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  1. Sittingonthefence

    Bury v Leicester - Played For Both

    Kelvin Etuhu played for Leicester on loan from Man City in the 2007/08 season.
  2. Sittingonthefence

    Crewe v Bury - Played for Both

    Paul Rachubka
  3. Sittingonthefence


    Let’s not forget McFadzean came from non-league too.
  4. Sittingonthefence


    Cheer up.
  5. Sittingonthefence


    Wow Qwerty your family and friends must love your negativity. Ok Gold hasn't torn up trees, but he is FAR from the worst striker we have had in even the past 3 years. How we have needed Gold defending corners these past few games?! He is somehow dominant in his own box, just needs to apply that to the attacking side. Needs more training on how to use his size. But like I said, he is FAR from the worst striker we have had.
  6. Sittingonthefence

    Joe Murphy

    He made a fantastic save in the first half. I don’t think he is a fantastic keeper but he is solid which is a lot better than we have had in the past few years bar Pope.
  7. Sittingonthefence

    Matchday: Bury v Mansfield Town 6-10-2018

    Murphy dropped the ball for their first, comical really. Maynards overhead kick was special! I think he’s one of those players that can do nothing all game but pop up with a goal or two. Like Nardiello. Danns was very poor today. Although O’shea Was drifting out wide a lot, causing Danns to be running the midfield on his own. We looked better when Styles came on. Agree regarding the commanding centre back comment above. Thompson is half decent but not commanding. Thought McFazdean had a good game! Mayor was fantastic, just needs to release earlier sometimes (how many years have we been saying this!). I really like the look of Telford from his cameos. His touch is first class, he’s always looking towards goal and being a pest. Danny Rose was his usual self, we should never of got rid of him.
  8. Sittingonthefence

    Played for both (Northampton)

    Sorry, I am stealing someones idea but I thought it was great and haven't seen one for Northampton yet, so credit to whoever thought of the idea! David Buchanan - been at Northampton for a number of years now, not sure if he is still captain but was for a long time. Leon Barnett - played for Northampton since being released by us. Gregg Wylde - we had him on loan from Bolton a number of years back, was on loan at Northampton in 16/17 season. Michael Smith - The big underated striker we had last season played on loan at Northampton in the 16/17 season. Ryan Cresswell - centre back we signed following his release from Sheffield United in 2008, played for Northampton between 2014-2016. Nicky Adams - needs no introduction to us, played the 2015/2016 season with the Cobblers. Shwan Jalal - Actually signed for Northampton following his release by us, made 4 appearances before being released and snapped up by Macclesfield. Tom Newey - Played for us in the 2009/10 season. Joined Cobblers on loan 2014/15 season before signing permanently in 2015. Injury prone time there and hung up his boots following his release from Cobblers. Clive Platt - He will come up in most played for both topics I think! We signed him from Northampton following his release. Hallam Hope - Made 3 appearances on loan from Everton scoring 1 goal before signing on loan for us the same season. Joe Widdowson - Another player we signed following his release from Cobblers. Played 64 games in 2 years for NTFC but only made 1 league appearance for us. Nathan Cameron - Made 3 appearances for the Cobblers on loan before we signed him on a permanent. Lewis Young - Made 30 appearances for Cobblers in the 2011/12 season. Made 4 for us in the 2014/15 season. Bas Savage - The man, the legend, the myth. We had him on loan in 2005, amazingly was still playing pro football when Northampton signed him in 2011! Marlon Jackson - Played on loan for NTFC in 2011, ripped up trees for us in the 2013/14 season scoring 1 goal in 8 games. Shaun Harrad - Another player we signed from Northampton. Quite a trend here. Danny Swailes - cracking defender for us, played 3 games for the Cobblers on loan in 2011 from MK dons. Mark Hughes - Centre back, made 93 appearances for NT between 2007/09. Played for us 2011-2013. Giles Coke - famously played on loan for us 2011/12. Played 2 seasons at NT between 2007-2009. Tom Youngs - hard working striker who barely scored played 26 games for Northampton between 2003-2005 without scoring. He played for us between 2005-2007 scoring 7 goals in 49 appearances, mainly off the bench. Steve Haslam - Mr no knees. Played only 3 games for Cobblers in 2004. Had 3 years at Halifax before joining us in 2007 for 2 years. Paul Rachubka - He made a career out of being a back up keeper. Played 10 games for Northampton on loan from Charlton in 2004. Signed as a back up for us in the 2016/2017 season, playing 1 league game. Went over to India to play for a season following his release from us. That is all I can find from the turn of the century. Feel free to add more!
  9. Sittingonthefence

    Byron Moore

    Looks confident currently, long may it continue.
  10. Sittingonthefence

    Northampton (IFollow)

    Can somebody point me in the right direction to get this? I can't find it? Do you have to subscribe to Ifollow to do this, or can you pay the £10 and stream the game as a one off?
  11. Sittingonthefence


    Saw the highlights so can't comment too much. 1st goal - Great over the top ball from O'Shea, perfectly weighted. Initially though Moore should've shot immediately but I was wrong! Clearly had the confidence to pull back and hit the roof of the net. Great finish. He is looking confident. 2nd goal - Mayor was more central which allowed Dagnall to move outside a little more. Was a weird finish, did it take a deflection? Either way I think it was on target and if you don't shoot then you don't score so good on him for taking the shot from an angle which was against him.
  12. Sittingonthefence

    Played for both (Colchester)

    Heres a good one - Dean Howell. Left back with the big hair who we loaned from Aldershot in 2008 and loaned from Fleetwood again in 2013. 4 appearances for Colchester in 2005.
  13. Sittingonthefence

    Played for both (Colchester)

    Ben Williams - goalkeeper
  14. Sittingonthefence

    Played for both (Colchester)

    Not much info. Played for Harrow borough at one point.
  15. Sittingonthefence

    Stephen Darby

    29 years old too, same age as me. Everybody should cherish every day.