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  1. Family friends anyone who will listen get them too gigg hopefully possible new owners could be there lets show them what an amazing club this is
  2. Didnt realise no seats haha fans should ov got there earlier instead ov in pub till ko spoilt it for fans on front row well done police
  3. Cant wait till sat got good feelin bout this season wasnt big fan of kb at first but hold my hands up he stuck with us so got respect for the guy really impressed with signings not saying gonna win league but we can give it a good go uts...
  4. Feel like a kid at xmas cant wait for tomoz good feelin bout this season
  5. thought it was a message board so wont be putting a sock in owt PAL JUST A MISTAKE
  6. Might have been a fm manager app if this is not true im sorry
  7. Hope its not true still getting used to new phone screen popped up saying bury fans in shock as blackwell resigns oviously not true then
  8. Just got pop up on phone that he resigned sorry if not true
  9. alan knill sorted quicker..blackwell only been here 2 week give the guy a chance
  10. welcome to gigg lane mr blackwell hopefully you can get us going and get us off the bottom
  11. agree with ali dia on ratings i also thought picken played very well
  12. belford seems to busy trying to make his saves look good when he should be catching it instead of pushing it into the feet of opposition i like bloke but need to get someone in soon
  13. your not always right you disagree just for the sake of it there are some things on here i dont agree with but i wouldnt be ignorant rude bigheaded and arrogant
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