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  1. Sittingonthefence

    Club sold announcement Monday

    The interview on GMR last night summed up Stewart Day. How people worshipped him is beyond belief. The team are playing well because of him, its 'HIS STYLE'. So why not the last 5 years? The guy is a billy bullshitter, he is very very good at talking, unfortunately half of British people and more than half of Bury fans have very low IQ's so believe everything they see/hear.
  2. Sittingonthefence

    Club sold announcement Monday

    Nobody down there today. The club would have either rubbished the rumours or kept quiet if there was no smoke, looks like something is happening. The Kamani family have been rumoured on here, they are very shrewd business men in their line of work (fashion), if they can be as good with our club as they are with their companies then we would be onto a winner.
  3. Sittingonthefence

    O’Connell injury

    Great player but can’t last 3 games in a row without injury or suspension.
  4. Sittingonthefence

    Checkatrade trophy.

    We got on the coach at Elland road when we beat them in one of the rubbish cups around 10 years ago and I ended up with a brick on my lap.
  5. Sittingonthefence

    Bury v Exeter - Played For Both

    Andy Marriott - played for us 04/05 season and Exeter 2007-2011.
  6. Sittingonthefence

    Luton on Sunday

    We were much the better team for the first 30 minutes. If Danns scored the one on one then it would've been a different game. Luton had height and pace, Cornick was very quick although we did well with offside traps most of the time. O'Connell was great defensively, just wish he would stop trying the wonder ball all of the time. Mayor looked disinterested, 2nd half he didn't move out of the same position, not sure what was up there. As others have said, McFadzean was probably MOM followed by O'Connell. Murphy made a couple of good saves.
  7. Sittingonthefence

    Played for both - Luton

    Danny Hylton Played for Bury in 2007 on loan from Rotherham. Has gone on to have a successful career at L1 and L2 level. Currently plays for Luton. Mark Tyler Played on loan for us in 2009, was a very good goalkeeper. Made 257 appearances for Luton from 2009 to 2016. Currently goalkeeper coach at Peterborough. Mark Cullen We had him on loan from Hull in the 11/12 and 12/13 season. Played for Luton between 2013 and 2015, currently at Blackpool. Andy Mangan The scouse betting syndicate leading man. Played for us in the 07/08 season. Played for Luton (I say played, he didn't make an appearance) on loan in 2014. Leon Barnett Sad news from the last week that he has had to retire due to a dodgy heart. Played for us recently obviously but actually started his career at Luton town. Efe Sodje Needs no introduction to us, played for Luton in the 99/00 season when he was 6 years old. Liam George Started his career at Luton making over 100 appearances, played for us for a few months of 02/03 season. Feel free to add more!
  8. Sittingonthefence

    Nike shirts.

    I like that kit.
  9. Sittingonthefence


    Depends if you are a glass half empty or glass half full sort of guy.
  10. Sittingonthefence

    Sol Campbell.

    Can't stand Sol Campbell. We live in an era where skin colour doesn't matter but he still brings out the race card. Didn't he say that he would be England manager if he wasn't black?
  11. Sittingonthefence

    Bury v Cheltenham - Played for Both

    Greg Strong the slowest human ever to grace Gigg Lane. Still doesn't trump Scott Loach though.
  12. Sittingonthefence

    Pass of the season

    The touch and finish has been overshadowed by the ball through! All fantastic and deserve the recognition.
  13. Sittingonthefence

    Tonights game

    I thought Cheltenham were actually one of the better teams we have played this season. They played exactly like us, really pressed and defended up front which caused us to have less time on the ball and made us make quite a few mistakes. Aimson had a poor game, some terrible passing which left us exposed but this was in credit to Cheltenhams pressing. Right decision to bring O'Connell on and put the calming influence of Thompson on the right side of the 3. Mayor was man marked out of the game by their number 6 but he still managed an assist. Stokes made a bad mistake for their goal but was steady apart from that. O'Shea had a great game, fantastic through ball for Maynards 2nd. He is a much better player than what we saw last season. Maynard did great again, wins the ball in the air quite well despite his lack of height, 2 very well taken goals. Not very pacy anymore which was always his grace but his positional sense and work rate is top level. We will do well to keep him next season. Moore is a grafter, runs and runs. Never really does anything special. Looks clinical in front of goal though which judging by his goalscoring record is something new! Thought McFadzean had another great game, up and down that wing, making the most of Mayor being man marked.
  14. Sittingonthefence

    Pass of the season

    Fantastic, matched by the control and finish of Maynard too.
  15. Sittingonthefence

    Cambridge United v Bury - Played for Both

    Michael Nelson