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  1. bullockballamos

    Hard luck tonight..

    If we had Beckford fit we would have 6 points and through to the next round of the league cup. IMO
  2. bullockballamos

    Nottm F

    Anyway getting back to tonight. A 1-0 win t'shakers!
  3. bullockballamos

    Nottm F

    Did they play on the elms playing field??
  4. bullockballamos

    Milton Keynes Dons vs Bury: Preview

    Not if we batter them first!!
  5. bullockballamos


    I have seen the plans, there will be very little parking. It is the modern way now. Public transport is The king. The situation does bring in Chiswick park tube,as well as Kew bridge main line and also they are apparently going to 're instate on Old industrial line which is still there which could connect to crossrail. Traffic will still be bad though.
  6. bullockballamos

    Youth players

    Having done quite a bit of coaching albeit cricket. It is my opinion he has plateaud. It is quite common in up and coming youngsters, when they do not seem to improve and train on. It is up to him now to break the glass ceiling and get to the next level.
  7. bullockballamos


    £35m of it. £76m to keep them afloat, despite £12m profit on selling players.
  8. bullockballamos

    Callum Styles

    Good player but never seemed to look dangerous in front of goal. Never really looked like scoring and if there was one thing he needs to work on, it is that.
  9. bullockballamos

    Just watched the extended highlights.

    Why so pessimistic Myra?? We have Lincoln away also so that means we are playing the first and second favourites in two away games. However! We are 5th favourites, so they are in for a tough game. I reckon we could win one and draw one and stuff Forest green in between!
  10. Just watched the extended highlights - The shakers look much better than last season already (couldn't be much worse). Beckford would have had a hatrick. Mayor is back to his best trickery but still has no power in his shot. Danns looks and plays like a twenty year old. Gold is gonna be mint! Defence looks solid I like the look of Thompson and O'Connell. Cue a 5-0 gubbing at MK Dons!!!!
  11. bullockballamos


    Boy does Mathew Benham know how to spend money. He is in to the tune of £101 million to date. Brentford lost just over a million last year. After losing £7 million the year before. Just shows you how much you have to invest just to stay in the championship. Football has gone stark staring bloody mad!
  12. bullockballamos


    We need a striker called Brown! Gold n Brown texture like sun!
  13. bullockballamos

    Building work going at gigg ??

    Very good 😁
  14. bullockballamos

    Karl Evans

    Always answers my questions on Twitter. Seems like an ok guy to me.
  15. bullockballamos


    Can you get me a pint of what your drinking?