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  1. I remember lies being told about me by Mr G Thomas and Mr S Day to his solicitor, I was not allowed to be present when players wages were discussed and when I questioned their authority I was dismissed without redress. I also remember I also remember Mr D Giffard not backing me to be reinstated, and capitulating completely over the matter. This is not sour grapes on my part my fellow supporters ,as I am just reminding people who we are/were dealing with. I can only hope that the new incumbents can steer the Club forward and liquidate the debt that the Club holds and for businesses to once again wish to work with us. I wish them only the best.
  2. joy hart

    Club sold announcement Monday
  3. joy hart

    Sharon Unsworth RIP

    I am very saddened to hear of Sharon's death. May you rest in peace Sharon.
  4. joy hart

    Remembering Our Own

    So sad to hear of this .May you rest in peace Sharon x
  5. joy hart

    Happy Lancashire Day!!

    Every day is a Lancashire day.
  6. joy hart

    Bury Beer Festival!

    £7.00 !! A ridiculous price.
  7. joy hart

    Lady Trumpington

    R.I.P. indeed.
  8. joy hart

    Did any of you lot ever play for the Bury Grammar School?

    Graham was also at St Chads.
  9. joy hart

    RIP Jim Iley

    R.I.P . Condolences to his family.
  10. joy hart

    Did any of you lot ever play for the Bury Grammar School?

    My brother in law Graham Ogilvie played for them if anyone remembers him, in the early 60s.
  11. joy hart

    Today's Birthday

    Happy Birthday
  12. joy hart

    Bury FC 1960

    Look what a great team we had then and they trained at Lower Gigg !! 😇
  13. joy hart

    incident in main stand

    My thoughts and condolences to his family. May he rest in peace. As I was not at the match can I ask if a defibrillator was in evidence?
  14. joy hart

    Club tie appeal on Twitter

    Should anyone else need to borrow these two ties in the future please just let me know.
  15. joy hart

    Club tie appeal on Twitter

    Please send me a message. I live in Bury