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  1. myrabury

    We have to talk about McFadzean

    Fair enough. Slightly off topic - I do remember attending a City game a few years ago, when one of their former heroes, Richard Dunne, scored what I think was the winning goal against City. I've never experienced such a surge of warm, genuine applause (a standing ovation) from the home crowd when he scored. Fan demographics change and I'm not sure this would happen nowadays at the Etihad!
  2. myrabury

    We have to talk about McFadzean

    Maguire's performing for Sunderland - no surprise there. Wouldn't have him back at any price though, not after the 'slap in the face' remarks about the club which paid him well to put in as little effort as he could get away with whilst with us. It will be difficult to forgive or forget this.
  3. myrabury

    someone's not happy on Twitter

    Pesky social media!
  4. myrabury

    We have to talk about McFadzean

    Yes, it certainly wasn't the majority. Just don't get it at all. Adams has been a loyal servant to every club he's played for and Hope didn't develop his potential with ourselves, but not for lack of trying.
  5. myrabury

    someone's not happy on Twitter

    This is why I stopped being a part of that group as well. Although tbf skyblueshaker has pointed out the salient bits, and I haven't revisited in a few years so the language may well be better moderated these days.
  6. myrabury

    We have to talk about McFadzean

    Hope was good enough for Carlisle to repeatedly try to negotiate a permanent move from ourselves, which they succeeded in doing. He's obviously a better fit for them after scoring a number of goals ever since that move. As an aside, Hope was on the receiving end of a few boos and catcalls via. our fans on Saturday. Has he said anything derogatory about us since leaving? Goals dried up, not helped by being played out of position on a regular basis hence the initial loan - but I can't think of anything to warrant the hostility levelled towards him by some in the South Stand! Ditto Adams via. Carlisle's travelling faithful - they loved him when he played for them? Bit of an odd one for me.
  7. myrabury

    incident in main stand

    My other half's just seen a post on Twitter via. Hallam Hope, sending his condolences to the gentleman's family. Agree that we should hold a minute's silence at our next home match.
  8. myrabury

    DON'T PANIC!!!!

    No real pace and not much guile, however he could well be a useful impact sub. He was strong enough to fend off 3 big lads yesterday - if only he could stay on his feet!
  9. myrabury

    DON'T PANIC!!!!

    Agree with this. He should be class at our level however it will take quite a while to get him back to playing for the full 90 minutes. Until yesterday I was convinced that we wouldn't see him return before Christmas, if at all. Moore's work rate is fantastic and good to see that unlike his previous clubs he seems to have made a great start with us re. scoring - but I can't see this as a regular pattern. However Telford offers something else. Another quick footed grafter who will certainly score given the opportunity. It's good to have these options for a change!
  10. myrabury

    We have to talk about McFadzean

    Any one of our players will have an off day - I could understand the gist of this thread if certain players were continually underperforming (in our opinion at least) further down the line, however we're not even out of September! It was also good to see a number of our fans appaluding the players post match despite the defeat. By & large we can see the shifts they're putting in and they're worthy of our support - we weren't exactly turned over yesterday.
  11. myrabury

    We have to talk about McFadzean

    He's a decent lower league manager however I can understand why he has quickly parted company with some of those clubs given his abrasive character. We could hear him shouting from high up in the opposite stand - heaven knows what some of the families in the main stand thought about his language. Presumably the red card was given because of the verbal abuse of an oficial by one of the players? We couldn't make out what was happening over there. One or two Carlisle players were getting involved with a few verbal exchanges with our fans as well.
  12. myrabury

    incident in main stand

    Awful news. Being in the opposite Stand we had no idea about this at all. My condolences to the poor man's family.
  13. myrabury

    Carlisle Pradictions

    I can't fault any of our players in terms of commitment today. No issue with our subs either. We lost to a well drilled side who I would expect to be challenging for promotion again this season, and gave a pretty good account of ourselves in the process. What struck me at the end of the match was how genuinely gutted our guys appeared to be. They will have been bitterly disappointed. A far cry from last season when many of our inevitable defeats witnessed the majority of our players leaving the pitch seemingly without a care in the world.
  14. Some thoughts! I'm not even attempting to pass the buck - merely questioning why this has very recently become a major issue for Labour when apparently, antisemitism within the Labour Party and its supporters has declined since Milliband's tenure. Possibly because it's the leader himself that is the worry: eg Tower Hamlets mural, calling Hamas his friends at a time their charter called for the destruction not of Zionists, but of Jews. I would never seek to defend it. Margaret Hodge admitted that even as Labour has finally adopted the international definition of anti semitism; she and others will never be satisfied unless/until Corbyn is removed as Labour's party leader. Because she sees him as the problem, a lot of Jews and non-Jews agree. Labour must retain the ability to question the actions of the Israeli government and this has somehow been conflated with anti semitism. Not sure that's true, more to do with Corbyn himself, after all Israelis themselves question their own government. It would be ludicrous to suggest that this is purely a right wing conspiracy; clearly it isn't and the appointment of Willsman to the NEC is appalling IMO. As you have pointed out, Labour has traditionally been the party that welcomed Jewish communities. There have been a number of documented incidents however the police are struggling to identify the perpetrators online abuse - which may or may not have been conducted by party members. There are also prominent Jewish religious, business and media figures who do not support Labour and are actively involved in pursuing this agenda and in the process, planting the seeds of fear into ordinary families. Same with any community's figures that don't want a Labour government. I'm not Jewish, however I was educated with Jewish girls and we remain friends 40 years later. None of them have experienced what they would perceive to be anti semitism - we meet up fairly regularly and have discussed this from time to time. One is a member of the Labour Party - the others aren't really interested in politics. My friend who is a Labour Party member does not feel uncomfortable because of Corbyn's leadership. All of my Jewish friends are near neighbours still living within Prestwich's Sedgley Ward - one of the highest concentrations of Jewish communities in the country. There are many different and polarising views within those different communities re. how they define anti semitism. Of course, and how heartening that none of your Jewish friends have experienced anti-semitism but it's not in line with the bigger picture of a rise in Jew hatred. The 1999 Macpherson Report, the public enquiry after Stephen Lawrence's murder, had as one of its key recommendations that minority communities must have the right to define the prejudice they face. If Jews fear far-Left racism, we should listen rather than fob it off as a right-wing conspiracy. Corbyn has political baggage, a number of significant political enemies and there are those who will use any issue, however major and rooted in fact or tenuous, and rooted in lies in order to tarnish him. Don't agree, he's made a rod for his own back. Corbyn is naive and not the leader Labour needs (IMO) - however he is not an anti semite. If this perception remains then for me, Corbyn needs to be replaced. However, if he is to be replaced then it must be with someone who will continue to develop Labour's current core policies. I just hope this situation is resolved as it should be sooner rather than later. Agree. Agree with some of your responses; disagree with others. I certainly haven't used deflection, having already suggested that it would be ludicrous to suggest this is a wholly right wing conspiracy. I'm not that stupid, and am not sure what else I can say! I can only provide an anecdotal level of understanding based upon long standing friendships. I can't and would never try to pretend that I understand minority communities in entireity based upon this and I don't believe I have done. All I'm trying to do is to get to the bottom of why antisemitism has hit the headlines as a major problem in recent months. I'm trying to be very careful as to how I phrase my responses - the last thing I want to do is to cause offence. If there is a genuine fear throughout British Jewish communities that Corbyn could/is acting as a catalyst for the behaviour of left wing extremism, IMO he needs to be replaced.
  15. myrabury


    To add....government doesn't even appear to respect the majority of our own citizens. I don't buy the faux outrage from May just as the conduct of some, but not all of the EU member Heads of State towards the UK have certainly been rude. However the bigger picture is that antagonising the leaders of countries we rely on for much of our food, employment, technical expertise and so on - is not the way to achieve the Brexit the majority of Leavers really want.