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  1. A Mansfield win. I’m confident of automatic promotion regardless of the result tonight.
  2. Don’t know why you lot are so concerned with teams around the play-offs, we’re chasing down top spot and no other team will stop us! 😁
  3. Cracking shout, this. 😁😂
  4. They’ve sold around 2,200 tickets so far for next weekend, could well be 3,000 of them on the day!
  5. Give Wharton time, he’s a much better fit than Stokes. And I understand the point of possibly needing better footballing CB’s, although what we have right now is more than good enough and should not be tampered with!
  6. I keep seeing week on week the criticism of our defence, and I might be the only one, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. When you play with what consists of 6 attacking players (McFadzean, O’Shea, Mayor, Adams, Maynard, Moore), a one man midfield and 3 CB’s just behind, you’re GUARANTEED to be more open to the opposition’s attack. We’ll concede a lot playing this way, but we’ll also score a lot, and am I concerned? Not at all. I think we’ll probably see a new GK in the summer to replace Murphy, but there’s no need for new defenders (definitely not some lumbering 6ft 5” monster that some are screaming for). Keep going the way we’re going I say!
  7. Wouldn’t have Clarke back if the offer was made, to be honest. Didn’t really take to him first time around, and although scored an impressive amount of goals in a very unfortunate year for Leon, I don’t think the player that he is would suit the system we have under Lowe.
  8. Lowe may have felt a loyalty to him seeing as Chris Sang’s dad is Lowe’s agent.
  9. Bedeau - Wouldn’t have been bad business to try and get him back in here! Very odd move for him.
  10. Completely different position. Rossiter plays as a defensive midfield.
  11. Portsmouth are in L1 too, I’m presuming we’ll come up against him in the semi-finals of the Checkatrade cup!
  12. Something which may affect Bury in a few weeks times, James Vaughan is in talks with Portsmouth regarding a possible loan move (according to Alan Nixon).
  13. I did touch on Stokes and Moore playing there, but they aren’t wing backs! Cooney is right footed and Wharton, as far as we’re aware, is a CB. Competition in the form of a proper LWB would be an excellent addition in my eyes! Somebody in the mould of Greg Leigh (but obviously not Greg Leigh) would be what pushes Fadz and us on in that position I think.
  14. I would suggest that there’s a few areas within the team that needs cover/strengthening. Firstly, thst addition of Scott Wharton as a left footed CB was much needed. I also feel that we need more support in LWB, as I couldn’t bare to see Stokes play there and although Moore has done well when he’s come on to play in that position, a time will come where McFadzean won’t be able to start, and we’ll need a more suitable player there. CM, as mentioned above, needs cover.
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