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  1. At least if we get liquidated I won't have to log on here and read these puns. Every cloud..!
  2. They went to Mederco/SD1 didn’t they? So presumably either one of the many forms of Mederco or SD2 own them. Swallowed up in the vast array of shares now in circulation. Happy to be corrected!
  3. Some sobering numbers in there. He’s put some meat on the bones which people have been asking for. I found it quite an interesting statement in parts which then concluded with a rather desperate plea for someone to relieve him of his position. The numbers stated and as seen in the accounts, it doesn’t exactly make it an attractive proposition to a potential buyer. Deep pockets would get instantly more shallow.
  4. Funny the outrage on here when we give away teams at Gigg large allocations or suggest supporters move stands to accomdate a large away followings. Seem to remember the suggestion that Oldham be told to make do with the Cemmy End in the game a couple of months ago. Now the boot's on the other foot..
  5. I know there's a lot going on at the moment but one of Paul's good friends is running the London Marathon in his memory. Any donations welcome https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/SomeoneSpecial/PaulErnieEarnshaw
  6. The Coventry report was based purely on the tweet from O’Rourke, they even hyperlink it in the article. Not suggesting they didn’t bid for him, but no chance it was in the £250k ballpark. A solvent Bury FC would’ve been hard pressed to turn that down, never mind the one we have now.
  7. Lowe and Mayor both played in the 2015 game and Adams was an unused sub. I'm sure they'll make sure everyone is fired up to try and get a repeat. Whatever happens, I can't wait. You just don't know when games as big as our next two will come round again - enjoy it.
  8. Oh, completely missed that one! Good move for him. His mate Callum seems to be impressing the locals there too.
  9. Transfer embargo usually, isn't it?
  10. Needs to get a permanent move this summer to League 1 or 2. With all the will in the world he's not up to that level where Middlesbrough are and he's not really in the Pulis mould.
  11. Stokes did a great job and is a dangerous asset attacking that back post from Adams' crosses. We tried a couple of times before the goal with the ball just evading Stokes' run. Gives us a different option from those positions.
  12. Yes very tough. Tranmere were very good at Gigg too and unfortunate to lose.
  13. Loved that today, great celebrations when Mayor & Maynard scored. Tough tests for everyone next week, MK at Colchester and Mansfield playing Stevenage, both chasing the playoffs. Forest Green may crash the party. Roll on Tranmere!
  14. Don’t see it personally. Obviously, without SD1 running up the debts, we wouldn’t have the vulture SD2 swooping in but I don’t think it goes beyond that.
  15. Believe they received half of March wages. I’m not condoning the above at all by saying that as getting by on half your income isn’t feasible and it’s shameful the way they’ve been treated. Great work Chizz and already powering towards 50% of target, great stuff.
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