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  1. D-L-T

    My Club, My Community

    All very positive stuff. Pedantic, but there's a rogue aposrophe in the "Trustee's" section.
  2. D-L-T

    Open manny rd or cemmy end

    Agreed, the facilities aren't fit for purpose especially when it's full as it will be on Saturday. The Cemmy end facilities are fairly poor for servicing a large crowd too. I applaud the club for trying to reclaim an "end" but without significant investment it won't happen. As an aside, I was at Salford a few weeks ago and behind their end they have various caterers working out of converted shipping containers - independant / local breweries and food providers. Decent stuff too and a lot better than the level of catering we offer.
  3. Yes it did raise a smile when Lowe said in his pre-match interview that he wasn’t interested in club records given that he used an own goal at Shrewsbury to help claim a club record himself.
  4. Day being interviewed by Thomas, I'd almost forgotten about that. What a time to be alive.
  5. Yes it's an interesting one. Thomas and Evans appear to have quietly/smartly distanced themselves from the previous regime.
  6. D-L-T

    Scholes down at Gigg

    Agreed. You would think Police would advise against it for a start - what's the bill going to be this weekend?! It pains me to say it as a life-long South Stander but surely the easiest option for big away followings is to chuck them in there.
  7. D-L-T

    Portsmouth at home

    Confirmed as on Sky. The other semi played the following week.
  8. Perhaps a nice mural of Maguire in the bogs.
  9. D-L-T

    Scholes down at Gigg

    Maybe there's a reduced allocation in the Cemmy end to keep the corner empty? Police keeping both sets of yoof a decent distance apart?
  10. D-L-T

    Judge Dismisses windup order on Bury

    Bolton have launched a "Super 7" ticket for their last 7 home games. Not sure how our half season ticket sales went over Christmas but it seems a good idea given a lot could be riding on our remaining home matches.
  11. D-L-T

    Judge Dismisses windup order on Bury

  12. D-L-T

    Ramsbottom United

    Great result for them. Saw a lovely free-kick that TK scored a few weeks ago. Apparently he started the season at CM but is now tearing it up from LB.
  13. D-L-T


    Not sure how you’ve come to that conclusion. He was ill, it happens. He gets the odd booking for dissent or niggly tackles but that’s about as “temperamental” as it gets. He seems a popular member of the squad, added to the fact that Lowe said after that game that Mayor wanted to play. He’s probably been our most sought-after player but hasn’t looked to force a move or downed tools like some players can. The man-management doesn’t seem too tricky to me.
  14. Nice move but the article states the first game there will be 24th Feb. That’s the day after we play Oldham at home and a couple of days before the big Checkatrade game. We’re also at home again the following Saturday. Doesn’t seem the most ideal timing.
  15. D-L-T

    Crawley Town - Played for Both

    Lateef’s stoppage time equaliser at Preston was a huge moment in the 2011/12 season. Great scenes. I remember Adams accidentally crossing it into the top corner to give Crawley a 3-2 win in the Blackwell days.