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  1. Rochdale's traditional rivals used to be Halifax Town, but that bit the dust many years ago. Since then they've desperately tried to form one with ourselves and are miffed that it's not really reciprocated. Better that level of delusion than Oldham's - I think those poor sods still see a rivalry with City and United.
  2. Oh dear, they are clutching at straws aren't they? Mind you, that's what you get when you support a club that's synonymous with failure. I mean, three promotions in 112 years... 😂
  3. Brilliant. So we've got a month of "I can't disclose my sources but I have it on very good authority blah blah blah". Still, owt's better than nowt I suppose. UTS.
  4. Only in Grimsby could the word "wing" rhyme with "men".
  5. I remember that one too. John Aston had ripped us apart down the wing all evening and we just about managed to stay in touch at 2-3. I couldn't watch Rudd's pen, but my dad gave me the commentary. "He's running up, he's hit it...oh no the bloody fool's missed it!" His hair looked like he'd had a tin of treacle emptied over his head. Billy that is, not my dad.
  6. I bet his mum and dad were always at him for not doing his homework eh? Actually, the more I hear about this guy the more I think he's just a bunco merchant who's found himself seriously out of his depth.
  7. Three games against Burnley. The 4th round FA Cup tie in January 1980, won 1-0 in front of a 17K+ crowd and went on to play at Anfield in the fifth round. A virtually forgotten League Cup tie in September 1985. We were 2-1 down from the first leg and won 5-3 with a last gasp Madden goal in an absolute thriller - one of my all time favourites. And then being 4-0 up at half time, Boxing Day 1999. But that's just three matches - I could go on for hours. City, Middlesbrough, WBA, QPR and loads of other wonderful memories over the last 53 years. The scenes at the end of the Tranmere game take some beating too.
  8. I think the term is "cutting your nose off to spite your face". A absolute feast of football over the last two evenings - and more to come in a few weeks time.
  9. Fantastic game, fantastic performance, fantastic result. I suppose i'm lucky in that I can watch a game of football without agonising about how much the players earn. Well done Liverpool!
  10. Maximum respect to these guys - i'm not sure I would be showing their superb team spirit under the circumstances.
  11. I'll go for 5640. There would have been a lot more if we needed a draw or win but thank god we don't. The result is a bit of an irrelevance but i'll say 2-0 Bury, O'Shea and Mayor signing off in style.
  12. I'll bet it's all systems go at the moment then. Good job it's the last game of the season tomorrow eh? Seriously though Tubs, I don't think a blog of sorts would go amiss on here. Really good stuff. 👍
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