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  1. Original Dave Nugent

    No plan B Shocking tactics

    Harsh on O’Shea but other than that, I’d tend to agree. Stokes and Maynard rightly subbed at half time.
  2. Original Dave Nugent

    Club sold announcement Monday

    £3.5Bn would go a long way towards clearing our debts. Must have got time off for good behaviour...
  3. Original Dave Nugent

    Vote for Callum Hulme

    ...and some bloody sleepy keepers!!
  4. Original Dave Nugent

    Midfield cover

    If we really want a challenge, how about Jack Byrne? Word is he's just been released by Killie.
  5. Original Dave Nugent

    50 Goals Up

    Plenty of tools though 😂
  6. Original Dave Nugent

    Cambridge Utd Away

    Nothing on target after we went 2-0 up though!
  7. Original Dave Nugent

    Policy on Trolls; mods?, please

    Where please?
  8. Original Dave Nugent

    Jim Iley Best 11, in tribute

    Hoof Hoof Kennedy
  9. Original Dave Nugent

    Jim Iley Best 11, in tribute

    Winnie Winnie White on the wing?
  10. Original Dave Nugent

    Jim Iley Best 11, in tribute

    Tommy Gore, Tommy Gore, Tommy Tommy Gore
  11. Original Dave Nugent

    Is Eoghan O'Connell our new box-to-box midfielder?

    Making changes to a successful side is a tricky but necessary part of being a good manager. If O'Connell is a better option (and in my opinion, he's better than two of them) and fit, then the change should probably be made now. There's no point waiting until one of them has a poor game (or two)... "Sorry, you've been playing well but you've had one bad game so O'Connell's coming back in" is straight from the Lee Clark School of Motivation. Ryan's shown an uncanny ability to keep key players happy when not being picked. We have to trust that he can continue to do so.
  12. Original Dave Nugent

    Nipping in the bud

    If I was negotiating a new contract, I'd be making sure my employer knew how much others wanted me. It wouldn't necessarily mean I'd want to go, though. I really hope he stays, but if he doesn't, the one great thing about this team is that it has goals coming from all over the park and several players who can penetrate resolute defences. UTS.
  13. Original Dave Nugent

    Did any of you lot ever play for the Bury Grammar School?

    Fair enough: I reckon the 1940s Stanley were better than the team in the 1980s!
  14. Original Dave Nugent

    Did any of you lot ever play for the Bury Grammar School?

    They might be now, but this was back in the 1980s
  15. Original Dave Nugent

    Doom Merchants

    As ever, I suspect we *need* the win against Luton and a plum tie in the third round more than we’d like to admit. COYW.