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  1. joy hart

    Bury FC 1960

    Look what a great team we had then and they trained at Lower Gigg !! 😇
  2. joy hart

    incident in main stand

    My thoughts and condolences to his family. May he rest in peace. As I was not at the match can I ask if a defibrillator was in evidence?
  3. joy hart

    Club tie appeal on Twitter

    Should anyone else need to borrow these two ties in the future please just let me know.
  4. joy hart

    Club tie appeal on Twitter

    Please send me a message. I live in Bury
  5. joy hart

    Club tie appeal on Twitter

    I have two new official ties that this gentleman can use if he can collect,.
  6. joy hart

    Lowe given two match stadium ban

    Certain members of society will see nothing much wrong with Lowes reaction to Officials but I am appalled by this and as to what people think that they can get away with in football and the wider world.
  7. joy hart

    Yes a sickener... but...

    Need a footballer who can score at least 20 goals this season
  8. joy hart

    Lest we forget

    Not forgotten.
  9. joy hart

    Half time

    Great idea, it might even be better than the main act. chuckle
  10. joy hart

    Today's Birthdays

    Tha'ts ok Paula , Can we just copy and paste "She gets younger every year"
  11. Stuart Day insisted that he owned the SOS shares when he took over the Club as Forever Bury wanted to keep hold of them but were not allowed to.
  12. This is how i've felt for the past number of seasons about my and your Club. The beach picture reminded me.
  13. joy hart

    Today's Birthdays

    Thank you, although a year has been added to my age! Happy Birthday to everyone else with a birthday today.
  14. joy hart

    Today's Birthdays (Belated)

    Hope you feel a year younger 🍺
  15. joy hart

    The Pitch

    Bring back Tommy Marshall🌱