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  1. the beed

    Mayor or Rigby?

    Tough one this, but based on the original question, think Mayor just about shades it in the getting your bum off the seat stakes, but plenty of wonderful memories of Riggers. As for best ever has to be Leighton James for me using the Stand By me analogy used earlier, with Andy Gray and David Lee just behind him.
  2. the beed

    Not Good enough!

    There was always going to be a dip in form at some point. For me today was a good point given the performance. We will come through this spell I'm sure.
  3. the beed

    Luton on Sunday

    That often happens to me when listening on ifollow, the BBC alert on my phone popping up before it's happened on the airwaves!
  4. Looking forward to it. I'm away around about then too so fingers crossed there's some copies left when I get back!(
  5. the beed

    Today's Birthday

    Happy birthday!
  6. the beed

    Matchday: Bury v Stevenage 17-11-2018

    Also all bar one of our wins this season have come against sides in the bottom half of the table - so time we started proving our credentials and winning against the tougher teams too. I'm going to go a tight 2-1 to us as confidence is high.
  7. the beed

    Craig Nixon

    The finished article has now been published, hope you like it.Thanks to jams and Sad Anorak for their help on this one.
  8. the beed

    Fair play Popey.

    They have conceded a lot of goals of late so was no surprise to see them set up like that given the form we're in. They closed up a lot of the gaps and made it difficult for us to find a way through, though we could still have come away with something on another day. Disappointing to lose given the first game I've been able to get to this season but very encouraged by the overall performance compared to what I saw last season.
  9. the beed

    1,000 to Port Vale

    I'll be there! Not had chance to get down this season due to one reason or another so up for this one given it's on my doorstep. Knowing my luck will probably put the mockers on us! Still excitred anyway.
  10. the beed

    Joe Murphy

    For anyone saying they don't rate Murphy I have two words for you - Leo Fasan.
  11. the beed

    Craig Nixon

    I've sent a joining request but they haven't come back to me yet.
  12. the beed

    Craig Nixon

    Cheers Ian, forgot about that bit in the book - thought it strange there was nothing on him.
  13. the beed

    Craig Nixon

    Cheers James, will have a look at that later.
  14. the beed

    Craig Nixon

    Cheers. Where did you get this info from? Do we know where he went after us, other clubs etc?