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  1. Exactly, I dont believe there would be any developments of the ground for the foreseeable future. Unless of course, SD2 has got Nick Knowles involved.
  2. The whiting is on the wall - Grimsby 0-2 Bury. An Own Shoal and Maynard the scorers. 515 Shakers.
  3. You a being very kind. There is no way that was a penalty. I hope Nicky asks him what he thought after reviewing the video.
  4. Excellent news, the nerves will get worse as we get closer to the end of the season
  5. Is Shakwell? Injured for Lincoln? I don’t wish I’ll on anyone but would be nice if he was out for a few weeks. Very good defender.
  6. That was Oldham’s strategy a few weeks ago and look what happened, they nearly didn’t arrive for the match
  7. He is a good player, his dead ball corners and free kicks into the box are excellent and already cause issues. his pace has slowed due to age, but the little triangles of passing with two other players often opens up the opposition that said, I personally would be resting him more to keep him sharp, I would give Cooney a bit more game time. However, I think Lowe knows better than me!
  8. Bury 2-1 Cambridge Moore and O’Shea the scorers
  9. Yes, heavy rain from 4:00am - 6:00pm is forecast. 11 hours of heavy rain before the match!
  10. I am confused also, who knows, you can only speculate. I assume it’s a high interest short term loan to allow the club to function for a period of time, we still have lots of huge earners on the books. the man behind the loan business is an expert on bridging/last resort loans. i think we all knew deep down we could/would still be in a fair amount of financial trouble after SD1’s loan after loan after loan, playing football manager with a real club. Let’s just hope everything turns out OK!
  11. I think the Oldham chairman makes SD1 almost look like a good chairmen, but not quite. In one way i feel sorry for the fans, in another way its quite funny as many of them honestly believe they belong in the premiership/championship and how dare they ever sink to the depths of League 2. The way its shaping up, they are at best going to be here for a very long time i think.
  12. Good read I will guess:- 1. Lincoln 2. Bury 3. Milton Keynes
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