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  1. still running man

    Royal Wedding.

    Too late, I'm gone!
  2. still running man

    Simon Yates.

  3. still running man

    Half marathon for Grace's Place hospice.

    Carl, I did this run just a week short of my 60th birthday 11 years ago having never run such a distance before. I did run around the block a few times as training. The day itself was fantastic. You have nothing to be nervous about. My wife did it with me the following year as she turned 60. The atmosphere cannot be described and the fellowship with other runners and the watching crowds will always remain with us. Enjoy the day (but plenty of water!!)
  4. still running man

    Royal Wedding.

    Will you PLEASe let me leave. But not without liking this
  5. still running man

    Royal Wedding.

    And I shall call it a day in this thread. still running man has left the building
  6. still running man

    Royal Wedding.

    If we all thought the same there would be no mb. Thank goodness we have differing opinions, as seen between me and exiile, but we, I hope, accept those differences.
  7. still running man

    Royal Wedding.

    That is very true ronky, but, thankfully there are millions of folk around the world who's love reaches far beyond personal goals and achievements. Some would call them do gooders amongst (other things). The hundreds of thousands of volunteers just in our country are testament to what can be achieved by putting others needs before their own.
  8. still running man

    Nick Pope

    It's going to be a long, long time before we can assemble a squad which will be capable of producing football that will lift the world cup. the prem consists of so many foreign players our own youngsters stand no chance.
  9. still running man

    Royal Wedding.

    Every word he spoke was true. (nowt to do with KE of course). It was a very powerful message but obviously folk only hear what they want to hear. The world is in the mess it is because love is in short supply.
  10. still running man

    Today's Birthday

    and many more PCS. (always good to chat in the chatroom)
  11. still running man

    Royal Wedding.

    But the shopkeeper(s) would still pay income tax on their earnings from them ?
  12. still running man

    Royal Wedding.

    I apologise unreservedly for that. I hadn't seen that last bit and certainly don't agree with it. As for the rest, come on Barry, me a Christian and you a Muslim wouldn't stoop to such behaviour as your first sentence but don't imply that only rich lads behave like this. It happens all over the place (no, never seen it) I read most of your post on political stuff and it appears that if you disagree with any post it is because 'it's not sourced' or it's typical biased stuff. Remember that this country rid itself of a monarchy once and they didn't like it so brought it back It would be the same today. As for the last paragraph, you are entitled to your opinions but, having just got in after doing a small job for our church, my wife has the TV on and you can clearly see the affection the Royals are held in. Maybe if you are so against them you could have gone down with your protest? Just a thought
  13. still running man

    Royal Wedding.

    Fake news Barry?
  14. still running man

    Royal Wedding.

    I stand by my belief that this sort of thing is good for the country. I mean, how many Brits flew over to the USA just to see Trump being sworn in? How many different nationalities will be at Windsor tomorrow just for the day? As I stated in one of you threads a few weeks back, without the DOE awards and the Prince's trust (to name 2) there would be hundreds of thousands of young folk who would never have made something of themselves and who have become model adults feeling they had/have achieved something in their lives. (you never replied to that answer by the way ) Most of your post above consists of media (newspaper ) coverage. papers tell lies, we all know that, your FT quote is only an estimate? 2 billion people around the world (is that approx 25% of the population?) will be tuned in and it will have nothing to do with the sad death of Diana. If you can show me figures of foreign coverage of other 'heads of state' being either sworn in or married then you have done well.
  15. still running man

    Another shooting spree.

    The only (possible) light at the end of the tunnel Vinny, is that these teenagers will soon be able to vote and in my opinion they should use that to either oust the fool in the whitehouse or at the very least get the law changed regarding, in particular, AR guns.