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  1. Best set off early if you’re going by car... https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/news/west-yorkshire-news/go-slow-brexit-protest-m62-16003275#ICID=ios_HuddersfieldExaminerNewsApp_AppShare_Click_Other
  2. I'm only aware of 3: Smith, Logan and Olejnik.
  3. I loved NatCam when he was here but he's not as mobile as he was - Macc have let in twelve in the last four games he's played. Exeter's Dara O'Shea (WBA loanee) would be a better shout if we want to concede fewer goals.
  4. Top top top top top of the league! UTS.
  5. Hussey seems to be in the mood for upsetting his former employers - goal and assist against Flickers n Futch on Saturday. Happy for him to do the same against us... so long as we win 4-2 like the Stags!
  6. Wise move: Dale following in our footsteps by putting two ex-Shakers in caretaker charge - BBM and Tony Ellis. Can they do a Lowe next season?!!
  7. I’ve seen Lowe dispatch players out onto the left wing just before subbing them many a time.... In fact, every week!!!
  8. If you added a taller, stronger centre forward (in the mould of Jermaine Beckford or Leon Clarke) and a taller, stronger centre back (in the mould of Paul Butler)... and I'm assuming a replacement for Jordan Rossiter, I'd say the current crop would be right up there. No need for wholesale changes.
  9. A tale of two keepers. Murphy done like a kipper for their first - I was screaming for a man on the post. Two great saves by their keeper... and two ‘nearly’ goals from Maynard and Lavery. Ah well. Onwards and upwards.
  10. He can be as poor as he likes so long as we keep winning! 😂
  11. Well, I'm happy with him... He may have reffed our defeat at Boundary Park last season but he was pretty much blameless... and more importantly, he was referee in our last significant local derby win (the 1:0 v Rochdale in the FA Cup three years ago).
  12. Agreed. I'm less sure about the 2008-09 play-off achieving squad (Chris O'Grady, I'm looking at you!)
  13. On the subject of pedantry, what's an aposrophe?
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