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  1. Shaker Ryan

    Bercow should go now.

    It's okay not many people are! You said if he is found guilty he should resign or be replaced, but it appears there won't be an inquiry into his conduct?
  2. Shaker Ryan

    Bercow should go now.

    How will that happen?
  3. Shaker Ryan

    Royal Wedding.

    Shots fired.
  4. Shaker Ryan

    Tom Hopper

    He'd be a great signing but surely other L1 clubs will want him?
  5. The pompous twit should resign or be replaced - long overdue
  6. It's a mess, I hate it, but I'd do the same at least for the short-term. Democracy must prevail.
  7. Shaker Ryan

    Trump wins Noble peace prize. Doubt the BBC will be in a rush to report this..
  8. Interesting times ahead ūüėÄ
  9. Shaker Ryan

    Jay Spearing

    I hope not, but he might actually be one of the few players other clubs will be willing to offer a fee for. I wonder if everyone is up for sale again?
  10. Shaker Ryan

    Jay Spearing

    If true, certainly puts Dawson's future in doubt. He might actually end up at Salford after all!
  11. Shaker Ryan

    Nicky Adams

    I agree. Good first signing by Lowey. I know he's featured a few times recently, but if Shrewsbury are promoted, I can't see them keeping Joe Riley. He'd be a solid right-back next season. I don't mind us signing players we've had before as long as they're capable and committed enough. Quite hard to avoid with our turnover over the last 5 years!
  12. Shaker Ryan

    Trump wins Noble peace prize.

    Not sure I'd use the word innocent looking at videos online, not what the BBC shows. You'll have to provide me some examples of Trump's "bully boy tactics".. The embassy move has been on the cards for a long time now -
  13. Shaker Ryan

    Salford City

    Dawson to Salford?
  14. Shaker Ryan

    Trump wins Noble peace prize.

    Let's not get carried away but he's doing some great things. So refreshing to see someone doing what he said he'd done. Go on The Donald!
  15. Well worth it... What a stitch up for the taxpayer.