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  1. Original Dave Nugent

    Fill the MRE

    I remember when I first moved away from home, my parents used to post me the Bury Times every week. It was the only way to keep up with all things BFC and it did a great job of it. Match reports, (including for the reserves), several other articles on the club too... How things have changed?!
  2. Original Dave Nugent

    Team/Formation for Swindon?

    Murphy Aimson - O'Connell - Thompson Adams - Danns - Styles - Mayor - McFadzean Telford - Dagnall Subs: Hudson, Stokes, Miller, Barjonas, O'Shea, Moore, Omotayo
  3. Original Dave Nugent

    Team/Formation for Swindon?

    ...and which James?
  4. Original Dave Nugent

    Name your worst 23 man Bury squad

    This is easy. 1978 - present Leo Fasan, Connor Ripley Phil Edwards, Jordan Williams, Tom Aldred, Alex Bruce, Alex Whitmore, Peter Clarke, Joe Skarz, Greg Leigh Rohan Ince, Josh Laurent, Callum Reilly, Andrew Tutte, Zeli Ismail, Mihai Dobre, Chris Humphrey, Chris Maguire Harry Bunn, Nicky Ajose, James Hanson, Tom Heardman, Michael Smith
  5. Original Dave Nugent

    Your 23 man Bury squad

    1978-present Neville Southall, Dean Kiely, Nick Pope Lee Dixon, Andy Hill, Paul Hilton, Chris Lucketti, Paul Butler, Nathan Cameron, Charlie Bishop, Chris Armstrong Andy Gray, Lennie Johnrose, Nick Daws, David Lee, Mark Patterson, Danny Mayor Craig Madden, Ryan Lowe, James Vaughan, Leon Clarke, David Nugent (of course)
  6. Original Dave Nugent

    Firing Blanks

    Oldham away
  7. Original Dave Nugent

    Firing Blanks

    I was talking centre halves (the big fellas) so wouldn't include Greg Leigh in there... and Alex Bruce was playing Centre Mid when he scored against Wigan... so four goals from centre halves over 46 league games... One every 11.5 games between them. We're doing a lot better this year.
  8. Original Dave Nugent

    Firing Blanks

    Five goals already this season from the big fellas at the back. Vast improvement on the 1 in 10 from NatCam and 0 in 46 from the rest of the back line we'd become accustomed to.
  9. Original Dave Nugent

    Shakers v Grimsby LIVE to watch on ifollow.

    If S/t holders, who’ve already paid for their ticket, are paying for iFollow too, we’re hardly losing out!
  10. Original Dave Nugent

    Shakers v Grimsby LIVE to watch on ifollow.

    In the same vein, I watch Bury in the flesh perhaps 30-35 games each season. The opportunity to add to the number of games I see live by watching away fixtures at e.g. Exeter, Yeovil, Forest Green, etc on iFollow would be most welcome!
  11. Original Dave Nugent

    So, on to Grimsby!... (H)

    It could be a little makeshift if O'Connell, Dawson and Danns are all unavailable... Murphy Miller - Aimson - Thompson - McFadzean Adams - Styles - Barjonas - Mayor Telford - Dagnall Subs: Hudson, Stokes, Cooney, Moore, O'Shea, Lavery, Beckford
  12. Original Dave Nugent

    Shakers v Grimsby LIVE to watch on ifollow.

    Looks like it's a flat fee for L2 clubs (equating to around £1.25M per club per season) Given our following, I suspect the 'flat fee' deal give us a better deal than those clubs with more support. https://www.firsttouchonline.com/ifollow-the-money-are-lower-league-clubs-getting-a-fair-shake/
  13. Original Dave Nugent

    Shakers v Grimsby LIVE to watch on ifollow.

    If people are put off by a bit of rain in September, I doubt the game being on iFollow or not would make much difference to their decision to stay away... At least this way, we get a tenner out of them. It might reduce the number of Grimsby fans marginally*, but I suspect there'll be others among them who had no plans of travelling to Bury who'll now watch the game on iFollow. *Grimsby have sold 500+ tickets already.
  14. Original Dave Nugent

    Danns on international duty.

    Great equaliser from Danns... and a brace from Hallam Hope, who looked like the sort of player we *thought* we were getting a few years ago!
  15. Original Dave Nugent

    Bring on the Dale!

    It’s hardly kids... Norman, McNulty, Done, McGahey, Williams, Rathbone, Clough... and the kid that *has* come on looks like a schoolboy version of David Lee. ....but yes, our back line looks decidedly shaky!