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  1. Shaker Ryan


    Same with Boris, his comments have been blown up because the establishment blame him for Brexit. They cannot accept it and will smear him at any opportunity.
  2. Shaker Ryan


    I think Corbyn gets quite a rough ride from the media. I've noticed the BBC aren't keen on him! I'm not convinced he's an anti-Semite to be honest, as some have suggested he is. As Myra says, his past associations will always harm him and Labour Party as long as he's leader. I think he's an honest and decent MP, I disagree with him on a lot, but I can understand why some many like him. He reminds me of Nigel Farage in ways and I suspect once he's no longer leader, Labour will struggle to replace him and remain popular with younger people.
  3. Shaker Ryan


    I suspect he was testing the water! Ken Clarke made similar comments a few years back and Anna Soubry backed him. I doubt she's backing Boris!
  4. Shaker Ryan


    Interesting you say that. Sky did a poll today on this and the question was 'Should Boris apologise for his comments?' Yes - 45% No - 48%. Interestingly, another question was 'Should the UK ban the burka?' Yes - 60% No - 30%. People are obviously sympathetic to his comments but don't like Boris making them.
  5. Fair point but I would still argue our governments have allowed more and more EU integration over that time that has been a factor in the result.
  6. Shaker Ryan

    Callum Styles

    Rumoured to be joining Barnsley for £500,000.
  7. Any interfence had zero affect on the outcome of the referendum. We voted to leave because of the EU and it's years of eroding sovereignty, not because someone on their computer in Moscow told us to! Breaking electoral laws literally happens at every election - all the major parties have been fined at some point. Remain and Leave both knew it and bent as many rules as possible to gain advantage. But spending more money, as Remain did, didn't matter. The EU did all the damage over 40 years.
  8. Shaker Ryan

    Bucket List

    Brilliant film! Sounds fantastic - enjoy Monday!
  9. You asked did I have anything to say about the alleged interference during the referendum.
  10. I disagree with Soubry, but I wouldn't advocate her being deselected. I'm sure voters at the next election will decide her fate, as it should be. That isn't fair. Apart from Brexit, which is a seperate issue away from day to day business, when do Frank Field and Kate Hoey prop up this government? They don't. In fact, I suspect neither like May's plan! We'll see. If they're allowed to stand, I think they'll be elected again. No.
  11. Frank Field now too - I feel sorry for Hoey and Field. They are being treated appallingly. I agree, I can't see a new party gaining any traction. Saying that, UKIP did very well in a short space of time, although maybe that was more right place right time. Who knows in this crazy world!
  12. I think Soubry quite likes a Keith Floyd measure before she goes into the Commons
  13. Take back control of our Borders, waters, laws and money. Under May's plan, it doesn't look like any of that will be possible! Trade deals will also be highly restricted. Its not really talked about but the Common Fisheries Policy has probably been one of worst parts of our EU membership. When you look into it, our fisherman have been hit big time. We definitely have to take our waters back, of course European boats can still come in, but on our terms.
  14. I don't actually know what he said in terms of Brexit, I suspect his comments are being misrepresented by someone obviously not keen on Brexit but like I say I don't know, I'll have to look. I've always accepted we may face some choppy waters once we leave, how can we not? But I do believe the long-term benefits will far outweigh the short-term difficulties we may face.
  15. Welcome to Corbyn's Labour -