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  1. Shaker Ryan

    Forest Green away

    Will RL want to break the midfield to accommodate a ball winning midfielder? We'd need someone like Neal Bishop at Mansfield but signing someone like that in the next 10 days is unlikely. I think Lowe will persist with what we've got and sign a player similar to Styles if we can't get the man himself.
  2. Shaker Ryan

    Brexit explained (specifically for Ryan)

    You never be sure about Gove and his motives but he does appear to be doing okay in his environmental role
  3. Shaker Ryan

    Brexit explained (specifically for Ryan)

    Okay I accept it might not have been the best example but the point I was trying to make was that Labour haven't/wouldn't stop more powers going to Brussels. You can check out your MPs voting record online, mine has largely voted in favour of further EU integration according to the records, despite representing a leave area. I'm suspecting this is similar to 95% Labour MPs. Not that any of this matters.. 😅
  4. Shaker Ryan

    Forest Green away

    Oh stop moaning. He's probably after a bit of help.
  5. Shaker Ryan

    Forest Green away

    No. I imagine he's now regretting that comment. Did many hear him say it?
  6. Shaker Ryan

    Forest Green away

    Good point. Mansfield managed to grab a late goal midweek to beat Crawley and came back from 2-0 down at HT today to beat Colchester 3-2. Think they've only lost twice all season too. They won't be far off come May. Not convinced Lincoln are technically as good as MK and FGR so will be a different type of test next week but they must be 1st for a reason. Should be an entertaining game. Whoever wins should be able to charge on for promotion. Big game.
  7. Shaker Ryan

    Forest Green away

    Never realised Mark Cooper read this messageboard 😝
  8. Shaker Ryan

    Brexit explained (specifically for Ryan)

    Various treaties have been waved through the commons with little objection, Maastricht for example. Huge transfers of power. UK cannot make substantial changes to fishing or agricultural matters as we're signed upto CAP and CFP. RL makes point below about ECJ superiority.
  9. Shaker Ryan


    His second spell. He was our replacement for James Vaughan, apparently!!
  10. Shaker Ryan

    Brexit explained (specifically for Ryan)

    How would they have stopped transfer of powers? Most Labour and Liberal MPs have been happy to wave away more sovereignty, as have a sizeable chunk of Tories. You can't reform the EU, UK has been trying to do that for the last 40 years!
  11. Shaker Ryan


    Jesus they must be desperate. Terrible attitude. Wonder if this means Flickers will be moving on Danny Rose.. Again.
  12. Shaker Ryan

    Brexit explained (specifically for Ryan)

    How long before Labour back another referendum? They've covered every other position so may as well back this too. Bit sick of hearing how bad Brexit is/will be etc etc. It's not Brexit that is the issue, it's MPs unwilling to accept it by majority. Even Bercow is now doing his best to aide them - not that I'm surprised.
  13. Shaker Ryan

    Greater Manchester Spatial Framework

    They couldn't care less. Labour - for the votes. Tories - cheap workers for their big business donors.
  14. Shaker Ryan

    What a liability Stokes is....

    Midfielder signing next week according to RL. Says he's looking at 2-3 additions. Hope we can get Styles back, we need someone creative to step in if O'Shea or Mayor are unavailable.
  15. Shaker Ryan

    Jay O'Shea

    Superb footballer. I remember a few years ago when we lost at Chesterfield I think it was 4 or 5-0 (Danny Mayor was sent off) he was ace - I always hoped we'd sign him.. I'm pleased we did!!