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  1. skyblueshaker

    The State of Israel.

    Correct. Netanyahu didn’t get first past the post but Israel’s proportional representation allowed him to form a coalition. The centre-left refused to do a deal with the right-wing religious groups so didn’t get to lead the govt.
  2. skyblueshaker

    The Pitch

    Do we need major work doing? In previous years the pitch has been appalling and complete new drainage has had to be installed. It’s improved since then.
  3. skyblueshaker

    Jordan Archer signs

    If Keith Hill had signed him we’d going “He’s unearthed another non-League gem, why aren’t we doing that?”
  4. skyblueshaker

    Rob Kelly

    Lowe is the manager because he’s the cheap option and when you look at our finances he was the only option.
  5. skyblueshaker

    Rangers pre season

    Beckford was there tonight but is not match fit. The defence was woeful. Midfield lacked creativity, Styles was perhaps the only plus. Playing 1 up front is a recipe for disaster unless your striker’s Didier Drogba. New goalie looked good other than the 2nd goal, looked like a howler but others said it was an unlucky bobble! Fantastic stadium and atmosphere. Comfortable pre-season matches are OK but taking into account the scoreline, you can’t ask for more than this as a fan.
  6. skyblueshaker

    Rangers pre season

    I agree but we have no choice. Our financial recklessness means we have to take the cheap route now, both players and manager.
  7. skyblueshaker

    Zeli Ismail signs for Walsall

    Pissed about and cost us a goal at Bradford just when we were on the ascendency and still had a chance of staying up. Brings back nightmares like Buchanan in the play-offs v Shrews and like him, won’t be missed.
  8. skyblueshaker

    Player Rumours

    Still remember the interview with the Dad after Bolton beat us in the play-offs: “To be brutally honest, Bury were the better team.” 😡
  9. skyblueshaker

    Bunn to Fleetwood

    Well said. Should have been kept in that position and we’d have got the best out of him.
  10. skyblueshaker

    Season ticket 2018/19

    If you want context, consider that both towns have considerably higher populations than Bury.
  11. skyblueshaker

    Liverpool 11 at Gigg Lane 14.7.18

    Tell you what, let’s not bother getting the Champions League finalists down to Gigg and let’s see how much enthusiasm is drummed up by playing a non-league team instead.
  12. skyblueshaker

    Nicky Adams

    Nicky Adams’ Dad posting on here what happened is a rumour with little substance?
  13. skyblueshaker

    Nicky Adams

    It was thanks to Futcher that Riley left as well. Getting a bit of a theme here.
  14. skyblueshaker

    Salford City

    As is often the case, you can be a very good assistant manager but can’t cut it a step above.
  15. skyblueshaker

    Salford City

    Got my ST yesterday, family one so my 9-year-old son will be joining me and his mate has also renewed his ST. No doubt the favourable early bird prices help.