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  1. I`m totally with your sentiment, but I think stewarding would be the problem. If we were saying that we were going to open the MRE we would have to "book" the right number of stewards and we would probably have to pay for them even if on the day of the game it was decided not to open that end.
  2. Oh no! Another lot of puns to milk! Mind you, I`d have thought a corvus would have been crowing for avian puns.
  3. You`re a right dab hand at these puns!!!......and a very early riser! Me, I can`t get my mind off how long it is since we lost in the League - it`s got to happen sometime, so I approach every game thinking that I`d be happy with a draw.
  4. Nicky needs to be careful on Saturday - the forecast is for a gentle breeze in Cleethorpes!
  5. How can you lot continue to dredge up these puns?? I think you two are swimming against the tide with your complaints!
  6. You`ll have to trawl round to find that!
  7. ………….…..ah but!!!!!!, one is more key than the other was the debate, from what I can see!!!
  8. Fascinating to have a debate about which of the guys is the more influential! I don`t suppose we could think of agreeing that they are complementary to each other, and BOTH key to the way this team is playing.
  9. ………….…...and the way they`re performing. They`ve hit form just at the right time (for them!)
  10. Yes, I know that I criticise the pessimists, so I`m leaving myself open to a load of flak, but my reckoning after tonight is that we need 11 points out of our available 27 to be guaranteed a play-off spot. Any more than 11 and ………….!
  11. Hope everyone goes to the right plaice.
  12. You`re right - there should be a tuna us there!
  13. Sadly it all makes complete sense. If we do not yet have an Under-23 team, then what is the point of offering more lads pro deals. They are unlikely to get a game at first team level in the foreseeable future. As an aside, the original article mentions that pro contracts were offered to Hulme, Adams and Shotton - but says only Hulme and Adam have actually signed. (Me and David are thinking the same thing.)
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