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  1. In recent years, he has a point. However, I would counter his comments with the fact that our rivals, Bolton, are in the same planetary system as ourselves, whereas Bolton’s main ‘rivals‘ (Man Utd.) are in a completely different solar system to themselves.
  2. LondonWhite


    Agreed, I am sure he is enjoying it as much as he looks he is. Trouble is, he is so red hot and will be in such demand, I suspect he will leave at the end of the season. He hasn’t got many seasons left in him, If someone offers him a 2-3 year contract on more money, he is going to take it.
  3. I remember that one, ran in at the far post header, maybe memory playing tricks but the ball and a few players ended up in the net
  4. LondonWhite


    I heard QPR and Bolton were both in for Senegalese international Transfur M’Bargo
  5. LondonWhite

    What a liability Stokes is....

    Whoops, auto correct. Aimson!
  6. LondonWhite


    Indeed, he made and scored the goal entirely by himself, great pace to get past the defender and a quality finish
  7. LondonWhite


    Indeed, good move resting him in midweek, his little legs are not getting any younger. He was up and down the pitch all match
  8. LondonWhite

    What a liability Stokes is....

    He did have a good game. Frankly, if you think otherwise you don’t know what you are talking about. Simpson has been good/solid for a few weeks now
  9. LondonWhite


    Excellent news, back on the goalkeeper roulette!
  10. LondonWhite

    Jay O'Shea

    O’Shea was simply outstanding today in midfield.
  11. This team is absolutely quality. That is all
  12. Regardless of what happens the rest of this match, I seriously cannot remember watching a more attractive team than this one. I’ve been watching 41 years
  13. LondonWhite

    What a liability Stokes is....

    I think he’s getting better as the weeks go on, his passing has been decent as well so far today
  14. High quality first half, two very good teams and playing well. Hopefully create a few more opportunities in the second half and keep possession a bit more, on the break Milton Keynes look very, very dangerous O’Shea and mayor, as usual, causing all sorts of issues for the opposition. O’shea with his quality passing and mayor with his magic hat.
  15. Bury 2-0 Milton Keynes Mayor and Adams the scorers att: 4,048