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  1. Fortunately no one was injured. They knew they had to disembark before it was too late.
  2. Forever Bury - Where are you?

    This is not about opinion. Rob and co were obviously not told about further developments regarding my position so therefor cannot comment on this matter. This disgraceful affair happened to me. I am fully aware of the facts and the pain that it has caused me.. I am stating the truth.
  3. Forever Bury - Where are you?

    I am afraid Rob that you were not aware of my talks with Dave Gifford regarding my position as a board member on the board at Bury FC. The fact that Dave Gifford did not inform you or other FB board members as to what was transpiring at this time is I am afraid not my fault. You and the other board members were not privy to my decision not to take the associate directors job after I realized that I should not have been ousted by the Club and in fact it was unlawful in FA rules. I reiterate that no one contacted me regarding FB matters after my position was terminated.
  4. Today's Birthday

    Many happy returns
  5. Forever Bury - Where are you?

    My position was terminated by Glenn Thomas and Stuart Day because I sought advice as I did not believe AND NOW KNOW TO BE TRUE that they did not have the authority to dispense with my position .Stuart Day knew that Forever Bury could not pay £50,000 per annum to the Club and so he dispensed with Forever Bury's position on the Board straight away with no redress. Glenn Thomas even sent correspondence to his solicitor that I do have a copy of implying that he had "concerns" over me and my position,implying that I was not fit for the post and so discrediting me in such a way that I cannot forgive. This was all lies and just trying to find a way of Forever Bury not being on the Board. Forever Bury wanted me to accept the position of associate director rather than have no position on the Board at all. I was given no backing to fight my case from the Forever Bury chairman, I was used as a scapegoat so that Forever Bury could keep in Day and Thomases good books and so keep the cabin. When I asked for advice by someone I thought would know the the legal ins and outs of my predicament at loosing my directorship and not wanting to become an associate director as it would have implied less clout for the fans, Day and Thomas immediately terminated my position. I do not regret standing up for what I knew to be right even though I was left alone on the position that I took. Not one person has contacted me from Forever Bury since.
  6. Forever Bury - Where are you?

    The Forever Bury chairman was not there for me so good luck!
  7. There is no one on the planet who is ugly , we are just different
  8. Not knocking young men per se , actually saying what a nice young man George Miller is.
  9. It is heartening that there are still young men like George Miller.
  10. Today's Birthdays (Belated)

    Hope you had a good one!
  11. Remember this?

    The best moment ever for a Bury fan. The following season the skulduggery began and I have not been to a match since.
  12. The monumental task ahead.

    No chance.
  13. Ok, we are as good as down.

    Have a Merry Christmas folks as the month of May will not be.
  14. Blackburn: the fun never starts

    Maybe Lowe needs to retain a hypnotist to instill in every players psyche before a match that they are in fact Kevin Debruyne (aka Colin Bell) . Without this I fear that we are doomed.