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  1. Original Dave Nugent

    Where would Bury be now?

    Okay - I'll correct you! It was a 2-0 lead we threw away. Walsall then scored three before Tom Soares bagged an equaliser in stoppage time.
  2. Original Dave Nugent

    Everton game

    Maybe PSG and Real too.
  3. Original Dave Nugent

    Season ticket 2018/19

    Try adding your address!
  4. Original Dave Nugent

    Season ticket 2018/19

    Same link as in the email
  5. Original Dave Nugent

    Season ticket 2018/19

    Sorted... but clunkiest online registration I've come across in a while. Reminded me of using the web in the 1990s.
  6. Original Dave Nugent

    Squad just gets bigger and bigger

    I agree - it sound like Stokes is more suited to 4-4-2, 4-3-3 or even 5-3-2rather than the 3-5-2 that was so effective on Saturday. Not sure the coaching staff expected 3-5-2 to be quite as effective as it was!
  7. Original Dave Nugent

    Squad just gets bigger and bigger

    You could be right. Leigh's attacking instinct inhibited Mayor's natural game. Nicky Adams, I'm sure, would also prefer a more defensively-capable wing back.
  8. Original Dave Nugent

    Saul Shotton

    Anyone know what the position is with regard to his contract? I know he was offered a new one but I've not heard anything about him going ahead and signing one. He played second half against Liverpool, but he's not named in the squad on the club website, yet the likes of McFadzean and Whelan are... Sign him up, Ryan, and offload slipper-foot Aldred!
  9. Original Dave Nugent

    Squad just gets bigger and bigger

    Reading the Coventry message board, there are mixed views on him, but all thought he had character and all thought he was one of their better players until a fairly serious injury (Do I hear alarm bells?). A couple point out that his form in the last 2-3 games, including at Wembley started showing signs of his pre-injury form. Most didn't seem to want to let him go - even if he was second or third choice. Coventry wanted to improve their squad, having been promoted. We needed a replacement for Greg Leigh. Welcome, Chris!
  10. Original Dave Nugent

    Squad just gets bigger and bigger

    So either McFadzean's trial is over or we're off-loading Skarz. As with other recent signings, sounds like he's got character.
  11. Original Dave Nugent

    The Dug outs

    Dugouts also had no roof, so plenty of opportunity for venting at Flitcroft, Sheridan, Brown, Kewell, Harry's dad, etc.
  12. Original Dave Nugent

    Pre season so far...

    The beer-fuelled numpties (from both sides) were laughing and joking with each other on the way out of the ground - it all looked to be pretty good-humoured, thankfully!
  13. Original Dave Nugent

    Pre season so far...

    Thought 3-5-2 worked brilliantly. MOM was Murphy though!!
  14. Original Dave Nugent

    One up front again...

    There were two up top in the first half against Huddersfield - Moore played as a striker alongside Dagnall.
  15. Original Dave Nugent

    Udders tonight.

    Positives: Miller looks a decent acquisition at right back; Aimson looked to be our best centre half - defensively sound and confident on the ball; Styles has beefed up and wasn't bossed around by Huddersfield's giants; Gold might give us a decent physical presence up front if Beckford can't get fit; Bunn and Edwards didn't feature in the squad. Negatives: I like Cooney as a player but he's still struggling defensively as a right back; Dagnall and Moore looked toothless upfront albeit against high quality opposition; Mayor, O'Connell and Dawson still have a lot to prove