Sky should compensate those fans who can prove they are financially disadvantaged - eg if they have to change their train ticket Sky should compensate the difference - in this case to Lincoln who appear to be compensating their own fans as alluded to.
  12. Kacc

    Windows 10.

    Just bought an all in one pc from Lenn... John Lewis and returned it as the HD was making, er, strange noises. However while I had it for a day I set it up, you know the sort of thing, a photo of the old floodlights as desktop, and it's windows bloody 10 of course and I hate it almost as much as Bolton. If the thing had worked I would have wiped it and installed 7. Lose support? I have an xp in my bedroom and it's doing just fine.
  13. Duckworth-Lewis is easier...
  14. Kacc

    More Notlob trouble

    Their lowest league gate was a snitch under either 4000 or more likely 3000 v Darlo, a Tuesday evening game when they were bottom of everything. Think they won that 3 - 0, maybe that's the key, when the fans stay away they do alright!
  15. We go into the top three - but many of those around us have played two games less. But points in the bag and on a roll and all that, don't wanna be mucking around with playoffs. Bury and Lancashire up in 2019 and a trip to Wembley in the thingy whotsit thrown in.
  16. Thought that it wasn't as bad a result last week as many thought - new manager and all that. Never diss an away point!
  17. https://www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk/news/cheltenham-news/live-m5-closed-until-further-2392516 Open again now.
  18. Blimey, someone bring a set of stumps!!
  19. Kacc

    More Notlob trouble

    More news - their hotel's under threat and stock in the shop could be removed.
  20. Kacc

    And we're off...

    Philo Parkinson must be out of the same stable as Thereas May and Boris Johnson - totally unsackable no matter how bad they are. Must be great having a boss who can't afford to buy you off!!
  21. Kacc

    And we're off...

    0 - 6 and the nought flattered them. Trouble is they will probably scrape past walsall in the cup, get a bit of confidence and start winning again. But here's some happy FA Cup memories..
  22. Kacc

    And we're off...

    Sat here waiting for Agent Parky to get his marching orders. What are the odds on Bigmouth Sam taking over at the Reeconbowl? Hope he doesn't expect to be paid though.
  23. Kacc


    Personally I'd rather know how many are actually inside the ground rather than tickets sold, give-aways etc, as I doubt season ticket holders turn up for every game.
  24. Even Gigg gets a mention! 7/10 for me - was stumped by the photo showing the outside of a ground years and years ago! https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2018/dec/22/football-then-and-now-interactive-quiz-part-six
  25. Kacc

    Peter Thompson

    Watched him play for Bolton, vs Orient he cut inside two defenders and they both went head-over-arse as he sailed past. Think he had a caravan site at Knott End which we stayed at when I were a laddie. RIP that man and thanks for the memories. A glimpse...