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  1. skyblueshaker

    Nicky Adams

    Nicky Adams’ Dad posting on here what happened is a rumour with little substance?
  2. skyblueshaker

    Nicky Adams

    It was thanks to Futcher that Riley left as well. Getting a bit of a theme here.
  3. skyblueshaker

    Salford City

    As is often the case, you can be a very good assistant manager but can’t cut it a step above.
  4. skyblueshaker

    Salford City

    Got my ST yesterday, family one so my 9-year-old son will be joining me and his mate has also renewed his ST. No doubt the favourable early bird prices help.
  5. skyblueshaker

    Nicky Adams

  6. skyblueshaker

    Here's to you Nathan Cameron!

    In addition to all the above comments, let’s not forget he was one of the few players this season who actually looked like they cared.
  7. skyblueshaker


    What’s more important: being bigger than Dale or a division below them?
  8. skyblueshaker

    So.. Oldham or Rochdale?

    Because ours is positively brimming? They’ve stayed up with a far lower budget and had a Cup run to boot which sets them up nicely for next season. On the other hand, we are going to have to make drastic cut-backs. The only thing we’re better at than Rochdale is our fan base being bigger despite our town having a smaller population. But right now I don’t think any Dale fan’s too fussed.
  9. skyblueshaker

    Forest green Rovers.

    As a vegan, I’m thoroughly looking forward to the burgers there!
  10. skyblueshaker

    Well Done George!

    His attitude is second to none, never gives up despite being played in the main as a lone striker. Yesterday’s game had no significance, yet compare the celebrations of Danns and Miller. The latter looked like he’d got the winner in a cup final, half hoped it was a sign he knows he’s coming back here but he’s too good for L2.
  11. skyblueshaker

    So.. Oldham or Rochdale?

    Deary me. Bring back King Keith, all is forgiven.
  12. skyblueshaker

    So.. Oldham or Rochdale?

    Because your town’s population is bigger. Not rocket science.
  13. skyblueshaker

    What's the Plan?

    Said this at the match on Saturday. Even more tragic is that some of the teams in the top half, such as Portsmouth, look nothing special.
  14. skyblueshaker

    Open Letter from Stewart Day

    Lucketti applied for the job when Blackwell got it. He was desperate for it at the time.
  15. skyblueshaker

    So.. Oldham or Rochdale?

    Oldham will bring more fans than the others so hopefully them.