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  1. still running man

    Today's Birthdays (Belated)

    Couldn't you be more precise?
  2. still running man

    Trump wins Noble peace prize.

    I really don't know why folk are having a go at him. He is obviously the best man for the job!!! Apologies but when I transferred this video it was working fine but it seems to have bombed! The man who knows everything.mp4
  3. still running man

    Today's Birthdays (Belated)

    Simon. How's the feeling about this coming season? Anyway, have a good 'un today.
  4. still running man

    Season ticket 2018/19

    Ah, thanks very much for that. Just a season ticket to me
  5. still running man

    Everton game

    Maybe not but both teams played with a hundred million pounds worth of players ( not what I would value any footballer at mind) I do agree with your 2nd point though. We are not getting the ball far enough down the wings, tending instead to hoof it up to Otomayo. I am sue things will work out when the season proper starts.
  6. still running man

    Everton game

    Not to me he ain't! (not to my knowledge anyway )
  7. still running man

    Season ticket 2018/19

    I haven't had any email and have no idea what this 'card registering' is. Card came 2 days ago. Am I supposed to do summat extra now to activate it? #blitheringowdfellawithnoclueatall !
  8. still running man

    Season ticket 2018/19

    I was told that at the ticket office this morning. I just hope they have picked up my new address. (well, 2 years old now)
  9. still running man

    The Pitch

    Had to pop down today for tickets for Everton ( and to pick up a sweater I left in my seat on Sat) sprinklers were on again then. around 12.00 noon
  10. still running man

    Today's Birthday

    Many happy returns Ronks, you young whippersnapper you!. Have a good 'un.
  11. still running man

    Pre season so far...

    All the bowling greens have taken a real hammering from the hot, dry weather this last month. In fact, on Wednesday just gone, sky news were at Dobbies for their match against Seedfield (veterans) doing a report on the state of greens in the area. They have been practically unreadable but makes for good fun.
  12. still running man

    Pre season so far...

    I may be on my own then, but the conclusions I came to were that we have a squad who look to be hungry to win the ball, play for each other and will win more games this coming season than we did the last.
  13. still running man

    Player Rumours

    He certainly showed more than Archer did when he came on. Maybe Archer needs a decent supply of balls in the box to show any improvement.
  14. still running man

    Kits are out tomorrow!!

    My own opinion thinks the new kit is DAZzling.
  15. still running man

    Gold Signs

    And, according to Brian Fenton (good to see him at the game today) Sodje was watching the match. They can't seem to let go can they