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  1. skyblueshaker

    FA CUP Rd 2 draw

    They put 5 past Plymouth yesterday and are riding high a division above us. No walk in the park.
  2. I haven’t got the link but he did say that Beckford’s had another set-back and is unlikely to play for us this season. Jimmy Wagg give him lots of credit for sticking with Lowe and of course Stewie lapped that up.
  3. skyblueshaker

    Danny Maestro

    As well as the evident talent, what a great attitude he has. Remember in the 2nd half yesterday, the ball went into the South Stand. He couldn’t wait for anyone to throw the ball over so he jumped over the hoardings and got it himself.
  4. Looks like it and a big loss as he was one of the reasons the club was getting closer to fans and the community again.
  5. skyblueshaker

    Bury v Dover

    Liverpool had beaten a higher placed club than us in the previous round about 6-0, Grimsby I think, so we expected a battering and losing so late to Super Sub Fairclough was heart-wrenching. Remember Dalglish kept diving in the penalty box and claiming a penalty, they were getting so desperate. Fantastic to see so many Bury fans driving along the M62 with scarves tied on their cars. The Liverpool players lined up in front of the dug-out at full time to applaud the Bury team off.
  6. skyblueshaker

    Matchday: Macclesfield Town v Bury 03-11-2018

    Quest’s EFL show also showed it.
  7. At his age and with his injury record, he’s not going to get the same salary anywhere else.
  8. Styles can’t get in the team, so Dawson’s got no chance. Has he done anything to deserve getting back into it? In any case, you don’t change a winning team.
  9. skyblueshaker

    Chris Maguire ?! Frothing at the mouth merged

    Let’s beat Dover, get Sunderland at home in the 2nd round and give him a nice Bury welcome.
  10. skyblueshaker

    Shots in our last 3 games

    Shots provide entertainment but we came away with nothing yesterday. Recent draws should have been wins. I would hope we are working on target practice.
  11. skyblueshaker

    Fair play Popey.

    I’m no fan of Dagnall but Telford was doing nothing, is coming back from injury and Dagnall played better than Telford at Crewe. Lowe recognised we needed to change things and neither Adams nor Telford were contributing enough.
  12. skyblueshaker

    This team

    We’re not even in a play-off position in L2!
  13. skyblueshaker

    Matchday: Bury v Notts County 20-10-2018

    Agree and Crewe were also worse. NC are a team in form, let’s not underestimate how good we were today.
  14. skyblueshaker

    Bury v Leicester Guess The Gate

    It won’t be £30k profit though. This Cup was made redundant the second the play-off finals were played out at Wembley.