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  1. dalejc

    Free to a good home

    Hi Steve , just like to say thank you for the programmes , was a very nice gesture. Am just waiting for them to arrive in cornwall cheers Dale
  2. dalejc

    Free to a good home

    Hi Steve , yes I would gladly have them. Don't be put off with me living in cornwall, my brother lives in tottington so wont be a problem collecting them. Cheers Dale
  3. dalejc

    The box in the corner?

    Don't think it sold programmes, in the mid 70,s there was a programme hut in the car park at the many rd end , where us programme sellers collected our programmes. we then milled about the car park ect selling them. if my memory serves me right that is.
  4. Hi, I have the above programme which is in good to very good condition, photographs are available. I am open to offers or have you got some Bury memorabilia which you would like swap for the programme cheers Dale
  5. dalejc

    Fans Forum with the Chairman - Live Thread

    Excellent Moorlands, thanks alot
  6. dalejc

    Bury v Birmingham programme

    I,ll let you put the opening bid in !
  7. dalejc

    Bury v Birmingham programme

    Yes that's the one , and it looks in very good condition
  8. dalejc

    Bury v Birmingham programme

    I think I have only seen one before. I think someone on here has a copy. Not really sure why they are both scarce, I think there was a decent crowd for the game when it was actually played
  9. dalejc

    Bury v Birmingham programme

    it is dated 8th april , which I know was postponed, the programme , I believe, for the actual game was a single sheet , I think.
  10. dalejc

    Bury ticket , who did they play

    thank you for the replies , especially RA RA
  11. I have a ticket dated 9-12-89 home tick . Any idea who they played? cant find any record of a match on that date thanks dale
  12. I have just received my bury v Birmingham league cup semi final 1963 programme. Bought on ebay with 3 other bury homes for a grand total of .................................................................................. £2.99 inc postage Good old ebay buy it now
  13. dalejc

    Bury v Arsenal

    There is one on ebay at the moment , with a starting price of £16.99. It is worth what someone is prepared to pay!
  14. dalejc

    Bury v Arsenal

    Are you selling this ticket?
  15. dalejc

    Nick Pope

    Oh sorry to hear that. i tihnk i played golf at lowes park with him , mid 80,s , but could have also played against him and the red king