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  1. I agree about Maynard, he's more than just about the goals. I watched him closely on Saturday and as ever he put in a real shift for the team and deserved his goal at the end.
  2. Not ashamed to say it brought a tear to my eye. Not often happened to me at football, but that got to me today. I've tried to not to let this situation get to me but that today reminded me just what the club means to me.
  3. Bizarrely I saw a guy on the tram, on my way to the game on Saturday, clearly wearing pyjamas, looks like he got the memo early!
  4. I have e-mailed him in the past (sent him a copy of a blog I did when SD1 took over!) it was david.conn@theguardian.com, that said it was five years ago so could've changed by now I suppose. It did work as I got a reply from him using that one.
  5. I still believe we can do it. Sounded like a step in the right direction today. Feel the subs did us I today, could see why he did them given going for it v 10 men but left us open by the sounds of things and gave them the opportunity they took. For once I agree with Alan B, as Alan Knill used to say if you can't win, don't lose.
  6. I had an old work colleague who contracted leukemia, he beat it but then due to the treatment completely destroying his immune system he got pneumonia and died, so I can fully believe Mr Dale when he says he's been suffering with illness, your body is weak after recovering from what he had and little bugs that you and I can fight off easily aren't as easy to shake for someone whose been through leukemia. As for the rest it is really just words and whilst I want to trust Dale I am still skeptical until I see action. All I can do is support the club in any way I can and hope that Dale is genuine and knows what he is doing, unlike his predecessor!
  7. I agree with the sentiment on here that promotion is what counts, but I can honestly say that this is the best team I have seen in my 36 years (to the day, tomorrow) and it deserves a trophy to show just how good it is. Let's not settle for second, yes let's make sure we get promotion first but nothing wrong with aiming higher, I'm sure Lowey, privately, is.
  8. ...with one Richie Baker a team-mate there if their website is to be believed. Also, Lee Pugh there who I'm sure was on our books at some point too. Hoping to see them all in action tomorrow when they play Leek Town, weather permitting.
  9. I remember that one, very close to getting into bother. I and my mate were quietly sauntering to the car post-game assuming all was ok when we saw a horde running at us down the road we were parked on. Thanks to my mate we were quickly in and off before they reached us but it was a close shave.
  10. What an absolutely wonderful read James. For me the words at the very beginning and the very end ring so true. We were indeed very lucky, those of us that did, to witness those times. Reading it brought back such wonderful memories and had filling up at times. At the time the twenty something me didn't perhaps fully appreciate what I was watching, didn't realise how lucky I was. Your words reminded the forty something I was indeed lucky to witness such good times and such great players. Thank you for taking me back James, I don't have to pinch myself to remember those times any more.
  11. Tough one this, but based on the original question, think Mayor just about shades it in the getting your bum off the seat stakes, but plenty of wonderful memories of Riggers. As for best ever has to be Leighton James for me using the Stand By me analogy used earlier, with Andy Gray and David Lee just behind him.
  12. There was always going to be a dip in form at some point. For me today was a good point given the performance. We will come through this spell I'm sure.
  13. That often happens to me when listening on ifollow, the BBC alert on my phone popping up before it's happened on the airwaves!
  14. Looking forward to it. I'm away around about then too so fingers crossed there's some copies left when I get back!(
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