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  1. DR_PAUL

    Andrew Robertson

    I am disappointed you did not spot my other mistake - Platini is currently 5ft 9in, but in his playing days was a giant at 5ft 10 ins,
  2. DR_PAUL

    Andrew Robertson

    Just a minute, it is an advantage to be small in football, other than the goalkeeper I would say that 70% of the top ten football all time are 5ft 10 ins or less Maradona 5ft 5in Garrincha 5ft 6in Mesi 5ft 7in Pele 5ft 8in Best 5ft 9in Platini 5ft 9in. The reason that two of my favourite players of all time are 5ft 11in tall Johan Cruyff and 6ft 1in tall Cristiano Ronaldo, as they had to over come the disadvantage of being taller than all the other top outfield players
  3. DR_PAUL

    Greater Manchester Spatial Framework

    I don't necessary disagree about any of that. Funny enough I was speaking to a couple (both about 50 years old) who have just moved to this estate last week. Both had lived almost all their entire lives in Prestwich. Not sure not about the guy, but the Lady now walks to work, rather driving from Prestwich, so sometimes it can work the other way. Worked with a guy last year (early 30's) who was renting in the centre of Manchester with his partner who wanted to buy their first home and was looking at Prestwich/Whitefield/Unsworth and was asking me about these areas and when he showed me the properties they had visited I was a little surprised about how little you got for your money. In the end they bought a house in Monton (and got a lot more house for their money), in what appeared to be a more attractive area. Don't want to upset you Myra, but a five month survey done some time ago implied that British cats killed 57.4 million mammals, 27.1 million birds and 4.8 million reptiles and amphibians, in that 5 month period. Sounds very high to me, but there are up to 14 million cats in the UK. But British cats have far more impact on British wildlife than house builders.
  4. DR_PAUL

    Andrew Robertson

    Long before the French Revolution, the Scots had invented and were using the guillotine known as the Maiden. From 1564 up to 1708 when it was withdrawn from use, over 150 people had been executed with this 'humane' devise. Perhaps the most famous victim of the Maiden was Archibald Campbell, 9th Earl of Argyll.
  6. DR_PAUL

    Lowe to Luton ?

    Stephen Robinson is the current favourite to replace Nathan Jones as Luton Town manager. The 44-year-old Northern Irishman is the current manager of Scottish side Motherwell and has previous in the Sky Bet EFL with a six-month spell at Oldham in 2016/17. He is a former Hatters player, making nearly 200 appearances including promotion from the third tier in 2005.
  7. DR_PAUL

    Greater Manchester Spatial Framework

    And this is a bad thing? Over the last 30 years or so I have driven and walked past these field many times and never seen a sheep, cow. tractor etc. It appeared to be in this time a disused farm. So now we have smallest 4 bed houses on the plot. What if the new residents have moved from smaller two and three bedroom properties in Radcliffe, Whitefield, Prestwich etc, thus releasing property for youngest people in Radcliffe, Whitefield, Prestwich who have been renting cramped properties for years to buy these properties - is this not a good thing?
  8. DR_PAUL


    Very sad indeed - really top T.V. and radio presenter. R.I.P
  9. DR_PAUL

    Greater Manchester Spatial Framework

    Not up to speed on this one, but what are these catastrophic plans? I have walked on a fair few of the green spaces in these areas, and the only people I generally meet are dog walkers using these areas as dog toilets, and to let the said animals run wild. I have also seen evidence of fly tipping and maybe teenage cider drinking, and now and again some interesting wild life. I know dog ownership in Rochdale and Bury appears to be very high, but I am guessing that the vast majority of Bury and Rochdale population near use these green spaces are do not even know they exist. But what are we talking about here (i may be writing about a different set of green spaces) , farmland that appears to be rarely used or the dog toilet/exercise areas that I refer to above? People need houses and wild life tends to find ways of surviving and sometimes increasing in numbers in urban areas - we all seem to have bird feeders in our gardens these days. Or is it just the extra cars that is the problem? Or is it just that landowners/famers will make too much money from these plans? The estimate of the number of birds on the planet is about 100 to 400 billion. Compared to 7 billion people, this amounts to about 14 to 57 birds per person, is the worry that this ratio is going to go too small, with some extra houses?
  10. For the last 3 years Yeovil have had loses of £450k to £800k per season. In those years they have spent about £2million/year on players wages. Like all clubs in the Football League Hotel bills are a just a Bagatelle when compared to players wages. The £150,000/per year League One and League Two player (who 30 years ago would be paying subs to play in Sunday League football, rather than earning a very good living from football) is the thing that brings loses to clubs, not the hotel and coach travel bills of a few thousand pounds per season.
  11. DR_PAUL

    More Notlob trouble

    The attendance yesterday of 5,506 is understood to be the lowest at a Saturday 3pm kickoff Bolton Home game for over 80 years (still be be verified). Walsall took almost 1600 fans, so there were only just over 3,900 Bolton fans watching their 5-2 win.
  12. DR_PAUL

    Bury fan banned forever from Gigg Lane

    It may be all down to Environment then He now lives in Cuckoo Lane
  13. DR_PAUL

    Bury fan banned forever from Gigg Lane

    But his he still allowed to manage Liverpool
  14. DR_PAUL

    Dining Out

    Went to Baratxuri last Christmas eve, but went to the Hungry Duck last night, and both are good. Afterwards went to the Holcombe Tap which was very packed.
  15. DR_PAUL

    Rob Kelly - Gone

    When Rosler took over in June Malmo were 10th (out of 16) in the League and he got them up to 3rd when the Season finished, (being Champions in 2017), and therefore Malmo will be playing in the Europa Cup next season. Seems like a very good move for Kelly. Malmo averaged 14,921 in the League in 2018, Bury are currently averaging 3,490 in 2018-19. Was in Malmo a few years ago, but only saw the outside of the 23,000 seater stadium, but it looked good.