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  1. Even though the Guardian included a quote saying it wasn’t an exceptional case, I found the section about the Pension deductions particularly damning.
  2. D-L-T

    Club sold announcement Monday

    Here’s hoping, though still very wary about the new man.
  3. D-L-T

    Bury v Oldham - Played for Both

    Tope Obadeyi, Lee Duxbury, Carl Serrant, Ronnie Jepson, Ady Littlejohn, Stuart Barlow, Matthew Tipton, Chris Swailes, Adam Lockwood, Kean Bryan, Paul Rachubka
  4. D-L-T

    Bury v Oldham - Played for Both

    Dan Gardner, Danny Boshell, Chris Armstrong.
  5. Agree with much of that. I think regarding Point 4, with limited resources to maintian the playing surface, I imagine Ryan Lowe and his staff may put a block on too many games at Gigg. I do agree that the other teams do need more exposure though. Point 6 is vital. I used to live in a Flat on the Rock (about 6 years ago now) and walking through the town centre towards Gigg you would have absolutely no idea there was a game of football on 15 minutes walk down the road. Nothing has changed since.
  6. D-L-T

    Rumour-mill turns again

    1-1 Danns
  7. D-L-T

    Club sold announcement Monday

    Old SD said at the last forum we were signing up to a 110 year one... Suppose I'll have to take new SD at his word.
  8. D-L-T

    More Notlob trouble

    Ken has magnanimously dipped into his own funds for the wages (according to himself). Glass houses and all that but the bloke is an absolute charlatan.
  9. The foreword would be about 28 pages long if he wrote it. "Thank you for the Days"
  10. D-L-T

    Club sold announcement Monday

    It's taken 28 pages but that is the post of the thread. Close it now Mods.
  11. D-L-T

    Winding Up Hearing Tomorrow

    A slightly creative take on what Karl actually said.
  12. D-L-T

    Club sold announcement Monday

    Nearly turned it off when he tried to take credit for our style of play this season. Listened long enough for him to unconvincingly answer the question around the debt position. Felt a bit “no longer my problem”.
  13. D-L-T

    Club sold announcement Monday

    Can't wait to lose a couple of games and accuse him of picking the team. Might get a draft ready.
  14. D-L-T

    Club sold announcement Monday

    Managed to completely miss that paragraph!
  15. D-L-T

    Club sold announcement Monday

    I think Red Cow have been involved with us before with sponsorship etc now I think about it. Edit: https://www.redcowmedia.co.uk/red-cow-media-sponsors-bury-football-club.html