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  1. Gifford still not logged in then? We were always seen as keyboard warriors ladies and gentlemen.
  2. Came across an old newspaper cutting written by Peter Barlass to celebrate Bury Football Clubs 100 years. A homely ground and the finest playing surface in England -But Bury football club are the men that made it. Plant ,Ingham ,Barbour ,Ross, Montgomery, Settle, Leeming ,McLuckie ,Richards, Sagar, Duckworth ,McEwan, Hibbert ,Rasside ,Peake ,Cameron, Bullock ,Heap, Bullen, Robbie, Stage, Trotter ,Amos ,Ball, Porter ,Bradshaw ,Savery, Hart ,Quiggley, Berry , Paine ,Massart , Griffiths ,Kelly, Pearson ,Daniel ,Nielson ,Atherton ,McGrath, Turner Stokoe, Russell, Jones,Bell ,Pointer ,Marshall, Wynne, J.R Smith ,Gorman ,Vernon, Kilshaw , Horridge, Davies, ,Lindsey ,McDermott ,Madden., Shakers and their fans celebrate their centenary with promotion back to Division three.
  3. Yes I did Ian remember it like yesterday. Brian Turner had really dark hair and he wore a striped jumper.Funny what you remembe.r I do have the photo will try to find it.
  4. Remember the players, backroom staff and manager plus families celebrating at the Norbreck Castle Hotel Blackpool, height of decadence! I Have a picture of myself sitting on a slide in the playroom with Brian Turner Johnny Hubbard and Bill Calder,also the manager and his son Robin.
  5. It would be so wonderful if we could do this again. What memories from our last outing in 2015
  6. All I do know is that if he hadn't been paid his game would not have been affected, either consciously or subconsciously.
  7. Everyone was on the same wage in those days until as you know, Jimmy Hill changed it all. If anyone knows Danny Boyle I think he should make a film about this what a great story. Footballers today do not know they are born. It was Jimmy Hills leadership of the Professional Footballers’ Association, which he chaired from 1956-61, which had the most dramatic impact. He railed against the injustice of never earning more than £20 per week despite being part of a hugely profitable entertainment industry. He saw the maximum-wage rule as tyranny, vowing to oppose it with every means at his disposal, and in doing so successfully he laid the financial foundations of the modern game.
  8. Gone are the days when people like my father used to be out of pocket by buying there own train fares etc.
  9. I hope they run in stages so as not to overtire themselves.
  10. I can only hope that he has been kept on as a form of continuity to find out as much as he can about the running of the Club, any other reason would be unthinkable.
  11. Dealt with the finances of Day/Thomas as owner of Ratio law. My son saw her at the match on Saturday.
  12. The next one to go will no doubt be Giselle.
  13. My self and Rob were the only Foreverbury representatives who read the message board and indeed posted.
  14. I found him a decent man and he should not be mentioned in the same breath as Glenn Thomas.
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