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  1. Sittingonthefence

    Tsun Dai to Hold Talks About His Future

    Aren't the clubs loaded over there? Give us a million and you can have him.
  2. Sittingonthefence

    Chris Sedgwick

    Very interesting. Chris Brown said ‘the chairman at Bury is a nightmare’. Obviously the Day lovers will ignore that part. Chris Brown was signed without having a medical, and wasn’t paid despite being under contract. Sedgwick said that Blackwell was a horrible man (no news there) but his man management sounded bad.
  3. Sittingonthefence

    Jay Spearing

    I would like to see Styles start a lot next season, so he may play with Spearing and Danns. Adams out wide. Can see O'Shea moving on.
  4. Sittingonthefence

    Nicky Adams

    You can’t win with some people. I agree we need to steer away from signing ex players BUT this season we have been crying out for someone to run through walls for us, instead we have Maguire and Bunn. Adams WILL run through walls yet people are disappointed? I guarantee that Adams will have more assists than Bunn, Maguire and Ismael combined by the end of next season.
  5. Sittingonthefence

    Jay Spearing

    Incoming! In talks, out of contract at Blackpool this summer. Expected to be announced by the end of the week.
  6. Sittingonthefence

    Nicky Adams

    Confirmed on a one year deal.
  7. Sittingonthefence

    Nicky Adams

    I am against the re-signing of former players and think we need to stop doing it.... However, I do like Nicky so would be quite happy if he signed.
  8. Sittingonthefence

    Zeli released - really !!

    It smacks to me that he has an attitude problem. He was the next mega star when he was at Wolves as a youth and many Premier league teams were sniffing around. He is two footed, comfortably but doesn't have the work ethic. There have been off the field incidents such as assaulting a 17 year old whilst playing 5 a side when at Walsall. First of all, as a professional, you are not allowed to play 5 a side or any other team football, but then to assault a 17 year old. Anyway, at least he is off our wage bill, probably no better than the youth we have coming through.
  9. Sittingonthefence

    Salford City

    I work in Salford in mental health now.... Little Hulton takes some beating, believe me.
  10. Sittingonthefence

    Here's to you Nathan Cameron!

    Great professional, and I wish him luck! Right decision though.
  11. Sittingonthefence

    Zeli released - really !!

    Over rated.
  12. Sittingonthefence

    Ryan Lowe not the answer!

    Not my choice of candidate, we needed a fresh slate in my opinion but good luck to him.
  13. Sittingonthefence


  14. Sittingonthefence

    Tom Aldred

    Surprised he didn't get publicly lambasted by Lowe. In all seriousness, Shotton looks a real prospect. He is a big 17 year old and hasn't looked nervous. He made one mistake in a nothing match, but he is going to make mistakes every now and again. The good far outweighs those mistakes though. How many mistakes did Cameron make this season? Quite a few. I think in 10 years, Shotton will be in the Premier league.
  15. Sittingonthefence

    Tom Aldred

    Shotton is above O'Connell and Aldred in the pecking order. I would get rid of Aldred if we get money for him, can't risk him playing like he did at the start of the season. O'Connell I would get rid of too. Red card every 3 games and injured the rest of the time. Would also get rid of Cameron. Great servant to the club, great guy but we can't carry players who can't play every week. Also looked shaky this season.