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  1. Sittingonthefence

    Underrated Shakers

    I know this was only short term but Michael Smith was very underrated.
  2. Sittingonthefence

    Judge Dismisses windup order on Bury

    Lol - a couple of seasons ago we were praised for not paying any agent fees, those companies are football agents, so they were right - we weren’t paying any fees! Should have been though!
  3. Sittingonthefence

    Chris Dagnall

    Good move for all parties. Dagnall was never going to get the game time with Maynard, Lavery, Telford, Moore and it seems Gold ahead of him. He put 100% in every time, so not leaving on bad terms with us. He is the sort of player that looks like he doesn't contribute much but his work rate allows other players to get into the game/use their other traits to the best of their abilities.
  4. Sittingonthefence

    Chris Sang

    Never anywhere the first team, probably signed for Days factious u23 squad. When I saw him in friendlies, he was slow, weak and looked out of his depth even against Raccy boro.
  5. Sittingonthefence

    Ref Watch - Neil Hair (Crawley)

    I've heard hes a cut above the rest.
  6. Sittingonthefence

    Salford City

    Its been there for a while, certainly way before Day left anyway.
  7. Sittingonthefence

    Removing driving licences.

    Its difficult to say. I would argue that there are worse younger drivers than the elderly.
  8. Sittingonthefence


    I thought he was doing well at Sheff Utd? Would welcome him with open arms but doubt he would drop to L2.
  9. Sittingonthefence

    Eoghan Oconnell

    Turning circle of an 18 wheeler but can spread the ball impeccably. If he is playing in the back 3 then he has to be central and deeper due to lack of pace. Can't fault his reading of the game.
  10. Sittingonthefence

    Clifford Bury RIP

    Great character, used to sit at the bottom of the south stand to the left (if you are looking onto the pitch) of the disabled section. He had some learning difficulties but gave me some great memories. I have two favourites - walking into Gigg approx. 15 years ago, we were live on sky sports, he got asked a question in the build up and he responded that Bury would win the Champions league and the World cup that year. Good job it wasn't 2019 or it would be viral! I also remember many moons ago, mid game, the crowd was silent, he stood up, arms aloft and shouted 'Fabian Barthez'. He seemed to have got better over the last 10 years with his outbursts, and was always at home games. Dedicated fan. Used to wear a 1990's Spurs shirt to most games. R.I.P
  11. Well done Spee. Nice to see some direct questions which the fans would like to know, and for Thompson to be honest back.
  12. Sittingonthefence

    Bolton Wanderers & Forest Green v Shakers

    Weird for such a massive club to be so obsessed with little Bury. If it was the other way round, would Shakers fans travel that far to hope Notlob get beat? Very much doubt it.
  13. Sittingonthefence

    What a liability Stokes is....

    What has happened to Shotton? Can't even make the bench these days.
  14. Sittingonthefence

    January Rumours

    Made over 150 appearances for county already at 23. Was voted young player of the season last season. He played for academies like Preston and Burnley growing up but was released at 16 and had to do normal things like go to college!
  15. Sittingonthefence

    Played for both - MK Dons

    Ethan Ebanks-Landell Played on loan for MK Dons last season, played on loan for us in the 12/13 season. Amazingly in the Premier League with Wolves at the moment (his boyhood club). Nicky Maynard Played in the Championship for MK in the 15/16 season. Antony Kay Played for the Dons between 2012 and 2016 before joining us. Played in the same team as Dele Alli - LOL Ryan Lowe Played for MK in the 12/13 season. Jay O'Shea Played for MK in the 11/12 season before he was loaned to Chesterfield in the 12/13 season. Mark Carrington The legend that is. Spent 2009-2011 with MK and 2011 to 2013 with us and a stint with Hamilton inbetween. Carl Regan Who? 08/09 season at MK and if I remember correctly had a 6 month contract with us in the 13/14 season? Danny Swailes Came through our youth system and amassed nearly 200 games between 1995 and 2003. Played for MK between 2007 and 2010. Clive Platt Its not a played for both topic without Clive Platt.