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  1. The future for local services

    What are you most concerned about? Pehaps I'm ignorant to the issue (not intentionally I should add!!) but I haven't seen/heard many people complaining about local changes. Bins are still emptied, parks are still maintained, libraries and health centres are open. My only frustration would be the state of the roads, government has provided local authorities with extra funding to repair roads, but not much work ever seems be done. Just my opinion..
  2. Bury FC vs Southend United

    Spot on. Definitely a fair result. I hope we can sign Peter Clarke (again) for next season, whatever divison we're in. One of my favourite defenders we've had. Hopefully Danns and Mayor are back for Blackburn, we look a lot more threatening going forward with them two in the side. Hanson and Dawson better off the bench. Not point at trying to predict the future as some are understandably doing, just focus on the next game and what will be will be come May.
  3. Bury FC vs Southend United

    I agree, any side that manages to beat Wigan will be a competitive outfit. It will be a tougher game than last Tuesday but every game is different. Southend may well be in a for a surprise.
  4. Bury FC vs Southend United

    What do we think the team will be for tomorrow? Just Thompson in for Cameron?
  5. Bradford

    I'm happy with a point at Bradford. It's a shame individual errors have potentially cost us the win but to keep going in the 95th min and grab an equaliser gives us another boost. We had 26 shots today according to BBC stats, you can't say we're not attacking sides!
  6. Bradford

    Wow thank god for that! Miller strikes again!
  7. Bradford

    They'll end up being this seasons Port Vale. No way they can sustain any kind of decent form playing so many games in such a short amount of time. They're more likely to go down than us in my opinion.
  8. Bradford

    That's a 4-0 Bradford win now.. 😄
  9. Lee clark

    I think Ryan Lowe has been on record saying Lucketti was doing the complete opposite to what was required in terms of training and team cohesion. Lowey's record to date would suggest he was bang on. Lucketti seemed a decent chap but he didn't excatly fill you with optimism. It was a poor appointment but I don't remember too many people complaining when he was appointed.
  10. Lee clark

    By Ryan Lowe? 😅
  11. Great Performance

    7 points out of a possible 9 is a fantastic return considering a few weeks ago we couldn't even score a goal! Credit to Lowey and coaching staff. The players are fighting again that's more than evident. We're still in this fight. Don't give up just yet. Onto Bradford!
  12. Adam Thompson

    Thompson and Clarke were superb tonight. Cameron will have to wait his turn I'm afraid.
  13. Tonight's game

    You're right Scales, he was excellent tonight. I know he's not the quickest but what a warrior he is. So glad we've got him and Ripley in.
  14. Neil Danns

    Outstanding. My man of the match tonight. I wanted him to leave in the summer.. How wrong was I. As I say, outstanding lately.
  15. George Miller our 2nd top league scorer

    Whatever divison we're in next season, I hope we can resign Miller on loan. It's nice to see someone put some proper effort in. He's the ideal sub.