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  1. still running man

    Today's Birthday

    A very happy birthday 🎂 Peter. Hope you have a great day.
  2. still running man

    Checkatrade rules on draws?

    I'll be there along with the trusted flask, so that's 2 of me!
  3. still running man

    Open manny rd or cemmy end

    If memory serves me correctly, that has happened in the past probably, as posted, for a minor cup match.
  4. still running man

    Open manny rd or cemmy end

    Want me to phone Kev??
  5. still running man

    Andy Woodward

    As Andy is very much a part of our history I thought this was the place to give a shout to a book soon to be published about his life story. It has been written by Tom whatsisname who played Lofty in Eastenders. I hope this doesn't detract from James's book (which I have just finished) but could be a very revealing story. It took great courage for him to reveal what had happened to him, but it opened the floodgates which brought many more prosecutions. Well Done Andy and wish you all the best with the book.
  6. still running man

    Matchday - Exeter

    Can't comment on your first paragraph Andy but having just watched the extended highlights I totally agree with the 2nd. At first I thought Maynard had tried to hit it with the outside of his foot but after several repeats it really does look to be a fluke. But who's complaining?
  7. still running man

    Stevenage v Bury 9th March 2019

    Punce him off the pitch?😜
  8. still running man

    Shamima Begum

    Since typing this it has become clear that as she is a UK citizen she cannot be stopped from entering. I accept this but stand by my opinion that I don't believe she could have been ignorant of the atrocities I S committed after all the media reports over a couple of years. Therefore I can't accept, with apologies to exiile, that she was just a reckless young girl. It won't actually be easy for her to get back here (I don't believe the UK has any legal obligation to get her home) but if/when she does return then she must face the consequences. And a final thought for exiile, you ask us to consider her family's suffering, something Shamima obviously didn't.
  9. still running man

    Matchday - Exeter

    I know Maurice can be extremely biased but Brian usually brings him down to earth. I have to say they both agreed that the 'penalty' shout was a dive - yellow card? no. Likewise same player again dived (apparently) again no yellow card. Reffing isn't easy but rules are rules and should be adhered to. Was there not also kicking the ball away? Anyway 3 damned hard earned points so well done the squad and the fans. Safe travel lads.
  10. still running man

    Matchday - Exeter

    By the fingertips but a win is a win well done the Shakers
  11. still running man

    Matchday - Exeter

    I would call him pathetic!! Very poor.
  12. still running man

    Matchday - Exeter

    They're saying Maynard! Blooming radio manc/bolton !
  13. still running man

    Matchday - Exeter

    Sounds like the ref is having a stinker. How long before the FA get to grips with these poor officials? Time after time their decisions are totally wrong.
  14. still running man

    Matchday - Exeter

    It seems to be the way organizes his game. How often have we seen us start slowly, especially when the opps close us down. Ryan seems to be a master at changing tactics 2nd half.
  15. still running man

    Matchday - Exeter

    Poorly? . Actually it was one of my off days, I have them still.