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  1. D-L-T

    Bury v Leicester - Played For Both

    It's out of that and the ongoing issues people have with Stuart/Stewart Day!
  2. D-L-T

    Bury v Leicester - Played For Both

    Chris O'Grady, Neil Danns, Jason Jarrett, Alex Bruce, James Vaughan, Nathan Delfonseu
  3. D-L-T

    Lenny Johnrose

    Nick Daws has started fundraising for Lenny. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/nickdaws4lenjohnrose
  4. Before the season I’d have taken this position all day, though funnily enough we are already rueing a few dropped points. Team is starting to click though, good unbeaten run going we may just slip under the radar a little bit.
  5. D-L-T

    Bury FC Flag in Croatia

    Poor woman! 😉
  6. D-L-T

    Byron Moore

    Was just popping on to post the same. Very odd, definitely looks to be more to it.
  7. D-L-T

    "There or Thereabouts"

    Budget though cut from last season will still be up there in comparison to a lot of sides. Beckford, O'Connell, Thompson, Dawson, Edwards etc still on the books.
  8. D-L-T

    Crewe Alexandra v Bury predictions

    1-3. Telford, Styles and O'Connell all in for me if fit.
  9. D-L-T

    Crewe away 1994

    Last minute winner, Rigby, that kit. What a combination.
  10. D-L-T

    incident in main stand

    Wonderful gesture. Well done to all involved and condolences again to friends and family of Ian.
  11. D-L-T

    Crewe v Bury - Played for Both

    Colin Cramb was magic in his first spell. Has Efe appeared on every one of these threads so far?!
  12. Small mention of Mark Catlin in there too.
  13. D-L-T

    Flickers back at Gigg!!!

    Suspect the club (and most football clubs) reserve the right to eject anybody for using foul and abusive language. Never understood why someone would feel the need to shout dogs abuse at a bloke who you've probably never met and who was just doing a job to the best of his abilities. They (probably) wouldn't do it to a bloke in the street but as soon as they enter a football ground they seem to think it's fair game. People probably get worked up because they paid a few quid for a ticket and don't wish to sit for 90 minutes and listen to that abuse/language. Added to the fact it was possibly in earshot of families and corporate seats is not the image the club wishes to project to those areas of the fanbase.
  14. D-L-T

    Joe Murphy

    Looks like it’s just me and JD in the club but I don’t particularly rate Murphy either. As for the incident yesterday, it depends on the angle in the ground from where you saw it but I’m convinced he just dropped it and the TV replay hasn’t changed my opinion.
  15. D-L-T

    The Real Deal

    Agreed, he was certainly “looking for it”. Not a pen and the ref wasn’t willing to give big match influencing decisions anyway. Bishop lucky not to get a second yellow but the ref had no interest in giving it. As for the game overall, I enjoyed it. Once we realised Mansfield were fairly comfortable with crosses into the box and started playing more intricately we looked a lot more dangerous. Mayor a constant threat. Styles good when he came on (I won’t repeat my weekly moan about him not starting) and I was also impressed with Barjonas. Danns and Dagnall looked their age a little bit and with O’shea not at his best we really struggled out of possession - the personnel in midfield still doesn’t really work from a defensive point of view but we’re just about getting away with it.