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  1. If he came out and said this, whilst seeking help and being transparent on the issues such as the ground and respectful towards the staff. Then I doubt he would receive the hounding that is heading his way.
  2. The more I think the odder it gets. If we are in such desperate states why did we not offload in January? Mayor. O;Shea, Thompson, Maynard could all have been shipped out, even if on loan and saved us wages. Carefully managed we may even have received the odd fee. Instead we recruit. Monies been spent, on albeit little ideas, like free fruit, facepainting and a white post box for the players in the family stand. Community developments and the woman's team Coaches subsidised to FGR and free to Cheltenham. The appearance of everything being rosy with the Day overspend being carefully and sustainably managed. Whilst a few week ago it emerges everything is rotten to the core. The grand plan to save us in the immediate short term revolves around season ticket monies, which deadline does not end until after the court appearance. There appears no mid or long term strategy to see us through the summer. Yet help and communication are not sought. We need real answers soon. Those in positions of power and authority must not be fobbed off as we edge to the end. We also need to challenge him, if he is there tomorrow and thank you to those who have done so already. Sorry if all this has been posted already. I am trying to sort it out in my head having been away for a week.
  3. Was fist pumping and celebrating at the end. Perhaps understandable if he does look back on his time with us with mixed emotions. Scaped goat out after just arriving, then not being paid.
  4. Murphy's save and the cross bar helped.
  5. At 0 -0 I said to my mate "What's the point in crossing / high balls to Telford. He isn't going to score or win a header." One of the thousand million or so reasons I'm not a football manager. Well done and hopefully he will hit a vein or form at the right time Still our own worse enemy today with a couple of defensive catastrophe luckily not acted upon. Murphy MOM, despite Telford's goals, as he pulled off a couple of outstanding saves. The introduction of Moore changed it second half. Whilst Adams was the main man it gave them something moore to think about. Funny game football. No where near the performance levels of Carlise but 3 points and a clean sheet is all that counts. UTS
  6. Mind games, making out he handled it / would handle it better than RL. Hope this gets stuck to the dressing room wall.
  7. To an extent, that is the fault of the owners of those clubs, albeit their fit and proper test is failing. The fans however, are the innocent victim in this. Whilst I agree it probably has not crossed their minds, there IMO should be some "support" should a club die.
  8. With all the clubs currently in peril I hope the EFL have a contingency plan to help provide emotional and mental health support for heart broken fans. They are very quick to publicise the heart strings nature of football and I hope they recognise their duty of care.
  9. Think that they accepted mistakes were made by many people at many levels over many years and now everyone finally understood the peril of our existence. Putting away strong differences of policy and opinion, along with recrimination, they united under an unlikely and unpopular (for many) leader as a national government. Knowing defeat was possible and victory would be a tough, unlikely, long and isolated ride. We should learn from history. The question is who is qualified and willing to lead? FB would be the obvious choice, but there is a lot of resentment and clearly questions over their suitability. Could it be rejuvenated with those mentioned above as qualified to lead? Is the MP true to his offer of chairing meetings and acting as an honest broker? I don't know but posts on here often muddy the waters and until a source is willing to stick their head above the parapet it becomes easy for Dale to ridicule rumour as he did in his statement.
  10. Toffs make the bukta version. I know it is not an old one but I have one and it is decent.
  11. Sounds like a recycled version of events from BWFC as recorded in the BN.
  12. When he answers the 6 questions put to him by the MP, then that will be a statement worth having
  13. Very underwhelmed. Seems more about him and his slights. If he is concerned about facts, then share some. What is he on about with cloud spinners? Glad he thanked those who stood by, which I presume means staff and wages. Hope he sticks to his promise to keep us informed It reads like a Kevin Blackwell statement. Honest where the fault is elsewhere, Amusing but very me me
  14. and thanks Chris Brass for coming to an agreement. As, unless I am wrong, it could have been the end if he had pushed it today.
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