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  1. Shaker Norra

    Jay O'Shea

    Ah fair play, didn’t spot that last night!
  2. Shaker Norra

    Jay O'Shea

    Has SOJ held his hands up on this yet?! 😂
  3. Shaker Norra

    Checkatrade prize money....

    The inclusion of the U21’s has provided a bigger financial incentive for all clubs competing within the cup, as such I don’t personally mind them being in it (may feel different if we’re to be knocked out by Man City U21’s though!)
  4. Shaker Norra

    January Rumours

    A LWB/RWB is very much needed, McFadzean is more than capable but the only one in the squad who can play there at a decent level. We have no RWB’s, Adams has done very well in filling in!
  5. Shaker Norra

    Checkatrade prize money....

    My mistake, the total amount of prize monies for the competition is £3m, an improvement from the £2.5m it was a year or two ago. Lincoln accumulated over £500,000 in winnings and gate receipts when they won the competition.
  6. Shaker Norra

    Checkatrade prize money....

    I might be wrong but did I read somewhere that the winner of the competition can accumulate £3m in prize winnings? I’ll look further into it but I’m sure I read that the winnings had been risen due to the ongoing involvement of the ‘B’ teams.
  7. Shaker Norra

    January Rumours

    Chris Dagnall to sign for Morecambe on loan in the coming days.
  8. Think it’ll be a play-off spot finish, personally! As others have said, Lincoln, MK and Mansfield (who I think may challenge for the title) are looking strong. A 4th or 5th place finish is my prediction.
  9. Shaker Norra


    Something to do with him turning down a contract with them because he felt he could play Championship football, although Westley was in charge at the time so it could have been an excuse!
  10. Shaker Norra

    Notts County

    Don’t necessarily agree that Aimson is poor, think he’s a bit up and down but overall a decent defender for L2/L1. Reconstruction is needed in the defensive areas though I think, improvements in the wing backs areas aswell as a handy left footed CB would be on my shopping list in January.
  11. Chris Maguire has been interviewed recently at Sunderland, and spoke of late wages being paid to players last year ‘and knows it’s still happening this year’
  12. Shaker Norra

    Hands off Lowey

    You of all people should know Lowe is not manager material right now, but more a first team coach. He’s doing very well, he’s brought the squad together and built a good backroom, but without the recruitment of Dykes and without the experience of Kelly, I don’t think he’d be doing as well as he is. He’s 5 months into being a ‘manager’, it’s going to take a lot more time and experience until he’s a well rounded boss who can stand on his own two feet when it comes to all aspects of being a manager.
  13. Shaker Norra

    Hands off Lowey

    Man Utd jokes aside, I don’t think Lowe is good enough to go anywhere right now! I’d argue he’s doing well as a coach but it’s the collectiveness of the backroom staff that’s making this team a success.
  14. Shaker Norra

    SOWHAT ban explanation

    Extremely harsh to ban someone purely Completely agree, it’s an extremely harsh reason for banning someone.
  15. Shaker Norra

    Danny Mayor

    I’d say he plays CAM, just behind the strikers, but is allowed the freedom to drift out wide when the chance arises.