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  1. Bolton players refusing to play!!! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48067603
  2. Here's a picture of my dog Sparky with a Bury scarf on!! UTS 😁
  3. This could well be right but I am off for a pint in the Winchester until all this blows over!
  4. My G& T just isn't going to taste the same any more!
  5. We could be getting one soon - Raccy borough.😩
  6. Which sadly we aint got. But hold on.....didn't a former chairman say this is why we needed a new stadium???🤔
  7. Genuine question RR. Are you prepared to pledge that same £100K for a pheonix club and can we raise the other businessmen?
  8. Dale must think we are green as grass!
  9. I have no reason to doubt you or the staff but you must remember that most of us are not ITK and are just baffled and disturbed by the whole saga.Which has sullied our promotion push to the extent that I don't really care if we go up, just that we survive.
  10. Steady on old boy? Spineless idiot? Moi???? No not a spineless idiot, just a Bury fan who believed that Stewie could afford his 'kid in a toffee shop' spending. Quite how that makes me a spineless idiot I will leave you and others to determine. Did you celebrate our promotion at Tranmere? I would say 'Yes' like many other Bury fans. We loved the success. But did that not make you and me and nearly all Bury fans complicit in Stewie's wicked deeds? The Oyston out signs started going up at Blackpool when they were on the slide down the divisions not when they had the success in the premier league. We fans are fickle , but we like success. Watch this message board go into meltdown if we get promoted and a rich backer doesn't come in and we have to sack most of our playing staff. How many will get down to Gigg when we are getting tonked every game? Stewart Day sold us a dream and thanks to his evident, ridiculous spending and bullshit, it has turned into a nightmare. And yes, unlike you and a few others, I backed him and I now regret that. Kindest Regards S Idiot.
  11. Whilst I congratulate you and others who saw through SD1. Although I didn't, i could see that he was leading us into a potential, unsustainable financial mess. But hey, we won promotion and I hid under the bedsheets hoping Stewie could afford it. But where were the protests? The placards waved before games by bulging eyed Day haters? The protests and verbal assaults on Stewie when we won promotion at Tranmere? The Blackpool inspired boycotts of games by rabid, DAY OUT protesters?? I must have missed the above. All I saw was bleating on a message board, as if that was going to force him out.
  12. I don't think Dale can win whatever statement he puts out. The statement gives his version of events. Those 'ITK', will say ' it's a load of bollocks' a few will say ' at least that clarifies things'. Me? Am I alone in being in a sort of a numb, seen it all before stupor? I basically do not know what or who to believe. All I know is if we don't get a buyer we are dead in the water. One bit of the statement I congratulate Mr Dale on ( if it's TRUE of course) is creating Bury heritage Ltd and protecting the trophies and memorabilia. A shrewd move and not the kind of thing an alleged, villainous, asset stripping bully would do. On saying that............ if he does flog the lot on Bury market. I will prepare the gallows!
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