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  1. True, although some pointedly avoid acknowledging May's failings - and she is our PM, not Corbyn.
  2. It's a mess. Cross party discussions should have been held at the outset. Other interested parties including the CBI and the majority of Trade Unions should also have been included. Irrespective of a seriously flawed democratic process it is never a good idea to undermine parliament, irrespective of the potential for 'remain' MPs to scupper the process - 3 years should have been long enough to bang heads together. This is an issue way too important for the foolishly stubborn Head of a weak minority government to lead on. Again, irrespective of what happens from now on, the process has exposed deep divisions within our society, many having been caused by our own governments. Hard to say how long they will take to heal.
  3. Perhaps it's time there was an overhaul of how unemployment statistics are calculated and presented, preferably with context given the more precarious (amd low waged) nature of employment in the 21st Century for millions of people. It would also be useful to explain to the most stubborn disbelievers out there, that the majority of us who are of working age can or have received some sort of benefit at some point during our working lives. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-47623277
  4. Whist I agree with this, many of us see no choice as the Conservatives at national level offer nothing other than tinkering around the edges of often failed policies thanks in part to the prospect of Brexit. Whilst Labour's focus is on issues and perhaps rightly so - they lack the leadership required to drive a decent social and economic agenda and to rid themselves of some unpleasant baggage. The Conservatives should not be left off the hook. Having more or less destroyed LibDem representation, May's ultimate aim was always to unify her party and to put party before country at every opportunity. Her Brexit 'red lines' have been a disasterous attempt to do this and have little appeal to the electorate, irrespective of how they voted. Self preservation has always been key. If little else we should at least agree that our FPTP system is no longer fit for purpose and hasn't been for some time. Whilst you are correct to call Corbyn out; May's record as our PM is indefensible.
  5. We need a government willing and able to address all of these issues. Some take precendent, the driver ultimately being climate change (IMO). Innovation and employment should reflect this - from what I remember McDonnell, the Green Party, some Conservatives and certainly the LibDems at grass roots level have argued heavily for investment in future industries and technology to reflect this.
  6. Another excellent piece by Aditya Chakraborrty summarizing our democratic crisis. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/mar/20/britain-democratic-crisis-broken-link-voters-mps#comments One of perhaps only a handful of astute and reasoned columnists left across the MSM.
  7. Good to hear from you. Thought the Kings Head at the station was a decent pub - we visited last year. The only pubs I can recommend that I've visited recently over here are the Port Street Beer House and the Marble Arch, both within walking distance of Piccadilly or Victoria Railway Stations. The food's also good at both. Back to the football; have followed Town's fortunes for a number of seasons having always had a soft spot for our Yorkshire near neighbours - at least you've tried to give the PL a good go; good luck for the rest of this and of course, next season. Back at Gigg, we're having one of the best seasons we can remember in terms of the style and quality of football and after the departure of of previous owner, a sigh of relief. We're still in the mire financially however our new owner has a very different and more realistic approach in terms of what can and should be achieved. Fingers crossed. Hopefully you'll see some of that quality on the pitch if you're able to get across to Gigg Lane over the next few weeks.
  8. Caught the last 20 minutes of the Lincoln/Mansfield game when I got back from work last night - it looked to be a 'tough bit of the season' slugger between two of the best lower league teams but nothing special. From our perspective, a decent result. Up to ourselves to capitalise on it.
  9. 😁I've missed Flicker's misquoted metaphors and sayings - the 'damp squid' being a favourite from memory!
  10. It makes me quite sad to read the posts relating to FB. I let my membership lapse some years ago when it became clear to me that our last owner was maneuvering fan representation off the Board and I no longer saw the point of being a member. We need to stick together & move on.
  11. Not sure what you mean by 'technical elite', and if our leaders are chosen from the 'political elite' I wonder at how low standards have fallen over the decades. Presumably the reference is to the rise of the political Europhiles. However, the reality is that perhaps an ever closer union is inevitable. Globalization has ensured this.
  12. Genuine question - who is Judge Judy?
  13. We're doing something similar this afternoon...other half watching FI qualifying; I've just been watching the Watford v Palace FAC game and am now listening to the rugby 👍
  14. Point taken, however I was never interested in our previous owner's excuses - they wore thin after a very short while - only mine! I concede that I know very little if anything about finance in business - just that from an ordinary punter's point of view it's extremely frustrating ☹️
  15. As bad as this is I can't help but think that small clubs like ours are easy pickings for HMRC. I certainly don't condone how our business has been undertaken until very recently btw
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