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  1. This lad would have been right at at home in the pic & mix section of Bolton's fondly remembered, defunct branch of Woolies in terms of selective support/sympathy. And what's with 'the lions'? 'Trotters' not good enough since the meteoric rise to the giddy heights of the premiership all those years ago? I find it very difficult to muster much sympathy for Bolton's plight given their largely abysmal attitude towards us for so long. For all the banter between ourselves and Rochdale and even to a degree, Oldham I've never happened across anything as downright nasty and vindictive as some of Bolton's fans towards ourselves. All a bit of a mystery for me I'm afraid.
  2. Totally agree. When I read (and re-read) the original article I still thought it was some sort of hoax. I don't buy any lack of information about Bury and Bolton's geographical location either nor their historical rivalry. Tbh I'm still flabbergasted! Very reasonable all things considered! Hope you do get a reply, preferably one that makes sense!
  3. myrabury

    January Rumours

    Ah! Others are also saying that he's too old and slow (welcome to my world) however, if you need someone who you know will give 100% on the pitch, Soares fits the bill. And he has considerable lower league experience - someone our younger squad members could benefit from in terms of advice and general professionalism. He would also provide good cover for Danns. We've also got to be realistic in terms of financial constraints.
  4. myrabury

    January Rumours

    Seriously?? On the other hand, Soares is highly experienced and 'the correct fit' in terms of the type of character we need in the squad. However, wasn't the main reason for moving back down south to be with his young family?
  5. You are correct (IMO) and I believe it is designed to fail. As others have already stated, a Corbyn-led government will be unable to enact a number of policies around employment, trade etc within the EU as it stands. However, thanks to May's arrogance in refusing to bring on board parliament from the outset re. Brexit negotiations, she has suffered the biggest defeat for any government in parliament - and yet she still refuses to resign. The woman has no shame and no scruples. Don't you find this just as alarming?
  6. myrabury

    Clifford Bury RIP

    I used to see Clifford on a regular basis around Bury town centre and it was good to be able to put a name to his face, albeit under very sad circumstances, last Saturday. Given his love of Bury FC the gesture of remembrance would be really good.
  7. myrabury

    Is iFollow any good?

    Seconded, and I tried the same re. Chrome.
  8. myrabury

    Is iFollow any good?

    It's good value for money and the stream quality is also very good, in my experience, when I haven't been able to make the game - although one or two others have had issues. Can't recall exactly how much I pay (around £4.50 per month) however there are plenty of highlights, extended highlights and a number of entire matches to watch in the video library. Also worth a one off punt for individual matches.
  9. As always, well written and an enjoyable read. What a match to come and watch 😄
  10. myrabury

    The Times Article

    Ah, the MEN. The official Manchester United newspaper - just don't expect to find much news in there about any other club; United's blue neighbours included. Even the BT has upped it's game (albeit from a shockingly low base) in recent weeks, carrying a number of very positive stories about our club. About time too.
  11. myrabury

    Brexit explained (specifically for Ryan)

    Perhaps we deserve what we've got coming to us? The commentariat are surely a product of the society we've created after all - they haven't evolved as a separate species!
  12. myrabury

    Brexit explained (specifically for Ryan)

    We would need wholesale reform of our current political process which IMO would be no bad thing. None of the major parties are remotely interested in governing in the best interests of the country. Both major parties in particular are infected from the top down with politicians more interested in nest feathering and furthering their own personal agendas and unfortunately, our political system has allowed this to flourish over a period of time. We absolutely need to implement some form of PR as a matter of urgency.
  13. myrabury

    Your Bury FC Flags

    Will be a fantastic display, representing solidarity. Well done to all concerned 👍
  14. myrabury

    Message to the players

    I remember and have just re-read your OP. That's all the majority of us could ever ask - for each and every lad who plays for our proud club to give their all, win, draw or lose. Players will always have 'off days' irrespective of who they play for - it would take a mean spirited supporter not to acknowledge this. IMO there's always been more than a grain of truth in the belief that supporters of Northern clubs tend to be harsher on any players who do fall short on the day, but my word what patience our fans displayed during the last, dreadful season. In a few short months our current group of guys (including those such as Danns and O Connell who actually appeared to care) have restored my faith and then some, in our club. It's also really gratifying to see and hear fellow supporters acknowledging that hard work and perhaps (in the main!) being less hostile towards individuals who don't have such a good game now & then. The scenes just below us in the South Stand were absolutely incredible. Two guys around my age standing next to and chatting to us throughout the second half, were in tears. My throat's still sore from all the shouting and singing 😄😄