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  1. The King in Waiting

    You stirrer you Barry!! I am a royalist and always will be. I don't get a newspaper these days and if I did I certainly wouldn't take everything as the gospel truth. Yes, the royal family have great wealth ( they also employ many hundreds of folks in their various areas of ownership.) How they acquired that wealth can be debated till doomsday . The popularity of Charles's 2 sons and their wives/soon to be wife is clear wherever they go and that includes many foreign countries. There is no doubt that they bring in a tremendous number of tourists with pockets jingling. This argument about should we/should we not have them will always rage and cause much discussion in every corner of the country. On a personal note, they have done me no harm, I am no worse off because they are there. I have 2 final messages (for now) 1, had Henry Tudor not defeated Richard III at Bosworth field we could have a yorkist monarchy!!! think about that. and 2, I give you TRUMP, PUTIN, Xi JINPING, BORIS!! Do you honestly think this country would be better off (and in what way) by an elected but totally bent/bumbling inept leader with the sort of power that these fools mentioned have?
  2. Message Boarder Death

    That's it Baz. He had a very balanced view of everything. I never met him but you can often get to know personalities by their posts on here. When he died I remember Gordon headlining this mb with his real name.
  3. The DAY the club died

    Ha ha, very good. In actual fact here is a link to his youtube videos. you may even catch a glimpse of his parents.!
  4. Are you watching Deli Alli?

    should that be learner DIVER ?
  5. The DAY the club died

    One of my sons is a mycologist in his spare time (just bragging now ) and has spent time down there hunting out fungi
  6. I must admit I have heard churches (including the one I attend) many things but never a place of hell!! I will add that I have been in the cathedral and it is magnificent. Did you find the Lincoln imp?
  7. Message Boarder Death

    I wonder what folks on here think about some sort of 'roll of honour' for past members of this mb. Not that they have been heroes or any such thing but just to remember the contributions they made over the years. I know one in particular who sadly died just 2 weeks after advising me on a care home for my mother-in-law. I think his username was Reg White? It's just a thought, and maybe their avatar could be placed alongside their name. Just as we remember our deceased fans maybe we could do the same here. Gone but not forgotten.
  8. Message Boarder Death

    great, you can take a photo in to Gordon (Sorfleet) he will get it sorted
  9. Message Boarder Death

    If you knew him, do you know where he lived? We could get in touch with his family (later in the year) to ask for a photo for the remembering the fans match.
  10. Message Boarder Death

    A terrible shock. Always a good, friendly contributor to this mb. So little chance to enjoy retirement. RIP John and condolences to his family.
  11. Today's Birthday

    Buzz, and all the best for the year
  12. Today's Birthday

    Many happy returns. Have a good day
  13. MK Dons v Bury 17th March

    Just seen our goal from a Norwegian twitter
  14. MK Dons v Bury 17th March

    And Hanson with the assist ?