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  1. An off-day, as I'm going. 2-0 to Grimsby. 13 game unbeaten run proves unlucky.
  2. Blow for full-time now ref. Dreadful goalkeeping from Logan. Stupid foul and has he not seen an Akinde penalty all season? He just rolls the ball in - never gets it in the corner - so don’t commit with a stupid guessing dive. Murphy did likewise at our place...
  3. It’s taken me 22 years so I’m not optimistic...
  4. It stopped raining as soon as they called it off...😢
  5. If he has quit because of owner interference, I don't blame him at all. If he has quit because he has realised that, you know, managing in League 2 is pretty tough, it's disgraceful. What did he expect?
  6. Excellent that. Great thinking by Hope
  7. Preparing to dismantle the Bentley statue
  8. https://football-wonderkids.co.uk/interview/david-johnson-interview Says his happiest times were at Bury...
  9. Didn’t want to talk a load of pollocks...
  10. Laughable nonsense. What is the point of stupid stuff like this? What’s wrong with pay-on-the-day? The morons who come up with this ought to be outed and made to stand in a public place repeating for an hour: “I will not make silly pointless rules”
  11. Cracking header from Maynard. Marking was poor admittedly but he had to leap from a standing start and got the perfect power and direction.
  12. One of the worst games I’ve ever seen - but who cares!!??😀😀
  13. Yes - we could be playing them twice - possibly 3 times - in a few weeks - although that wasn't in the dream! I think they are certs to make the play-offs. The only other certs are Lincoln to go up - and I'm sure they'll win the title. That leaves us, Mansfield and MK Dons fighting for 2 places and I'm pessimistic. Don't know why as we've been a joy this season and the playing style and spirit have put a spring in the step of this Shaker. Just a grim feeling it's been so good it cannot last!
  14. I had a vivid dream/nightmare about it all. It involved losing at Tranmere in our last away game😢
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