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  1. another_terry

    Gary Simpson

    Interesting. As Chief Scout I presume that he will be responsible to Lee Dykes rather than to RL.
  2. I know it`s in the past (phew!!!) and I shouldn`t be raking it up, but I would love to know if the lack of team spirit last season was a deliberate divide and rule policy of LC, or was it simply inability to control the trolls in the camp??? Maybe some delicate questions there, Spee????
  3. We really ought to get James to risk the libel laws and do it as his next book. It would be a true best seller. Maybe he could do it as a pseudo textbook case study of bad management!
  4. That is a fantastic interview, Spee - brilliant, and despite what you say about it having to be a bit tame it is so very revealing about last season. Congratulations!
  5. Well, I know that I`m a hypocrite after one of my recent posts, but I can`t see that any "alternative commentary" that refers to poor disappeared Madeline McCann is anything but totally unacceptable.
  6. another_terry

    What a liability Stokes is....

    Totally agree. I find it unbelievable that after such an incredible game, some people simply want to slag certain players off - and especially when they`re slagging off someone who had a good game. Have they actually been at the game, or is it BarrowBoy from Rochdale in a new guise?
  7. another_terry

    What a liability Stokes is....

    Well they are both English clubs!
  8. another_terry


    Totally agree. I think it also shows RL in a great light. To be honest I wouldn`t have been surprised if Dom had been subbed earlier on - he hadn`t had a great impact, but no - leave him on and like any true striker he comes up with the key goal.
  9. another_terry


    "I thought their support, both in terms of numbers and noise was shocking." When you are a recently created franchise that isn`t surprising. Actually, coming out of the main stand we bumped into Nicky Adams who was going up to be interviewed - and he was so chuffed he could barely get any words out through the enormous grin on his face. What a game! The comeback kids!
  10. another_terry

    Team for Milton Keynes & all that Malarkey

    "Although we do have Scales claiming it was Day who forced Thompson out" is baffling to me.
  11. another_terry

    Team for Milton Keynes & all that Malarkey

    Oh come on - I think that`s going a bit too far! It`s a testament to how stupid Clark was. Day wrongly gave Clark his full support - but if you own a football club you have to support the manager you have inherited or have appointed until they prove that they are not worthy of that trust. With the benefit of hindsight we can see what a prat Clark was, but how many people were on here slagging him off at that stage in his reign? We were all full of excitement at the incredible squad he had assembled (I was going to say, "had put together", but together they never were!). What would we say if our SD Mk 2 were to start challenging RL`s decisions?
  12. another_terry

    Team for Milton Keynes & all that Malarkey

    One of the biggest recommendations for Adam Thompson , IMHO, is that despite having signed him, Lee Clark didn`t rate him!
  13. another_terry

    Checkatrade draw!

    It couldn`t possibly work out so perfectly!
  14. another_terry

    Lowe to Luton ?

    I wonder if the Luton Board share your view of Mr Appleton, Dead End?
  15. another_terry

    Lowe to Luton ?

    Oh boy - every rumour gets swallowed hook line and sinker on this board.