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  1. He didn't want to leave! Was sat in the south stand a couple of games ago.
  2. I don't know what the directors area consists of, there were people sat around where Day/Dale sat/sit, but not in the actual seat they sat in.
  3. Thought Nicky Adams was fantastic today. The ref played a good advantage for the 1st goal, I wanted the free kick as nothing was on, but Nicky played a delightful ball into the marauding Stokes. His ball for the 3rd goal was almost identical. Stokes had a good game at left wing back. I don't like Aimson, terrible passer of the ball and the gap he leaves between him and Thompson when the ball is coming down the left is way too big. Maynard didn't do much all game then scores the 3rd. Typical of him, hes just a goalscorer, every team needs one. I think the last player we had like him was Nardiello.
  4. I sit in the SS but can usually see him, didn't today. I eat my carrots.
  5. Shouldn’t make a joke of it but last season we were singing ‘you’re only here for the money’, can’t exactly sing that now can we! In all seriousness, I think the players and staff know they have the fans backing and we will give them that on Monday throughout the game, however I don’t think singing about Dale will affect them negatively at all. It’s not abuse towards the players or staff. We could all sing about brexit and I don’t think it would affect the players!
  6. As a current season ticket holder, I have not had the annual renewal form through the post. There has been nothing on social media. I don’t buy the matchday programme. If I miss out on the early bird then I will contact the club and get them to honour it. Not spending a penny more than I have to as we may not even see the new season.
  7. I do like Thompson however we’ve shipped a load of goals recently, he gets dropped then we keep a clean sheet? Same backline again for me next game please.
  8. I thought the crowd was fantastic today. Very positive all round - and I was sat in the south stand!! It could of easily been toxic, especially with Dale in attendance. Luckily nobody acted on the Facebook mongs group rumours. Probably all false anyway.
  9. He’s a great player, said this every time I’ve seen him. Surprised he hasn’t featured more. Always involved in the game someway or another. There was a delightful flick to Maynard in the 2nd half.
  10. I live down at the bottom nearer to Lower Gigg! Not seen anything out of the ordinary.
  11. Footballers have insurance these days, if you are injured for more than 6 weeks then the insurance company pays the wage. Obviously there will be many factors like any insurance policy - they may only pay a certain amount of the wage, the club may not have even taken insurance out.
  12. Yes there is a lot of football played on there now, weekends and Wednesday afternoons. I know the 'football college' at Gigg use it for games, FC UTD kids were playing a game on there last week, don't know who against. The old astroturf has been obsolete since the flooding however there has been planning permission granted to knock that down and build a 4g pitch on the left field (if you were driving in).
  13. My house overlooks Lower Gigg - definitely nothing there. I walk the dog on Goshen - again appears to be nothing there however on a side note, I have to say that the groundskeeper at Goshen is doing a fantastic job compared to what it used to be like.
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