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  1. still running man

    We have to talk about McFadzean

    I think the booing from the Bury fans was as a result of the same coming from the Carlisle fans the first moment Adams got the ball. Call it retaliation or whatever, just petty in my mind. Hallam gave nothing less than 100% every game he played for us. He deserved better (as did Adams). Insert other media
  2. still running man

    someone's not happy on Twitter

    If the language is not as bad as it used to be then I shudder to think what it was like in the past! My daughter has just been round and has 'unfollowed' me from it so all happy now
  3. still running man

    someone's not happy on Twitter

    That 'other' mb is just a springboard for the most foul and vile language imaginable. I'm afraid that if you can't express opinions without the use of such language it just shows the limit of your language skills. I wish I could 'unfriend' it as I'm fed up of seeing the stuff that is posted every day.
  4. still running man

    Carlisle Pradictions

    Sadly I believe the person passed away. Puts the game into perspective.
  5. still running man

    Fill the MRE

    The only 'news'paper I buy is the BT which is delivered every Thursday
  6. still running man

    Fill the MRE

    I remember queuing up in Kay Gardens for one of the buses that ferried us down to Gigg Lane
  7. still running man

    Swindon predictions.

    Moore again 2-1
  8. still running man

    Swindon predictions.

    We just need to keep out composure for 10 minutes or so, calm down and then press on as in first half. No panic please.
  9. still running man

    Today's Birthday

    Have a good 'un Al, sadly you won't be getting your triple in.
  10. still running man

    Swindon predictions.

  11. still running man

    Your 23 man Bury squad

    You were unlucky then having never seen Chris Harker in action. I would always have him ahead of Ramsbottom.
  12. still running man

    Room 101

    The car in front, stationary at traffic lights in a filter lane WITH THEIR INDICATORS GOING MAD! I have seen where they are going (they can only go left,usually. I don't need it embedded onto my eyeballs. Oh, and sitting for 3 minutes or so with their footbrake lights blinding me. What the heck is a handbrake for???
  13. still running man

    England v India

    Not any longer And we have a new world record holder in Jimmy. Fantastic test match.
  14. still running man

    Gordon Lomax

    Gordon was related to me but a little distantly and I was in the same class as his nephew at Elton for 4 years. Played table tennis against him many times in my younger days.
  15. still running man

    It's All About Me Me Me....

    Definitely not justified. There is little doubt she was being coached. She rightly received deduction for breaking her racket and to call the umpire is an absolute disgrace. She should receive a lengthy ban!!! Typical yank loser. Nothing sexist at all, the umpire was perfectly correct and should be backed up and awarded even.