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  1. It isn't beyond the bounds of possibility that administration looms large and then you find yourselves suffering a relegation AND a points deduction as per Luton Town. As ever, the supporters will be the last consideration when it comes to meting out punishment.
  2. Yes, but BFC have asked for it 'in advance'. Presumably the EFL think a plan is in place to actually reach the end of the season.
  3. But the EFL have presumably accepted that SD2 offers some stability, at least in the short term, or they wouldn't be offering to forward any money, just to see it disappear down a black hole. Solicitors would surely have taken instructions from the higher echelons of the club ? I hope they weren't 'winging it'. If so, there won't be much charity on offer on May 15th if it's all deen to be a charade.
  4. Offered assurances to the relevant authorities with the effect of staving off a WUP. Not sure any individual could have done that to convince either a Judge or the HMRC, Whether he backs that up with the necessary funds is a different thing. By May 15th, all will be revealed.
  5. Your impassioned plea might have the effect of alienating SD2 even further than he was previously. As dubious as he may seem to be, if he 'ups sticks' and goes in a fit of pique, what then ? The future is hanging in the balance. A very fine balance. BFC is gasping for breath to survive. Be careful you don't extinguish the only oxygen you have left.
  6. There won't be any cheap rentals there. Unless you're kipping in a car on a garage forecourt !
  7. Thanks. Didn't know that. You don't get to live in Prestbury without having a bob or two. I suppose it's how he accrued it that matters most in this case.
  8. From an outsiders perspective, I would have thought that if SD2 had an ounce of good grace, he would be announcing up front what his actual plans were, how long he envisages it will take to get things on an even keel and he would be doing everything possible to get people on side. 'My Club My Community' is fine, if you engage people in your idea. Otherwise it's a meaningless slogan Why is he being so reticent ? Why is there no rallying cry ? There are major financial problems and everyone knows that. It's not a commercial secret, so SD2, start talking to the supporters about your plans for the club. Offer some crumbs of comfort, some hope for the future. Don't kill the club off and leave everyone in the dark as to what is going on. Tell the supporters what's going on, those who really care about the club. Those whose money you depend on for the future. FFS, start communicating. It matters.
  9. The last club that were dealt with 'properly' were Luton Town who were relegated AND deducted 30 points and the inevitable relegation to the Conference followed. I'm not comparing situations but when they want to be firm, they can be. My guess is Bolton will be next. Something definitely not right down there. Then you see who is due to buy the club and wondrr why they even bother to have 'Fit and Proper' rules at all....
  10. As I have said elsewhere.... I received an e-mail on Tuesday to tell me that items had been 'legally removed' from Carrington. Read into that what you will, but I suspect the Bailffs have been to pay a visit.
  11. Can't wait for the bouncy castle to appear on the Kids Fun day
  12. Shouldn't that be whine ? 😊
  13. It might not be helping, but we are all as bemused as each other as the unsavoury saga rolls on. Still all as clear as mud and sympathy is surely with the players and backroom staff who are bearing the brunt of the financial mismanagement. Meanwhile, statements are made which are lacking in any form of true detail. SD2 should be explaining what's going on. His comments on the local news saying that BFC can no longer be run like a Premiership club is all well and good, as if that wasn't obvious even to Stevie Wonder. The question is, will there be a club at all at the end of all this confusion?? You will never stop people speculating.
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