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  1. still running man

    Is Eoghan O'Connell our new box-to-box midfielder?

    I have ifollow but didn't see his passes?
  2. still running man

    Quest TV, worth a watch.

    I have just watched this after watching the extended highlights on ifollow. Having missed all those lovely (16) goals from what I have seen there doesn't appear to be a player who doesn't think he isn't capable of scoring. Anyone who gets within 25/30 yards appears to have confidence oozing from their boots. We are not just scoring, we are scoring goals which have been a rarity for many years here at Gigg. Teams will be viewing videos of us with some trepidation, and, as with Stevenage, will be setting up to stop the continual assault upon their goal. Long may it continue.
  3. still running man

    The club seem to be making more efforts all round

    Saw that on twitter yesterday, Very unexpected.
  4. still running man

    Matchday: Bury v Stevenage 17-11-2018

    For all those who couldn't make the game, here is O'Connell's goal. What a come back for him
  5. still running man

    Matchday: Bury v Stevenage 17-11-2018

    16 goals in 4 games and I ain't seen a 1 . but augers well for the Luton game as confidence will be sky high now. All credit to Lowe.
  6. still running man

    Who else wants top spot?

    Likewise and agree. Love listening to Maurice and (the down to earth) Brian. great combo.
  7. still running man

    Ref Watch - Tom Neild (Stevenage)

    I like to eat my words justice is delivered.
  8. still running man

    Ref Watch - Tom Neild (Stevenage)

    You can just see what will happen, they get one break and score. I have sympathy with refs usually, but this guy is something else. I do wonder just what these ref assessors actually say to them post match? They should replay the incidents pointing out the ref's flaws, and ask them why they didn't think it was a foul/penalty. The liners should also be brought to book for their inadequate contributions.
  9. still running man

    Ref Watch - Tom Neild (Stevenage)

    I can only listen in but he really sounds to be having a stinker.
  10. still running man

    Brexit explained (specifically for Ryan)

    Wrong Ryan, the remainers are deeply upset at the lies that were told by bo jo et al !!! Nobody, absolutely nobody had any idea of the consequences of the vote. Now don't tell me that it's the remainers who have got us in this state !! 2 years of David Davies negotiating (that's a laugh) got absolutely nowhere. It's been a sham from day 1. What happens when we do leave, however that may be, just think of those whom the UN ambassador has been meeting with. Do you think they will be so much better off? This tory lot are a shameless money grabbing, back slapping brotherhood. And you and I and millions of decent folk are going to pay the price. please view the video if you want to see May with her best lying face.
  11. still running man

    Matchday: Bury v Stevenage 17-11-2018

    part timer!
  12. still running man

    Today's Birthday

    Have a great day pud
  13. still running man

    In all honesty........

    OY !!!!!
  14. still running man

    In all honesty........

    Seen but not heard !
  15. still running man

    Brexit explained (specifically for Ryan)

    You should change tack Malc. Comedy appears to be your strongest area!😉😉