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  1. bullockballamos

    Rot Weiss Oberhausen fans

    Carnage!! I suppose the liner did have a good view though. Well done the red and whites!
  2. bullockballamos


    Iv'e won a couple of times - they send you a cheque.
  3. bullockballamos

    Nicky Adams

    Mary would have been proud though?
  4. bullockballamos

    Royal Wedding.

    I take it your weren't invited then???😁
  5. bullockballamos

    Nicky Adams

    I hope we gave him a thorough medical! And not a 'How's the knee Nick?'. 'Oh it's fine! Where do I sign?'
  6. bullockballamos

    New Mascot

    Isn’t this just fantastic? Well done the club.
  7. bullockballamos

    Flitcroft at Mansfield

    ?? Senior moment here Ronky? Unless we have had a reprieve and Mansfield got a massive points deduction after finishing 8th, we indeed will be playing them.
  8. bullockballamos

    Salford City

    I appreciate your concerns. But at the risk of dragging the debate into padlock gate again. What are you, or we for that matter going to do about it? I certainly will not be losing any sleep over it.
  9. bullockballamos

    Flitcroft at Mansfield

    I reckon a rousing chorus of 'for he's a jolly good fellow' followed by three cheers for Mr Flitcroft. Hip Hip hooray! I can see the sour faces in the south stand joining in with great gusto!
  10. bullockballamos

    World Cup Shakers

    As far as I am aware, we have a big fat Zero against that one!!
  11. bullockballamos

    Flitcroft at Mansfield

    On another note. I hope he gets a reasonable reception at Gigg this coming season. I think he deserves it after saving us from relegation and getting us promoted.
  12. bullockballamos

    Flitcroft at Mansfield

    Doesn't half get mixed reviews dunnee? Echoes of his time here. http://www.stagsnet.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=33855
  13. bullockballamos

    Ryan Lowe not the answer!

    Bloody 'ell! There's optimism for you. What would you have done if we got beat? Shot him?
  14. bullockballamos

    Selecting the 'manager' role

    Thats the problem with wiki it is easily highjacked!
  15. bullockballamos

    An exile' s observations on the game.

    Bloody 'ell! Stewie is going up and down in my opinion of him daily! Fair play to the fella.