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  1. nick01

    Jim Iley Best 11, in tribute

    ...when he shoots the ball he hits the wall, Tommy Tommy Gore. Not the best taker of a free kick!
  2. nick01

    Jim Iley Best 11, in tribute

    Cruikshank was a model of inconsistency, but I remember him scoring a great winner against Mansfield when we came back from 0-2 down.
  3. nick01

    Had a bad day at the office?

    Let's hope that's a CGI or they'll still be digging him out next year!
  4. nick01

    Cambridge Utd Away

    Taking nothing for granted. I wouldn't turn down a draw but I think we'll win 2-0.
  5. nick01

    Jim Iley Best 11, in tribute

    Winston White. He'd be having a below par game then suddenly have a fifteen minute spell when he was unstoppable. One of my favourites.
  6. Good points. Dominic Telford would walk into most L2 sides but thanks to good management he's happy - for the time being at least - to be an impact sub. Eoghan O'Connell will be champing at the bit after his amazing cameo on Saturday but I reckon his time will come.
  7. nick01

    Gordon Taylor.

    He'll bankrupt Wanderers more like. I met him many years ago when I worked in banking. He was, shall we say, not a man in whom you could invest great trust. He was accompanied by Brendan Batson, who was the opposite - a complete gentleman.
  8. nick01

    RIP Jim Iley

    RIP Jim Iley. I always felt he gave his best for our club.
  9. nick01

    Brexit explained (specifically for Ryan)

    It would probably produce the opposite result if it happened, but surely it would make a mockery of the democratic process - and i'm a staunch Remainer. The whole thing has been a bloody shambles since the referendum and neither camp has come out of it with any credit whatsoever. The biggest farce imo would be if there is a general election triggered on the back of this and Corbyn (a confirmed Eurosceptic, lest we forget) tries to bribe the electorate with the promise of a new Brexit referendum, a la Cameron.
  10. nick01

    Jay O’Shea

    I could never understand all the flak he took on here in the first place - all he ever needed was a bit of confidence and an extended chance to prove himself. He's got both and consequently he's become a key player.
  11. nick01

    Are you watching Pep!!! Well Done Ryan

    Good job i'm not on Carlsberg Specials then eh?
  12. nick01

    Are you watching Pep!!! Well Done Ryan

    He doesn't work for Carlsberg - but he's drinking plenty of Amstel as we speak!
  13. nick01

    Are you watching Pep!!! Well Done Ryan

    32 shots! 32 SHOTS!! And 90% of them looked like they were going in. I honestly can't remember the last time I left Gigg Lane as euphoric as I felt today. The passion, the skill levels, the sheer love of the game shone through our team today, and was reflected in the faces of our supporters. I'm proud of you lads!
  14. nick01

    Jay O’Shea

    Magnificent performance. It took a lot to outdo Danny Mayor today, but I reckon O'Shea managed it.
  15. nick01

    FA CUP Rd 2 draw

    He did that. He played 9 games for them, and one of them had to be against us. Do you remember Geoff Hunter's goal? He cut in from the left and hit a screamer from the edge of the area. Pedant alert...just realised that it was early 1983, not 84 as I said originally.