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  1. An ideal scenario...members of Parliament from across the political spectrum who are dedicated to putting country before party collaborating to make Brexit genuinely workable for all of us. So far, events and appointments suggest this will never be the case though. WTO won't work for a number of reasons too detailed to go into here and now. May knows this, and those who gave her their backing in spite of their own reservations are prime examples of 'party before country' I was referring to. Ever since the referendum result I've always believed that it was dangerous to deliberately exclude those who are willing and able to contribute to negotiations simply because they are not Conservatives. With the exception of the LibDems, there are Leavers who are willing to put country before party who are also members of other political parties. I'm honestly not sure where we go from here - I'd be amazed if anyone did!
  2. myrabury

    Season ticket 2018/19

    I haven't got that far yet - card issued (and received) but with the wrong seat number after all that, so I've got to take it back to the club to get a replacement.
  3. myrabury

    Season ticket 2018/19

    Don't start asking pertinent questions Have now received my card - the test will be wether or not it's accepted on the day - I'll cross that hurdle when I come to it. Anything else is a bonus
  4. myrabury

    Season ticket 2018/19

    A further announcement will be made when the online topping up facility is live. The process is optional to register your account. If I read this correctly you must be right.
  5. myrabury

    Season ticket 2018/19

    I thought that activating/validating your account would be the enabler to get you through the turnstiles (fraud prevention)? Our club's website could do with a Q & A!
  6. Cameron's risk could have disasterous consequences or decent consequences for the UK depending on individual perceptions. Presumably he's now on the after dinner speaker's circuit as well as being paid thousands for having other 'useful connections' and possibly worst of all - advice!
  7. myrabury

    Season ticket 2018/19

    Fair enough and yes, rather get any issues dealt with now before our first home match next month. I'm glad it isn't just me!
  8. myrabury

    Season ticket 2018/19

    We've just picked up on email detailing the registration of our new Tappit (ST) cards - we haven't received them yet and the link is only valid for 24 hours. Presumably if we don't receive them tomorrow, there will be issues. Anyone else emailed with something similar? Update - now received a second email and the link is fine - but I'm unable to sumit any personal details. Oh well.
  9. myrabury

    Squad just gets bigger and bigger

    Agreed. Whatever the background to poor performances last season, these players are still being paid far more than we can afford and they need to start earning their salaries one way another. How to achieve this - absolutely no idea; however their absence on the pitch will be monitored by other clubs and the longer this situation carries on, the more difficult it will be to offload them. Which club at league, or even non league level will be willing to take a punt on these players? (although CM seems to have achieved this for now...)
  10. Whether your'e a Remainer or support Brexit; The Guardian's John Crace is always bang on the money with his political sketches and today's is uncomfortably close to the truth. An uncomfortable read.
  11. myrabury

    Trump wins Noble peace prize.

    Trump is a businessman whatever the success or otherwise of his businesses. Using this approach to drive the private sector and therefore business and industry is fine - not so good as a driver for public service delvery and crucially on the world stage - diplomacy. Telling the PM to 'sue the EU' was never a good idea and given May's current position, at least she was clever enough to reveal this in order to bolster her own Brexit fudge. However, Trump is also happily playing world leaders, organisations and countries against one another.
  12. myrabury

    Pre season so far...

    I agree that Dawson looked completely out of depth on Saturday and perhaps L2 would be a struggle nowadays; however Danns certainly put a shift in and despite being heavily marked by younger, PL standard players he was still able to lose his markers on a number of occasions. Not bad for a player perhaps coming to the end of his playing days at league level. If he keeps motivated and injury free this season, he should pose a significant threat to a number of our opponents in L2. Happy with our defence so far, and there are signs that we will (should?) develop a decent strikeforce - however midfield still needs to be sorted out. Tbf the offside call was fair - we were sitting more or less behind the linesman - but a brief cheer for hitting the back of the net was well worth it ūüėĀ
  13. myrabury

    Trump wins Noble peace prize.

    John F Kennedy, a Democrat, also had a number of very unpleasant friends and associates! People are focussing on Trump the personality and not what he represents which IMO is a huge mistake. If the tactic is to distract (something our own governments in the recent past know a great deal about) - it appears to be working. What I find most disturbing so far about Trump's tenure in office are the lies, and the fact that he makes absolutely no bones about lying. When he is invariably caught out, he simply presents those facts as 'fake news' even if the evidence is plain for all to see - yet still people believe the lies. The tactic was used in the past by propaganda machines associated with the world's most dangerous leaders - tell the people enough lies for long enough and people will eventually believe them.
  14. myrabury

    Pre season so far...

    Klopp was asked about this post match yesterday - he stated that Karius knew he had to expect this for a while at least, and deal with it. I saw the incident on TV at the time but tbh had completely forgotten about it until it was raised by some of the crowd yesterday.