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  1. Sittingonthefence

    Prestwich Heys--the 35 year itch!

    Random question which you may not know the answer to, can I bring my dog to the game? I will contact the club to find out if you don't know. Cheers
  2. Sittingonthefence

    Duane Holmes.

    Was crap on loan at us, and looked crap last season when we played Scunny.
  3. Sittingonthefence

    Connor Ripley

    Solid keeper but over-rated. Probably found his level at league 1. Good signing for Accy though, all the best to them.
  4. Sittingonthefence

    Tsun Dai

    I live VERY close to the social, so would've had a letter off the council if there was any plans. Still awaiting said letter.
  5. Sittingonthefence

    Jordan Williams / Jason McCarthy

    From what he spent in night clubs in Manchester during his time with us, his money won't last long.
  6. Sittingonthefence

    Jordan Williams / Jason McCarthy

    Forgot to mention we also have the nomad Phil Edwards so we have 4 right backs on the professional books, can't see us signing a fifth.
  7. Sittingonthefence

    Half time

    Half time entertainment has been an issue for as long as I have watched Bury, long before the Day era. Problem is, we start something then it disappears. We had that big inflatable thing last year, which was pretty boring but it just disappeared. Could've been livened up with a better PA announcer.
  8. Sittingonthefence

    Youth players

    I think the issue with Tsun is.....nobody knows what position is best for him and watching him as a footballer, I can see why. When out on the left, he is not in the game whatsoever. When in the middle, again looks lost and defensively poor. When behind the strikers, again struggles to influence. When he does get the ball, he looks good with it. But without it he is poor.
  9. Sittingonthefence

    Jordan Williams / Jason McCarthy

    He was 17 years old when on loan at us, he certainly played like a more experienced player. He has a lot of potential, whether he lives up to that is another matter, but Barnsley is a good club to do that with. He was quick, looked to get forward but a bit suspect defensively, again though I must highlight that he was only 17. He looked better than our highly experienced full back Phil Edwards anyway. As for McCarthy, I would be very surprised if we signed him. We signed Tommy Miller who is an experienced right back at league 2 level and performed well on Saturday, we then have our ex youth captain Ryan Cooney who played quite a few games last season as back up, and a promising youth right back called Dougie Nyaupembe.
  10. Sittingonthefence

    George Miller

    Impressed for massive on Saturday, set up their goal. They like his work rate according to the message board. He missed a sitter but it would've been called offside anyway.
  11. Sittingonthefence

    Under 23's

    We were due to discuss it in the gastro pub in March. They were due to play club Brugge in a friendly opening our new stadium.
  12. Sittingonthefence

    Callum Styles

    Good deal for the club IMO and a good time to sell. Styles on the ball looks very good, agile and a great passer. Off the ball? Not so good. He has a lot to add to his game. A season in league 2 could have made him or broke him. I suppose we weren't taking that risk when half a million was on the table. As others have said, I have never come back from a game thinking 'wow this guy is the real deal'. He looks decent yes, but not amazing...yet. £500,000 for a player who isn't even our best player? That's great business. The loan back so there is no gap in the squad? great business. I really hope he pushes on at Barnsley as they have a great record for selling on and he makes us a mint in the future, more for our benefit than his.
  13. Sittingonthefence

    Callum Styles

    At first I thought it was an attractive offer but we sold Bedeau for more and Styles is a bigger prospect.
  14. Sittingonthefence

    Ref Watch - Dean Whitestone(Yeovil)

    Decisions were all correct, just took too much time during stoppages. If he reduced that then he would be a good ref.
  15. Sittingonthefence

    Well... what to make of that?

    Some of the happy clappers are delusional. Here are my views..... If someone said would you take a 1-0 at the start of the day, yes completely. Starting formation was laughable. 1 striker against the favorites to go down? We were pumping balls into the box to the 5ft 8 Dagnall who to be fair, won a few. He found himself dropping deep and going wide to get into the game which left nobody available in the box. He is a player who needs to be in a two. After Yeovils sendings off, we left it too long to get an extra striker on, embarrassing really. We then brought Telford on and continued to play higher balls. From the start it was crying out for Omotayo. Positives: Miller and Stokes looked a dramatic improvement on the full backs/wing backs of last season. Danns carried on his form. Nearly slipped up twice through lack of concentration at the end. As said previously, the back 3 looked comfortable. Aimson in particular impressed. Mayor looked more comfortable, but needs to learn to shoot and get some confidence back. Omotayo didn't get much of a look in but finished what he was given, will be a big confidence boost for him. Moore looked impressive when he came on. Negatives: Starting formation Lowes changes are REACTIVE rather than PRO-ACTIVE Got stuck in a queue getting in because the scanny things weren't working. Couldn't use my Tappit credit as.....the scanny things weren't working.