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  1. nick01

    Nick Pope

    I think that was demonstrated yesterday by the hapless Phil Jones getting skinned alive by Eden Hazard. I think he's going to have deja vu big time in Russia.
  2. nick01

    Nick Pope

    Congratulations Nick, but my god what a low quality squad!
  3. I think there's enough in his game to warrant keeping him on and having an extended look at him. But will he be able to hack it in the battleground that is League 2? His physique reminds me of Baichung Bhutia, who also struggled with the physicality of the English game.
  4. nick01

    Let's be positive

    I think the club would miss the money! I totally agree with the rest of your post though.
  5. nick01

    Zeli released - really !!

    Zeli loved running down blind alleys. No great loss.
  6. nick01


    Ahh yes...may Abdallah be praised, may his tribe increase. See you next season. Who knows, you may have found a local club who actually acknowledges your existence!
  7. Yes, it's a fair price and contrary to what i've posted earlier (surprise surprise!) i'll be renewing. Can't imagine there'll be many takers at £350 though.
  8. Don't worry Myra - I've reposted his garbage in the "Relegated" thread.
  9. nick01


    Anyone remember this tosser? Come on big boy - man up and face your adoring public! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
  10. nick01

    Unlikely star of next season?

    Aye, laughing til the tears roll down their legs. Then cracking open the Bolly.
  11. nick01

    Unlikely star of next season?

    You may be right Tubs, but the guy needs to get some quality advisors around him ASAP. If he's any sense - of the footballing variety at least - he needs to sever ties with Huddersfield. The partnership hasn't exactly been beneficial to him or us it? I'll bet the directors are still still having a thigh slapper about Harry Bunn!
  12. nick01

    Unlikely star of next season?

    The due diligence should have been done by Day on Lee Clark, after his well known kid in a sweetshop debacles with Birmingham (who have also hit the skids thanks to Clark) and Kilmarnock. And then to allow him to repeat the failures with a third division club! Something tells me that Day isn't the sort of guy who will learn from this.
  13. nick01

    Unlikely star of next season?

    True. That's why Lowe's in the dugout and I'm sat in the South Stand eh?
  14. nick01

    Unlikely star of next season?

    Oops - he wasn't slated was he? Teach me to read the bloody posts properly!
  15. nick01

    Unlikely star of next season?

    Callum Styles for me. He looks ready for the step up now, particularly if he has a fully fit Dawson alongside him.