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  1. Bury FC vs Southend United

    And let's not forget the ridiculous , unjustified amounts of flak Pope received towards the end of his spell here. I don't think there would be many of his critics that wouldn't swap him for Hanson and have him back leading the line in a heartbeat. But it seems some people need a hate figure. Phil Edwards, come on down!
  2. Bury FC vs Southend United

    Once again I have to admire what Ryan Lowe has achieved so far with a squad that is average at best. Whatever the eventual outcome (almost certainly relegation) he has already deserved his chance at management and IMO the club is a better place for his being here.
  3. Bury FC vs Southend United

    I saw a spirited, ballsy, battling performance tonight from a rejuvenated Bury. Did I see any real evidence that we'll do the miracle comeback? None whatsoever. But fair play to the lads tonight - they weren't playing mugs and just about deserved their point.
  4. Bradford

    I gather that Spurs offered to pay for the job because they were (rightly) concerned about the safety of their players on that pitch. If you look at Dale's fixtures they're going to be playing twice a week almost to the end of the season. Good news for us if we can keep the mini revival going.
  5. Lee clark

    From what I can remember a lot of us voiced our concerns about Lucketti's lack of experience coupled with the need for him to hit the ground running. But no one could have predicted just how woeful his few weeks in charge would be.
  6. Lee clark

    I totally blame Day for that appointment - a pathetic attempt at crowd pleasing which backfired disastrously for all concerned.
  7. Lee clark

    For sheer incompetence and wasting of money no one comes remotely near Clark. My all time least favourite manager. He wasn't above coming the arrogant prick on the pitifully few occasions that his tactics actually paid off either (Bradford post match interview anyone?). Our loss is Estonia's...loss.
  8. Indifference

    Definite sub 2K crowd if it is on.
  9. Indifference

    Normally, after an average home match, there would be a multi thread dissection of the game totalling hundreds of posts. This evening I've seen more activity following a group game in that bloody Checkatrade farce. This isn't a criticism folks - just an observation of what our hellish season has become. Mrs nick01 says she's putting me in a shoebox under the stairs until August. Goodnight xx
  10. We're fighting not only to stay up (however futile that may prove to be) but also to give the rest of the season some meaning. The nightmare scenario for me would be to witness one meaningless game after another with a berth in League 2 at the end of it. So on that reckoning tomorrow is the most important game.
  11. Ajose loan terminated

    Well...he's a prick too! (desperately looks to avoid loss of face).
  12. Ajose loan terminated

    Me too Alan, but since everything behind the scenes seems to be shrouded in mystery I doubt we'll ever know.
  13. Ajose loan terminated

    This proves what a complete and utter prick Ajose is. He's going to have to get used to backward steps with a shitty attitude like his. Good riddance.
  14. Seems a reasonable way to spend a cold February evening does that! Even better than freezing your rocks off at Estadio de Energy Check, if that's at all possible. What's this fizz and wine caper though? Aren't you allowed a pint of Taylors Landlord in a hot tub?
  15. Did you say points or pints?