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  1. Shaker Ryan

    Brexit explained (specifically for Ryan)

    Its not that you haven't heard decent arguments over the last few years, it's just that you don't agree with them. As many don't. But... The majority did, unfortunately Mrs May is making a right dogs dinner of it. She's bought into the new remain tactic of weaponising Irish border. It's a totally inflated issue. Goods pass every day despite different currency, tax rates etc. We could be having a free trade agreement with financial services attached as Donald Tusk has suggested, but Mrs May is stubbornly continuing with Chequers.
  2. Regarding injuries, I suppose we only have one match fit striker Dagnall. Maynard - 3 games all season. Telford - Returning from injury. Beckford, Lavery and Moore - injured. Maybe explains why we're not as clinical as we could be?
  3. Shaker Ryan

    Universal Credit.

    Ha! What a mess. I hope to see David Davis back in government, he's one of the best MPs Tories have. I'd like him as PM but can't see that happening.
  4. Shaker Ryan

    Bury V Crewe matchday

    I agree, Telford and Maynard could be a lethal partnership. Hopefully Barnsley will let us keep Styles for the season, his precision passing is Championship standard.
  5. Shaker Ryan

    We have to talk about McFadzean

    Brings the best out in Mayor, bit like when Hussey was here.
  6. Shaker Ryan

    We have to talk about McFadzean

    Only contracted until January, as is Maynard. Both hopefully will be offered extensions before another club takes them!
  7. Shaker Ryan

    Fracking - potential threat to wildlife

    Finally -
  8. Shaker Ryan

    Universal Credit.

    Esther McVey, Tories version of Diane Abbott, has said this will make some people poorer. I'm sure it has worked in some cases but if the reform has made people poorer, then in my view it has failed and should be stopped or looked at again. She's an incompetent politician and how she's a minister I'll never know.
  9. Shaker Ryan

    Trump wins Noble peace prize.

    Unfortunately this was quite likely, I'm sure she'd have been aware of a backlash. She's made allegations, she's faced some unacceptable behaviour and comments, you could say she's past the worst of it, so why not go ahead now? Doesn't add up. It looked a very calculated move. Anyway, he's been investigated by FBI and they have found no evidence to support Dr Ford's claims. She has dropped her allegations. He's innocent and should be allowed to get on with his job without any further doubt of his behaviour regarding the allegation.
  10. Shaker Ryan

    Trump wins Noble peace prize.

    I think you'll probably be right but I'm not really sure why this would encourage people to vote either way. I did see Dr Ford has no plans to take her allegation any further all a bit odd if you ask me.
  11. Shaker Ryan

    Pic of the day

    Quickly extend his contract!!
  12. Shaker Ryan

    Joe Murphy

    I'm not even convinced Rose nudges him and even if he did Murphy should be experienced enough to realise that could happen. As you say, he had it in one hand and drops it. Bit of a cock up but he did make an excellent save a few minutes later to deny Khan.
  13. Shaker Ryan

    Trump wins Noble peace prize.

    Oh come on, everyone is innocent until proven otherwise. Whether that be Brett Kavanaugh or Cristiano Ronaldo. It's as if we now live in a world where people only believe the accuser and that's wrong, just ask Cliff Richard. That's all I'm saying. The economy is doing well, stock market breaking records, North Korea issue is being diffused, China's dumping of products being worked on. Record employment. He's not perfect, he says stupid things (like this week on Kavanaugh case) but he's doing what he said he would do and it's popular.
  14. Shaker Ryan

    Trump wins Noble peace prize.

    I see people have already cast their own verdict on this man without knowing anything. Sounds to be me like he's gulity of Trump association and that's enough for people to judge. Ridiculous.
  15. Shaker Ryan

    Flickers back at Gigg!!!

    You may disagree, but it doesn't mean it isn't true.