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  1. nick01

    Yes a sickener... but...

    In common with the vast majority of League 2 teams. I agree with your earlier post though - the fallout from the car crash that was last season will be long lasting and has probably put paid to any fanciful pipe dreams of Championship football. I'll settle for us preserving our Football League status this season, then take it from there. Lowe's not daft - he knows the scale of the job ahead even if Stewart Day is still deluded.
  2. nick01

    Yes a sickener... but...

    Of course things have changed - it's a new season in a new division with some new players. The terminal pessimism however does remain unchanged. MK are very far from being an average L2 setup though.
  3. nick01

    Yes a sickener... but...

    Well said. We were seconds away from earning a brilliant point against one of the pre season favourites, so no doom and gloom here.
  4. nick01

    RIP Sweet Caroline?

    Quite a few teams run out to "Hi Ho Silver Lining" these days. TBH i'd rather us come out to The Birdy Song than any of Neil Diamond's drivel.
  5. nick01

    Callum Styles

    Whether the impending transfer had any effect or not on his performance he looked like a little boy in a man's game last Saturday. A good piece of business imo.
  6. nick01


    Les Shannon for me.
  7. MoM for me, ably assisted down the left by Stokes then Moore. I think we'll get a good return from that area this season.
  8. Far, far too early to see this as an indicator for the rest of the season. However... if Lowe persists in playing one up front (in the fourth division for god's sake?!) then that one man must not be Chris Dagnall. Too small, too slow. The massive plus for me was the solidity of O'Connell and Thompson at the back. The massive negative was how far down the pecking order our erstwhile marquee signing Harry Bunn has fallen. Three attack minded substitutions and he didn't feature in any of them. Day must be squirming with embarrassment.
  9. nick01

    Season ticket 2018/19

    Apparently the credit is transferrable, so why not donate it to a worthy cause. Me.
  10. nick01

    5 in 19

    Like Stewart Day's chairmanship eh?
  11. nick01

    Where would Bury be now?

    Or football has finally run out of thick chairmen!
  12. nick01

    Season ticket 2018/19

    It is. Now mind you don't fritter it on women and strong drink.
  13. nick01

    Where would Bury be now?

    "It wasn't me, it was him". What a deluded prick the guy is - and he obviously can't put two and two together about why he hasn't found another mug for the last nine months.
  14. nick01

    Season ticket 2018/19

    Delete the season ticket number that's in the top box and replace it with your email address. I had the same problem - very confusing!
  15. nick01

    Season ticket 2018/19

    Hey guys, this is the Wacky, Zany World of Bury FC. You surely didn't think logic and communication would play a part here did you?