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  1. Thank you & to all for understanding. Other people received the sorts of treatment that will take time to heal Keith. These individuals will also require time & support to get back to how things were in their positive feelings for the club. On a personal note, me logging in to this message board & being able to vent alittle at whats been smoldering inside me, is a great step in the right direction.
  2. I understand what you're getting at/meaning here Keith. That said, there's alot of things that people (& me included) want to get off their chests. Too much has gone on & alot of people have suffered in different ways because of it. This needs to be recognised & supported. Some very loyal long standing supporters have been made to feel unwelcome & so become detached from the club...the goings on by Day have divided the fans & it's shown only too well on this message board. For those that don't want to read or hear about the past 5 years, it's a free world but for those who have carried alot of emotional feelings around with them due to it, like myself....please allow us to share it with others like minded or others interested. For me personally it would help.....closing the door on the past 5years would not. Thank you
  3. You're getting involved in something that you've no idea about. You're asking & stating when you have non of your own fact references to go off. Common knowledge? Offer on the table 12months before? Leave it alone because you have no grasp nor idea on the matter.
  4. Have you at ANY time had any meetings with ANY senior club members regarding the clubs financial concerns? If your answer is 'no' then I would expect you to retract anything you say on the matter because frankly you have no idea whatsoever. I also aim that to anyone else who still has a go at others including myself when they are in a much better position in knowing some of the facts or most facts. For the same reasons & same type's of people it's no wonder that Day got away with what he did for so long with people so blind holding his hand. It's also no wonder, that particular fans forum was made a very very dark day for many fans of this fantasitic club & Bury FC as a whole. I could give many details if I wanted, others could also...but they are up to those that have them to decide who they want to know or not. The details I have are from meetings with the right people inc Neville Neville & not just at the time of the club wanting investors but up to 12months prior to that. I was asked a question earlier in this post at which I replied in a way that such question was worthy of & required...But 'no' that wasn't good enough was it. I was one of ENOUGH people willing to invest into the club. The invested money would have been enough to CLEAR the debts which is what was asked for. It would have also given the club breathing space & time to move forward in a way that would have been deemed fit. This was clear in the talks I had with Neville Neville. The other option was 'Day' & Neville Neville thought that he was the better option in bringing in more money to take the club forward. I personally wasn't happy because I & others had come forward & offered in what the club was asking. That said my full support was with the new owner until I realised things were not what they seemed. After many many months of watching the club spiral financially downwards it was at the fans forum I & others wanted to air our thoughts in factual form. Unfortunatelly we were not allowed to do so/given the chance to do so (however way each individual saw it) I will never forget how I was made to feel at that forum & Mr Day (& others who played to his wishes) should be absolutely ashamed at themselves for conducting the evening how he/they did & all for Mr Day's own ends. A life long supporter (regrettably) detached himself of his beloved football club that evening because he couldn't stomach anything to do with the club aslong as the crook Day was in charge. Oh...there were never any padlocks on the gates.
  5. How could you forget the £60million he was getting within weeks of the fans forum from the sale of his properties aha & so there won't be any financial concerns. Within a week of that awful night of being a Bury fan, I was stopped & pulled over in Bury centre by two thugs who said right in my face 'you had balls aha aha' (their words mot mine). They must have been at the forum. Re Thomas, i've said this to a couple fellow fans before. Within a month of the Day take over & at a home game, Thomas forcefully told a fellow supporter to leave the Bury pitch dugout area after a game when he was chatting with a player he knew. Thomas stopped their conversation without any thought to what they may be talking about & regardless the game was over so there was no issue. That fan (another life long fan) told me that he was shocked & very disappointed at what had happened. Saying 'that man's a bully'
  6. As well as other things, that's what I wanted & set out to explain at that Fans Forum. If given the chance, those there could have come away knowing. Once Day & his supporters knew what I wanted to say & the route I was going down, it was made very clear that I wasn't allowed to speak out, it was very clear that Day etc didn't want a room full of fans to know. In answer to your financial question, there were sufficient funds offered & available to cover the debts that the club was in at that time. If accepted it would have given the club breathing space & time in order to move forward in the best way possible.
  7. Those that said that without Day the club would be no more did not know the facts. As i've stated before & only to be shouted down, there was another real alternative but Nev decided to go with someone who he thought would bring more money into the club. If Nev knew the club would be put at great risk & more importantly borrowed against, he would not have chosen that route. Day conned Nev & everyone else. At the time it was my opinion Nev should have chosen the alternative route which would have kept the control of the club with loyal & genuinelly interested supporters.
  8. Thank you Scales, I totally agree with what you say....I just wished I had more people support me & others on the night when all we were trying to do was for the greater good of the club. As I say, it's this & Day that made me lose contact with the club. It must be said that others also did/have & for the same reasons. Day divided the club, it's supporters in a way that i'd never experienced before & hope never to experience again. Way too many people fell for his lies & wrong doings even when there was sufficient evidence out in front of them. Those that knew the facts & had better judgement of the character were always shot down by his naive followers...now the latter can & should look back & see how wrong they also were.
  9. Thank you Russ. Those that know me or know of me will know that i'm a life long Bury fan & from a young age. This said, that particular fans forum, the way it was very wrongly conducted, the ridiculing, the rif raf supporting EVERYTHING DAY spouted, the lack of support etc; was a very dark day in the clubs history. Not just for me & others that turned up wanting to genuinelly enlighten other supporters to Day's doings...but Bury FC. Those that played a part in this wrongful behaviour & not allowing myself & others to voice facts should be ashamed of themselves. Personally I lost contact with the club from then on, the club that i'd loved year in year out...good & not so good. Over the many years (as we all have) i've put up with anything on the pitch but as it turns out I couldn't (any longer) support a sham/a crook incharge & running my beloved club down. Hopefully with him gone, I will slowly revisit my love & get back to watching from my favourite seat. It might take a while but posting on here today is a good start.
  10. Well said & being one on the receiving hand it's been a very upsetting experience at times. The fans forum was personally hard to take. Hardly anyone wanted to know the facts, instead I was shot down for trying to enlighten others, show Day for what he was up to etc...I tried my best for the greater good of the club. Unfortunately I got very very little support but for those that did, I thank you. We now all know more about the facts. Nev Nev took the route that he thought would bring in more money, but NOT borrowed money. Nev could have chosen a real & viable alternative route but he dismissed it chosing someone he knew nothing about, only what S.Day himself was telling him. S.Day took Nev for a mug, along with everyone else. Yet he states in his leaving tripe that he will remain a Bury fan & will attend games. For what's it's worth, I was one of those that approached Nev in offering a considerable amount of money in support to keep the club going & sustainable. It's my opinion that the crook S.Day is never to be allowed in Bury FC again. By the way this is the first time i've posted on here for a long time & mostly due to a feeling of being let down & ridiculed by fellow members over this issue.
  11. Pre match, I think the club should always play music to get the crowd & players geared up...something positive, energetic & with some meaning to represent what's going on. At the moment 'Feeling Good' 'It's A New Dawn' By Michael Bublè would be fitting. If we get a few wins on the bounce then 'Simply The Best' By Tina Turner. ?
  12. Ditto Joy & this financial statement is only what's to be expected given how the clubs been 'shockingly' run.
  13. It's the football & the love of the game that keeps me interested. That's not been happening for 'us' this season but it doesn't mean i've been going for the tribal aspect. When fans behave in such a way I find it very immature.
  14. Two wrongs don't make a right, never have & never will. In this instance it just makes certain individuals to be just as bad.
  15. I couldn't agree more & even if we did I really don't understand or see the point. Theres already too much uncalled for disgust, i'll feeling & hatred in the world without adding any more in the beautiful game of football or any other sport. Friendly rivalry 'yes' disrespectfulness 'no' Fans of every club are no different to fans of Bury FC so what about treating others as we'd like to be treated....if more did then perhaps the world would be a better place.
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