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  1. This. We are getting plenty of mentions all over the media. Surely all this drawing of attention to our illustrious history will now entice a rich buyer!? 😚
  2. ...according to the BBC News website. I’d imagine he breezed past the EFL ‘fit and proper person’ test
  3. Can't share the guy's optimism but massive respect to him for turning up at court.
  4. This. Please and relieved we still have a club for now but what is everyone working for the club supposed to do? Starve? Everyone who can will bail out by 19 June.
  5. The (minus a) Dozen Derby if we both survive...
  6. Brilliant game that. How was it 0-0 after FT and ET? Shame for Flicker. Mansfield didn't do much wrong - just a great game - credit to both sides that.
  7. Thought we were fantastically disciplined all season. Another point to make is that, whilst our defence often looked shaky, I can't remember us giving away stupid penalties by diving in.
  8. At times the post-match scenes did border on the shambolic. But it was just a minor blip and the overwhelming memories will be of probably the most thrilling season I have seen in nearly 50 years watching Bury. Superb exciting football, amazing goal tally, a dramatic promotion night and players, management, staff and supporters bonding to an unprecedented degree amid dire circumstances. Even when we didn’t play it was brilliant, with all those results going for us on the penultimate Saturday. As others have said, the next James Bentley book should be even greater. Just hoping and praying they are not the final chapters. Thanks for a wonderful season.
  9. Was always going to be tame after Tuesday’s drama. Did take far too long to get organised after the match though
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